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  1. MB1


    Great Transaction with Ken who bought a Markbass Combo off me. He was most understanding while I sorted packing and finally found a reasonable courier for transportation. Buy Sell and Trade with confidence Many Thanks Martin.
  2. Previous Post hidden.....All trades by PM to Seller please ....Dont post it on the sellers ad .
  3. ....Buses....Nothing for ages.... then 3 turn up at once! Can we please keep any trades to the Old Personal Message to the seller! ....Mustard Bass! Thanks! ’ave a Bump!
  4. PMD.........Colour me interested!
  5. .....Larry Johnson? The Classic Stingrays are about as near as you’ll get to that Pre EB tone ! (Without the expense or damage in some cases?) Have a Larry Graham / Louis Johnson Type BUMP!
  6. Please note Any Trades/possible trades/part exchanges or any other tradeable incentive....needs to be PMd directly to the seller and not posted on the sellers ad
  7. “My bank manager is currently “over the moon“ that’s not headless!”....... Beautiful Plumage! Type .....BUMP!
  8. ....reminiscent in some ways of the one that got away! .....Beautiful Plumage! BUMP!
  9. ..... still got my old MK500 210 combo.... It’s a Cracker!.... You’ll definitely not be getting that one for nothing!
  10. MB1. Please note..... All trades need to be PMD to the seller and not posted on the sellers ad.
  11. MB1. “Violent Sycamore?” ......just had a troublesome Elm removed from the front garden! Ah!.......”Should have gone to Specsavers” .....“Beautiful Plumage!”.... ‘ave a Bump!
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