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  1. Open to offers on this one - something's caught my eye... 😉
  2. Is it just a neck you need? Not sure how much shipping / taxes would be, but how about this? https://aeguitars.com/collections/necks/products/medium-scale-paddle-bass-neck-maple-rosewood-right-lefty-block-inlay If it doesn't have to be a Fender-style headstock then there's a Gibson-style headstock one at https://retrovibe.co.uk/product/retrovibe-bass-neck-32-medium-scale-20-fret-maple-blackwood/ Alternatively, buy this! 😉
  3. Cheers, Bassdude! Forgot to put on the original post that the finish was by Dave Wilson, who is ex-Overwater - really beautiful redburst... 😁👍
  4. Hi - decided to put my Warmoth back up for sale. It's a lovely build (ordered the parts from the States myself, but assembled by a luthier) & think I'll miss this one! Specs: - - Alder Body with custom redburst finish. Bit of wear, but beautifully done - 32" Canary neck - not a common wood, but feels great with a light tru oil finish. - EMG Geezer Butler pickup - Schaller BML light machine heads - Fender vintage bridge (threaded saddles) - Status flatwound strings Best way to describe the bass is an articulate Precision. I've set it up for an old school feel, with sponge under the bridge & it really does the business! Overall weight is nice & light too - not much more than 7lb using baggage scales. I'm throwing in a hard fibreglass case & looking for somewhere around £375 posted all in (PayPal friends preferred). If you're in the Newcastle upon Tyne area then a socially-distanced collection deal for a bit less is definitely possible... Pics: -  Cheers, B. 😁👍
  5. Thanks Billy - enjoy! 😀👍
  6. Sold Billy a Hofner & it was an absolute pleasure doing the deal, which went really well. Enjoy the bass! 😀👍
  7. benebass


    Bump for price drop! 👍
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  9. Maybe - send me a PM with details of where you are & we'll try to work something out... 😀
  10. Thanks for the offer, but I already have a Hofner
  11. benebass


    Found a decent box so postage could be an option with this one. I also have the pearloid scratchplate - prefer it without... 😀
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