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  1. Thanks for the comments Molan the site bird is looking into this hopefully will be fixed soon! not sure if anyone else has had this problem.... we have just made and upload a music lyric video thing to youtube so feel free to like comment and subscribe there [url="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zxEJvhkMUkk"]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zxEJvhkMUkk[/url] Thanks Guys
  2. Song is now available on all streaming services so give it a listen if your interested Thanks again guys, Jonny
  3. Thanks Niko.... If any one is interested in downloading it please visit our website here: [url="https://www.alphawaves.rocks/music"]https://www.alphawaves.rocks/music[/url] it will be on there for free to download until this weekend if anyone would like a copy... alternatively there is our band camp page here: [url="https://alpha-waves.bandcamp.com/releases"]https://alpha-waves....mp.com/releases[/url] and it is now available on itunes here: [url="http://itunes.apple.com/album/id1232055182?ls=1&app=itunes"]http://itunes.apple....ls=1&app=itunes[/url] and on apple music here: [url="http://itunes.apple.com/album/id1232055182"]http://itunes.apple....um/id1232055182[/url] Thanks for your support guys, also if any of you guys actually did really like the song if you could help us out by tweeting or posting on facebook or instagram or even just a follow that would be amazing! All details are on our site or click on the images in my signature. Thanks again guys Jonny
  4. Cheers for all the comments guys thanks for taking the time to listen and comment! I realise it won't be to everyone's tastes but as a band were really happy with it. But I do agree with some of the points made with regards to levels and things like that so it's all good in the end! Appreciate it a lot .... just gotta get through a few songs tonight! Nervous first time we have played live in a whil!
  5. The final mix is now online.... I don't suppose it's incorporated many of the above comments but it is the final version
  6. Cheers guys all comments welcome it's only by being criticised we can all get better thanks for giving it your time and taking the time to reply means a lot Jonny
  7. Hi guys this is first single please let me know what you think but try not to hurt my feelings If anyones in essex this weekend we are doing a gig as one of a few bands at the mill beach pub in heybridge from 7pm till midnight on Sunday so feel free to come down for a great night. Have a great day! Jonny https://www.alphawaves.rocks/music
  8. This post has a vid of the kid playing in the band... the joys of famous parents... #Jealous [url="http://basschat.co.uk/topic/303822-what-to-do-when-you-are-young/"]http://basschat.co.uk/topic/303822-what-to-do-when-you-are-young/[/url]
  9. So this weekend me and the band (see signature) hit up AT Music in Essex, fantastic place if any of you are local Marks a great guy. Anyway we have recorded our song and it sounds amazing! Hasn't been mixed yet but hopefully will be done and available soon.... We have a gig at the end of the month (only a few songs in a local pub nothing major) and the band want to start selling the song providing its all ready in time, either via itunes or the like.... me on the other hand i think giving it away as free download is by far a better option as its not like were famous and have a following of people that cannot wait for our single and will be happy to pay for it. I just think if i saw a band in a pub and they said follow this link and have a listen... i would download and listen.... if however i clicked on download and it said please pay £1 i probably wouldn't bother.... the idea is we want to get our band out there and known more so than make money (at least to start with anyway). Any of you guys have some advise on this? What do you other bands/recorders do? Thanks, Jonny
  10. Oh rioght didnt realise that in which case can someone take it down? didnt realise. Seems a pretty pointless thing to not be able to but dont wanna upset peeps. Sorry Jon
  11. Is there a bass guitar maintenance kit you can buy that has all the basic tools and oils, cleaning products etc?
  12. Okie dokie i will have a go at this tonight and let you know! the noise is only present when the high frequency is switched on... when you switch it to 1 the hiss appears... when you switch it to 2 the hiss gets audibly louder. I also believe but cant be sure that the volume also controls the level of the hiss (but cant actually remember) thanks for your help guys, Jonny
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