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  1. I have to point out that finding a loophole in the rules to do something you enjoy may be possible, but it isn't really what you should be doing. If everyone takes as much effort find ways around the rules as some people on this thread are suggesting the tier system is pointless and we'll go back to another lockdown very soon. I'm personally not a fan of the rules and think a lot of them are nonsense, but if we all break the spirit of the ones we think are stupid then we know what will happen.
  2. As someone who really doesn't like the schmultz of country music, or country rock I think everything on the "Love Their Country" album by Me First and the Gimme Gimmes is superior to the originals once it received the punk treatment. In complete contrast I Second That Emotion by Japan is IMHO better than the original.
  3. Yes. Although I have some sympathy if he puts this much effort into a whinge I'm not sure what his problem with more admin would be.
  4. If they offer an another combo I'm not sure where you can refuse to accept it as a replacement, providing it matches the original details of the item you bought. If the original was faulty and they offered a replacement it would have been an acceptable solution - the court will take a dim view of you refusing the replacement because you no longer wish to deal with this vendor simply because, in legal terms, you have been f*cked around.
  5. If you don't get any joy from the company I'd suggest you send a letter demanding a refund on the basis that the goods you bought were faulty, and in attempting the repair and return shipment the seller has rendered the goods unsaleable. I'm assuming that since as picked up the amp the second time after you complained about the damage they have already accepted that the damage was incurred during the shipment from them to you. If you have an email indicating this it's gold dust! If they fail to pay you could file a claim though the small claims court. You can do this online and it doesn't cost much. I did it a few years ago to when a computer I'd bought from Tiny (remember them?) was faulty and they a) charged me to contact tech services several times to seek "expert assistance" before they would get me a return authorisation, and b) failed to fix the problem. They didn't put up a defence and judgement was made in my favour, but they failed to pay and the court sent the bailiffs to recover the debt (which was a small extra charge).
  6. Is it really though? Seems like a very long list of stuff that you hardly ever use. PA and mixing desks I understand, but the number of amps, cabs, guitars and basses is an indulgence that you seem to lack facility to keep. If these items were that important you's have them at home.
  7. I used to have my MP3 player on random most of the time when I was working, but if I was about to go to a meeting I knew was going to be a bit confrontational I would choose music to set my mood. Sometimes Metallica if I fancied a fight.
  8. You can get a 3 month free trial of Fender play. Might be worth a try and I'd have thought 3 months would be more than enough to play a few Oasis tracks.
  9. I try to learn the bassline as it was originally played, but: a) what I hear isn't necessarily what the original line plays b) sometimes I am not technically competent enough to play the original version, and I might need to simplify it. c) sometimes I get bored and put some extra in d) there's no point in a covers band trying to recreate the original recording, The singer will likely sound different the guitarist will have different kit, and tbh the original artist won't play the same version when they do it live anyway. I don't always use a pick, but whether I choose to use one is largely dependant on whether I find it easier to use one, not whether the original artist used one. e) Punters will rarely notice if the bass isn't 100% right. Most would only notice if the bass player was out of time/tune unless it's an iconic line, some would barely notice if I didn't turn up at all. f) notwithstanding 4) above if anyone tells me that's not how it goes they get "it's how it goes when I play it" g) some basslines are instantly recognisable, but subtly change in each verse. Sometimes I just play one variation because I'm lazy or get lost (anything by Duff McKagen or Flea often falls into this category).
  10. During the first lockdown online music stores were having record sales. Music stores may, sadly, go the way of most traditional retail. If they don't have an online presence they won't survive. See.......
  11. I have given up on Fleabay after my last experience. I listed some antiques from my late MIL's house. All with detailed descriptions and loads of photos. Only one item was sold - a Royal Worcester plate for £10 - it was probably worth about £20. Unfortunately I'd forgotten to add the cost of packing it and posting it which cost me around £5. The seller got it and complained about the condition (which was clearly stated in the text and shown in the photos) and claimed it was a second (because she didn't understand the marks on the back of the plate - which were also shown in the pics). It wasn't a second, but she gave me a bad feedback score anyway. So she got a proper antique for a tenner, I got a fiver and a bad seller mark. Next time I'll just take it to a charity shop.
  12. TBH if a bloke turned up at the pub and started singing I would do Anything for Love, I suspect the punters would have suggested that they didn't come back. In answer to the OP I'm also amazed that the agent has suggested this. I've been to loads of functions where the band is mixed - it depends what your set list is surely? My last band (admittedly pub covers) was two guys and two girls and the set list was selected to suit the singers voice. That made us different from the other bands on the circuit and I don't think we lost out because of it.
  13. I don't know - it came as part of the Focusrite pack a few years back so it has Focusrite branding but presumably they just buy it in and rebrand it.
  14. That's very kind.
  15. Here's my entry to this months challenge. It's a little hastily composed so a bit rough around the edges. Recorded in Cubase LE. The keys are mainly Xpand 2, with some Bassstation as well. Drums are MT Powerdrums. Vocals are me, through a guitar pedal board created in Amplitude (Digital Delay, Chorus, Envelope Filter and Distortion pedal). Enjoy.
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