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  1. I use an MP3 player plugged into the aux socket. However, if I don't have the track I'm learning youtube on the PC while paying through the amp is my preferred alternative. Of course there are also some songs with bass covers and tab which you might find useful.
  2. The Arctic Monkeys. Took me a while to get them, but now I think they are one of the best bands of their era.
  3. We have a google sheet which we can all add suggestions for songs and the plan is that we look at that and agree what the next couple of songs to add should be. We all have a veto of we really hate something. However, what actually happens is that the singer will whatsapp a couple of comletely inappropriate songs As a singer she fails to understand that the instrumentation on some tracks just isn't possible with one guitar and one bass but that doesn't stop her. She will also suggest songs which are completely irrelevant to our band (we are an indie 90s/00s band and she'll suggest things like Tom Petty or Crowded House). And then she will message a choice of several equally crap suggestions and expect me to avoid hurting her feelings by telling her that I'm not playing any of them. It hasn't worked so far.
  4. Always adapt to the band's style, but that often means dumbing down really complicated stuff (because the band doesn't do "fiddly") and sometimes embelishing simple lines as we're a one guitar band and sometimes need to fill it out a bit. There really is no point in playing covers so that they're identical to the original because we're not a tribute band.
  5. Yes - entirely my fault as the nut has come loose several times before.
  6. We played a short gig at a school for charity. We were luck enough to be able to set up in the hall on on Thursday, set levels and and simply turn up to play on Friday. It wasn't a particularly big space but I'd decided to go with a backline as well as DI and used my old Ashdown Mi10 rather than my Markbass 102. It sounded great from where I was standing at least. As everything was working fine on Thursday I didn't bother taking my spare bass. Whoops. As I plugged in five minutes before we were due to start the jack socket disappeared into the hole and I was left bassless. While I frantically tried to remove the pickguard to fix it the drummer turned up with a borrowed bass from the school's music department. An Encore PB copy. Currently availabe new for about £100. The fingerboard was a bit narrow but it sounded OK and the levels weren't massively different from my own Squier CV Precision (available new at around £340) which I use in preference to my American Special PB (no longer available new but around £900 new). The Mi10 was around £200 while the Markbass is about double that. So the important lessons are 1.take a spare bass 2. Inext time you buy something start with trying the cheap stuff.
  7. Haing gone though this experience recently we ended up with a Behringer X12 (very much against the advice of the BC collective which said a XR116 was the way to go*) and some 12" Mackie thumps. There is little cost difference between passive and active speakers and the cost and portability issues with a powered mixer with a decent number of channels sealed the deal. The XR 16 offers additional choices for monitoring which our band didn't feel were needed. In retrospect there are other features which are absent from the XR12 which would be very handy such as graphic eq level monitor (theres an eq function but its not possible to see what frequencies are feeding back).
  8. I play a precision with a 250 blackline. I get good feedback from the audience on the sound but it doesn't sound great on the stage.
  9. Theres numerous threads here about whether 15" is better than 4 x 10" or 2 x 12" but does it really matter? Is an Ashdown cab going to sound different from a Markbass one? If so what am I losing if I go DI via my amp through the FOH 12" PA speakers instead of my Markbass 102P?
  10. Does this mean I can sue the big F for illegally forcing me to pay an artificially high price for the last guitar I bought? No, thought not.
  11. Teamup for calendar and whatsapp works for us. We have not used the reminder facility but there is one there. You can lead a horse to water etc etc.
  12. My memory for songs is the same as my normal memory. I retain what I need and discard what I don't need. So the current set list is OK, last years is gone. When I was at work I could quote specification numbers and paragraphs for each proect I worked on and was pretty much the go to guy if someone wanted to know what was written and where it was written, but when I moved to the next project I'd be hard pressed to remember who I used to sit next to.
  13. I'm currently working on Just A Girl by No Doubt which is a really nice song to learn, but the tabs available online aren't great. I'm aslo polishing Ignorance by Paramore which is a great song but not much of a challenge and She's Electric by Oasis (no comment!)
  14. "Classic rock" doesn't really exist as a genre because its just old rock, but if someone says classic rock I assume they are talking about the kimd of music that predominated rock before punk. More accurate would be 60s and 70s rock with too much focus on guitar widdling (ie The Beatles don't really count as they are a pop band) I would have no problem putting a set together withh that kind of music and including Van Halen, Whitesnake, NWOBHM bands, and the likes of Guns and Roses whe were pretty much continuing the same kind of stuff, albeit doing so clad in spandex. Its quite possible to put stuff by the Jam, the Police and Green Day in a classic rock set but IMO those bands are forging a slightly different path which actually, for me. sit more comfortably in an alternative/indie rock set. My own band play mpstly 90s and 00s rock, but include a cover of Kids in America, some Billy Idol and Roxanne by the Police because we think those songs fit with the other stuff we're playing, We also do songs which IMO don't fit at all, but as someone said above you have to pay what the punters expect to hear,
  15. My previous band became reincarnated and continued gigging the few venues we had played, but is now gigging maybe 5 or 6 times a month which is more than I would have wanted to do. My current band plays tthe same circuit but as relative newcomers we find it very difficult to get into the same venues playing a similar range of songs and using the same booking agent. We have a total of two gigs booked next year - it's actually looking like I might play more dep gogs with my previous band than with my regular band. All the gigs we played last year were last minute replacement. We probably turned down more than we played because we weren't available at short notice. Although there are fewer venues doing the traditional pub band, I think what I'm trying to say is that theres plenty of gigs available, but landlords seem to book the same old bands over and over again.
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