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  1. Probably not what you were thinking of if you were thinking of a tu… ahem, a valve head, but eBay is awash with titchy fanless Class D ‘hi-fi’ amplifiers, for only twenty or thirty quid even from UK sellers, which I assume would work fine if driven from a suitable preamp or multi-effect pedal. They’re probably only actually good for about a tenth of their rated power, but I expect that would be enough.
  2. I think the theory and the listening have to go hand in hand - you’ll get more out of the listening if you know some of the things you’re listening for, but there’s no point taking on board a whole load of theory if you don’t also find out and internalise what it sounds like when actual jazz musicians play it.
  3. Just seen this thread - no bass content to contribute (except to say yours looks very nice!) but it reminds me that I used the Ellesmere Port Fab Lab a couple of times around the same time as you, in my case on a paid basis for some work stuff - it was a really good concept and staffed by really helpful individuals, but sadly it shut down as I think their funding ran out and they weren’t getting the user numbers to justify continuing it. The Manchester one is still going…
  4. I’m no expert but that seems quite weird. Does it work with any other video calling platforms than Skype and if so is the tutor wedded to Skype or could you use a different one? Is there some funky ‘reduce background noise’ setting that’s blocking the guitar because it isn’t a voice?
  5. Bad news: Now further ‘behind’ than ever Good news: Actually starting to get the hang of the economy plucking thing! Bad news: Have realised that for one of the early left hand exercises where it’s all about making sure you don’t do… that thing, and I thought ‘well that’s OK, because I definitely don’t do that thing’, I do, in fact, do that thing Good, er, actually further bad news: while I think I’ve isolated where doing that thing happens, when I actually watch my left hand doing it it looks so weird I can’t yet concentrate on how to do anything about it. I’m definitely enjoying it though!
  6. Copper is an element and in its solid metallic state it doesn’t form molecules. Reading that website it sounds like they think it does something to the grain boundaries, which solid metallic copper at least does have. On whether it does something that’ll improve the sound of a cable… let’s say you can find me in the sceptic camp.
  7. They went out of business but are back in business under new ownership. Did you get an email confirming they had received your order? If you literally can’t get any response out of Dawson‘s then I expect you will be able to raise a claim with PayPal. I think you’ll probably have to wait until a couple of weeks after the date of your order, but you can go and look it up on PayPal’s site.
  8. This is true if the value of the purchase was £100 or more. The technical term is ‘a Section 75 claim’. It’s only been seven working days though. Was the item shown as in stock and what did they say the delivery time would be? I assume you haven’t had an email saying it’s been despatched? Dawsons did go bust earlier in the year and the business was bought out and reopened (but without most of the high street shops) as I remember it. I’m sure it’s discussed on the forum if you search.
  9. I got a copy of Windows 10 from these people a while back and as far as I can tell it's legit - it registered OK and the company has been in business selling these licences for several years, with UK contact details on their website, so I assume if there was anything dodgy about them Microsoft would have got them shut down some time ago. Caveat emptor obviously...
  10. I always find the smaller and less consequential the design decision, the more time and analysis it takes to make.
  11. Good topic! I don’t currently use any particular vocalisation techniques systematically but I sort of feel that I probably should. I think having a system of syllables like the Kodály ones for vocalising rhythms is a useful tool when playing with others, and I sometimes try to sing what I’m playing as it seems to make sense that that would build the connection from brain to fingers, but I can’t show evidence for either of those… I’ve come across some good clapping exercises in workshop classes, like ‘passing’ the beat around a circle, that seemed really effective - from a quick read up on Dalcroze it sounds as though that also uses the same sort of exercises. This is all mainly in a jazz focused context but I don’t see why it wouldn’t apply to any other style. Please let us know what comes out of your project…
  12. Seems a shame to start making holes in (what I assume is) a nicely finished piece of aluminium - if it's strictly for mockup purposes can you use a spare bit of wood or something? I checked their T&C's and you're not supposed to use the DXF for getting the panel made elsewhere. I'm not sure how they'd know though…
  13. Just received and checked out the Laney R500H head - in the original box with everything included, all exactly as described, Dave answered my questions quickly and got it despatched next day after receiving payment. I'm happy to recommend him as a seller.
  14. Part two. Some excellent Steve Swallow action and a majestic version of Reactionary Tango. And some proper big band funk to finish with!
  15. 1. Stay rhythmic 2. Avoid playing up and down the scale, it always sounds rubbish 3. Don’t be afraid of leaving some space 4. Avoid playing up and down the scale, it always sounds rubbish 5. Avoid playing up and down the scale, it always sounds rubbish
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