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  1. Truckstop

    USA Custom Shop Stu Hamm Washburn, 7.5lb *SOLD*

    Genuinely in love with the design of this instrument. So simple and elegant. Looks amazing and I’m sure sounds great too; would happily take off your hands if I had the money spare!
  2. Truckstop

    Mark Knopfler's solo albums

    Sailing to Philadelphia is one of my favourite all-time albums. The Americana feel the album has is immensely pleasurable. Prarie Wedding takes me away to another place, beautiful song.
  3. Truckstop

    Yamaha TRBX600 series NEW

    Ah, saw the ad on Facebook and started salivating immediately! As soon as they’re available I want one, the amber burst looks gorgeous and I think looks so much nicer than the new BB range. Anyone know when they’re likely to arrive and get in the shops?
  4. Truckstop

    *** SOLD **** Yamaha BB424X Black

    +1 I haven't felt the need to use anything else since I got my 424x about 5 years ago now. It's made me a one-bass man and I the only thing I think that would make me move it on would be a new one.
  5. Truckstop

    I think I finally understand Radiohead

    I'm always surprised that people never seem to like Hail to the Thief. Best album by a country mile!
  6. Truckstop

    What never comes up for sale and why?

    Yamaha RBXJM1 I remember I sold or traded my blue one on here about 6 years ago (cripes, that long ago?!) and then Lorne sold one of his (a red one IIRC). And since then, none!
  7. Truckstop

    BV microphone recommendations

    Would recommend the Samson Q7. Have had mine for a few years now and never missed a beat. Some could say it's a bit toppy, personally I just think they sound really clear. Have also used it to mic bass drum and guitar cabs in emergencies and sounds fine. Well built, sturdy, and cost £23 when I bought mine. Possibly slightly more expensive these days (haven't checked).
  8. Truckstop

    A profound innovation.

    Oh dear. I appear to be "an bonafied idiot"
  9. Truckstop

    RHCP - Under The Bridge

    Well I know it's a very highly regarded song and I'm not surprised that many people enjoy listening to it and sing along to it. I just really struggle to find anything likeable about it. It's like the bass and drums had loads of time spent on them and sound great but the vocals and guitar sound rushed and boxy. The bass line stumbles over several scales and just sounds messy, carries no melody. Clashes with guitar. The only hook in the song is the intro guitar riff, the rest of it is forgettable and tuneless. If everyone in the world turned around and said they hated the song, I'd understand. But the fact that so many people seem to enjoy it is completely lost on me! Mind you, I bet plenty of people on here think that Metro Station - Shake It is a terrible song and it's one of my favourites! Don't worry, I'll happily play it and I've learnt it. I've been in cover bands for years and understand that sometimes you need to play songs you don't like. Jam won't turn into band, we're both just looking to play every now and then without having to commit to a band or anything.
  10. Truckstop

    RHCP - Under The Bridge

    Going for a jam with a guy next week and Under the Bridge is on the list of songs he'd like to do. I've always hated it with a passion. I remember listening to it once about 10 years ago and vowed to never listen to it again. But, being an adult, I decided I'd learn it for this jam and then make my excuses in the future. Gave it a quick spin and it was as I remembered and feared. The shrill, jangly guitar tone. The dull, atonal vocals. Four sections to the song, which are all very plain in their own right, just shoehorned together. Meandering, needlessly complex, and poorly constructed bass line which totally dominates the song rendering it almost unlistenable, and my god does it drag?! Feels like it goes on for 10 minutes! And the drumming! It's like the guitar, bass, and drums are each playing a different song! Dreadful song. No idea why it's so highly regarded. The only redeeming feature is Flea's tone, which is sick. So I've learnt it and I'll give it a run through, but hopefully it'll sound terrible and we'll never have to play it ever again.
  11. Truckstop

    Our first single... whatcha think?

    Really enjoyed it. I listen to a lot of post rock and found the overall sound very enjoyable. Mid section felt a bit weak though. Since verses are also quite delicate could have done with more power in that section to lead into the last chorus (which is awesome, by the way!)
  12. Truckstop

    Dream Theatre

    They haven't put together a decent album since Octavarium, which was the last time I saw them. That setlist is utterly gorgeous and I'm gutted I decided not to go
  13. Truckstop

    Cleaning Ibanez SR500

    Not got any ideas to help with cleaning, but once it is clean you can finish and protect the body with some simple beeswax. Apply with a lint-free cloth, buff out. Repeat a few times and that should protect the wood from getting grimy and dull in the future. You can reapply wax whenever you want and there's no need to take off the strings or remove hardware etc.
  14. Truckstop

    Minimum viable wattage

    I used an SWR Workingmans10 combo for a long time with a pub covers band. 80w, 10" speaker, was certainly loud enough for most applications. It's never going to fill a large room with the bass frequencies, but definitely for pubs and smaller clubs it was loud enough without having to struggle. Very very decent bit of kit. I've seen a guy use the new Hartke 35w kickback combo for a small outdoors event; I heard the sodding thing from down the road! Very impressed! I currently use a Fender Rumble100 (v3) and have used it in pubs and clubs and loud rehearsals and find it just fine. I do have a fairly bass-thin tone; anything below 100hz I completely cut.
  15. Truckstop

    What would you do?

    [quote name='Maude' timestamp='1491040012' post='3270007'] Unless of course the name he suggested was 'The Shittiest Stranglers Tribute....EVER!!' If not then I'd say yes. [/quote] I love that 'shittiest' escapes the swear filter!