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  1. It turned out I lied about Nubya Garcia (as did the programme, but they’ve edited it now). Sorry. Daniel Casimir was great though, as were Emma Johnson’s Gravy Boat who we caught earlier today. Terrible name, great band!
  2. I knew I had an unpopular opinion on something, thanks for reminding me what it is! Trouble is, you won’t get far criticising them in this country, as their position is deeply entrenched by long-standing constitutional convention. Well now that I’m here: Tina Turner should have been a jazz singer. I know Christian McBride and Esperanza Spalding are both prodigiously talented and highly acclaimed, but I’ve always struggled to really like their music. Accordions are brilliant. I’ll stop now.
  3. I imagine the planning process for mounting such a gargantuan event starts pretty much the second the winner’s name leaves the presenters’ lips, so I imagine there are a lot of people at the EBU having absolute kittens right now. After all, they can’t possibly show a lack of faith in Ukraine by entertaining the possibility of an alternative host being necessary…
  4. The Eurovision result clearly demonstrated the sympathy that many Europeans feel for a fellow nation oppressed by a malicious, dictatorial regime. Ukraine also benefited from the same phenomenon.
  5. And now I've also lined up Honeyfeet at Band on the Wall on 17th June. The awesome Rioghnach Connolly's blues project on home turf - should be raucous!
  6. Booked tix for a rake of gigs in the Manchester Jazz Festival: Daniel Casimir, Mamilah, Kara, Nguvu, Intergalactic Brasstronauts, The Deportees, Secret Night Gang, Zoë Rahman, Gary Crosby, Ayanna Witter-Johnson, Tim Garland. Very much looking forward to all of them but most especially Casimir, Rahman, Crosby and Garland. Top tip for fans of the sax player Nubya Garcia (and you should be): her own gig in the festival is twenty five quid a pop, but she's also in the line-up for Daniel Casimir's band which is a princely one pound booking fee only. Albeit it's in the less than perfect setting of Escape To Freight Island rather than the unimpeachable Band on the Wall.
  7. Only one bass here. I can see the attraction of having more, but I’d have to be playing a lot more to justify it… either to myself or to the rest of the household
  8. Knock Knock - Who’s there Shirley or Karen - Shirley or Karen who Shirley or Karen expect me to pass up this obvious setup for a joke
  9. I’d start with your local trading standards department, they should be able to advise what to do here. Are Selectron simply not answering their phones? The next step might be to write to them by recorded delivery setting out what you want and by when, e.g. either to agree a repair cost and timescale with you, or return the unit and anything you’ve paid, or pay you a fair sum for the value of the unrepaired unit if they can’t return it. Of course if they’ve actually gone bust you’re probably out of luck. I don’t think PJB have any legal obligation to you but they might be willing to help try and sort it out with Selectron from their side.
  10. I discovered Benson by randomly picking up a copy of Shape Of Things To Come, so that’s my favourite of his, and one of my favourite jazz guitar albums.
  11. My cancellable bass take is that I like sunburst, I like tort, but tort+sunburst?? Noooo… Single cutaway and relicing are also both just wrong, obvs.
  12. I don’t know the original manufacture date sorry - I’ll try emailing Inter-M with the serial number to ask if you like. As mentioned I got it about a year ago and don’t know it’s history before that, although I think the seller said it had been in a fixed PA installation. (er… Vin??)
  13. I have made exactly the same mistake in my time 😁
  14. Like the colour ultramarine refracted through a pentaprism of unfulfilled desires.
  15. I think their original drummer moved away for uni (or too far away to come back for gigs), yes.
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