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  1. Interesting to see that "Side dots at the fret positions" seems to be in the lead - I was under the impression that "Full fret lines and dots" (presumably placed as on a fretted bass) would be the winner. This latter option is all that Fender has available, thereby causing me to waste loads of money buying and selling second hand stuff when I would have just gone to them years ago and bought a new unlined bass from whatever they were calling their standard range.
  2. I had one of these, long since sold (though I should have kept it): https://www.talkbass.com/threads/nbd-9-thrift-store-fretless-p.1413362/ Until I saw the advert for this model in a magazine c. 1993-94 I wasn't aware that fretless basses existed, but it looked so awesome I had to have one and switch to bass from guitar immediately. I was also able to get one of these, which I still have and I suspect I will be keeping.
  3. This is a good suggestion. It may help to dress differently to get into character.
  4. Good luck! I'd hope they might manage it if it's gone as far as the director. This seems like a good opportunity to post to link to a somewhat vulgar game relating to couriers.
  5. Wikipedia claims that this album "is sometimes considered to have started the jazz fusion genre":
  6. It does seem to be true for most people. Somehow, I seem to have ended up being an exception; I recall that all the music I heard around that age was either unpleasant to hear, or simply boring. It took until university to hear something I actually liked.
  7. No recent gig photos are available but these from the 90s turned up recently, from before I switched to bass.
  8. Agreed - even one pint can be enough to put a spanner in the works, I find.
  9. Borrowing an amp shouldn't be a problem, although there wasn't one at the last jam I went to so I had to have my own. If i planned to go to a new jam I'd email beforehand to ask.. There's another fairly-local jam where amplification is provided, but it's a difficult one for me to get to due to its time and location. I'd not be comfortable with asking to use someone else's instrument or them asking me, although it makes sense to class the upright bass along with drums, keyboards etc. due to the size.
  10. The instrument (fretless electric) and amplifier. I wouldn't want to ask to use someone else's, even if I was currently in practice on the upright.
  11. Everything except the last two - I doubt that anyone will be impressed by my playing, anyway. Private jams/rehearsals would be better for actually practicing, but that involves finding enough people who are interested and somewhere to play. It's certainly a hassle to carry the gear and not play much, although the last jam I went to was fun (got to play on four tunes and not look too incompetent). Luckily there are some decent gigs to attend around this area if I only want to listen.
  12. Also for some who are not of a certain age! I wasn't born until the 70s and didn't listen to The Shadows until the late 80s but they were an important influence, eventually getting me going in the direction of jazz. Stuff like this was awesome.
  13. The advice given above sounds good to me. Another possibility, should you like working that way, would be to write your book using LaTeX* and self-publish on Lulu. I've got a martial arts book on there at present which contains a lot of photos. Apparently adding audio to a PDF is possible** though I've never done it. * https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LaTeX ** https://tex.stackexchange.com/questions/7502/how-to-include-audio-file-in-pdf
  14. Those looked interesting as well, but I couldn't find any I was able to try out and so settled on the 801. I'd also like to hear any opinions from anyone who's tried one.
  15. I got to try this out last night - first time playing jazz in public since last century. Anyway, it seems sufficient for the task with the gain on 1/2 and the volume on around 1/3, with the amp under a table in the corner of the room. I don't pluck particularly loudly but I could be heard comfortably amongst a variety of acoustic guitars, some sax/trumpet players (usually only one at a time) and a drummer playing with brushes.
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