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  1. Here's a bass or guitar stand that I've had for about 20 years. There are a few scratches as you would expect, but it works perfectly. t's really good quality and a simple design so your bass won't fall off! I've had several other stands over the years and this has been the best by far. £10 collection only from Pudsey, near Leeds.
  2. This is an Amadeus, Opus 1 double bass stool. This is in great condition but was a touch high for me, so I've had it professionally cut down by 4 centimetres. It was 78cm and is now 74cm (approximately 29"). The rubber feet are still in place and you wouldn't be able to tell it's been adjusted. IMO it's now a more suitable height for the average player. It has 4 different heights for the footrests so you can find the one you prefer. It's a great stool and used by many music colleges and professional orchestras. https://www.amadeus-equipment.co.uk/products/opus-standard-bass-stool/ Collection only from Pudsey near Leeds. £75
  3. Fold up double bass stand in good condition. £20 cash. Collection from Pudsey, near Leeds only.
  4. Leather bow quiver for sale. Good condition, but there's a couple of scuffs in the leather. I've tried to highlight them the photos. £20 cash, collected from Pudsey, near Leeds. £ 3.00 shipping.
  5. I bought this bass new from a local store in Leeds when they first came out. I've hardly played it and it's never been outside of my house. The bass sounds great, is easy to play, with low action and a very comfortable neck. As far as I can tell there's only one mark, which is a small ding on the back of the body (see photo). It's hard to see and otherwise, the bass is in amazing condition. It's not been altered except for a new set of strings (D'Addario Roundwounds) which still have plenty of life in them. I don't have a case and it's collection from Pudsey near Leeds only. £145 (cash).
  6. geoffbassist

    Good DB Luthier Required

    I’m a big fan of Martyn Bailey. His work is superb!
  7. geoffbassist

    Heads optimised for DB

    I was gutted I didn’t get to keep it! Such a great amp for upright. My old version still sounds great though so I’m sticking with it. 😀
  8. geoffbassist

    Heads optimised for DB

    I’ve had my Clarus for over 10 years and it still works perfectly. It’s so reliable and works perfectly with upright IMO. Plus the new heads are tiny!
  9. geoffbassist

    NDBD - aka NED (warning: lefty content!)

    Congrats! Wonderful instrument.
  10. geoffbassist

    ACG Finn 5 *SOLD*

    That’s an amazing deal!
  11. geoffbassist

    I just sold my soul for YOB Jazz Bass

    That’s one of the best looking basses I’ve ever seen. Great buy and I love the idea of the YOB bass.
  12. geoffbassist

    NBD---meet "Marilyn"

    What a beauty! 👍
  13. geoffbassist

    Zoltan Dekany

    I had the pleasure of studying with Zoltan on my undergraduate degree and can’t say enough good things about him. He really is one of the best players and teachers I’ve met. If you are considering lessons, do it! 👍
  14. geoffbassist

    NBD - You want shiny and new?

    Beautiful instrument! Congrats 👍
  15. geoffbassist

    Courier Con

    Wow. That’s terrible. Thanks for the heads up.