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  1. My 90s mex tele has quite a thin neck profile (ie front of fingerboard to back of neck). It's comfortable but is a longer scale than my Epiphone Es339. That has a slightly chunkier neck but it's more comfortable to play in the lower fret area. My best of both worlds is a Patrick Eggle NY which has a similar neck profile to the telecaster but with a Gibsonesque scale length. Obviously this is no longer available but I you may find a PRS trype guitar with similar dimensions. I don't find nut width makes a huge difference to the comfort, but it does to the ability to get clean notes from every string which as a beginner is a bonus. Might be worth a special trip to try some neck profiles - something like a Fender Duosonic (short scale narrow nut modern C neck) vs an Epiphone SG (medium scale medium nut width, flat, and a bit chunky)vs a Jackson DKNY (longer scale, very flat fretboard, quite thin profile) would tell you what profile and scale length suits.
  2. I don't deserve any thanks yet. I'm really sorry for the delay in getting the bits I promised to you. I've been a bit tied up with a house purchase and have yet to pack them up but they will get to you eventually. I tried boxing them last week and the box I had was too small.
  3. Congratulations @Doctor J
  4. Pre covid London outskirts, £250 to £300 for a pub gig, £400 for a specialist music venue. We did a couple of private functions for not much more but agreed that the set would be similar to a pub i.e. 2 x 45 mins. NYE was whatever you could agree.
  5. Blood, Sugar, Sex, Magik would have been better if they'd included Soul to Squeeze on it as originally planned.
  6. The exception that proves the rule. I also have a guitard friend who I would trust to do this, given that he builds his own guitars as a hobby.
  7. No one seems to have mentioned the nut. If the slots in the nut are too shallow your tuning will be off when fretting on the lower frets, even though you might have the intonation spot on.
  8. Funnily enough the Aria copy in your link is a bolt on, whereas this is a set neck job. If it had been bolt on I'd have sent the whole bass to Jon for him to work on as I could have shipped it much easier.
  9. That's interesting as I was actually looking for an old Avon/Rose Morris SG Bass copy in the loft when I decided to make some use of the Ripper copy.
  10. As I said, not strung through body. The strap button is in the wrong place (at the neck joint not on the upper horn) and I'm not sure if the tort pickguard is right. The jack socket is a fender strat type arrangement rather than the tele type on the ripper but it's possible my brother modified that because he was a leftie. Other than that it looks a pretty close copy from what I can see on the net.
  11. I have managed to get the neck off the Tanglewood, No sign of the SG Bass but I also stripped some parts off an old Gibson Ripper copy. If you PM me your address I'll get them packed up and shipped.
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