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  1. Last night. Played a lovely venue on the river. Nice owners, great welcome. good crowd. We were told they'd all be gone by 9.30 as it was a Sunday night. Still dancing on the road at 11.00 PM. We were all shattered from the night before and it felt quite subdued on stage but we actually played better than the previous night. Three "this is definitely the last song" encores with the last being an extended Pride, in the name of love. Smashed it. Think it's our new final number. They went crazy.
  2. 3.am. just in (again) too old for all this. Played the French national gliding championships final competition day and trophy awards. (Spanish lady won overall but appears to be a French national) Outdoors, nice and warm but not too hot. Gig went well but bloody guitarist blamed me for starting a song in the wrong key!! I seem to be the ONLY one who remembers it's in C#😆 He uses a Digitech whammy pedal to transpose keys. Lazy git, and forgot he hadn't turned it on and came in on D. Seems the norm over here is that the punters want to really start partying when you're three numbers away from finishing😳 Still, good payer, and got next year booked again.
  3. leschirons


    Any access via the back plate?
  4. I have in the past, giggled 6 string basses. I used a Status, a Spector and an Aria pro over a period of 5 years. If I'm honest, I bought the Status to see what 6 strings would do for me and all it did, was attract comments. Some positive, some not. I rarely ventured into high C territory. The Spector was bought from here and tbh, was simply a price I couldn't resist although I did gig it for 2 years. Not a huge fan of the neck profile or the 35" scale. The Aria came my way via a trade. Cheap as chips and I loved it. Great sound, super light and comfortable and passive (which I prefer) gigged that for 3 years and did actually use the high C as I'd started to throw in some chord work on certain songs. As I got older, the ultra wide necks were giving me gyp so now exclusively use 5ers as I do rely a lot on the B. I've no doubt that quite a few people do buy a 6 or more string bass to create an image of "look what I play" and I have been guilty of this myself. However, I did eventually realise that despite being able to play the thing, I didn't actually need it. One upside of ERBs is that no-one ever wants to borrow your bass😆
  5. Private summer party tonight. Only 50 people but nice crowd, great food and a nice welcome. Got paid straight away and a promise of next years do. Played okay, but just okay as all still shattered from last night. Another one tomorrow and unfortunately it's a battle of the bands and we're on at 00.30 after the competition so going to be another 4.30 / 5.00 am back home job. Not looking forward to that. Drummer and guitarist also have a Sunday gig and both have day jobs Monday morning. Poor buggers. You can actually have too much of a good thing.
  6. Played here tonight (last night I guess as it's now 2.30am) the world sheep shearing championships!! Yes, there is such a thing. About a 1000 out front, hospitality tent in which we ate ALL the chocolate before we even got anything out the van😆 Must say, very nice not having to unload 80% of the gear.
  7. Weird that a couple of users of the AKG WMS40 have battery life issues. The current AA in mine has just finished its 9th gig. 😳
  8. AKG Wms 40 for me. 1 AA battery gives 30 hours of use so very cheap to run. No drop out, no change in tone, never let me down in 3 years of gigs (about 150) About £68.
  9. Played our third gig in 36 hours this afternoon. Went down really well but no let up with the weather here. Continuous supplies of iced water from very considerate organisers but that didn't prevent our drummer being carted off with heat stroke two numbers before the end. He's fine now. Another three in a row coming up in 4 days time, looking to still be very hot. Oh joy.😆
  10. I know it's 3.20 a.m but I'll still call it tonight's gig. Outdoor job. Went down well but hell, the heat. Started at 9.pm. and it was still 34 degrees. We were soaked after the first couple of numbers. I personally downed 3 litres of water over the evening. Another two gigs Sat and Sun and three more in the week. No sign of it getting cooler at the moment.
  11. Thank you. That sounds really interesting. Hadn't even thought of it. Will check it out now.
  12. Think I'm heading towards Cubase Elements. As mentioned before, probably best to take advantage of the one to one tuition and helpline from my friend. Thanks everyone for your time, advice and input. Most appreciated.
  13. So, I was right, and this leads on to my next point. Do you have the falcon?
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