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  1. I will give those a read. But my thoughts are, the higher or lower the saddle the break point angle changes and the tension of the string at a given point is shifted back and forth somewhat.
  2. As a previous poster said a better setup lowers string tension. I'm not sure of all the science behind it. When fretting your not stretching the string down as much. And I have a theory that the higher or lower the saddle height moves the tension break point very slightly. And normally shop instruments are setup terrible! Pet hate of mine.
  3. Twincam

    2nd hand market slowing??

    Typically ive just sold something on eBay, that I probably would of got slightly more on here for! Funny how I even said it's worth advertising on here too, then fail to do so haha!
  4. Be easier to spray in contact cleaner and turn the controls back and forth a good few times, repeating as necessary. Much cheaper and easier than replacing the pots. There's plenty of online diagrams though if you want to replace the pots anyhow.
  5. Twincam

    2nd hand market slowing??

    10% eBay fees and I think it's a 3.something% PayPal fee. However many sell when there a £1 max fee on eBay which are fairly regular. As long as your willing to post, on eBay you will get a quicker sale and more money or at least enough to cover fees. This i feel is just because more people use eBay rather than anything wrong with the bc forum. Of course you make your chances of a sale better if advertising on both.
  6. Twincam

    2nd hand market slowing??

    There is also the fact that most bass players are not on basschat. In the last 6 years of talking to other bass players at gigs etc, excluding people I've met on here. Only a few had even heard of basschat and only 1 other was a member. And that 1 member im pretty sure (I was drunk) I told him he should consider joining basschat a couple of years beforehand haha. I've known/met many more guitarists and not any of them are members of a guitar forum.
  7. Im in tone heaven. Ampeg valve amp, Pbass and flatwounds. Who would of thought they went well together. I'm pretty sure I'm the first to discover this combination 😉 haha.

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    2. Twincam


      Can't slap, won't slap lol. But old school is the new school haha.

    3. JapanAxe


      You and me both mate!

    4. Beer of the Bass

      Beer of the Bass

      But if you're going to, I'd rather early Larry Graham or Chuck Rainey than the 80s thing, IMO!

  8. Twincam

    Utter disaster. I give up.

    What a fantastic looking instrument! Looking at the break once it's repaired I don't think it will give any problems, looks clean and lots of surface area. So don't be afraid of it going once repaired, although nothing is 100%. As others have said it's likely to be stronger after the repair. As for why it happened, it's hard to tell. Did the truss rod bend first and crack the wood or did the wood crack and truss rod bend after. Hopefully soon the bass will be back with you.
  9. Twincam

    Marshall vba valves

    That all seems like an appropriate service. It's worth remembering that valves can fail anytime, even new. And if old valves were in when a bias was done it could of pushed one over the edge I suppose. As others said it could be a dirty socket, I don't see the mention of cleaning the sockets being done. So hopefully it will just be that.
  10. Twincam

    Porting Test

    Not exactly it is a wave form/vibration. Sound travels through air but it's not air itself. That's also why you can hear under water. Or why you can hear sounds, in say a block of wood being tapped with your ear held against it. Click your finger close to your face, you won't feel that much air from it. Then blow on your hand. Which is louder and which do you feel more? The sound of a port is not air rushing in and out. Just like the drivers themselves don't blow out air.
  11. Twincam

    Porting Test

    I think this on the barefaced site explains it nicely. https://barefacedbass.com/technical-information/the-mysteries-of-ports.htm What you might feel from a cab is soundwave presure but not air rushing in or out of a port.
  12. Twincam

    2 tone pots 1 pickup

    It's more like a passive eq. Cut only, bass and treble. They did it on the ebmm USA passive subs and supposedly they sound pretty good.
  13. Twincam

    Porting Test

    The reason the cab farted out earlier was because there was now just a hole in it which acts very different from a tuned port. If you put your hand over the hole the air will move quickly in and out. On a tuned port that doesn't happen. While if there was a properly tuned port it would sound much better and there would be more bass/power handling. With the same drivers so likely you could make a proper porting and use the current drivers. But as you know from the modelling software better drivers and porting will be better. The cheapest option is to try self porting first making sure the port velocity is ok.
  14. Not thinking much of the ruby (shuguang) valves that come stock in the pf20t. Although I think they sound alright. Had a 12ax7 with an issue. And now I think a power output valve issue, got some slight crackling and other slight noises. Gave both tubes a tap one is absolutely silent the other microphonic, swapped them in opposite sockets issue follows the valve. Gives me a good excuse to get some nicer valves. And hope that solves things. Oh and its a shame the Kenny's deal ended. Wonder if it's anything to do with Yamaha now owning ampeg??? I kinda wish I bought the 50t when the offer was still on. However since this is purely a practice amp the 20t is more than enough to annoy the neighbours even through a little cab. And it sounds great! (when the valves are working lol). They still have them at kennys on offer, although £299 is still expensive for something only 20w, but it's a mighty fine 20w.
  15. Twincam

    NAD. Trace Elliot BLX-80 GP7SM

    I really like the unique cab design and find it interesting they tried something different. Always wanted one myself, even though I'm not a TE fan.