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  1. My main band know I play a few gigs with other bands and if the calendar says I'm not available when they're offered a gig, I'm not available. Admittedly, they'll ask if my gig can be changed but if I say no, then they either try to get the client to change the date, or turn it down. I've played plenty of 100€ per man gigs and had to turn down 300€ per man with our main band but, I will always honour the gig that I've taken on first. Even, if it's a freebie charity gig. The OP's singer has acted more than fairly in asking in the first place and the OP is being totally reasonable about it all. The drummer however, sounds a bit immature. It's not cheating and he should be told that he can't dictate what others do in their spare time.
  2. I'm getting Tip-toe through the tulips by Tiny Tim but Heinz is definitely on bass, Joe Zawinal on keys, and Gordon Giltrap and Frank Gambale on guitars with Bernard Purdey on drums.
  3. Me too. Played this for years and don't think I ever listened to what was actually really going on. It's very easy to busk and no-one ever pulled me up about it. Play what feels good and right for you.
  4. 19th October, London Palladium. Cradle of filth. Just doesn't sound like they go together.
  5. Second set, last Saturday, Brit wedding here in France. Had a dep drummer and he wasn't up on Walking on sunshine hence the choice at No 4 Lisa & Sean Set 2 Shout (Lulu, not TFF) Valerie You can’t hurry love Walking on sunshine / I want to break free, depending on Nico Faith Mack the knife (requested by bride’s father, he sang it) All about the bass Superstition Last night a DJ saved my life Le Freak Respect Kiss Havana Stand by me Roll over Beethoven Blue suede shoes La Bamba 500 miles I’m yours Good times Purple rain Hey Jude Encore if required Walk this way
  6. I don't suppose a certain little lady came by did she?
  7. Bit of a weird one. Played a private garden party this afternoon. Duo gig. Vocals and me on acoustic. One lady guest had a bass in the car and sat in and the client's 5 year old grandson's drum tutor was there too and he sat in on the boy's kit. After we'd finished, we got another gig from one of the guests😆 For a band that doesn't exist. However, we're all up for it so it's in the diary😳
  8. I have a love/hate relationship with gigging, probably due to my age (67) With the party band, a 2 hour gig usually means I'm out of the house for anything up to 12 hours. They insist on taking ridiculous amounts of P.A. equipment and lights which I am morally obliged to help set up and after we've finished playing? they want stay on, have a chat to everyone and have a few drinks before the take down. All I want to do is go home. I'm simply too tired for all this and, we get a lot of gigs. Sometimes four in a row and I just can't manage it. The upside is that 95% of the time, we go down great, they scream for more and I get handed anything from 150€ to 300€ to take home. I play with lovely band mates, one of which is the best front person I've ever worked with. Audiences are great here and we get fed and watered. I know it sounds like the pros outweigh the cons but with arthritis, Carpal tunnel syndrome and now Trigger thumb, I'm really struggling to enjoy gigging.
  9. Yes, I'm usually stuck out in the stage suburbs. The band always puts carpets down which are promptly occupied by the drummer, guitarist and singer. It doesn't usually bother me tbh but what DOES, is when every bugger uses my rig as a coffee table, sunglasses, drinks glasses, handbag, cups of coffee, car keys, spare batteries and bottles of water. Does my brain in.
  10. Undoubtedly a great quality build, I've owned a couple of F basses although not a VF. Looking at the controls, the electrics will be the same as the BN5s. I had a little lacquer problem on both basses regarding some crazing but apart from that, were incredibly well built. Price-wise, I would personally want something without huge scratches for that price but, if you like the mojo and it plays well. Why not? They can be a little on the heavy side but, they have a huge tonal palette which is always beautifully balanced across the strings and a really nice feel to the low B. Give it a try, you may just love it.
  11. With a little printed plate that says "Looks like Phil Lynotts one" 😆
  12. Bought an EUB from Graham. What a nice, accommodating guy. Easy to deal with and as helpful as can be. Buy/ sell with confidence. Great deal too, thanks.
  13. Last night. Played a lovely venue on the river. Nice owners, great welcome. good crowd. We were told they'd all be gone by 9.30 as it was a Sunday night. Still dancing on the road at 11.00 PM. We were all shattered from the night before and it felt quite subdued on stage but we actually played better than the previous night. Three "this is definitely the last song" encores with the last being an extended Pride, in the name of love. Smashed it. Think it's our new final number. They went crazy.
  14. How about a 600watt 4 Ohm 2x10 cab that weighs 5lbs. That'll do me.
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