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  1. It certainly does! The Geezer is EMG's take on a passive Precision pickup & it's currently strung with flats to give it more of a vintage Fender feel & tone.
  2. Cheers! Assembled it myself from parts. Body is swamp ash & neck is Canary, which I'd describe as half way between maple & wenge. Much lighter than maple & very articulate - difficult to put into words, but I tried it in a couple of different bodies & it sounded great on both! Finished lightly with tru oil, so feels very 'natural wood' if you know what I mean... Pickup is EMG Geezer Butler & hardware is Hipshot (bridge / string tree) / Schaller (tuners).
  3. That one's gone to a new home now, but I am thinking of putting a Warmoth 32" scale bass up for sale soon. Weighs less than 7lb & sounds huge!
  4. Sold Martin my Squier & it was a really straightforward transaction - great comms, prompt payment & no hassles at all. Would definitely deal with Martin again in the future. Enjoy the bass! 😁👍
  5. benebass


    Thanks @Mark S! Totally agree - Fender Japan instruments of this era are really solid pro instruments with a vintage spec. Think I'll miss this one...
  6. benebass


    Managed to source a box so postage is now an option... 😁👍
  7. benebass


    Thanks @ordep - much appreciated! 😁👍
  8. Shameless plug, but just put my Squier Japanese Medium Scale Precision up for sale... https://www.basschat.co.uk/topic/448192-squier-japan-32-scale-medium-scale-precision-bass/
  9. Glad to hear the Aria is still with you, @Matt P - lovely bass! Always been a bit scared to put a chronological list of bass purchases together - could take a while. All I can remember is that the list grew exponentially after joining up here... 😁👍
  10. Is it just a neck you need? Not sure how much shipping / taxes would be, but how about this? https://aeguitars.com/collections/necks/products/medium-scale-paddle-bass-neck-maple-rosewood-right-lefty-block-inlay If it doesn't have to be a Fender-style headstock then there's a Gibson-style headstock one at https://retrovibe.co.uk/product/retrovibe-bass-neck-32-medium-scale-20-fret-maple-blackwood/ Alternatively, buy this! 😉
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