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  1. My first "real" amp one of these. Incredible clean power with superb tonal possibilities. Sold mine for £300. This is seriously great value. GLWTS
  2. Yes it is. More than enough volume for that sort of gig. Got a great couple of filter features and brilliant for learning stuff to due to the RCA inputs and silent practice features. I'll be using it at the same venue in about three weeks with an EUB if my wrists allow. Also handles a low B no problem and has an XLR DI out for P.A hook up.
  3. Did a cocktail gig last Sept. I used my EBS session. Kickback design, plenty loud enough. Used a fretless bass and a Bassix EUB. Sounded cool with both. Not the lightest combo in the world but good sound, small in size and built like a tank. Got mine on here, s/h. Think it was about £120
  4. 68 in two weeks so will have been doing this for 52 years. Hate the gigs that are too far, too late, too tiring when we take ALL the gear. Back gone, knees gone and both wrists shot to pieces so can't really play for a couple of months maybe longer, and get very frustrated with guitarists who constantly change guitars and retune, drummers who speed up and slow down and singers who forget middle 8s. So, what do I do? Ah yes, buy another bass and an Aguilar 4x10 that I won't be able to lift on my own. Being in a band and gigging. Moan about it constantly and hate everything about it but, the realisation that I may not be able to play any more if things don't work out health wise, has filled me with dread because........ it's what we do.
  5. Usually exceptionally light. Mine weighs 8lbs dead. (Also a 5 string)
  6. All set up, in my lounge. We do a NYE party every year and set some stuff up for anyone who wants to play. (I can't play at the moment due to wrists) Had about 40 in the house last night including an elderly French couple who do old french show songs with backing trax. Brilliant. Had a French mate on the drums and a French guitar teacher there but the weird thing is, the drummer was complaining that he couldn't stand my snare drum or kick pedal so changed them for his stuff and then asked to go into a bedroom to practice😆 The guitarist only played two numbers as he can only play his Strat and couldn't achieve "his" sound!! And then asked if I had the chord chart for Rollover Beethoven??? FFS! It was a party for friends, not a gig. 😆. All the Brit players simply picked up anything with strings and got on with it. Talk about divas! Still, great party. Happy new year everyone.
  7. For a start, you can have this one for £80😂 except I'm in France. Look on Gumtree, Ebay etc or local paper. My brother actually picked this one up for £50 at a local secondhand shop in Norfolk.
  8. If you've still got it next June Rich, bring it over😂......... ......unless you're likely to be going near Dereham where my brother lives....
  9. I used one of these for a whole gig on Friday due to it being a narrower neck than any of my 5 strings. An Aria Pro 11 Jazz. Didn't miss a beat. Comfey, typical Jazz tone, stayed in tune all night and you can pick them up for about £80. Well impressed. In fact, apart from the build finish and component quality, the difference between this and my last custom built Jazz with all the good stuff on it didn't warrant the difference of £1500.
  10. Despite my current wrist problems and our drummer forgetting to pack his cymbals yesterday! resulting in driving off to get them, we had a brilliant gig. I managed to get through it due to having been prescribed some fairly eyebrow raising drugs but played like an absolute knob with my hand over the top of the neck for many of the numbers. Our guitarist took the booking for an Xmas party. We assumed it was a company thing. Turned out to be a home for the intellectually disabled, in a room no bigger than my lounge. One P.A. top was all it needed😂 Our technical performance was lac-luster to say the least, (totally down to my current health issues) but I don't think I've ever played to a more appreciative and enthusiastic audience and our singer bless her, really engaged with the crowd and whipped them up into quite a frenzy at times. It felt really good to know that we'd actually (according to the home director) made a difference to their lives albeit for one evening. We felt quite bad afterwards taking the arranged fee so we've decided to approach them to maybe do a free gig just for the fun of it.
  11. You could be right about my technique. Trouble is, I've been playing like that for 30 years and it's hard to readjust things. Just got back from the last gig of the year and you'd be surprised what a difference 50mgs of opium makes (prescribed by the doc this morning to get me through tonight) Drummer forgot all his cymbals and had to go back, I played like a 6 year old, over the top of the neck for half the set and the room was about 30 square metres but I didn't give a sh*t😆
  12. Not a gamer at all so not that however, I do spend a lot of time with strimmers and chainsaws and apparently, vibrating tools can cause problems. Possibly bad playing technique too in my case. Just back from doctors. Now have a bag full of opium/paracetamol painkillers, a course of anti inflammatory tablets, an X ray booked for early Jan and an appointment to see a specialist. Doc not impressed that I'm playing tonight. Strict orders to not do so for a month to start with. I'll suggest to the band we play On the waterfront in E for 2 hours tonight 😆
  13. I've now got a list of 9 numbers that I intend to play overhand tomorrow. The band are leaving the set list to me this time. Usually it's our vocalists job. I've borrowed a 4 string for the gig as my 5 string basses feel too much of a stretch over the width.
  14. Thanks, what do you call ages? Months? A year? I reckon if it's likely that I couldn't play for say, 4-6 months, I think I'd ask the band to replace me. Not fair to expect them to wait and deps here (for this band) will be hard to find.
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