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  1. I applied for a job with the Government a few years ago when I was in my late 40s. The job was verifying COMAH (Control of Major Accident Hazards) registered sites were complying with the requirements of their license. I've been involved in Oil, Gas, Petrochemicals and Pharmaceuticals since leaving school and visited my first major faciity at the age of 16. I'm a Chartered Engineer with over 30 years experience in this field. I thought I could make a contribution to society by doing this and I'd become disillusioned with the working methods of my clients anyway, The job was advertised with a salary about 60% of my last salaried position - although I'd been working on a self employed basis at more than double the salary for a few years. It took over 2 hours to do the online application. Within minutes of submission I got a rejection stating that I had insufficient experience. I did check that they'd read my application and CV and apparently they had. I got the distinct impression they had already selected an in house candidate and were advertising the role because they were obliged to. If they'd said I had insufficient experience of something in particular, or an element of the job that I'd misunderstood I'd have just accepted it, but the stated reason was so clearly incorrect I was gobsmacked. Their loss.
  2. Habe just gone through this and ended up with a Behringer XR12 with Mackie Thump 12s for FOH. The Thump 12s are not overly heavy, and the mixer is ridiculously portable. We run 3 x vox, acoustic guitar, and bass throuh the PA. Guitarist hasn't decided which way to jump yet, but we set a channel in the mxer that goes to monitoring only. Collective wisdom here says I should have got the XR18 because it has loads more monitoring options (ie more aux outs), but it depends how many different mixs you want on the floor monitors. I have to say the functionality of the XR12 is incredible considering the price.
  3. If that were me I'd think I'd died and gone to hell, not just grown up 😊
  4. To be fair the OP says he thinks they are ready, but some of the band do not. FWIW I'm in a band for the social element, and wouldn't really mind if we didn't gig that often but I think that I'm in a minority and as the rest of the band want to gig I will do it because its a necessary part of being in my current band. However, a few minutes social in a 3 hour session is enough, chat afterwards or meet up in the pub. BTW our usual rehearsal room costs me around £10 plus a gallon of petrol. Three hours in my local would be considerably more and by the end of 3 hours I'd be talking utter crap.
  5. I don't get the "They're crowd pleasers so they stay in the set" thing. Find some other songs that would be equally popular and swap them in and out.
  6. In response to the OP sounds like the band is looking for reasons to rehearse rather than gig. We try to get together once a week, but with busy lives it seems to be once a fortnight for 3 hours. Having said that we are a covers band and have 35 or so songs. Recent sessions have all been polishing stuff that we're not happy with or learning new stuff. We have a gig coming up next week, and practice this week will be a full set run through - that will be the first time we've played some of the songs since our last gig. We agree what we're going to work on before the session, but often get sidetracked by our singer insisting on trying songs she really wants to do. I think i preferred it before Whatsapp messages started flying around such as: Singer 2 days before session "We should try XXXX" Me "We have four new songs on the go, don't really have time to learn it properly before next gig" Drummer "I agree. Four new songs is enough" Singer "But its really easy" Guitarist "Yeah, three chords" Singer "Even I can play it" Me "My parts not easy" Singer "Shall we try anyway" Me "F*ck off, or perhaps learn the bassline yourself". Bite lip. So last practice ended up with half an hour playing songs I haven't had time to learn properly.
  7. Well, the one thing you can guarantee is that any fine won't go to refund people who bought overpriced gear.
  8. My previous band used to use two lighting stands and a piece of 1.5" PVC pipe suspended between them, but it seemed a bit over engineered.
  9. As per the title, suggestions for how to get it up welcome. Guffaw, guffaw.
  10. Blacklight We set up for a photoshoot, and after the photographer went home my mobile captured this. Don't ask why the flashing lights were added.
  11. I play through an amp and cab, no DI to the PA. I generally back off the volume a touch when setting up, because I use a mix of fingers and pick so my volume isn't constant anyway. Some songs need more bass in the mix but I normally do this through an EQ pedal which boosts the mids and cuts through the mix slightly more.
  12. When we get the mixer the singer and guitarist are coming over for a trial set up, and I have convinced the guitarist to try my (rather lovely) low power guitar amp via the PA. My amp is only 18 watts but has power defeats set at 0, 1 and 5 to give the full nuts tone at low volume. I'm fairly sure it will be easy to convince her to go to the desk for monitoring even if she's not convinced on using it for FOH.
  13. We have a gig coming up in less than 4 weeks and currently have no PA. We need some time to figure out the mixer when we get it so now is the time to strike. We've relied on friends goodwill so far and used borrowed gear but I think we'd be taking the mick to go another few months before sorting ourselves out, and risking the possibility that we are gigging the same night as our mates and end up with no PA at all.
  14. I just want to clarify that your advice isn't falling on deaf ears, but as its a joint purchase and we're already over budget we will have to live with the restrictions - of which I hope we are all aware!
  15. I have explained the limitations to the band, they seem comfortable with it.
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