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  1. Although to be fair, Shaddap You Face has a better bass line than Vienna.
  2. Hmph, I never spotted that before although listening now it seems pretty obvious. Hopefully the bassist who recorded the samples got properly paid 🤨
  3. Interesting replies, thanks! I’m especially grateful to everyone who held back from pointing out that six string basses are available 😁 I’m not sure that I’d get on with cello tuning though. I don’t have a 5, and have no immediate plans to go shopping… but I think I may have admitted to myself that I might be 5-curious.
  4. I was sure I’d be able to get the classic rock and pop fans spitting their tea across their keyboards by suggesting some Dua Lipa, but it seems Don’t Start Now only got to number 2
  5. So standard 5-string tuning is BEADG, obviously, providing an extra fourth of range below a 4-string bass. If you’re a pretentious jazz noodler, on the other hand, you can string your 5 EADGC, giving you access to an extra fourth of top-end pretentious jazz noodling. Here’s the thing though: I do sometimes want a D below my low E string, but I don’t actually like the really low end of a 5-string in a lot of contexts: it just seems to bring a different, somehow more synthetic character to the bass sound that doesn’t fit for me. On the other hand, I am (or try to be) a pretentious jazz noodler who could definitely stretch out on an extra high string from time to time. So why not get a 5-string and tune it, say, DGCFBb - or even (ulp) C#F#BEA - apart from the fact that it’s self-evidently weird and wrong and likely to cause havoc on swapping to a normally tuned instrument? Does anyone do this?
  6. According to the spreadsheet that this guy has compiled, the only guest to choose a bass guitar was Linton Kwesi Johnson, while Gerald Moore and Mark Rylance asked for double basses. I think I'd choose an instrument I couldn't play well, so I could use the time to learn it. (Security, please eject the heckler at the back who said 'so a bass guitar then')
  7. Removed from the cab I’m now refurbing, I have a Fane C12-85 speaker with paper edged cone, so ideal for guitar but less so for bass, in 16 ohm impedance. It’s in OK nick and hasn’t been grossly abused as far as I know, with just a tiny dent in the cone edge. Free to a good home, can be collected from Heaton Mersey, Stockport (SK4 postcode).
  9. nekomatic


    Seeing as I’ve started participating in a few threads round here - and in particular have gained some invaluable knowledge and help on speaker cabinet construction in the Amps and Cabs forum - I should probably say hello. I’ve been playing bass on and off for nearly thirty years, having played piano and classical guitar before that. I’ve dabbled in jazz-funk, folk and blues but my main thing has always been jazz - it was Steve Swallow’s Duets album with Carla Bley that hooked me on bass and Swallow’s style and sound is probably still what I aspire to. I’ll listen to pretty much anything although let’s say I don’t often put thrash metal on for fun. I started listing bass and non-bass favourites but it took too long so for now I’ll namecheck Me’shell Ndegéocello and leave it at that. Scandalously, I’ve only ever owned two basses - a cheap Precision copy I started out on and the American Standard Fender Jazz I upgraded to. I’m pretty sure the Jazz suits me but I really ought to try out alternatives sometime. I’ve also scraped by with practice combos (currently a Marshall MBB15) and borrowed bigger amps as needed, but am now working on sorting out a decent rig as documented on my cab refurb thread. Oh and I recently acquired a Bass Pod XT which feels like cheating but makes some brilliant noises. Other instruments I own but can’t really play include congas, accordion, Turkish baglama, mandolin and theremin 😎
  10. Way back when they first came out, I saw a picture of an Ibanez AFR in a magazine and was intrigued. I've never seen one for real much less played one, what with them making hen's teeth look commonplace. I now see that they've been reissued and even come up secondhand from time to time, so it's conceivable I might actually meet one one day. If so, I'm fully prepared to find it actually does nothing for me.
  11. The crossover for the Beyma is a few posts up on this thread I believe this is technically the Mark 2 version of the cab, while Mark 3 is the one with the Faital Pro LF and a more expensive Celestion HF driver. Stevie has just sorted me out with the components for this crossover at a very reasonable price so if you want to build one too I would highly recommend asking him. The thing you may have an issue with is getting hold of the PH-170 horn - nobody in the UK has them in stock before September...
  12. That's my current approach - the PA power amp being an Inter-M R300 which is linear and fanless and is rated for 2 x 150 W into 4 ohms or 300 W into 8 ohms bridged. I don't know if you can get them new any more but they come up on eBay for a hundred quid or less. There's also an R150 and R500 with 150 and 500 W respectively, I think. Admittedly I haven't battle-tested this yet.
  13. They’re only an engineer if they go on and on and on about ‘requirements’
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