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  1. Sorry if this has been done before but I did search. You know that fantasy that most of us have probably had where (normally at the start of a playing career) you imagine that Marcus Miller, Victor Wooten, Mark King, Roger Glover, Chris Squire or whoever, has slammed their hand in the limo door and the MD shouts out "is there anybody here that can play......." That number that you've nailed because you just love it. Hard or simple, doesn't matter. Just that dream song that you'd love to play with THAT band, on stage, and get to be the hero. Out of interest, mine's Danger, breakdown dead ahead by Bozz Scaggs.
  2. I had a Junior way back in the 70's (cherry of course) and also an SG100 (slanted pickup near the neck) after that. Never got on with the 100 but the Junior was a fabulous guitar. Beautiful creamy tone with the tone backed off and cutting rock sound with the treble hiked up. Eminently playable on long gigs and a do it all classic. Miss mine.
  3. No, the four Yorkshire businessmen sitting around talking about when they were poor. Now, does anyone want a job or not?
  4. Interesting. That's the fastest I've seen a thread go from someone trying to help out people to quoting Monty Python. Must be a record.
  5. So is your bass simply passive now or do you retain an active mode?
  6. When I bought this, the seller handed me a copy of the original sales receipt with his name and address on to prove it was his. It came from Andertons Music in Guilford if that's any help
  7. One will turn up at some point I'm sure.
  8. I know it's all down to preference but why are you changing the pups and preamp? I must admit, I'm perfectly happy with the originals so I'll keep it like that, just curious as to what you don't like about them.
  9. Most suppliers call it satin jade pearl when it has the tort pick guard but I've seen it listed as "champagne pearl" when it has the white pearl guard.
  10. Been looking for one of these beauties for a little while now. This suddenly appeared on Ebay. Best neck ever and serious tonal palette. Loving the 18v preamp.
  11. As far as "classic Van" goes, out of the two, this one is the more appealing and by far, the least boring of the pair.
  12. I'm a nightmare. I take/have... Spare bass, head, guitar strings, gaffa tape, drumsticks, hi-hat clutch, bass drum pedal, mic, various cables, tools, batteries, plectrums and for two gigs, a spare snare drum after the drummer forgot his. I also usually take two sets of clothes to change into for functions in case our singer's hubby ( our sound man) looks like a sackofshit.
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