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  1. Could be a number of things. Maybe the fact when it's warm it works fine, suggesting a connection issue? Or a component out of spec until warm? Again could be a lot of things. It works fine after a while so maybe it will be a more economical repair??? To ask have you checked all your leads? I did some soldering on a mark bass amp for someone. I said it looked fine. Turned out to be an intermittent lead issue.
  2. Common when covers are loose. When you lower the pu the pressure from the under side makes the case tight against the actual bobbin. Common cure is to put more pickup foam under the pu. That way there more tension. Of the pu uses springs. On the screws then putting foam under the pu is still OK. Or if the covers are on OK just loose on the adjustment then as above will also cure it. And likely give the pu better adjustment range.
  3. So other than one amp. All the other amps do this and with any cab. Has this just started to happen? Have you checked its not a bass or lead issue! Because I have repaired amps for myself and others to find its a lead. Doh!.... In 2 cases was an issue with the instrument itself. Doh! Again lol. Also have you tried moving the cabs. Sometimes noises can come from a different place. But you could swear it's coming from the cab.
  4. Woods in my experience, opinion do matter. And I think the shape, size of the body matter just as much and too a lesser extent the headstock. In tone and in response, resonance. The only thing I would suggest doesn't matter for tone on a bass is the control knobs, strap buttons and the tuners. Oh and pick guard. Now after jaco himself the biggest affect on his sound was probably his strings.
  5. I've mentioned a few practice combos previously. But the worst I've ever came across is the Vox pathfinder bass. Two 5 inch speakers, open backed. Phil Jones it is not! Fidelity of a 90s alarm clock.
  6. What have you done! Isn't that a late Jackson Pollock special? Probably worth millions. 😄 Dare I say I quite like its splatter design.
  7. I disagree. Changed over to flatwounds on my headless bass. With Steinberger bridge. Intonation taken less than 3 or 4 minutes. Unlocked the saddles easily via 1 screw. Move the pieces back and forth. Found can easily do it while strings still under tension. And if they dodnt move easily loosen the strings. Very stable bridge. Very easy to use and change strings. I heard they were good but I was surprised, as probably the easiest bridge to set up, intonate and tune. And they have proven themselves for nearly 40 years and still work.
  8. Found I don't like bourns audio taper pots. First loom ive had with them in. Half way or just above is only slightly different to fully on. Where exactly same circuit with cts pots is way better. They don't feel as much like on/off pots. Looked it up. Found this. This is audio pots.
  9. Oh just thought of another thing. If the cam is a softer meter than the grub screw securing it. With every string change or height change. That screw will start to damage the cam???
  10. I like innovation. Looks a nice design. But there's a few things. The nut on the string tube looks like it could be uncomfortable for those that palm mute near/onto the bridge. The cam locking screw design, how secure is the locking mechanism after x amount of string changes, as all the force is directed down wanting to turn the cam. Especially for those who use high tension flat wounds. The string break angle. I've looked on a few pics and seems some strings are forming a string break angle in mid air after the tube. Like resting on an invisible bridge. Does this have any effect on string performance?
  11. I think i have the answer. Trying holding your index finger between your thumb and middle finger and use that as a pick haha 😄 I'm just being daft btw
  12. Do not get the peavey microbass. They are truly bad, in that they sound like a 90s alarm clock in fidelity or lack of. And also avoid the vox pathfinder bass amp. As that is truly awful in the same vain. I think a combo amp with a 10 inch speaker would be better than any with an 8 inch as they just reproduce bass better. This is not always true as there some great, but normally much more expensive combos with small speakers. But in a inexpensive combo I feel getting a larger combo with 10, 12 or even 15 is better even at modest volumes. If your tone is bad because of the amp, at the very get go, then it's not very inspiring.
  13. Relief is measured at the 7th fret. When fretting first to last fret. Overall action height measured at the 17th fret. Assuming nut is cut correctly. You can check by fretting all strings 3rd fret. There should be a tiny almost paper thin gap. Tune to standard tuning. Then fret the first with capo or finger. The press down the last fret with finger or elbow as i do if not using capo. Then with a feeler blade measure at the 7th between string and top of the fret. Personal choice here but anywhere between .004 and .015 is correct. Flatter radius boards should be .010 and under in general. 9.5-7.5 radius need more relief plus .010. Again that's just in general. Next set the string height via the bridge. Measuring the non fretted strings at the 17th fret.
  14. If he was local, I probably would of given him a message and asked if he would like me to see what's what and set it up for him. Because no way will it sell like that. And really needs to be assessed to see if it can actually be put right.
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