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  1. Ah yes, spotted that one the other day too. Looked great for the money. Was sorely tempted but we're trying to move so don't need more stuff to shift. Look forward to hearing your opinion when it's up and running.
  2. Tried that. She just said "Sorry, I don't know that one" Condescending beach.๐Ÿ˜‚
  3. A friend send me a voice mail .amr file to try and identify a number he's got in his head. Not even sure if this attachment will play on here but if it does, any help would be appreciated. He thought it may be by Seawind, I think it sounds more Spyo Gyra or Dave Grusin. If it doesn't play, any advice on how to change it to an MP3 would be handy Seems you can download the clip and then play it. Thanks Voice_003_sd1.amr
  4. We switch between Pride, U2 Highway to Hell AC/DC Rock n roll Led zep Walk this way Aerosmith You really got me EVH version
  5. Come outside Mike Sarne Or Step inside love Cilla Black Depending on if you live in the north or the south๐Ÿ˜†
  6. There's a possibility that within the next 3 months, we will have moved back to the UK, permanently, unless of course after about a year we think we have made a serious mistake in doing so. Reading all the posts in this thread, it sounds absolutely dire and depressing, which has not really been the case here in France. I've played the last three weekends and that has only come to an end because it's the end of the public gig season. My pro mates in Blighty are all suicidal due to no gigging and are dreading when the government stop the financial help. It's going to be weird coming back to all this. Fortunately, I think I was coming to the end of my gigging days anyway as I can't really hack the late nights and humping gear any more. Not on a regular basis anyway. I've just officially left my band here in France which was probably the busiest band in the whole department but deep down, I suspect I'm looking forward to gig retirement and getting into home recording. (Unless of course I start chatting to another couple of old lags in the Dog and Partridge who just fancy dusting off the gear for a couple of village fete gigs) ๐Ÿ˜‚
  7. Got white nylon flats on my Status 5 string. Got them on here, used. Really comfortable under the fingers. Great tone too. Coupled with a 7lb 10oz bass, makes for the perfect second set instrument at my age.
  8. Weird that things here are not the same as in the UK. The French government are taking things seriously but maybe it's the attitude of the venue owners and punters. Last night was the third gig for me in 8 days albeit that they were all outside and dependent on weather. The attached picture gives a clue to the farce that was to unfold 40 mins before starting last night's first set. So, if you add together, a stage right 500 ltr rainwater tank, a protruding tap, an inattentive french lead guitarist, I'm sure you'll figure out what happened. Took approximately 40 mins with towels and a hairdryer to dry the entire drum kit, the WIFI mixer and his pedal board๐Ÿ˜†
  9. Ha ha, gig update. Back home with double espresso in front of the telly by 10.15. Rained off after 5 numbers, headliners never even got to play. Not bad, got paid so, 30โ‚ฌ per song๐Ÿ‘ Felt really sorry for the organisers though.
  10. Got a gig at 7.30 tonight at a 3 day mini music fest. Love a gig where there's a supplied P.A and engineer. Normal fee so lucky there but could be a few problems as I'm one of two deps in a 4 piece band and the singer and guitarist are bricking it๐Ÿ˜†. At least the two deps are me and the drummer and I've played with him before a couple of times.
  11. All you need to know is that Dm is the saddest of all keys. Nigel Tufnel 1984
  12. Totally agree. 000 wire wool and it'll be like glass.
  13. Any trades? Have two or three houses in France set in a couple of acres with a few barns and an up and running gite business (currently up for sale actually) Guaranteed supply of pretty well paid gigs thrown in. I'm up for a swap if you are. Spent many a fun time in Bas. Know it well.๐Ÿ˜…
  14. He would be my first choice. I'm seeing our guitarist tomorrow so will ask what he plans to do. I agree, Christophe's work is second to none. Thanks for info about his holidays.
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