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  1. AER Compact Mobile 60w acoustic amp in great condition. D.I. effects send/return, onboard reverb chorus, phones out, tuner out, optional f/switch connection, 48v phantom power for the XLR/mic. Aux in for MP3s etc. Certainly the best acoustic amp I've ever used or heard. Added bonus of the option of 12v battery operation with internal rechargeable system. Two new batteries just fitted. Comes with the AER carry case. Approx 4-6 hrs playing time via the internal batteries depending on EQ and volume settings. Also possible to hook up to 12v external power source such as a car battery (cigar lighter etc) You can then play without mains power or without using the 12v internal power source. Obviously you can also use with normal 230v mains power. I guess if you're reading this you know what they do/ sound like/ cost, so I won't bore you with details but if you want to know all the tech ins and outs, let me know and I'll send you a PDF of the manual. These are now around the £,1325 mark grab a bargain. This is the model before the oval front panel and apart from the onboard effects selection which is now a 1-4 knob and not the push/push button type on mine, I can't see any difference. So, at just over a third of the price of a new one and the confidence that the batteries are good for another 5 years, I reckon it's a winner. Welcome to try it out chez nous, too heavy to post really. No trades please and price is pretty firm. Thanks.
  2. I got a bit lost with all that so, just to clarify, are we still allowed to call dim people dim? Or not?
  3. No prob Jon but we'll have to sort something to get it down there as I've no plans to go to Torquay until end of March. It weighs a ton with the hard case.
  4. Clone P.bass. Problem with truss rod insomuch as it appears to have disappeared by about an inch. however, it plays fine, everything else works and sounds great. Nice action, new 40-100 rounds. Ideal if you need a P body, spare P/ups, knobs, bridge etc. or indeed, just a spare plonker to take to those gigs I don't have to play any more. Comes with tatty hard case. This was originally a Starsound. The original hook headstock is shown in picture 9 however, it has been professionally remodelled and reshaped by the partially sighted 6 year old schoolboy from number 12 to look more like a Fender. Pick up only from Swaffham. If it doesn't sell, it'll probably end up In Weston Super Mare with a member who does musical charity stuff but if it does sell, dosh will go to East Anglia Air Ambulance and the R.N.L.I. No trades unless it's a Space-saver wheel for a 2014 Rav 4 Invincible as I hate the inflation kits.
  5. @ Owen. Why supress those dark and secret desires. You know you want it.
  6. A few pedals to clear out that I'll probably not use again. Not all bass related so tell your skinny stringer mates. Pictures probably not in order but you can work it out. Zoom A2 Acoustic guitar effects. Actually very clean, no box or PSU but will work with batteries if you don't have one. Tons of effects, settings, tuner etc. I'm sure you all know what it does. £20 Zoom B2 Bass effects unit. Exactly the same writing as above, but much more bassy. £20 Vox Satchurator Joe Satriani signature overdrive and distortion pedal. In box, with instructions, very nice condition. Two stages as above. First stage for sounding like Joe, hit the second button to actually look like him too. Now £30 As nothing is big, so no problem posting, no idea of costs will not be marked up and you can choose who does it.
  7. All I can do is look on Ebay and shops that have used gear. My price of £100 appears to be about £40 cheaper than others I've found however, if I'm way off (or it turns out to be the 59 Les Paul of the passive mixer world) just let me know. Mackie passive (No power amp) 1402 VLZ mixer. Great for recording. Nice quality preamps. Everything works as it should last time I used it (about 4 months ago) One tiny mark on casing, shown in second from last pic. other than that, it's in lovely condition. There are no on-board effects on this model. Collection preferred but no doubt I can find something to pack it in if need be. Will provide a PDF of the user manual if required. No trades please as I need the space. Thanks.
  8. Checking on t'internet, BAX, B&T and Musique shop all have this model for around the £250 mark although I know you can buy a 6er from Gear 4 music for about £150 new. So, based on the assumption that they are of somehow different qualities, I'll put this up for £100 however, open to corrections if I'm totally wrong. It's in dusty, but new condition having been played about twice since I got it new. No case, but I can find an old gig bag or something. Pick up from Swaffham unless I can find a box and you arrange a courier. No trades please as I need space, not more stuff. Stays in tune well, obviously E-E guitar tuning, Remo head.
  9. Genz Benz Shuttle 6 combo 12T and a matching 1x12 ext cab has managed everything I've thrown at it gig wise for the last 8 years. The combo for small gigs and add the ext for the full 600w for a bit more oomph. Larger venues just the 1x12 tilt back combo as my monitor and FOH for the main. Nice and light, cheap to buy (relatively) and ultra reliable.
  10. I guess Clapton's Blackie Strat had the most famous fag burn. I knew two guitarists who deliberately did the same to their black Strats??? Ah, the good old days when you smoked on stage. I haven't smoked for 7 years now but still sort of miss the smokes and lighter on top of my amp under an elastic band so they didn't shake off and engineering enough of a pause between songs to get one lit😆
  11. Trace Elliot TA50R in fab condition for it's age. Everything works as it should. Beautiful sound for acoustics but my 335 and Thinline Tele sound brilliant through it too. 2 channel with XLR with phantom power option on channel 2 for vox or line in for 2nd instrument. Has reverb, on board effects (16 settings) shape switch, notch filter and Trace 5 band EQ. No tears in Tolex, and sounds great. These have always been highly regarded due to quality of sound and build quality. Built like a tank. So, why spend £150 on a new 30 watt piece of cheap dung when £110 buys you some ultra reliable, highly portable quality? No trades and collection only I'm afraid but loo, tea/coffee and quality biscuit available if you'd like to come and try it out. Have a choice of electro acoustics here if you don't want to bring yours.
  12. Well, Resent the mail last night, att Markus, and had a reply by 8.am this morning. Question answered and all sorted. Very impressed, so thanks for your suggestion. Much appreciated.
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