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  1. These are great. Washburn EA2000. Should be able to find one for about £200-£250 I was selling mine but decided to keep it.
  2. I had to Google Cory Wong to find out it was a person and not Cockney rhyming slang for something.
  3. Solid brass, measures 105mm x 60mm, with the screws and hex key for the saddles. Quick change for the strings, no threading. A few scratches which touch up. No idea re value so £15 is a guess. Fairly weighty so guessing £3.50 postage to UK address.
  4. Korg M1 in working condition except, for the missing thing now correctly described in the title. Other than that, it all works. Replacement part is £23. Has a paint chip on top right but other than that, it needs a dust and a wipe. All lit up in second pic, paint chip 3rd pic. Space where missing thing goes, pic 4. Honestly have no idea of worth but cheapest on Ebay is £399, dearest on Ebay is £950 so, £175 seems a good place to start. Can't seem to delete original price of £250 No courier on this due to size etc so pick up ideal. No case. Could be up for an exchange bass / amp wise. Quite fancy a little bass head or maybe Squire jazz or anything interesting really, maybe a short scale.
  5. Glockenklang 3 band preamp. This was in a bass I got on BC (Stingray 5) but it wasn't for me so I put the MM one back in. This has the Push / pull passive switch. The repair it needs is a new pot that has the top of the shank damaged. It still works but won't hold a knob properly. No battery connector as that stayed in the bass. These are about £130 new so I reckon £25 is probably fair as it needs a new pot (or not, if you have some superglue) Please don't ask me any questions or mention any words regarding wiring/ phases/ series / parallel or types of knobs or couscous etc. I know nothing about that and will just go La La La La with my fingers in my ears. This is what the repair guy handed me back with my bass. Logic dictates, it's what he took out. I guess postage will be about £2.00
  6. Saw Crosby Stills & Nash just a few years ago in Paris. They started with Woodstock. We, the audience, were all very apprehensive regarding Stephen Stills. You could tell that everyone was hoping for the best, but fearing the worst performance wise. The chorus harmonies kicked in and there was a standing ovation. It was fabulous. Probably one of the best gigs I'd ever been to.
  7. Sam is a great person to deal with. Hassle free, easy going and does what he says he's going to do. Highly recommended.
  8. Bought a Steinberg interface from Nick. Great deal and a nice guy to deal with. Well packed and very prompt delivery. Highly recommended.
  9. Well, I didn't win it. I put in a max of £21 and it apparently went for £46 so I can only assume that a couple of you drove up to, or down to Norfolk yesterday, scuppered my plans. and are at this moment, burning it. Shame, I feel that we've all lost out in a way🤣
  10. Yes, great isn't it. I'll find out later if I've won it at auction😂
  11. Mint condition Squier Classic vibe Tele. Saddles upgraded to brass. Fabulous condition as never been out. PMT £375, Gear 4 Music £360 Grab a bargain and save yourself a min of £120. This is 9.9 out of ten. My brother bought this new and I've ended up with it as I thought it would look cool upside down for slide guitar. Looks weird upside down so can't be bothered now so up for grabs. £240 firm. Any other pics required just let me know. Welcome to come and try it out.
  12. It's only me then that sees a certain charm about this instrument😂
  13. Mammoth puzzle No 67, Now sold.
  14. Just a few bits that now look absolutely ridiculous in an 80s built chalet bungalow in Norfolk as opposed to the previous place in France. Victorian Gothic prayer kneeler. Now sold. English Oak, lovely condition for it's age but quite a bit of wear on the red velvet. Look fab in a converted chapel. These go from about £80 for a modern plain one to hundreds for original and intricate. This is somewhere in the middle at £200. Victorian food warmer roll top serving dish. Plated, (not solid silver) Bit grubby and needs a good clean. Very pretty, opens smoothly and a real talking piece £70 Victorian coal scuttle, very pretty. Not sure of the wood but looks Walnut colour. £50 All now sold. Please remove.
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