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  1. .....Stunning! Beautiful Plumage!
  2. Absolutely Mustard Basses! “I have one myself and do sound like Mr Edwards.... Percy unfortunately not Bernard!” BUMP!
  3. ....”Surprised to see this still here!” Type BUMP
  4. Melanie??? ....That Brand New key is surely looking a little tarnished now? Didn’t The Wurzels borrow it? .....I gather it’s been returned? are The wurzels on it?
  5. MB1

    Rambam Feedback

    Great Transaction with Roy (and a enjoyable drive) Good Quality MB cabs in excellent condition Buy Sell and Trade with Confidence! Many Thanks Martin.
  6. .....That’s a pic of Syd Barrett “If you think it could look good, then I guess it should????”
  7. MB1. Sold Nick a Scratchplate after seeing his Wanted Ad Paid Quickly....Great Communication ! Buy Sell and Trade with Confidence Many Thanks Martin.
  8. MB1


    Great Transaction with Ken who bought a Markbass Combo off me. He was most understanding while I sorted packing and finally found a reasonable courier for transportation. Buy Sell and Trade with confidence Many Thanks Martin.
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