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  1. I don't recall that - do you recall how it differed from the basic model?
  2. Definitely. I regret selling it, though I've bought better basses since.
  3. Not long ago I found a picture of my first bass, probably obtained in around 1994 and for not much under £100 new, though I can't recall the exact details. Did anyone else have one of these? BTW, for the watch fans here, here's the watch worn in the photo.
  4. Unfortunately, by 5pm on the 1st of Jan. this had happened:
  5. My Warwick is 104 cm, i.e. approx. 40.9". Also an Eb neck and I'd expect most to be D.
  6. Only for a short distance I hope! I’m reminded of getting me and the drummer back from a gig years ago, in a Citroën 2CV. I can’t remember why his other transport wasn’t available. Anyway, I had to roll the roof down so we could lower the bass drum in.
  7. @Paul S it turns out it does go in neck first. I'm a bit concerned about the neck being forward, but it does seem to be the favoured option.
  8. I've got good visibility via the other mirrors and don't normally need that one except for some parking. I'm not sure but will try it via the boot. I certainly won't be able to get it in the door.
  9. Problem solved - bottom-first insertion from the rear, over onto the front seat. This technique gets it in without having to pull out to access the doors on the left. Still plenty of space for horn, passenger (both non-negotiable) and amp.
  10. It does. But, I seem to have bought the skinflint's version of this car, which doesn't allow the front seat to fold flat forwards and therefore adds to the difficulty.
  11. Interesting, thanks. I was planning to drive out onto the road tomorrow afternoon to try things out.
  12. Is something like this what you're thinking of, or sitting upright?
  13. That might be worth considering - I am not sure I could manage to construct a robust enough cradle.
  14. I thought someone might ask that. That would not be ideal. Much as I have problems with acoustic basses and the cramped conditions of the house, I also have the difficulty of a parking space barely larger than the car (there are stone walls either side).
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