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  1. I feel somewhat guilty in that my job involves writing research software; I can do 99% of this from home and doing so has been a lot more pleasant than spending 2 hours commuting each day. It has also saved quite a bit of fuel and parking money, so I have spent it on luthier's fees, more frequent bass lessons, live streamed gig tips etc.
  2. Do you mind if I ask whether it has a D or Eb neck? Unfortunately given the location and fact that I bought something else in March I probably can't have this, but it would still be interesting to know.
  3. In the end the drummer's persistence, powers of persuasion and "covid secure" organisational skills persuaded the landlord that we should go head with limited numbers. Our quintet thus played outside in a rather brisk breeze to a socially-distanced audience never exceeding our numbers. I suspect it made a notable increase in the pub's takings that night. Conveniently, I discovered that the scroll of my bass can be hooked over the gazebo frame for when I need to take a trip to the bar or bog.
  4. To my complete lack of surprise it has been; the pub landlord is concerned about being fined, and I don't blame him.
  5. ** Now sold ** This is a bit of niche sale, but it might interest you if you buy the nice-looking Warwick Triumph Lite also on sale here (or have one already)... Anyway, I've got one, and fitted Weed Wacker premium strings to it. Having had new tuners fitted, allowing me to use other strings, I no longer need them. They are cut just long enough to fit the Triumph's standard tuners. The price is £10 to cover my expenses posting them.
  6. The regular jam I attend moved out to the pub car park and we got a couple of sessions in, two weeks apart. It worked quite well, though running power cables out and arranging the horn players to blow in appropriate directions was tricky. There's one planned for next week but presumably it will be cancelled. Of course, we could always drive to the pub to test our eyesight and, whilst we are there anyway, jam in a very specific and limited way...
  7. Some work by a luthier to replace the BG-style tuners and it's now possible to fit proper double bass strings on this instrument. Not cheap, but far better than paying £6000+ for the deluxe Triumph model.
  8. As such a player, I did indeed go the other way. The French bow seemed more fatiguing on the hand and it was uncomfortable to use for a longer practice session; no such problem with the German. The hair on the Thomann £50 German bow isn't great but it works well enough for the purposes mentioned above.
  9. I had one custom bass made, back in the 1990s. The reason was the usual problem; demands of the genre creates pressure to get an upright, but transport and storage is a bit of a hassle. I saw a Framus Triumph in use locally and so thought an EUB might suffice. The only one I was able to obtain I had to get made to order, and though it was a very good instrument it had the major disadvantage that it was still a total PITA to transport (not really much better than a DB) and only vaguely approached DB tone and feel. Also, I mistakenly ordered for a 5 string after initially thinking it would be useful, but it eventually turned out that I have no use for one. Now I have a Warwick Triumph Lite, which is still not perfect but a lot cheaper and closer to a DB.
  10. Something like this, perhaps: https://shop.warwick.de/en/instruments/electric-basses/warwick-custom-shop/triumph-models/17266/warwick-custom-shop-triumph-4-string-orange-racing-stripe-design-18-3738?c=3734 ...far too expensive for any circumstance other than a lottery win (about £6-7k IIRC). I've got the amplification I need, but might also buy one of these. https://philjonesbass.net/cms/index.php/product_bg-200/
  11. The drummer at my usual jam is attempting to organise an outdoor session at our normal venue, for the middle of August. Assuming we're having a good day, the audience normally sits down quietly at tables.
  12. That is one way to get away with it which I will admit to having used on various occasions. Usually the general public don't seem to notice a thing and so it works quite well, but there's always a fear that there's someone in the audience who is better than me (quite a large pool from which to draw) who will spot it.
  13. If this had an unlined fretless neck (pulling the frets out won't do) I would buy it immediately, despite having no need for it and needing the money for an MOT: https://shop.fender.com/en-GB/squier-electric-basses/jazz-bass/paranormal-jazz-bass-54/0377100501.html?rl=en_US As it stands, my local garage is safe.
  14. $1520, plus dismissal, I think (includes fretless BG plus various upright offences).
  15. How about this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3n7ohJsUYKk&list=OLAK5uy_mqPo-qOGmHBkMb3DiPE6k3coJzyagH9oo It's much more at the jazz end of the scale but there's some funky stuff there (the title track is pretty good).
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