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  1. That’s an amazingly useful website, thanks! We have an Auris hybrid estate - I haven’t tried it with bass gear but the boot is a decent size, and TFL says it doesn’t pay for the ULEZ. Only complaint is the ride is a bit bouncy, which has caused it to scrape the ground if you take a sharp speed bump too fast. Which? say they basically never go wrong though.
  2. Thanks. I feel bad for the band, and gutted to miss a gig, but I’m leaning towards giving it a miss. Anyone want a ticket for Nubiyan Twist at Gorilla a week on Thursday? 😐
  3. Are gig audiences observing any precautions at all against you-know-what these days? I’ve got a ticket for Nubiyan Twist in a couple of weeks, which would be my first gig in at least 18 months, but if it’s going to be a room packed full of maskless shouting happy-go-lucky youngsters I can’t say I feel all that keen on going.
  4. Not off the top of my head, but have a look for Christopher Stembridge (and maybe others) playing the chromatic harpsichord, on which some of the keys are split in half and one side plays a note tuned according to one keynote while the other side plays the ‘same’ note but in a different key. It sounds proper weird.
  5. I never knew this, and went off in search of more information. It turns out to be even more complicated than that!
  6. I bet I know who that is… (follows link) yep!
  7. Sounds like you all had fun - maybe I’ll make the next one…
  8. How about your local authority’s music service, or a local secondary school? They’re probably under-resourced, so a donated instrument would probably help them give more kids access to music making.
  9. Ignore me if I’m talking rubbish, because any expertise I have here owes much more to the textbook than the battlefield, but have you ruled out an intermittent short in a speaker cab or cable, or a dodgy mains supply?
  10. Can it drive a load of lower impedance than its input impedance, at a gain of 1 or more? Then it’s a preamp. What it does with the rest of its time is its own business 😎
  11. You asked for cheap… https://www.toolstation.com/work-bench/p12739
  12. Well I've watched the first lesson and while it's obviously much too early to rate the course, I like his style and he's already suggested some significant changes to how I've simply been holding the bass, so I'm definitely going to learn something! Watch this space…
  13. I’ve always felt GP were a good make but that’s not based on any science on my part. I may have read a Which? review at some point. Anyway whatever make you get, use the slowest ‘intelligent’ charger you can find. Fast charging is terrible for batteries. You do need one with proper end-of-charge detection though, not just a super cheap one that goes for a fixed time then stops.
  14. I do find myself thinking that the paper coned electromagnetic speaker in a wooden enclosure is the worst possible way of converting electricity into sound, apart from all the other ways that have been tried from time to time.
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