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  1. This is only about 4 posts away from the current favourite of the conspiracy theorists "The Chinese created the virus to destroy the western economies" I can feel it coming🙄
  2. Just watching Prof Chris Whittey giving us the virus safety info. Reminds me of this.
  3. Bob Geldof is starting to appear on TV, no doubt to advertise the very few Boomtown rats dates that could be remaining after the current problems possibly subside. If anyone has a face you want to punch, it's him. Even more so than Piers Morgan 😆 Okay, got that off my chest. Thanks.
  4. Pottering on a daily basis. Yesterday learned Rikki don't lose that number on acoustic guitar. It's our 47th wedding anniversary today so due to the lockdown, have just given each other last year's cards as my Mrs doesn't throw anything away.
  5. I guess it all depends on how keen you are to achieve a particular result and if you regularly have problems at certain venues achieving that particular result. I must admit, I am a bit of a "that'll do for tonight" kind of a guy. As long as it sounds okay to me (I check out front at sound checks to make sure I'm not too loud, quiet, toppy or boomy) and no-one complains about anything, I'm set. I had a Vigier Passion with the semi para mids years ago and did actually use the function on that but recent years have seen a change to more traditional and simple controls on instruments for me. Anyway, good luck on your quest.
  6. OLP Tony Levin sig 5 string. They come in orange. Great basses too.
  7. I have parametric EQ on my amp and have had it on an instrument and in all honesty, I don't think it's ever helped me achieve the sound I liked on the night. Not much help I know but if your interest is going to result in you spending money, I'd really think twice about it. Most modern active basses have 3 band EQ on board and I've found that sufficient.
  8. Well, I think I've gone the extra mile in the lock down. I dusted off the Lidl €49 arc welder this morning, and made a grappling iron. F*** knows why, just seemed like a good idea after finding a couple of bits of bar and an unused pack of nylon rope in the barn. Although, I did watch The guns of Navarone a couple of weeks back.
  9. Right, I'm finally going off-piste and determined to nail Moondance, Mustang Sally and Sex on fire.
  10. Anyway, I've painted the front shutters, painted the hallway and fixed a leak on the hot water system. Mrs Chiron's even suggested I play some bass in the studio, and have some practice time but to honest, I can't be a r s e d.
  11. I think I'd have more respect for you if that statement didn't include the possibility that you were w a n k I n g "whilst" watching Family guy.
  12. That's the one. That one classic line, is the reason I have barns, absolutely full of useless s-h-i-t😂
  13. At least you got rid of the right bit, the Frontera😂
  14. Many many years ago, I purchased the new Zoom 10/44 digital recorder. Cost me around £600 from memory. It still has the one track I recorded on it, a mate with an acoustic singing Folsam prison blues for his Mum. Never even got past the intro of the manual. Advertised it a couple of months ago on Face book for 60€ didn't get one reply. I imagine we've all got something like this in a box somewhere.
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