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    I played guitar for years (not very well). I was working abroad, living in a portacabin on a construction camp in the middle of a desert and there wsn't much to do other than go to the bar. I was having a smoke with one of the big wigs and he mentioned his band was looking for a bass player. I said I could probably fill in for a while as they had a bass and an amp and I had loads of time on my hands. I played a 2 hour gig two weeks later. It turns out I'm actally quite good at playing bass. Five bands later I'm still doing it. My guitar playing has improved too.
  2. Depends on the guitar player. I took guitar lessons with the RGT some years back, and their grading system was endorsed by LCM, regulated by Ofqual etc. I studied their rock guitar course and it did not require any reading of sheet music, but but did require reading of tab. It was a long time ago so don't know if this is still the case. Its therefore quite possible to be a competent player with good theory knowledge and not read music. After all, most guitarists are not ever required to read dots. FWIW I only went as far as grade 5 so I dont necessarily consider myself competetnt.
  3. In that case you might think its a D7 but it's only a D7 when the rest of the band are playing surely?
  4. Over the years I've found myself playing more and more with fingers and using a pick for specific songs . I play covers nd quite a lot of the songs are originlly played with a pick. At rehearsal last night I mistakenly picked up my, erm, pick and played a song that I've always played with fingers. This is despite having trouble in parts of the song which are quite fast and at the limit of my finger technique, but I'd always though most of the song was easier and would sound better with fingers. The pick was a revelation. The song sounded great (we happened to be videoing that particular song). That is all. Scoff if you like.
  5. I started playing guitar many years ago and converted to bass around 12 years ago. I still play 6 string for pleasure. I can't sight read for either. I would support the above that its more difficut to read a cluster of dots than a typical one dot after the other sequence that bass would play. I would flip this round and ask why you don't annotate the score with the chord name, or why you feel the need to produce score for a song thats well known. There doesn't appear to be a 5th in the chord if I read the dots correctly btw.
  6. Can't comment on the GSR200 or Affinity series directly, but cost isn't the issue in whether you like a bass or not. I had a Peavey Cirrus active which IMO was far superior in terms of build quality and electronics to the Squier CV Precision* play now, but I ended up hating the sound of the (active) pickus and as my technique improved I found the neck was too narrow and the fretboard radius was too small. If you don't like the sound and the feel I wouldn't personally waste money having a pro set up. If its just the fret buzz then the set up would be worth a try. * I never really wanted a P Bass, but borrowed one once and it just worked for me. That said I tried pretty much every one in the shop in my price range to find "the" one. I also have a US made Fender Precision which doesn't sound as good as my Chinese made Squier, so I play the Squier.
  7. Outer London is £250 to £350 for standard pub gigs. Theres some specialist music pub venues that pay £400 but difficult to get in without a free try out and they really want tributes or themed bands rather than mixed covers.
  8. Yep, the message has come through loud and clear from the responses.
  9. Shown as no longer availabe 😞but I suspect outside our budget anyway.
  10. Well, we did know that when we took her on (I voiced my concern at the time). To be fair she lives on a boat and theres no parking anywhere near the boat. I don't feel I have much choice on the transport front. I think it would be possibe for the others to cope with a mixer and the stands. The guitarist has offered to store but that would mean a 20 mile round trip to collect the speakers.
  11. Buying a complete system is sightly cheaper and his looks like its designed for easy storage as the mixer stores in the speaker cab. As a newbie to PAs I dont have to worry about compatability of components, but I'm open to suggestions on benefits of powered mixers vs powered speakers. We are looking at pub gigs. I've gigged the same circuit with a 250 watt bass amp and a 2 x 10 and have never struggled for volume. Mostly levels are set by the volume of the drummer, and IME most venues these days have noise meters and we strugge to keep inside the limit. We definitey need 2 vox, and poss the bass drum but thats all unless we want to monitor other instruments though this - and as I say this doesn't look like it can monitor instruments unless they are going through he speakers. Due to the space and transport problems I'm expecting whoever wants mnitoring to sort out some IEM.
  12. 90s/00s rock covers. That was my worry
  13. Its about time we looked at getting our own PA for gigging. It looks like muggins will end up transporting it as the drummers car is full of drums, the guitarist has a huge cabinet and a small car and the vocalist has no transport. I've got a fairly large car, but limited space in the house for storage and a limited budget so looking for compact solutions and I've seen this Stagepass 400BT Is 400W enough? Pub gigs. Is an 8" speaker big enough (I don't DI, the drummer might want to mic the bass drum)? Doesn't look like theres any way to use this for instrument monitoring without sending the instrument to the speakers (no aux send control) One of the competitors offers a "700 watt" system in similar design, but the max SPL is quoted as 114dBA, compared to this 400 Watt system at 125 dBA. Surley the 400 watts is louder then? Should I simply be looking for the dBA ratings? ABS speaker cabinets - good or bad?
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