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  1. Originally recommended to me here, always excellent service in my experience: https://www.smartguitars.co.uk
  2. I'll have a listen to that later - thanks. There's only one similar solo album from Monk Montgomery - here's the title track: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=seXDmbF_ILo His last album was more straightahead jazz: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yd4_7p7es-Y Plus, of course, he's on some really early stuff, one of the first, perhaps the first electric bass recordings: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2h_BD2Wj7kU
  3. Does that happen to include any of Monk Montgomery's, e.g. "Bass Odyssey"? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M4ZiFt6hSRQ
  4. This jazz trio a week tomorrow in Oxford: https://www.robterrytrio.com/ http://www.jazzatstgiles.com/tourdates/rob-terry-trio-porgy-and-bess-rite-of-spring/
  5. From time to time I've wondered if anything along those lines existed, i.e. a double bass with a hollow body along the general dimensions of a solid EUB. Luckily it seems that they don't (apart from custom builds, and I'm not going there again), otherwise I'd have to blow money on one.
  6. I agree about the Fender flats - actually quite nice. I have them on one Freless Jazz with TI flats on the other. The problem with the lined boards they use is that the side dots are in the wrong place - too confusing for me, even if I were to ignore the lines. Whoever runs their Twitter account has no interest in my complaints about it though. ;-)
  7. Well, it does seem to happen: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lee_Morgan#Death_and_legacy
  8. Still available - presumably anyone fit enough to carry this to gigs/jams is too young to have any nostalgia for it. ;-)
  9. Depending on how far back the clock could be wound, I'd either want to have gone directly for the bass in my 20s rather than mucking about on the guitar first, or if it could be 10 years earlier than that, double bass rather than violin at school (allowing me to drop the double bass in favour of electric later on, but with some useful skills).
  10. Yes, I did reach that point around 20 years ago. Various other things (work and hobbies) cropped up plus the band I was in folded due to members getting jobs elsewhere, I thought that the jam scene sucked and was also afflicted with massive self doubt. Of course, no-one wanted to buy my gear then so I kept it, but never used it. Eventually, last year, this changed. Perhaps you may also find that a break is of use - with luck it won't be so long.
  11. By the time I spotted this it was too late.
  12. The EUB I mentioned earlier was not only a custom build, but 5-string as well.
  13. Yes, even then. The last bass I sold was a decent quality popular model which I would have thought even I could avoid making a loss on as I bought used and it (unusually) had frets. But no; I had to pay import costs when buying and commission when selling.
  14. Any instrument I try to sell will be at a loss, no matter what it is, so any purchase I’m not certain to keep will be a big waste. Buying an EUB was probably the most expensive mistake, this was due to a combination of not being able to find the ideal BG (which I now have) and too many “you should play upright for jazz” comments.
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