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  1. Under normal circumstances, when the weather's not good enough to dry outside, I have to share my practice room with drying clothes. A sufficiently large dehumidifier (as mentioned above) and a heated drying rack usually sort things out fairly quickly, and I've not noticed any problem with the bass gear.
  2. To my ear, slapping is not a pleasant sound; that's it. I've got nothing against funk.
  3. Now sold (Ebay came through) and collected with all appropriate precautions.
  4. It would be interesting to know how it turns out. I did consider one for similar reasons but ended up scoring a s/h Warwick Triumph instead.
  5. Another one turned up just before the lockdown. It's too many, but I have a good excuse for each.
  6. The answer to most of these would be "no", except: 1: Often (with BG or EUB). The drummer and pianist get to sit down, why shouldn't I? 2: Yes, guitar or highland bagpipe. 4: Though this is another "no", the guitarist in a band I once played with spotted someone he didn't recognise wearing one of our badges (see also 15). 15: According to a old student newspaper clipping "$OTHER_BAND provided adequate support, and in fact turned out to be much better rehearsed than the headliners." 20: Often.
  7. Thanks. The bit about reading in particular resonated with me: Anyway, so as not to go too far off topic:
  8. Are you thinking of resting the end pin on the base a drum throne with the seat removed? That should defintely be a bit more stable.
  9. Having been practicing with this a bit I found that in order to get it at the correct height simply using the end pin on its maximum stop was not enough - I had to rest it upon a bucket-style giant plant pot as well, this being the only thing I could find of the correct height (I am 6'3"). Unfortunately, this bodge is a bit unstable. The tripod conversion above would fix this, but I'm not a fan of these and would rather the instrument could move around a bit whilst playing (I used to have an EUB on a stand and didn't much like it). Sitting down might have to be the solution - I can't think of an easy way to extend the end pin.
  10. This article was quite interesting on the subject. Apologies, can't recall if I posted it before. Similarly, classical musicians I know who've heard this were very scathing.
  11. Could these be the strings? http://www.labella.com/products/7710n-double-bass-black-nylon-tape-wound/ I am tempted, though I dislike the look of black and the white ones might sound a bit too bright, from what I have read.
  12. That is a bit of a nuisance. May I ask how you modified the Stagg?
  13. It's pleasing that it still looks rather like the original Framus ones - I saw one played at a gig a little over 25 years ago and thought it excellent.
  14. Although I said I'd not try an EUB again, this Triumph Lite turned up relatively cheaply within driving distance and, as it has a proper DB scale length, endpin etc., I thought it might be worth a go. As the image shows, it also has the all-important capability of being able to get up the stairs to the practice room. The D string sounds a bit dull compared with the others and perhaps a change of strings will be needed at some point (recommendations welcome); other than that it seems pretty good for what it is.
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