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  1. MB1. Great Bass ( must admit I'm in two minds about keeping this?).......... At the moment.....Still Available! Ive really no idea why this is still here?.......but it is!
  2. MB1 ....You didnt have a Ovation acoustic 5 string?..... perhaps?
  3. MB1. Indeed! Mr T...... Graphitous! .....Humungous Bargainous! and Minty Fresh!
  4. MB1. Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends........ We're so glad you could attend Come Inside, Come inside! BUMP!
  5. MB1. Status Smart bass in blue. 18v active neck/vol . Pickup pan . Bass / Treble controls Chrome Hardware Unmarked Full Carbon Graphite 24 fret bolt on neck (no veneer in here!) Ash Body/teal satin finish Status Hiscox case. Weighs 9lbs. Originally sourced locally from Andy Travis of this parish who will no doubt vouch for its minty ness! Only reason for sale is I've re acquired a old bass i used to own....I also prefer my Statii headless (Off with there head !) if I'm honest so something has to give! Sorted Bass! Will be sorry to see it go! Absolutely Mint! UK sale Only....Not really looking for trades (unless you have a headless Status perhaps!) Would prefer collection or meet up! £800 No Offers. Cheers Martin. will add pics later! (Couple of Andys till later.....Bass is actually a lot bluer than shown!)
  6. The return of the handsome rugged boomerang JD..... Still immaculate and Now officially signed too Great straight forward transaction with Ian a good Basschat and not a bad brew either! Buy Sell and Trade with Confidence! Enjoy the Hols! Again Many Thanks Martin.
  7. MB1. Reminiscent of The Physchedelic Furs .......Pretty in Pink!
  8. MB1. Absolute Bargain! ...against a Pre Ernie Ball you'll find very little difference....soundwise! ....To my ears at least!
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