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  1. Same here. I keep saying that I have two fretless jazzes and perhaps should sell the one that people might be willing to buy, and I'm told that I should not as it's the one I've coveted for 30 years and so I should keep it. She has also been learning to play a bass I purchased recently.
  2. They certainly are. I am using the full synthetic set on an EUB, for jazz.
  3. In the case of the Triumph Lite, the supplied tuners are a bit rubbish but they can be replaced (https://www.thomann.de/gb/rubner_double_bass_machines_brass.htm). Before and after photos below.
  4. This is a bit of a nuisance:


    A couple of gigs are lined up for December as well. I could play BG, but have been asked specifically because I can play DB and I'd guess it's that which has caused the problem.

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    2. knirirr


      Interesting - thanks.
      I noticed that it's more painful in the mornings so perhaps sleep posture is involved.

    3. knirirr


      The first of those gigs (Saturday) has been cancelled; insufficient bookings. No idea if the second will survive.
      Apparently the public are reluctant to go out at the moment, for some reason.
      So, the shoulder will get a bit of a rest.

    4. knirirr


      ...now the second gig's cancelled too.
      The local jam is under threat as well as the pub will change hands in Jan.

  5. I have got one. When it comes to the neck (Eb), scale length etc. it does feel like a DB, and it can be bowed. The tone is another matter... Being over 6' tall I had to extend the end pin.
  6. In case it's of interest, here's something from a 1976 (?) interview with Monk Montgomery (Guitar Player magazine):
  7. I bought a custom Bee bass from Ben - all went very well, thanks!
  8. Do you know of any way to get flats (ideally E-C) on this? I asked Newtone, who said they only do rounds, Labella, who don't have anything the right length, and the maker, who didn't reply.
  9. Before the pandemic I asked about the possibility of organising some jams in a local pub. The landlord seemed up for it, but obviously we couldn't proceed.

    Now he's ready for music to go ahead, but he wants 3 hours of background music whilst people dine, rather than a jam. Not really something I can manage.

    1. Rich


      Sounds to me like he wants music for free. Hmmm. Don't tell me... 'exposure', right? :lol: 

    2. knirirr


      He did say he'd be willing to pay, though the amount remained vague.
      If there's payment available then one of the local pro pianists would be a much better bet for that sort of gig.

  10. I've got one of these and used it to learn DB technique, when I got an acoustic bass after 8 months I found that the transition was very easy. It's still useful for rehearsals. Beware that the end pin is quite short so it may not be useful if you're 6' or more; I used a copper pipe slipped over it to increase the height. Due to using BG tuners DB strings don't fit very well, but Warwick offer replacement strings. N.B. the Triumph has an Eb neck.
  11. Funnily enough, I was in a similar situation. For much of that gig the guitarist would whisper the key/chords to me whilst the trumpeter introduced the next one. 😉
  12. Managed a pleasant outdoor gig in Charlbury last night; somewhat jazz, but rather ska influenced. The audience seemed to enjoy it, and the whip-round afterwards will more than cover fuel and a pint each.
  13. First gig with a new group tonight. The other half happened, by chance, to be sitting next to wives of the other band members and she therefore overheard their discussion of "the new bass player". Apparently, they "hope he lasts longer than the last one"...

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    2. knirirr


      Thanks! Spinal Tap did indeed pop into my head. 

    3. Old Horse Murphy

      Old Horse Murphy

      Did they say "it's a shame we had to kill him after he found out our secret...."? If not, I guess you're going to be alright :)

    4. knirirr


      No bizarre gardening accidents etc. so far, and even managed a pleasant outdoor gig.



  14. This fretless Encore was actually rather good IIRC, but I sold it to raise money for an EUB I shouldn't have bought. The first bass I had, and played at the first proper gig I ever did.
  15. More the equivalent of a colour party in 17th/18th century warfare IIRC. The mention of pipes reminds me of a time probably 10-15 years ago when I was taking a long break from bass. My partner and I ended up going to a local folk night where she was persuaded to sing (being Welsh), and they tried to rope me in as well. As I admitted I lived just around the corner and had a "folk instrument" there they asked me to fetch it and perform, which resulted in them being subjected to an abridged version of the tune at the link below at around 102 dBA in a small pub back room (I wore earplugs). They didn't ask again. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i8H2HHs6Iqg Outdoors, though, this sort of thing sounds great. Very relaxing.
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