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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  2. In response to his 'Items Wanted' Brian bought a set of BB414 tuners from me that seemed to do the trick on his BB300. Offered a fair price and paid straight away, even with me delaying posting due working away for a few days. Highly recommended.
  3. Schaller four in a line Bass BMF Tuners in black chrome plus ferrules and screws (one of the screws I replaced seeing as I lost it). I bought these for a Sire and although they fitted they didn't fit properly given being wider at one end like a Fender tuner, so they sat at a bit of an angle rather than straight up. Still with the box, although I've doodled a bit on it. £45 posted (not Hermes). Here is some stuff from Schaller on them..... https://schaller.info/en/machine-heads/288/original-f-series-bmf
  4. Schaller four in a line Bass BM Tuners in black chrome plus ferrules and screws. I fitted these to a Sire and then took them off when I moved the Sire on so they've just been sat about. Still have the box, although I've scribbled on it at some point. £45 posted (not Hermes). Here is some stuff from Schaller on them..... https://schaller.info/en/machine-heads/287/bass-bm
  5. Fender Mustang I V.2 Combo, which is the modelling amp I'm led to believe. £60 posted (not Hermes). Bought during lockdown to satisfy my need to be a frustrated guitarist, but no longer needed. Great nick and never left the house other than for the photos. Here are the specs.... 20W Modeling Amp. 1x8" Speaker. 18 Amp Models and 37 Effects. Onboard Chromatic Tuner. Headphones Output. Aux Input. USB connectivity.
  6. Bought a good old Behringer FX60 from Stew. Great price, good comms and fast delivery...... Excellent
  7. Here are some insurance pics for my JV (PB-62) neck heel and tuners dated Jul 83. Heel seems deeper and tuners & ferrules are different on mine. Obviously, there may be variations in them though, so who knows...
  8. Chris bought a pedal from me in response to his topic in 'Wanted Items'. Fast and easy transaction and a fast payer. Excellent, thanks.
  9. Bought a bass from him and it was a nice simple transaction with good comms........... he even drove for an hour to meet me halfway 🙂
  10. Ashdown Rootmaster RM-420 2x10 combo. Hardly been used from new this year and just ended up effectively sat about as a big ornament! A bit of a Covid purchase really. Nice and lightweight too for an Ashdown at 27kg compared to some of their other combos out there. The thing is as new condition and never left the house. It's currently in Hartlepool, but there's a distinct possibility it can be brought down to The Midlands (WS13 area) on the weekend of 3/4 July. Pictures aren't great, but I'm working away until the weekend. Would even consider swapsies with cash one way or the other for a Squire Precision VM or CV, Epiphone TB Pro or another PJ type bass (sadly not an affinity).
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  12. Ale bought a Squire Esquire 50s Classic Vibe from me and it was a pleasure all the way through. Good comms, reasonable and easy to deal with. Highly recommended.
  13. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  14. Thought I'd offer this up on here before I have to resort to eBay wanting their pound of flesh or the Facebook guitar selling groups where they just bicker, are all the 'most knowledgeable' people in the world or are generally a pain. Squier Esquire FSR Classic Vibe in surf green. As a frustrated guitarist the usual choice of a bass players lecky guitar is the Tele, but this goes that extra step to make it even more simple for us....... one pickup, but still has a three-way selector for (1) pickup direct to jack with no tone control (2) pickup with tone control and (3) pickup with a warmer tone. Great condition and I'll post it free of charge (not Hermes).
  15. Joe bought an Ashdown RM500 from me. The transaction went great..... good comms, very reasonable discussion and a prompt payer. Highly recommended.
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