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  1. MB1. "Ill second that emotion!" i have one of these and it's all you could need for plug and play noodling..... BUMP!
  2. MB1. location will enhance your chance of a sale! update......Suffolk I believe???
  3. MB1


    MB1. PMD again!
  4. MB1


    MB1. Old ad?....This still available???? ....Location Location Location?
  5. MB1. Topic Unlocked.
  6. MB1

    SOLD Washburn status s1000 walnut

    MB1. Your location may enhance your chance of a sale? ....Type BUMP!
  7. MB1

    1987 Wal Mk1 Custom

    MB1. ....Indeed!
  8. MB1. .....Now I keep humming that Heart tune??? Looks a beast ....9 v active is it??? 'Ave a BUMP
  9. MB1. Your location may help?
  10. MB1. Please keep All Trades to PM Dont post pics of trades on others sales ads as they will be removed.
  11. MB1

    Feedback for guybrush threepwood

    MB1. Got a MB bass saver off Craig absolutely as described quick postal transaction and great communication.... Sorry about the delay on my side.... Buy Sell and Trade with Confidence! ....No Hasslehoff here!
  12. MB1

    Musicman Stingray 2eq ON HOLD

    MB1. "Wet Haddock and 50p?".......... BUMP! "Looks like your gonna need a bigger boat!"