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  1. Superb! I loved it. Really tasteful improv IMO, plus great tone!
  2. My first bass was a hybrid Zeller and it worked really well. Certainly a good instrument to get started on. 👍
  3. Do it! You will love it Nick.
  4. Price drop to £60, collection only. Feel free to come and try it first. These are really expensive new and a superb stool.
  5. I’m a big fan of doing both. They both have their advantages so I would take the time to get comfortable standing and sitting.
  6. Price drop to £130 cash collected from Pudsey near Leeds. This is an awesome bass for the money!
  7. Price drop to £65, collection only. Feel free to come and try it to see if it's a good fit. These are awesome stools and it's very comfortable, plus looks great on gigs.
  8. Here's a bass or guitar stand that I've had for about 20 years. There are a few scratches as you would expect, but it works perfectly. t's really good quality and a simple design so your bass won't fall off! I've had several other stands over the years and this has been the best by far. £10 collection only from Pudsey, near Leeds.
  9. This is an Amadeus, Opus 1 double bass stool. This is in great condition but was a touch high for me, so I've had it professionally cut down by 4 centimetres. It was 78cm and is now 74cm (approximately 29"). The rubber feet are still in place and you wouldn't be able to tell it's been adjusted. IMO it's now a more suitable height for the average player. It has 4 different heights for the footrests so you can find the one you prefer. It's a great stool and used by many music colleges and professional orchestras. https://www.amadeus-equipment.co.uk/products/opus-standard-bass-stool/ Collection only from Pudsey near Leeds. ... now sold
  10. Fold up double bass stand in good condition. £20 cash. Price drop to £15. Collection from Pudsey, near Leeds only.
  11. Leather bow quiver for sale. Good condition, but there's a couple of scuffs in the leather. I've tried to highlight them the photos. £20 cash, collected from Pudsey, near Leeds. £ 3.00 shipping.
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