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  1. Status Smart Bass Blue

    MB1. Still Available?
  2. mojobass

    MB1. Great Transaction with Paul and his dog.... (make sure you get him some treats!) Sunday Round Trip to Sunny Sunderland All Good! Buy Sell and Trade with Confidence. Many Thanks Martin.
  3. Status KingBass Mk2 Black Beauty

    MB1. Black Magic BUMP!
  4. MB1. Yes I always ask first!
  5. MB1. There seems to be a large amount of these disused buildings/warehouses being burnt down just recently in the news. Would be within your best interests to seek permission first.

    MB1. 6s+ What GB memory it be Tom? .....9977 emails? BUMP!
  7. 690 GBP....Grosmann Classic 5 J fanned frets

    MB1. Topic Reopened.
  8. SOLD Hohner jack headless

    MB1. .....and again!
  9. SOLD Hohner jack headless

    MB1. PMD.
  10. MB1. Post Edit... Please Note All offers and trades need to be posted to the seller by PM Not posted on the sales ad its then the sellers responsibility to either reject or accept the offer or trade by PM and that should be seen as final (What's all this shouting? We'll have no trouble here!)
  11. MB1. Please note you need to PM all trades and offers directly to the seller Don't post them on the sellers ad as they will be removed
  12. Feedback for Pow 22

    MB1. Great hasslehoff free Transaction (apart from Boltons wonderful roadworks and strange Tom Tom?) dropped off an amp for Paul I'd reserved for him (bet the neighbours are happy?) Had a good Basschat a brew and probably ruined his tea? anyway hope your happy with the amp! All The Best! Martin.
  13. Feedback for troubadour

    MB1. Totally Hasslehoff free transaction Bill very kindly crossed a trip with family to sort a delivery and a meet up at the Band on the Wall. Great Communication and Basschat throughout and a pleasure to purchase from....Buy with confidence! Many Thanks Martin.