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  1. Twincam

    Ashdown LB30 schematic

    Excellent! So will there be a thread on this. I would be very interested to see how this turns out. I was reading about phase inverters last weekend. My lass seen what I was reading rolled her eyes and called me sad 😂 haha!
  2. Twincam

    Ashdown LB30 schematic

    May I ask what's the project?
  3. Twincam

    Bugera BXD12

    The Bugera amps are fairly well made from what I've seen personally and read. Often based on other manufactures designs. Sometimes they have stated there power ratings not in standard rms. The combo in question probably is 250 or so watts. It's probably a decent enough combo. However it lacks an extension speaker out which is often handy if you need to get more volume.
  4. Twincam

    Best bass in the world?

    Fender p bass (and alikes). Must be the most reliable bass to use, tone wise and in general reliability. And surely the most used in the music industry over the years. And used in every genre. Look how long it's been around and since the move to the split pu design it's not really changed. While im not a fan of the overly chunky neck ones, I literally can't say anything bad about them.
  5. Twincam

    NBD - Fender Marcus Miller Jazz

    Always thought these were cool. But the pu cover kinda looks slightly out of place. And I too think yours is the best colour.
  6. At around about the time I had the TE combo I had a aguilar ag500 and a ashdown abm 500. The TE was the loudest and it's still the loudest solid state amp watt for watt I've heard.
  7. They should in theory help with more even output. In my experience non staggered poles vs staggered, I'm not sure I've noticed a difference between them once the pu is adjusted. Especially as with most setups the strings don't really follow the neck radius unless all strings are set the same height. If you play directly over a staggered pole pu, with fingers. They can brush against each other which may or may not be an issue to you.
  8. I looked up a 7215smc as i used to own one. Came across an old advert for a used one, in the ad they state it's a reasonably light weight combo. Approx 34kg 🤣
  9. The b15 and svt tones are old fashioned but there timeless and imo more useable. You can pretty much still buy those amps new which says something. The te sound has a niche but it's not timeless. To me TE always sounds like a TE no matter what I did with the eq. Even though i didn't like the tone, i like amps that have a certain manufactures baked in character. And it's good people like different things. They were certainly well built. And I hate to sound cliched but they seem better built than a lot of modern stuff. Especially the combos.
  10. I have almost the same experience with older TE gear. Including liking a knackered old commando I briefly had. Bass amps have moved on so much since TE were in there prime so to say. That isn't to say the older amps don't have there place. TE amps are loud, the ones still going seem to be reliable, and there often found reasonably priced. And while I don't like there tone many people do. But compared to most modern amps the classic TE tone sounds a bit dated to me, or is that the tone is out of fashion maybe.
  11. Twincam

    Bad bass review

    This is true.
  12. Twincam

    Basses with 2x P-Bass pickups as stock..?

    Good example of double p pickup tone.
  13. Twincam

    Inexpensive flatwounds

    What's there tone like? Classic flat or more brighter like fenders or eb cobalts?
  14. Twincam

    Bass refinish day

    Here are some pictures of my refinished USA Musicman sub. The only critic of these basses is the rather industrial factory finish. And the terrible scratch plate. I had already taken the painted finish off the rear of the neck and applied a linseed oil and final tru oil satin finish. And I bought a used scratch plate Thankfully I have full use of my cousins car body garage, with a proper oven spray booth . I did the initial sanding, which I fully stripped off. And very kindly he did the final spraying. He has a colour mixing thing that has thousands of colours available. I choose a suitable red, I didn't want to go too fancy, flake finishes and candy colours are available but not my thing. Just to point out the red is darker than in most of the pictures. With original industrial body finish. The new plate and oiled neck already made a big improvement. Mid stripping of the finish. Was very tough on the front. I had to use an 80 grit on the dual action sander. Even then it wasn't easy going. The sides and back were not as bad. The front would of been extremely difficult by hand. After first coat of primer. It got two coats in all then sanded to level it. Just after painting. And here it is all built and set up. I think it looks really good. It plays excellently, while the paint was hardening I levelled the frets, recrowned and polished them like a mirror. Middle up close picture, is a true representation of the colour. The finish I asked to kept as thin as possible, but still being resistant and getting a good colour. The tone has changed very slightly, and i swear to me the strings move subtly more (I re used the same strings and same exact setup specs). I don't know if it was the refinish as it was very thick originally and now much thinner. Or the fret job, because I often notice with both mine and customers instruments, that sometimes a good fret job can make an instrument not only play and feel better but they seem to sound subtly better. Next up is to lacquer the headstock. Like they do on the "full fat" ones. I almost was going to refinish and colour code the headstock and apply a decal, but wanted to keep some originality. Even though it says sub bass, which those not in the know might confuse with the Sterling brand china/Indonesia made ones. I'm very happy!
  15. Twincam

    snapped headstock

    Cheers Mark always happy to help.