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  1. Ha ha, I can. You put a small wrap of copper tape around each string where it passed over the bridge and yes Paul, your old one. I changed the strings, played for 20 mins, and put the black Rotos back. Nothing to equal the sound of those. I'm still in love with it.
  2. Might be an idea to mention the scale length. I have a 5 string Pace. Love it.
  3. Azymuth, last night at Ronnie's. Bloody hell they can still do it. Apart from the usual couple of knob-heads that only go to impress their girlfriends but want to chat whilst the gig is on, it was fantastic.
  4. I had De Quervains tendosynovitus. Severe pain at the bass of the thumb when turning your wrist, gripping anything etc. Also had trigger thumb. Both hands. Actually only saw someone when it got to the point of not being able to play. I'd already had to do two gigs with my fretting hand over the top of the neck. That's weird. Anyway, saw a specialist and had two cortisone injections in the left bass of the thumb and told to rest it for two weeks. The right hand sorted itself due to not playing but the jabs really worked for my left hand. It's never come back but to be fair, I've not played much since moving back to the UK so it was definitely down to the huge number of gigs I was doing. Get proper medical advice asap, and it will get sorted. Good luck.
  5. I get it. I have fairly expensive 16" Zildjian K custom dark crash on the right. It just doesn't do what I want! Think I need a thin one but there's all this talk of "dry, dark, light" and other daft words that I don't understand in this context. I guess it'll mean going into a shop with a stick and hope that they've got a kick drum within reach.
  6. Now been relearning drums for about 10 weeks. Really enjoying it as I'm now confident about doing my pal's three gigs. Wouldn't surprise me if the basses ended up in the loft and I continued with drums. I think the physical side of it is doing me a lot of good. The down side is that I'm now buying new heads, another snare drum and now looking at changing a couple of cymbals. The instrument changes, but not the GAS.
  7. As above, Samson L612M powered stage monitor. 300w (250w + 50w tweeter) Sounds great, no damage apart from a few small scratches on the matt black metal top band probably due to an enthusiastic lead guitar solo requiring a foot up on something. This cost me over £250 when I originally bought it so £90 seems fair for a 300w powered monitor in nice condition. Obviously not postable as it's not the lightest thing in the world so collection from Swaffham or a meet up say within 15-20 miles of here is the plan. Ideally want a sale but could be up for trading depending on what you have and if I need or want one. A good quality thin crash cymbal would be nice.
  8. Popped down to Essex to buy a couple of monitors from Tom. Lovely guy, very easy to deal with. Made me very welcome. All in all, a very pleasant experience and a great deal. Got some seriously interesting gear too.
  9. A Sonor DP472 double pedal (400 series) in absolutely beautiful condition. Hardly used at all. This was £185 when bought new. I've used this probably about 20 times. Comes with the two (like new beaters) connecting bar, case and the two pedal units. This is in fabulous condition. Happy to post (guessing about £8 but will confirm if anyone is interested. Ideally looking for a straight sale however, might be up for a trade with a quality THIN crash cymbal (16"/17" etc) Only selling as I prefer my old single DW 5000 pedal. Doubles are not really for me. NOW £90.
  10. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  11. As title, a really nice condition JCM2000 DSL 50w all tube head. Made in England NOT far east (M prefix) and serial number states 2005. Don't really have a need for this any more so time to go. Sound and volume is immense as you'd expect. Last of the great Marshalls unless you want to buy a JCM800 Zak Wylde for the same price as a small house. This 50 watt classic head is perfect for Rock, Blues etc and also has a beautiful bell-like clean to it. No foot pedal unfortunately but everything works as it should. Obviously collection only from Swaffham area but not averse to a meet up within 20 miles in any direction if it helps. Welcome to come and try. Comes with a (albeit a little grubby) superb quality fitted padded cover. I've priced this to sell I believe, at about £75 under what appears to be the going rate. So, tell your skinny stringer mates or finally start up that Blodwyn Pig tribute band you'd always fancied doing. Possible trade options for quality fast crash cymbals (17"/18" but actually looking for an 18" Zildjian K custom hibrid) maybe a snare drum, or a DW hi-hat or, a 4 string jazz of some description. Possible PX on a hardcase to fit a 335, not fussy about condition.
  12. Azymuth, then Marcus Miller. Both at Ronnie's.
  13. I've not played drums for 14 years. Not gigged on bass or anything since moving back to the UK. Then, a few weeks ago, a mate got 3 gigs at the Dereham blues festival and asked if I can play drums for him. He was going to stay with us for the festival anyway. His drummer is abroad that date. So, three gigs, IN ONE DAY! and not only am I having to learn all his original numbers, I'm having to learn to play drums again. It's very hard at 70. However, a 90 min session gives me 4000 steps on my fit-watch so it's certainly exercise. I'll admit I'm very nervous about it. His drummer is a pro, and so is his bass player. The only qualifications I have are that I live 15 mins from Dereham and had a drum kit in the loft😆
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