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  1. First gig with a new group tonight. The other half happened, by chance, to be sitting next to wives of the other band members and she therefore overheard their discussion of "the new bass player". Apparently, they "hope he lasts longer than the last one"...

    1. hiram.k.hackenbacker


      This conjures up visions of Spinal Tap drummer type replacements. Hope it works out for you 👍

    2. knirirr


      Thanks! Spinal Tap did indeed pop into my head. 

    3. Old Horse Murphy

      Old Horse Murphy

      Did they say "it's a shame we had to kill him after he found out our secret...."? If not, I guess you're going to be alright :)

  2. This fretless Encore was actually rather good IIRC, but I sold it to raise money for an EUB I shouldn't have bought. The first bass I had, and played at the first proper gig I ever did.
  3. More the equivalent of a colour party in 17th/18th century warfare IIRC. The mention of pipes reminds me of a time probably 10-15 years ago when I was taking a long break from bass. My partner and I ended up going to a local folk night where she was persuaded to sing (being Welsh), and they tried to rope me in as well. As I admitted I lived just around the corner and had a "folk instrument" there they asked me to fetch it and perform, which resulted in them being subjected to an abridged version of the tune at the link below at around 102 dBA in a small pub back room (I wore earplugs). They didn't ask again. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i8H2HHs6Iqg Outdoors, though, this sort of thing sounds great. Very relaxing.
  4. The one that really winds me up is "call for/to". So, I'd have to ban this thread.
  5. FWIW, I started learning "proper" upright technique on a Warwick Triumph (the cheaper Rockbass version) and found that it was extremely easy to transition to an acoustic after. It's an Eb neck, but so is my acoustic. I had it modified by a luthier with DB tuners instead of the BG ones it came with, so I could put DB strings on it. When it's packed up in its gig bag it's not much more bulky than a bass guitar. If you are over 6' tall you might find the end pin too short, but I solved this by slipping a length of copper pipe over it and putting a walking stick rubber ferrule on the end.
  6. It's hard to find but if you see a copy of Monk Montgomery's electric bass method at a reasonable price then that might be worth getting. It's pretty much entirely scales, études etc., plus some transcriptions from some of his recording. Dots only.
  7. I've seen some replica items used for reenactment where the original military stamps and makers marks are replicated, but using fake dates/serial numbers (e.g. manufactured on 31st February).
  8. I've got one where the small print under the fake "Fender" logo, where you'd expect to see the serial number etc., is an admission that it's assembled from WD Music parts. One reason is that the "Fender" part is sometimes noticed when having the "have you thought of getting a proper bass" discussion at jazz jams ("well, at least it's Fender/fretless/both"). No-one's ever commented on the small print and I suspect they've not noticed. Now I have a "proper bass" this doesn't really matter any more. The fake logo should come off easily with some wire wool should I so wish.
  9. This one: At the time it would have been ideal, but someone else got there first.
  10. I bought one (carved top) during lockdown and it turned out to be very good indeed. Luckily it was for sale locally and I was able to borrow it for a couple of days to try before spending the money.
  11. The singer of that horror was attempting to parody the original, where Cliff lyrics seem to be "ballads and calypsos have got nothing on, real country music that just drives along" AFAICT.
  12. Could this be a crime against rhyme? Surely it's criminal somehow. At least I didn't have to be the one out in front singing it. The tune.
  13. Perhaps I've been getting a bit carried away.
  14. Orange Terror (with 1x12 cab) for jazz. Sounds good and is much easier to transport than the Trace Elliot I used to use.
  15. Here, the walls are a foot thick; one neighbour says they can't hear anything and the other has not mentioned bass practice, but does have a dog that can be heard barking and howling frequently through my living room wall. If they can hear anything then I think that makes it even. I am reminded of a singer I performed with once (that gig came up in a "worst ever gigs" thread) who awoke his neighbour by putting up a picture on an adjoining wall at around 3-4am. The neighbour came to his door to complain and, upon being told to f**k off, punched him. When the police then arrived at the singer's summons they found his flat to contain a significant number of road signs etc., resulting in a charge of "theft of street furniture".
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