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  1. Passive at 34" scale. Other controls? Here we go: The large toggle-switch is the pickup selector - Neck/Both/Bridge. Stack control (near centre) - Neck pickup Vol & Tone. Stack control (near bridge) - Bridge pickup Vol & Tone. The mini-toggle switches are for each pickup for what Aria called their 'Dual Sound', but known to us as Series/Parallel. My understanding is that if the pickup selector is in the central position (both pickups) then only one of the 'Dual Sound' mini toggle-switches will operate affecting both pickups........ but I may be wrong and open to input from those with better Aria knowledge (I'm a Precision man normally, so not many controls to worry about) 🙂
  2. Here's the weight (heavier than I thought, but with great sound comes great weight it seems with ash): 4.7kg or 10lb 3oz.
  3. There's no constantly same weight for these (they seemed a bit random in weight), but will pop in here when I weigh it.
  4. I'm not with it at present, so will weigh it later when in. Something makes me recall it was 9lb and a few ounces. That's the late 70s ash versions for you 🙂
  5. 1978 Fender Precision. This is the A-Neck model, so has the Jazz type neck (38mm) and ideal for those without the chubby fingers or don't like the wider neck, but want a Precision. It's not after market before anyone asks, as they made a few of these in the late 70s. Obviously, it might say 78 on the head-stock Ser No, but we all know Fender bits could lay about for a while before being assembled, so could be between Dec 77 to later. I've found the neck stamp is the best thing to go by for when it was assembled and the stamp here shows 79 (last but one digit). The Fender spotters among us will also work out the model, neck, month, year and day of the week the chap assembled it 🙂 Ash body, so a heavier than 60s & early 70s alder versions, but sounds great and 'growly'. Has the usual marks and dinks you'd expect from a 42-year old bass that been used as intended. Weight is 4.7kg or 10lb 3oz, whichever system you prefer. It seems that with great sound you pay the price with great weight, but that's what you get with ash 🙂 All original, frets in good order, truss rod ok, but paintwork has gone a bit 'milky' and thin in places with wear (tried to show in the pics). Recently set up with 105-45 rounds and comes with a Hiscox Hard Case. Happy to post at buyers expense and risk. No daft offers please, as not desperate to sell it, and not too fussed about trades....... but you never know.
  6. TecAmp BONAFIDE complete with original case and footswitch. Basically it's 2 x Pumas in one box 🙂 Just not being used, hence the price. No daft offers please, as it's reasonable priced already. Happy to post at buyers expense.
  7. Aria Pro II SB Special-II in good nick considering it's from 1984, or at least I think it is looking at the serial No (first digit) ....... It's not a 74 or 94 model before someone points out they recycled Ser Nos every ten years). Usual scratches and marks that you'd expect to find on a bass this age. If you're one of those who for some reason only buys immaculate condition basses that have never been played or out the house, then this isn't for you 🙂 Plays great with all the electronics and switches working as they should. Recently set up with Roto SS Rounds and the colour of it meant lots of reflections 🙂 These were made out of ash from what I understand, so not lightweight 🙂 No daft offers please, as I'm not desperate to sell, and happy to post it at your cost in an old gig-bag in a guitar transit box
  8. A pair of Hartke HD112 HyDrives in great nick. I think these are about £350-ish new, so grab a bargain. Nice and punchy, as you'd expect from Hartke, 300W with switchable 4/8 Ohms each. No daft offers please, it's already effectively 'buy one get one free'
  9. TecAmp BONAFIDE bass amp in good condition complete with its foot-switch and carry case (see pics). In full working order, although I did give the controls a spray with contact cleaner, as one of the master vol controls had a bit of crackle. Great amps (effectively 2 x Pumas in one box!), but no longer using it for what I needed it for. Just need the one channel now for one bass, so it seems I have gone an amp too far. Happy to post at buyers cost obviously. Happy for PayPal too, but if Goods & Services I'll sadly have to pass on PayPal's pound of flesh they take from me in commission, which I'm sure you understand.
  10. Recommend 100%. Good prompt communications, easy transaction, asked sensible questions and prompt payment. Top bloke.
  11. Peavey MiniMAX 500. Used, but only light use and has a scratch on the top (see pic). Still with the original carry case and box and a fair price I reckon, so probably a bargain for someone, as they're about at the £300 now. Only selling, as I've moved to a combo, but I'll miss the tuner on the front to be honest (I wish more makers included tuners 🙂 ) Happy to post, which will be about a tenner. No daft offers though.
  12. Still for sale, but took the pics off as it's living with Bass Direct at the moment. Interested? I can send you pics if you PM me your email. Regards,
  13. Ashdown RM-110, 250w, 8ohm, 1x10" bass cab. In great condition, as it was only used indoors with a small Trace head. Price includes UK postage 🙂
  14. 1979 Yamaha Pulser Bass 400. In pretty good nick for a 40-year old bass. I had to to some extensive cleaning on it when I acquired it a while back, as it looked like it had been living in someone's garage (very grimy). The jack has been replaced this year along with the wiring - The jack became intermittent, even after cleaning, and the wiring has also been replaced (breaking), although the pots remain original. There are an extra few original screws that come with it, but for the life of me I can't recall where they came from on the bass (pickup screws maybe). Currently has flats on it. Weighs 7.9lb and is 40mm at the nut. Original pickups and wiring on those, which connect to the new loom with a solderless fitting. Comes in an old Sandberg gig-bag, but still has the old brown soft bag (see pic).
  15. USA Fender 'Hot Rod' Bass from 2000/2002 in sunset orange transparent. Shows the wood grain under the finish and in fantastic condition with all its bits and covers, except for the original case sadly, which I've never had, so comes in a Fender gig-bag it currently lives in. Weighs 9lb and is 42mm at the nut (1-5/8"). An odd original bridge too (see pic), so you can fiddle about with the string spacing.
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