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  1. Where have all the headless stati gone? ....ave a Bump!
  2. Ad Edit.... ...Thanks for all the Likes! ....Still Available....A Fierce Pancake! alas a little heavy ( not quite Charles Atlas territory though!) willing to listen to Trades/PXs or Cash.
  3. ...Willing to listen to Offers Trades/PX or Cash💰
  4. That’s actually a bit rare (unlike most of the rare things posted on eBay these days) These were in 5 and 6 string versions fretted and fretless Not seen this Avante 4 string fretted version previously . ...Typical Quality build from Aria type Bump!
  5. 🥛Milk Paint? ...I couldn’t leave that near our cat!😸
  6. MB1

    Chezz55 Feedback

    Chris bought a pedal off me after placing an Items wanted ad...fast payment Great communication and all round easy transaction.A Pleasure!..... Glad your happy with it! Many Thanks Martin😎
  7. Another Great Transaction with the man called itsmedunc socially distanced and masked this time! Had a good chat about all things amp/bass...Another Trade deal and as previously.....No Trouble here!... A Great Purchase! Buy Sell and trade with Confidence (Not Condiments) Again Many Thanks! Martin😎
  8. Played loads of gigs with one of these! “its got more rabbit than Sainsbury’s !”
  9. I’m sorry about this?....but people spend more money on training shoes these days! this is a mindless bargain and Ashdown are UK ..,on the end of the phone and some of the most helpful dudes I’ve ever spoken to! somebody buy this! Before it becomes a couple of packet of cigs!......hang on a minute?
  10. ...For those about to clone we salute you!
  11. ....Ideal for a LARGE leather dog?🤔
  12. A Glass D back?...Not as bad as Debbie Harry then ....she unfortunately had a “Heart of Glass”! ........Should have Gone to Specsavers!
  13. Electro Harmonix Stereo Clone Theory pedal boxed as new. Stereo Flanger vibrato £60 o.n.o inc postage. UK Only.....SOLD
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