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  1. I hadn't realised just how loud traditional instruments are. I've never walked out of an opera (and yes - I go quite often) thinking "wow, that was loud" Makes last night's drummer seem tame
  2. As opposed to putting each member of the brass secion in an isolation booth?
  3. Action will play a huge part in your perception of tension because a low action will require less pressure exerted to properly fret the string. When you fret a string you are effectively making it longer than its resting position, so the lower the action the less you need to stretch it, and by Hooke's law force required to stretch is proportional to the extension required.
  4. Personally I use an old Line 6 15 watter like this GAK. Discontinued but I've seen them on ebay for £10 or 20. Its not fantsastic sound quality but for practice who cares. Headphone socket has never been used on mine, but I suspect it wont be speaker emulated. I don't bother much with the modelling functions but there are a number of tonal options available if you really want to sound like something in particular.
  5. Erm " All the right notes, but not necessarily in the right order"😊
  6. If you have an old octave pedal knocking about these usually have an FX out and a dry out so you could set the FX to zero and get a split signal, normally they allow a dry/FX vol control out to so you can play with the balance too.
  7. Oops just realised this shoudl be in the general board.
  8. I've just been brushing up on Dani California which is a great song to play, but Flea seems to play a different variation on a theme almost every bar. None of these are too difficult in themselves, but to get every single one correct and in the right place seems to be a huge amount of work, when in reality very few of the punters will notice if I just play a variations selected at random from the huge number that Flea provides. I've had a look at the band playing this song live and Flea seems to improvise anyway. Thoughts?
  9. How You Remind Me by Nikelback and Rocks by Primal Scream are so dull my mind used to wander and I'd completely lose my place. Almost anything by Biffy Clyro sounds easy - mostly root notes but theres always tricky timing. Times Like These by the Foos, again tricky timimg in an otherwise easy song.
  10. I only ever audition with an agreed set of songs, but research the band if possible to have a few more in my pocket so that if they want to hear more they can. Aside from that I bring great timing which makes up for my lack of flashy technique. That, coupled with my magnetic personality of course.
  11. I will whisper this - Cant Get You Out of My Head by Kylie made an appearance on the setlist and actually wasn't the most cheesy song we did - that honour goes to Bubbly by Colbie Collait
  12. Yes it would, it looks quite similar to the first set I ever played as a bass player just over 10 years ago to on a construction camp including a bunch of redneck oil workers. It was unpaid as it goes, but free booze. I enjoyed about half the setlist but the band was the only think that kept me sane living in the middle of a desert, working 60 hour weeks for 8 weeks at a time for 18 months. BTW I dont necessarily want to get paid for doing covers - I do it because I like it.
  13. OMFG, look for a short rope and a long drop
  14. Thats a bit harsh, I'm actualy doing it as a favour to them as its a couple of guys from previous band. I did - as a joke - tell them I wanted double to play Are you Gonna Go My Way but as I said in the OP its the fact they kinda clash with the rest of the set.
  15. I have no proble with the song - it just seem out of place if theres no hard rock theme going on
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