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  1. Depends on what kind of band. If you're playing pubs once a week then no. Oh, and a half arsed amateur looking website is worse than having nothing. This is true for any on line presence though and whatever social media you use you need to keep it updated and interesting. Lemonrock and Bandcamp are OK. Facebook is not as popular with the youngsters but if your audience is mainly middle aged it's still a good way to post events.
  2. My PC is in the loft while we try to sell the house. I'm missing playing around with music and wondered if it was worth signing up to Soundtrap so I can use my Chromebook to do some basic production as a temporary measure. I'd only be interested in the free version if its a stopgap, but I think I'd probably have to invest in a Behringer UCG in order to get bass and guitar into the Chromebook (there's no driver for my Focusrite unit in Chrome). I realise it's going to be more basic than the Cubase and Ableton software that came with my hardware but can anyone say whether its actually capable of producing anything worthwhile?
  3. EQ on the vocals is a big thing for me and I sweep across the frequency range until I find something that highlights the best of my voice (rather takes the worst of my voice out) but as you say GIGO is fundamental.
  4. I'm glad it's not just me that doesn't understand what to do once I've actually recorded the instruments. Like you I end up using the mixing desk to set levels and possibly panning tracks a little but any EQ and compression tends to be on the individual tracks. I know things could sound better if I knew what to do - I did a Soundcloud auto master on one track and was astonished at the improvement.
  5. I had a problem with my Win 8 PC which has 8GB Ram. It wasn't the amount of RAM that was the problem it was the background processes using it all up and the CPU becoming overloaded. Obviously high CPU usage and high RAM utilisation are linked so I'd suggest having a look at the task manage to figure out what is using what you have. The culprit in my case was the antivirus software.
  6. Some fantastic toonage again this month. Well done everyone.
  7. I've been in at least one band that managed it.
  8. This may very well be controversial, but I prefer the Kula Shaker version of Hush to the original, and think Deep Purple's version is the worst of the three.
  9. I agree to some extent. However one band that I left carried on and were gigging maybe three times a fortnight. If that's your schedule then rehearsals are only for new material. Personally I enjoyed rehearsals more than gigging when I was in a covers band. The enjoyment of gigging never quite outweighed the derrière ache of travelling, setting up, waiting around and stripping down.
  10. IMO there's also a small section of BCers that appear to dismiss people playing pub covers as somehow inferior to other gigging musicians. Something along the lines of pub covers = bunch of amateurs pumping out the same old shite every week, vs function bands = semi pro and play a wide range of styles.
  11. That may be the case for most bass parts (although not all) but if you think that playing lead guitar on something like Sweet Child Of Mine is repetitive you'd be wrong. It's pure laziness on the part of singers that they have the lyrics.
  12. I've been in a few bands and have absolutely no idea how the guitarists learned their parts. We agreed songs we would play and arrived at rehearsals having largely learnt our individual parts. Occasionally a chord chart would appear but that seemed to be so they could remember the structure of the song. As a bassist I would use tab if it was available or tab my own parts if it wasn't to learn the track but by the time I was at rehearsal I'd expect to have it largely committed to memory. Yes, there were occasions where members of the band had used a different recording to learn their parts put it really wasn't a big issue. Talking of people failing to learn parts, my experience is that vocalists often rely on the lyrics, whereas the rest of the band rarely need anything in front of them.
  13. A Precision Bass is any old bass with a single split coil arrangement in the right place, in the traditional shape, two knobs, no fancy active nonsense and crucially it must be 34" scale bolt on. Choice of body wood is irrelevant, A single piece maple neck/fingerboard is preferable but a glued on rosewood board is acceptable. You can add a Jazz pickup but it's no longer a Precision. Ideally the bass should be played standing with an incredibly long strap such that the strap button on the upper horn is below the player's navel.
  14. That's my fall back position of the BC community agree it's not worth having it professionally repaired.
  15. Yes, the Blackline is made in Indonesia to reduce the cost.
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