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  1. I honestly don't think that even if I had tens of millions I'd go out and spend a few thousand on a bass, I wouldn't go out and spend £1500 on a pair of jeans and I couldn't see myself drinking £500 bottles of wine*. * maybe one - as I have one that was a gift.
  2. You overestimate the size of the portions. I always decline the waffer theeen mint.
  3. I'm glad you got what you wanted. As I posted earlier, I have an issue with paying more for something that doesn't offer me more. Others will see value where I don't - not a criticism just an observation. I'm sure people would balk at what I spend on fine dining once in a while when I could go to a local bistro and fill my belly. Ultimately I end up with nothing but a memory from that experience.
  4. Possibly. If the Fodera is the only instrument that makes you feel that way when you play it, or makes the sounds you want. I'm firmly of the opinion that sometimes you pick up an instrument and it feels and sounds right so you buy it. I'm not quite sure how I'd fall in love with an instrument before it's built for me.
  5. Well, I confess I've never driven either a BMW or a Laguna, but all of the Renaults I have driven have been vastly different driving experiences from the Mercedes cars I've driven. A friend of mine once remarked as we drove out of Paris in a Renault that the most frustrating job in the world must be a designer for Renault. You spend your life coming up with ideas for fabulous cars and then the company makes something completely different. The Laguna does the same job of converting fuel into forward motion and transporting you in a box on wheels from one place to another. The way it does it makes you feel vastly different from the way some other cars do the same job. It will suit some and not others. I don't drive a top spec BMW or Merc. btw. When I bought my last car I walked into the dealership with a list of things I wanted some of which were a little niche. They sold me a Golf Estate.
  6. I agree. The question of budget is an interesting one. Whilst I could go out and spend £3000 on a bass without making too many sacrifices elsewhere something in my psyche tells me "this does everything you need it to do" and I just can't see the point in paying more. If it makes me feel more special picking it up, or is more comfortable, or sounds better I might pay a bit more but not because it has a "MIA" sticker on it.
  7. I think you'll find they were called the Fab Four because there were four of them.😀
  8. Judging by the fact that it's only a 1 year course I take it they weren't that influential? In ll honestly I'd have thought if you want to be that focused you'd do it as a pHD.
  9. It seems to me that musical instruments are one of the few items where we judge quality and relative price on the country of manufacture. Do we necessarily think and Audi TT should be cheap relative to a VW Golf because one is built in Hungary and one is built in Germany, or that vodka made in the UK should be more expensive than vodka made in Poland?
  10. Well, you can get a Spector Coda series PB style bass with a bolt on neck for less than a Fender Custom Shop Pino signature. In fact you could add an optional burl cap and ebony fingerboard and still be less than the Pino.
  11. I'm astounded that Fender are able to charge the money they charge for their standard MIA kit. It's production line and scale production which should make it cheap. The whole concept developed by Fender was to make instruments from easily manufactured parts put together in the simplest way possible. Comparing standard American Pro Precision at £1700 to a Spector Euro 5er out of the Czech republic at £1800 for example: Fender body is alder, Spector is maple with a maple cap. Fender neck is maple with reinforcement and a RW or maple FB. The Spector is a laminated 3 piece maple through neck with RW. Fender has a single passive P/U mounted on the scratchplate, Spector has P/J config active body mounted. Oh, and you get gold plated hardware on the Spector - personally that would put me off. The Spector is clearly more complex to make, and it's not like it's being made in a sweatshop.
  12. Two points here: Firstly if you want to minimise the noise transfer you need to plan the room properly. Although drapes would be good, 3" of rockwool set behind a hardboard facing would be better, but its not easy to do and makes the room smaller. What you need is something that absorbs the soundwaves on the party wall - a bookcase full of books would be a good. Don't forget about the ceiling either if its an upstairs room sound will transmit through the loft space. Bare floorboards are a complete no no. Unfortunately the things you should do to minimise the impact on your neighbour are exactly the things you don't want to do for it to sound good. Secondly, I had noise issues with a neighbour previously. I knew he was a professional musician, and we'd played together a few times but his idea of socially acceptable times and mine were vastly different, and when we did have an issue with the volume it was so loud in his house he couldn't hear the front door/phone. Given that he was mostly playing an electronic keyboard there actually wasn't any need for that volume in the first place. If you come from the school of thought that your bass is only loud enough if you can feel the vibration through your feet maybe a semi isn't the right choice.
  13. Does Dire Straits count - it's just a description of their music rather than a genre?
  14. The Bluetones De La Soul The Psychedelic Furs Soundgarden Radiohead Collective Soul
  15. Keane at the O2 Brixton. Although I quite like some of their songs I hadn't realised just how dull a band they were when you try to listen to them for more than 5 minutes. Pigbag at the Jazz Cafe. Went with a mate who know one of the band. The fact it was at the Jazz Cafe should have indicated to me that it was likely to be jazz, but it was just freeform jazz by which I mean everyone playing different stuff at the same time. I sat in the bar and waited for my lift home. The BBC Radio 6 prom at the Albert Hall. We got tickets in the private box from the company Mrs Nicko was working for, and took some friends. It was supposed to be a classical/rock crossover to get people who listen to rock to be more interested in classical. An epic fail if ever I saw one. They stayed but I couldn't stand it and waited outside. Joan Jett's set supporting Green Day at Wembley on the 21st Century Breakdown tour was terrible and I only lasted 5 minutes, but had to hang around to see the main event obviously. Didn't learn my lesson either and had to endure the Kaiser Chiefs when I saw GD at the Emirates. I very nearly left RHCPs at the 02 Arena. I was one row from the back at the furthest part of the seating. The band wasn't bad, but I could hardly see them and it was so quiet all I could hear was other people shouting the words. I refuse to go there to see anyone now.
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