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  1. Unfortunately I'm NW London, otherwise you could come and try it (when Boris lets us of course).
  2. Yes, wider than a Jazz but not bulky. No longer made though so if you're looking for one it'll have to be 2nd hand and they weren't that common.
  3. I have an American Special Precision which has a sort of "halfway between jazz and precision neck" as standard. It does indeed sound different from my Squier 70s CV, The American has a slim C neck with a 41,3 nut width as opposed to the CV standard C with 42.8mm. They do sound different, but I suspect it's more to do with the pickups, and the bridge on the CV. Funnily enough the nut width is the same as a current US Performer, but I think it was considerably narrower than most Precisions I tried before I bought it - or maybe it was the slim profile making it feel narrower?
  4. My spare amp was the PA. No need to carry much extra at all.
  5. I always used to take two and never needed the backup. We did a charity gig at a school, set up the night before and sounchecked and I didn't bother with a spare. Sods law when I tried to plug in when we got on stage the jack socket disappeared into the cavity behind the scratchplate. I ended up playing the gig on a no name bass from the school's music department. I never went to another gig without a spare.
  6. Tony James with one of his more interesting cuts
  7. I have to say I got the Fender collection last month at that price and it includes a fair bit more gear than the Fender 2 collection available now. I'm very impressed with both the guitar and bass amps included and even with the reduced kit it still looks a bargain.
  8. It has been a very difficult choice this month - many entries are outside my normal listening sphere and too close to call. I have voted for my favourite and everyone else gets a verbal commendation!
  9. A somewhat controversial choice for great rhythm guitarists is Kelly Jones of the Stereophonics. The first couple of albums were just brilliant examples of rhythm guitar.
  10. I stole my Dads copy of Concierto D'Aranjuez and it may be the reason I play guitar - I'm not sure whether this theft was before or after I stole my bothers copy of Wish You Were Here (by which time my brother was in his punk phase). The Rodrigo was Julian Bream playing but I always associate classical with Segovia.
  11. I was referring to the clip in general. The phrase you mentioned wasn't that mind blowing IMHO - it;s stuff other guitarists were doing in the 80s.
  12. Angus always claimed that Malcom was the better guitarist.
  13. Left hand hammer ons, controlled feedback a bit of whammy bar, judicious use of an octave pedal and follow up with a sweep picked arpeggio? He should have put some right hand tapping and pinch harmonics to complete the full house. There's elements of EVH, Yngwie Malmsteen and Joe Satriani IMO. It's the kind of guitar widdle that is more about the artist showing what he can do than creating something most people want to listen to. YMMV of course.
  14. Technical ability is a funny thing. There are few guitarists who have written anything that a thousand MIT type student guitarists cannot play note for note. Those guitarists may be considered technically as good as the artist that played the original because they possess the relevant technique to replicate it Whether many of them can come up with something groundbreaking of their own is a completely different issue.
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