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  1. Bought a very short (23.5") scale bass for the other half to use. After ages, finally managed to get nylon wound strings for it, custom made by Pyramid. Bass is a 5-string, low E high C, hence the time taken to find the right set.

    Got it back from a tech who did a nice setup, fret polish, board oiling, string fitting etc. etc. "Nice resonant low B on this bass!" he said...
    I'd never opened the string packet, just handed it straight over for the setup, and thus not noticed they'd made a low B set instead.

    1. alyctes


      Hopefully the OH doesn't mind...

    2. knirirr


      She was not best pleased, but is giving it a try. I have offered to go back to Pyramid for the correct set and fit them myself if it doesn't work out.

    3. alyctes


      Good luck!

  2. Same here. Getting paid is not really particularly important as long as we're not being mucked about or put to any inconvenience. Relaxing in an armchair with a beer would be my preferred Friday night activity, so if I'm to give it up then things need to go smoothly. What's always caused problems in the past are gigs where the venue staff view the band as an annoyance and/or have caused extra nuisance, e.g. one venue where they didn't want musicians getting in the way of the punters by loading or unloading during the event so insisted we dropped our kit off the night before and stored it on their site at our own risk then picked it up the day after. Oh, and no parking on site for loading for the likes of us; park in the street half a mile away and carry all the gear was the order.
  3. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  4. I got this bass in 2018 after looking for one since the 1990s with no success. But, as I can play the DB that's inevitably what everyone asks for and this Fender never gets played any more. Therefore, it might as well be offered to someone who will make good use of it rather than sit in a corner in its (slightly tatty, Thomann-branded) case. The only changes since I got it are a professional setup and the fitting of TI Jazz flatwounds. The strap can be included, if you want it. I don't plan to drop the price as I don't really need to sell this, and I'm not interested in trades unless someone happens to have a nice Martin TR-4501 Trombone they'd be willing to part with (which is probably about as likely as finding one of these basses in the UK in 1990 ;-). Apologies for the poor photos; having some trouble with the phone camera.
  5. This is an earlier model of the Soprano Trombone shown in the Wessex catalogue here. As far as I can tell the main difference is in the slide brace (new one is curved), and the slide lock looks different. This example is slightly used; I'm aware of a small mark on the back of the bell section but otherwise the condition is very good. Nice slide action and all seven positions available, but the instrument is essentially a trumpet with a slide instead of valves and requires a trumpeter's embouchure and air support, both of which I lack. Mouthpiece included is a 7C trumpet one. Collection would be preferred but it might be possible to investigate posting. The tenor trombone shown for scale is not included but I may list that separately later for £50.
  6. I remember playing with such a chap a long time ago. It was due to the way college ball gigs were organised; our jazz combo would not be the main entertainment but would have an early and late set on a small stage somewhere (e.g. in the bar). The payment would be a ticket to the event, i.e. free food and alcohol. The drummer liked to indulge considerably between sets; the audience would have been in a bad state and probably didn't notice anything was wrong, but the effects on his timing were a nuisance for me. Nothing but alcohol-free drinks for me then, and now.
  7. Not bad this afternoon. We had a dep. drummer with whom I've never played before but he was rather good. There was one missed ending cue (the trumpeter likes sudden endings) but we must have covered it up well enough as the public I spoke to didn't notice.
  8. The Roland micro cube has been mentioned above. I recently had a chance to try one out and it worked very nicely; the particular band for which I use it normally complains that the bass is too quiet, but were completely satisfied during this gig. There's a video here (apologies for bad playing; recovering from illness) which I have already posted elsewhere, so further apologies if you've seen it twice: https://youtu.be/V6YLqu1Zb7E I was using a pre-amp otherwise the pickup sounds dreadful. N.B. it's fine with this amount of drumming, but is overwhelmed in the presence of a full kit.
  9. Just bought a guitar bag from Tim. All went very well indeed - thanks!
  10. The only snobbery I've noticed is the common complaint against bass guitars when playing jazz, and that's usually not from other bassists. Most recently it's been a guitarist; asking when I'm going to get a "proper bass" and then when I eventually find a nice one and space to keep it telling me that I wasted too much money when I could have just had a beginner one from Thomann for much less.
  11. Ah, I see what you mean. I was thinking "patterns" as in the relations between the notes on the fingerboard (which appears like a linear circle of fifths to me) rather than the hand positions used to play those notes. I'd not noticed much difference but I used 1-2-4 in lower positions on BG a lot, and 1-4 for 5ths, octaves etc. Your comment was interesting as in the last lesson I had there was mention of students who've not studied bass guitar finding it easier to learn where the notes are on upright, which surprised me.
  12. Interesting; I have found knowing patterns on a bass guitar neck to be extremely helpful when switching to DB.
  13. Nor do I, but it never seems to be an option when we play there. That amp did quite well, though; I only had the volume and gain on half. There's a gig in a park in a week or two so it will come in handy then.
  14. Played a small gig yesterday evening. One set only, but that's about all I could manage; had an inner ear infection earlier in the week and I'm still not feeling great. All went well, though. There's no power at this venue and we were on battery amplification only so I tried out a Roland bass cube, which did the trick nicely with a preamp for the upright. A brief clip here if anyone's interested.
  15. Played in a small venue (40-50 seats) last night. Went quite well, despite changing an arrangement (and having to practice it) 15 minutes before the doors opened. Apparently, mature Cotswold ladies like bass solos and want more volume.
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