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  1. Bought a ToneStyler and a fancy P-bass harness (forgot its proper name) from Martyn. Ideal to deal with and good comms throughout......... highly recommended.
  2. God answer 🙂 I run my bass through guitar valve amps (they sound great)....... put it in both groups 🙂
  3. I bought an EDS Valve Drive DI from Ben. All went through swimmingly..... good fast comms, easy payment and received within a day of posting. Great packaging too and highly recommended.
  4. Jeff bought a Sterling Classic 4 from me recently. Good comms throughout, very pleasant and prompt payment. Highly recommended.
  5. There was a queue....... first person in the queue had first option on it and took it 🙂
  6. Music Man Sterling Classic 4 in great condition complete with original Musc Man hard case........ Free Postage if needed (UPS Next Day.... not Hermes). The body at the neck pocket is dated Apr 2011. Lovely gloss ash body with a great grain and the neck is a great gloss 'birdseye' maple (see pics) and a rosewood neck. Please excuse the reflections in the pics, but it's a nightmare to photo in bright sunlight. For the weight fans..... it weighs in at 8lbs 14 oz or a smidge over 4kg. Don't see many of these around for whatever reason but I believe it was discontinued, so no idea if it's even reasonably priced, although the last one I saw for sale (in here) was at a higher price. I've had this a while now but never used it really and never been used at a gig, but having said that I'm still in two minds about selling it. I'm more of a passive Precision type these days so it seems a waste to have it sat there doing nothing when someone else could likely benefit from it. It's had a nut replacement in the past to a bone nutn and ot long ago set up with Rotosound 100-40 Stainless Steel Rounds fitted. These are a bit different to the usual MM Sterlings in that it doesn't have the selector switch or control plate and is based more along the lines of 'old style' models being 2EQ with the controls being Vol-Treb-Bass but with no centre detents. Maybe better off watching these reviews of it:
  7. Bought a Lollar P-Bass pickup from Ander and even though Royal Mail lost it for a month it finally arrived. Good comms throughout.
  8. Some advice for sellers mainly of smaller items........ Pay the extra couple of quid to send items with some form of tracking so you can at least see if it gets delivered or maybe where it currently is (pass the cost on to the buyer or at least offer it). Royal Mail 1st Class Large Letter is just that, a letter with no tracking and only offers £20 compensation assuming RM agree to pay it. 1st Signed For at least tracks at each end with £50 comp and Sepcial Delivery tracks all through the system and is several hundred quid comp I think. Other couriers will offer tracking for the same reasons. If a buyer says it was never received, got their money back direct or via PayPal Buyer Protection and there's no tracking, then no one will ever know if they did receive it on time or even if it turned up later than expacted. Even the basic 'Signed For' lets you know if it was received....... and then maybe even a name. It's great having good positive feedback for buyers to have a looksee at, but once posted your package is at the mercy of the Royal Mail or some other courier 🙂
  9. Mark bought a Fender Standard Series PPrecision pickup from me after he posted in the 'Items Wanted' forum. Fast comms, easy to deal with and a fast payer........... highly recommended.
  10. Stu bought a set of SChaller BMFs from me. Great prompt comms and a pleasure to deal with........ Highly recommended.
  11. Rhys bought a Bacchus Craft bass from me. Great comms and a pleasure to deal with. Highly recommended.
  12. An Empress Bass Compressor in excellent 'as new' condition complete with original box and paperwork........ all in a lovely sparkly blue! No velcro on the bottom and just the little rubber feet that came with it. Only selling as I'm going 'mini-pedals' and to be honest it's a bit wasted on me, so deserves an owner who'll use it properly. Free postage (not Hermes) and I think these go for about £270 new so grab a bargain. No power suply as it didn't come with one and I ran it off a power brick.
  13. Shepster8316


    Simon bought a Squier 70s CV Precision from me recently. Good comms throughout with a simple, smooth and easy transaction in there also. Highly recommended.
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