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  1. ?????? Did you not realise this is a 2019 song sung in Olde English with a few words changed? ??????
  2. Did you check out the video of her singing live in a bar? Can't see how you could do that with auto(de)tune.
  3. Doesn't work for my BC composition entries 😃
  4. Too late, not only have you watched it you've also commented here on it. As an experiment it's clearly working - 400k hits on youtube but more importantly mentioned in one thread and the actual factual topic in another thread right here on BC. Surely BC is not unique in how this has invaded our forum. Should the mods block the thread to prevent the experiment continuing?
  5. I write a few songs and I'm fairly sure the gig public don't want to hear them.
  6. I couldn't read the whole article as I don't subscribe but would be interested to know what format the recordings will be and what makes people think that the tech to play it will still be available in the future. It's conceivable that we consider high res now will be superseded by some other tech and the current formats will disappear over time in the same way that its difficult to find something to play a phonograph cylinder these days and that tech is only 100 odd years out of date. While there are a couple of pre historic compositions (Hurrian Hymn no 6" and "Seikilos Epitaph" no one really knows how to read the notation to reproduce them properly. Other long standing music is either passed down by performance through generations, or more recently through standard notation. Only if musicians continue to use standard notation will most music be understood, unless we have to endure wedding bands playing Hey Jude for the next 1000 years.
  7. The lizards will be in charge. Do they eat beetles?
  8. Thankfully I'll be long gone and won't have to listen to it.
  9. I'd also have to upgrade my PC to get a Cubase upgrade. To be honest when I do that I'm likely to give Reaper a try. As for the comping function - I normally record it on a loop and keep the best bits of each take so its no major hastle at the mo.
  10. I think the answer depends on what the covers band is playing to begin with and what the originals are. If you are playing the standard 80s/90s rock covers as all the other bands and you stick in a funky original then probably not, but if you've chosen to put in lesser known album tracks by well known artists and the originals are the same genre then why not. Probably safer is to do an original cover - taking a well known song and changing genre. I always fancied doing "I kissed a girl" as a heavy rock number, but couldn't get some of the band to agree.
  11. Thanks. I use Cubase but the cheap versions didn't come with VariAudio. I might have a look at some free ones and see if polishing the turd is actually worth spending money on before looking at Wavestune.
  12. I also spend a lot of time doing retakes of my vocals - not that you'd notice - and many of my verses are a take for each line or phrase. I know it's a confidence/practice thing because sometimes I get something spot on, only to stumble over the lyrics or something. At one point I considered joining a local rock choir to boost my confidence and literally "find my voice". I went along to one session which was OK but when I saw the list of songs I decided that I just couldn't do it -too much mid 80s soft rock and worship stuff for me but I;m still convinced thats the kinda thing I need - as well as maybe a bit of help from an the vst.
  13. He's Eminems stalker, if I understood the song correctly.
  14. I honestly thought the end of that story was going to be that you ran over the wretched beast as you left the stables.
  15. I had noticed that vocals have been distinctly lacking from your entries 😀 The modus operandi appears to be to put on a silly voice when attempting to sing outside ones comfort zone - I was wondering if autotune would provide a bit more confidence. edit: I lack confidence even though when singing in the correct range I can hold a tune. Mrs Nicko was, for example, completely unaware that I was singing lead vox in the chorus of Dakota when she came to a gig.
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