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  1. There are some Stingrays here: https://classicandcoolguitars.co.uk/basses-for-sale/ I bought my favourite bass from Mark earlier in the year and was very pleased with the service.
  2. I’ve still got my highland bagpipes (c. 1987), though opportunities to practice on them are hard to find.
  3. I presumed that it was simply cheaper for them to offer a lined one only. Unfortunately for me, I find the lines a bit confusing and the side dots in the wrong place; the first bass I had was an unlined fretless and I've got used to that. Good choices. ;-) I should perhaps add that I don't much fancy playing fretted basses but would buy a '51 P reissue for the Monk Montgomery connection: https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1080/17494060.2015.1085888
  4. This probably doesn't count, but I suspect that there might be a few people who'd like to buy a standard Fender/Squier Jazz/Precision with an unlined fretless board. I'd have bought one years ago and put and end to GAS before I wasted too much money.
  5. Thanks! Does indeed sound as if it's not great value for the price, although your work has obviously been effective.
  6. Is this the one? If so I'd be interested to know your thoughts on the instrument, particularly unmodified. The tone sounds good to me, thanks for posting it!
  7. On hold pending sorting out postage.
  8. I saw this thread title and hoped that it might contain some particularly hardcore intonation exercises. Still, vulgar French songs are quite entertaining instead.
  9. That's a bit of a nuisance. Luckily I was able to bag what I think was the last WD Music jazz body on the shelf, which I intend to employ in exactly that manner.
  10. With a bit of cash in hand from a bass sale I went for this one (Marcus Miller CMD 101). Great tone with no EQ applied and completely clean with the gain on full. It's also light and small and probably loud enough for the sort of gigs I used to do and would like to do again.
  11. Less than a year old, home use. I have the original paperwork and and a box that would fit and so could perhaps post if required, though that would be extra and I'd probably have to use Parcelforce.
  12. Meet me at a mutually convenient time, hand over £100 in cash, and it's yours! Indeed, Ebay sucks. I've had trouble with both buyers and sellers, and try to avoid it if I can.
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