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  1. Seulement jusqu'à ce que la colombe soit abattue par les chasseurs😆
  2. Mon père est un éboueur, il porte un chapeau d'éboueur.
  3. As a natural progression from the original thread, what's your preference of wood for lolly sticks? Poplar seems to have a nice sturdy yet flexible quality whilst teasing the consumer with a feint earthy background taste. But, the dependable Baltic birch gets my vote. A totally different density leaves one with a confidence that your stick won't result in your Magnum hitting the deck. Of course, many still revere the legendary 64 Mivvi stick ( the go to lolly of choice for legends such as Anthony Newley and Screaming Lord Sutch ) To find one in original condition....one can only dream.
  4. Okay, I've just done my own test. Same bass. Same amp. Same flat settings. Finger style in same position over pickup. Only variable, three glasses of Fitou in between. It does actually make a difference to the perceived tone. Tomorrow evening, I will repeat, but with a Montrachet and see what transpires.
  5. I don't think it's a case of being lucky, but the fact that you've done it right, and, for the right reasons. As you say, you need to embrace the culture and language to make it work, which we did. Met some of the most wonderful people, played with some great musicians and was able to choose what I did. If I were 50 again or a little younger, I'd do it all again. Sounds like you've had a great life Douglas.👍
  6. You're right of course. Property is very cheap in some departments. Beautiful countryside, better weather etc but we Brits all (most) make the same mistake and buy big not realising that more buildings means more renovation and upkeep. We bought a small hamlet. Three houses with three barns. One we lived in, another was our gite and the third was my studio. Sounds great, but two sceptic tanks, five roofs, double glazing all round and all the internal renovation soon turns your 70,000€ purchase into a 170,000€ investment. 99% of folks will never recover their outlay when they sell. We were lucky in as much that we had exactly what the buyer wanted and managed to make a healthy profit but that is very rare. If you go, it needs to be for the lifestyle as it'll be the worst financial decision you'll ever make if you don't keep a property back in the UK. We had 16 years in France. Time to come back for us now but don't regret one single minute of that period.
  7. Nothing to do with Brexit I hasten to add. We had french residency. Various reasons really. We had no grand-children when we moved out and now have three. Needed to see more of the family. Place was massive and couldn't handle the work, got fed up with running the gite and three hours a week cutting 2 acres of grass with a tractor. Coming to the end of my playing what with arthritis and stuff and a family health issue. So I guess, just a time of life thing really. If you're not too old, it's a great life out there with lots of opportunities for gigging to boot (Before Covid)
  8. We've moved to Necton. Between Swaffham and Dereham.
  9. We moved today from a little flat where we'd been staying since returning from France. Bought a place in Norfolk. Feels a bit weird. We'll see how it goes.
  10. Maybe I just wasn't listening then. 😆
  11. I seem to remember being into Robben Ford, some rock, some funk, Prince etc but thought I was always up on mainstream pop music due to being in loads of covers bands but evidently, that wasn't the case.
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