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  1. The singer of that horror was attempting to parody the original, where Cliff lyrics seem to be "ballads and calypsos have got nothing on, real country music that just drives along" AFAICT.
  2. Could this be a crime against rhyme? Surely it's criminal somehow. At least I didn't have to be the one out in front singing it. The tune.
  3. Perhaps I've been getting a bit carried away.
  4. Orange Terror (with 1x12 cab) for jazz. Sounds good and is much easier to transport than the Trace Elliot I used to use.
  5. Here, the walls are a foot thick; one neighbour says they can't hear anything and the other has not mentioned bass practice, but does have a dog that can be heard barking and howling frequently through my living room wall. If they can hear anything then I think that makes it even. I am reminded of a singer I performed with once (that gig came up in a "worst ever gigs" thread) who awoke his neighbour by putting up a picture on an adjoining wall at around 3-4am. The neighbour came to his door to complain and, upon being told to f**k off, punched him. When the police then arrived at the singer's summons they found his flat to contain a significant number of road signs etc., resulting in a charge of "theft of street furniture".
  6. All of these are instruments I'm never likely to sell. The black Jazz because I've been after a proper Fender unlined fretless jazz since the 90s, and now I finally have one I'll be keeping it. The others because no-one would ever offer me enough money to make up for the amount spent modifying them, so I might as well keep hold of them.
  7. Lots of practice has meant that at the beginning of the lockdown I could not play a DB at all and now I am studying grade 5 material on one. Still, missing the boost gained from jam sessions etc.
  8. I have one and like it - it's easy to carry around, which is an important consideration. All I've used it for is relatively quite jazz jams with the clean switch on and volume and gain at around 1/3 so I have no idea how it will behave at high volume. It sounds fine with BG and EUB live and might even be tolerable with DB but I've had no chance to try it yet. Possible drawbacks: * At bedroom volumes there's noticeable fan noise once it warms up. * Noisy effects loop: https://www.basschat.co.uk/topic/408341-effects-loop-noise/?tab=comments#comment-4031885 * The first one I had rattled a bit (see the cloth padding on the photo below) but PMT replaced it without any complaint and the replacement was fine. https://www.basschat.co.uk/topic/10285-show-us-your-rig/page/149/?tab=comments#comment-4016716
  9. I don't recall that - do you recall how it differed from the basic model?
  10. Definitely. I regret selling it, though I've bought better basses since.
  11. Not long ago I found a picture of my first bass, probably obtained in around 1994 and for not much under £100 new, though I can't recall the exact details. Did anyone else have one of these? BTW, for the watch fans here, here's the watch worn in the photo.
  12. Unfortunately, by 5pm on the 1st of Jan. this had happened:
  13. My Warwick is 104 cm, i.e. approx. 40.9". Also an Eb neck and I'd expect most to be D.
  14. Only for a short distance I hope! I’m reminded of getting me and the drummer back from a gig years ago, in a Citroën 2CV. I can’t remember why his other transport wasn’t available. Anyway, I had to roll the roof down so we could lower the bass drum in.
  15. @Paul S it turns out it does go in neck first. I'm a bit concerned about the neck being forward, but it does seem to be the favoured option.
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