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  1. For me it has to be Jah Wobble & his Ovation Magnum strung with Tru Bass strings - first time I saw him it was a wall of subsonic goodness & those strings are a large part in making that beautiful boomtastic noise! 👍😁👍
  2. Hi - do you know what the weight of this bass is please? Cheers! B.
  3. Had a couple of queries about shipping internationally, but I'm afraid it's UK only on this one... Cheers, B.
  4. [quote name='jahfish' timestamp='1502393105' post='3351214'] possibly a silly question but is it a jazz width neck and string spacing? [/quote] Not silly at all! Yes, usual Jazz nut width & standard Fender string spacing at the bridge. Cheers, B.
  5. [quote name='therealting' timestamp='1502378483' post='3351086'] Keep popping in to look at this... [/quote] ...and I keep picking it up & playing it - not played a bass with rounds for a while, but this one's lovely!
  6. [quote name='Rumple' timestamp='1500360409' post='3337119'] Oooo... do you have pics of it? [/quote] There's a pic above - sparkletastic!
  7. Hi All - just put my 32" scale Warmoth Jazz up for sale [url="http://basschat.co.uk/topic/308877-warmoth-32-medium-scale-jazz-bass-nice-light/page__pid__3337003"]here[/url]! Nice to see some info on the Gypsy Rose bass too - bought one of the sparkly black ones that used to come with the white / pink scratchplate a while ago when I spotted it was a 32". Had it modded into a Precision / Jazz hybrid. Turned out to be a pretty nice bass! [attachment=249311:IMG_20170716_192654815.jpg] Cheers, B.
  8. Withdrawn - I'm keeping it!
  9. Thanks for the interest - the bass is now sold. Cheers, B.
  10. Hi - had a few queries about postage. Interparcel / UPS fully insured next day works out at £29.26 & I'd want £500 for the bass in gig bag plus postage costs. Wouldn't want to post it without the gig bag for obvious reasons... Quite fancy hanging on to the gig bag as it's a good one, so I'm offering the bass on it's own for £450 on a cash & collection deal if anyone in the North East fancies a quick sale. Cheers, B.
  11. Bump - edited the original post with new pics & additional info...
  12. Ray bought a neck from me & it was a really smooth transaction - great guy to deal with. Cheers! B.
  13. Giving this a bump & would be interested in doing a cash / collection deal for £450 without the gig bag if you're near Tyneside - less than half the new price!
  14. Hi - the spare neck is now sold, so I'd be happy to sell the bass with the maple neck for £500 collected (shipping cost extra). Marc - it's a beaut, isn't it!?! B.
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