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  1. And we have a winner for word of the day too.
  2. Not offensive, but the innuendo in Pull Up To The Bumper by Grace Jones is pretty thinly disguised.
  3. Does the fretboard material affect tone? I can't see how it would as the vibrating part of the string is between either the nut nd bridge or the fretwire and bridge. I can't help with sounding like the Clash, but for curttng through it's +1 for backing off the low end and boosting the mids - my 5 band graphic is set as a sad face and it really makes a big difference in my band's mix.
  4. You Outta Know by Alanis Morrisette also contains some explicit lyrics which are also faded out for radio, but the context if the song isn't really that risque. Catfish and the Bottlemen's album "the Balcony" is also edited widely for radio play but I'm not sure the content is likely to be offensive. IIRC theres a song on Run DMC's King of Rock called It's Not Funny, to which the reposte at the end is "Motherf***er", again the sentiment of the song isn't offensive.
  5. ....Brown Sugar. Talking to out vocalist the other day, she said she woud never sing it because the lyrics were offensive (not that it would ever get on the setlist anyway) I'd never really listened to the lyrics but they are a bit, erm non PC. Any others?
  6. The Arctic Monkeys come up with some good stuff And I've seen him with girls of the night He told Roxanne to put on her red light (When the sun goes down) Likes her gentlemen not to be gentle Was it a Mecca dauber or a betting pencil? (Forescent Adolescent) But Billy Bragg is the master In the end it took me a dictionary To find out the meaning of unrequited While she was giving herself for free At a party to which I was never invited (Saturday Boy)
  7. Walking through a shopping centre in Doha I was approached by a couple of guys who wanted to tell me how much they'd enjoyed the gig the night before - about 50 miles away from Doha - mind you there wasn't much inbetween apart from some dust and a few camels.
  8. They don't play the same song twice during the 9 to 5 period - they often play songs before 9am, then during the day and sometimes in the evening too. For some reason they seem to play the same stuff day in day out as well. Mrs Nicko quite often remarks that they're playing the bands's playlist - and its only 25 songs long.
  9. Normally I'd expect anything from a small volume manufacturer to be seen as a potential future classic, but to be honest I have an old Patrick Eggle 6 string guitar - one of the shorter production run ranges in an unusual configuration which is a great player and its worth approximately nowt. I suspect a good big name brand limited production example using materials which are becoming scarce/controlled (ie a mahogany body and rosewood board rather than ash and maple) might outperform a small bespoke manufacturer product.
  10. I think the questions here are: 1) Whether the so called experts on Flog It should have valued an item they clearly know nothing about. Not everyone can be expected to know how much a certain object is worth, and vintage guitars should and normally do go to specialist auctions so the auctioneers they use as experts on Flog It probably had no idea what they're looking at. 2) Why anyone would take anything of potential value to Flog It in the first place. Most auction houses have free valuation days - thats how they get their stock in the first place. The service is paid fro by the commissions on the sale. Anyone who has the misfortune of catching the end of Flog it will often see the estimate is rarely correct. I'm actualy a fan of Bargain Hunt - the auctioneers there seem to have a much better handle on valuations than the experts - the fact that its buying at retail and selling at wholesale as someone pointed out earlier is the whole point.
  11. Fender Made in Mexico Deluxe Active Jazz bass, sunburst, synthetic tortoiseshell pick guard. CITES 3040 compliant resin construction and graphite neck. Hardly used as I prefer precisions. In full working condition, except requires obsolete 2 x 9V batteries. Could convert to solar power for daytime use only.
  12. Should be a standard "kettle" lead - normally its just a fused plug with a three pin socket at the other end - they're not specific to amps and you'll probably have something suitable in the house (lead from an old PC or monitor?) - if not your local hardware shop should be able to supply one.
  13. Paul Martin is one of those people tht you watch on TV and wonder how he ever got a job presenting. I hope he's more talented as a musician than he is as a personality.
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