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  1. All you need to know is that Dm is the saddest of all keys. Nigel Tufnel 1984
  2. Totally agree. 000 wire wool and it'll be like glass.
  3. Any trades? Have two or three houses in France set in a couple of acres with a few barns and an up and running gite business (currently up for sale actually) Guaranteed supply of pretty well paid gigs thrown in. I'm up for a swap if you are. Spent many a fun time in Bas. Know it well.😅
  4. He would be my first choice. I'm seeing our guitarist tomorrow so will ask what he plans to do. I agree, Christophe's work is second to none. Thanks for info about his holidays.
  5. Yup, this one is now officially a genuine Les Paul.
  6. Re the Les Paul, he has OCD anyway with constant retuning on stage, changing guitars 15 times in each set, constantly checking connections on stuff that's working perfectly and wearing white gloves for the set up as it apparently tells him how grubby our equipment is 😳?? So, I'm hoping he wants nothing to do with the guitar now it's busted and he'll ask me if I want it for 400€😅
  7. He'd only had the Les Paul for 7 months, paid 2,800€ He won't be happy with a repair although yes, it would be fine. Chris Leduc would be able to fix it easily and yes, the arm stings like hell. Especially when the antiseptic spray goes on😆
  8. Managed to take a slice of flesh out of my left arm by falling onto a sharp dry wall rail. The red bit is actually missing. Thought l was having a bad day until the other pic arrived from our guitarist 😳
  9. No, I'm just about to advertise my OLP copy Stingray for £25,000.
  10. I say, "the only down-side" however, I had no idea until just now that my wife had taken a pic of the annoying pillock who'd found a tambourine hanging on the wall inside an decided to join in..sadly, in front of me😂
  11. Yes, it did feel a little weird. We'd managed one rehearsal two weeks ago and the singer's other band played a week ago so she'd had a chance to blow the dust off. Great seeing people turn up eager to listen to live music again. Felt really good to interact with great band mates again. Only down side was all that [email protected]#$%*g equipment they insist on bringing😆 I just hope that enough venues will get to survive.
  12. There have been gigs in France since last week. We were booked for last Friday (26th) It was cancelled, but only due to impending bad weather.
  13. Started again, at 9.00pm Last night. (Friday) Just got in. Resaurant/bar gig, outside, about half as many as we usually pull in there so punters being hesitant. Went down well, got fed, got paid. Not back to normal, but it's a start.
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