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  1. - Light alder short scale G4 body with tapered neck / body join - Canary neck / fingerboard with jumbo frets - not a common wood, but a really nice halfway house between maple & wenge - Schaller BML light tuners - EMG Geezer Butler pickup / electrics - Fender vintage bridge - Status flats - Finished by Dave Wilson (ex-Overwater) - Custom scratchplate by the Bass Doc Has a few signs of wear, but a really nice instrument & sounds great (quite articulate for a Precision). Just not playing as much as I would like these days. Not really given selling it much thought until I saw this thread...
  2. Old pic - it's had a Geezer Butler EMG fitted since this was taken. Beautiful bass - alder body & the neck is canary, which is somewhere between maple & wenge in terms of feel. If you're ever near Tyneside you're welcome to come & have a try... 😀
  3. I have a Warmoth 32" passive P bass I'm thinking of selling...
  4. Hi - looking for a Hofner Contemporary Violin Bass. I'm based in the North East & a face-to-face deal would be best, but would consider a postal deal. Cash waiting. Cheers! 😀
  5. Recently bought a bass off jezzaboy - what a gent! Really straightforward transaction - would definitely deal again in the future. Cheers! 😀
  6. Bought a couple of solderless looms off John this year & they have been fantastic - great quality, decent price & speedy delivery. Cheers! 😀
  7. For me it has to be Jah Wobble & his Ovation Magnum strung with Tru Bass strings - first time I saw him it was a wall of subsonic goodness & those strings are a large part in making that beautiful boomtastic noise! 👍😁👍
  8. Hi - do you know what the weight of this bass is please? Cheers! B.
  9. Had a couple of queries about shipping internationally, but I'm afraid it's UK only on this one... Cheers, B.
  10. [quote name='jahfish' timestamp='1502393105' post='3351214'] possibly a silly question but is it a jazz width neck and string spacing? [/quote] Not silly at all! Yes, usual Jazz nut width & standard Fender string spacing at the bridge. Cheers, B.
  11. [quote name='therealting' timestamp='1502378483' post='3351086'] Keep popping in to look at this... [/quote] ...and I keep picking it up & playing it - not played a bass with rounds for a while, but this one's lovely!
  12. [quote name='Rumple' timestamp='1500360409' post='3337119'] Oooo... do you have pics of it? [/quote] There's a pic above - sparkletastic!
  13. Hi All - just put my 32" scale Warmoth Jazz up for sale [url="http://basschat.co.uk/topic/308877-warmoth-32-medium-scale-jazz-bass-nice-light/page__pid__3337003"]here[/url]! Nice to see some info on the Gypsy Rose bass too - bought one of the sparkly black ones that used to come with the white / pink scratchplate a while ago when I spotted it was a 32". Had it modded into a Precision / Jazz hybrid. Turned out to be a pretty nice bass! [attachment=249311:IMG_20170716_192654815.jpg] Cheers, B.
  14. Withdrawn - I'm keeping it!
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