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  1. Transcription of Chamber Mates

    Looks right to me. Great job ?
  2. Eastman bass review

    Thanks for the share Pete. I really want to try the hybrid model to compare the two...I've played several hybrids that I loved, often more than the fully carved equivalent, so it would be really interesting to try them. They also have a more expensive carved bass and I would love to know if it's better than the VB200. When I was in the US I tried a New Standard Cleveland Hybrid that I really wish I had bought! It had a great tone for jazz and I think hybrid instruments are really cool. There was a recent interview with Larry Grenadier on Contrabass Conversations podcast where he says he is playing an Eastman...I'm trying to find out which model it is...but I wouldn't be surprised if it is the hybrid or VB200. Bassbags.co.uk were great to deal with. I don't have any kind of affiliation with them, I just wanted to review the bass and they were kind enough to lend me it. The set up being good is so refreshing, it was completely ready to play. I've still got the bass and am enjoying practising with it. I might even film a lesson on it today... They do deliveries throughout the country so will be passing by in their van soon..you can't miss it! I think the hard thing with any reviews is that there are so many variables between instruments/strings/players etc.. so I was nervous about sharing it, but the bass did really impress me. I would love to compare it to a few other popular instruments such as the Shen basses, or an EUB and hopefully I will get to do more in future.
  3. NDBD

    Looks great. Congrats!
  4. I really enjoyed your solo Mike. Great phrasing!
  5. Knower

    Awesome video!
  6. Basschat Wedding

    Congrats! Awesome news!
  7. Jamerson Bass Auction

  8. Best Birthday Cake!

    Wow! That's the best cake I've ever seen! Happy Birthday :-)
  9. Broken Cab just arrived....

    Congrats. Great result!
  10. Pros and Cons of MU Membership

    I love the idea and was a member for a decade, but each time I had to contact them they were completely useless. Even with routine enquiries it was like hitting my head against a brick wall. I had to use the Northern office, but I expect your experience would depend on your local office. It's a real shame as I would love to be part of an effective union for musicians. I have heard good things about the ISM.
  11. First gig on upright

    Congrats! It's great to hear about the gig and good luck with the next ones :-)
  12. Fancy a piece of top-notch contemporary sculpture?

    Wow. That's a crazy instrument!
  13. All I would say is that I agree they do sound different. I can understand how they have different playability but I'm not sure what causes the differences in sound except the materials used to build it. The weight and stiffness of the wood will certainly impact things. I'm also assuming the way it's made and design will impact the sound, but I have no idea of how it all works. Bows are a bit of a mystery to me, but when you play a good one you know it! One big thing you can do to improve any bow is to re-hair it with quality hair. I bought a bow on Ebay for about £40 and spent £60 on a top quality re-hair, it made a big difference and the bow has a great tone and is easy to play. Without changing the hair, not so much.
  14. www.westlondonbasslessons.com

    Dan's an awesome player and doing a lot of great session work. I would recommend going for a lesson if you can. Cheers Geoff