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  1. Weighs in at 4.4kg (9.75ib). No cracks, dents, chips, dings, but has was my gig and practice bass prior to lockdown, so has some very light marks on the lacquer that are visible in the right light (problem with glossy black basses). The scratchplate has the usual marks on it you'd expect from gig and practice use - I'm a plectrum player who learnt to play listening to JJ Burnel, so give it some at times...... but that's what a scratchplate is for (might have a vintage white/off-white scratchplate too that doesn't show marks as much as the black one and can lob that in too).
  2. Am I missing something on this super bargain.......... I can't believe it's not been snapped up 😉 And to 'chum the waters' the postage is very reasonable too! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1977-TRAVIS-BEAN-TB-4000-BASS-made-in-USA-as-used-by-PIL/174537717193?hash=item28a34235c9:g:GvEAAOSwI9xfBM6L
  3. Squier Contempory Active Jazz Bass in a mat black finish, which seems to have the ability to show up even a fingerprint 🙂 Has had a set up and has black Rotosound Nexus roundwounds. These are unusual things, but great fun as they are a bit Jazz and a bit Precision in sound. They play and sound great really. They usually have a plain unfinished neck, however during a massive bout of boredom in the big lockdown (self-employed) and as a former sprayer before my Army days I decided to refinish it in vintage tinted lacquer 🙂 Looks better I think and I don't have a problem whether a neck has a satin finish or a lacquered on. Happy to post in these unusual times, or can be collected from the doorstep 🙂
  4. G&L Tribute JB-2 in Sonic Blue, although the pics seem to make it look more white. Had a recent set up too and has roundwounds on it. It has a mark on it near the controls which was a whack that damaged the layers of paint and lacquer. I did a patch-up job to stop it getting worse, but seems to have done the job. The repair looks more 'stand-out' in the pics given the sonic blue comes across as more white (it looks better in person...... honest). You could always get a repair done properly once these weird times go back to normal. Other than that, it's mark free. If you're one of those who love a pristine bass, of which I'm not one, then maybe not for you 🙂 Happy to post in these odd times, or feel free to collect from the doorstep.
  5. The newer version of the Sterling Ray 34 with the roasted maple neck. I've changed the pickup to a Seymour Duncan SMB-4D, but no idea what I did with the stock one. Comes with the stock gig-bag (in the pics) and recently had a set up with roundwounds. Only selling as I have a MM Stingray Classic, so this doesn't get used anymore. Been used and has a few expected marks on it, but mainly on the scratchplate etc as you'd expect. Happy to post in these unusual times, but doorstep collection isn't an issue either. These seem to be over £850 new, so priced to sell 🙂
  6. Bought a gig-bag from Chris. Simple, straight forward and smooth transaction........ helped by the fact he was only a few mils away 🙂
  7. I bought a G&L Tribute LB-100 from Keir. it was as described and at a reasonable price. Good comms and assisted in having my courier collect from his. Excellent and highly recommended.
  8. Rich bought an Ashdown cab from me. Good comms and prompt payment followed by a service station car park meet up. Excellent, thanks.
  9. Ashdown ABM 408 NEO, now discontinued. In good condition with just one slight dink on the grill..... but that's what the grill is for I suppose. Just don't use it any more and taking up space, hence the sale. Comes with a fitted Roqsolid padded cover. 22kg 60.3cm x 46.5cm x 33cm ........ But here's the Ashdown info on it: https://ashdownmusic.com/products/abm-408-neo
  10. Adam recently bought a pedal from me. Very good comms, fair, no fuss and a prompt payer. Excellent to deal with.
  11. Toneknob bought a pedal from me and it was a nice easy transaction with prompt payment. Excellent to deal with.
  12. Looks like you've been busy. I popped some more stuff in the post for you this morning that may be of use...... an assortment of pickups (P & J) along with a bag of pots, looms and bits of looms. If no use feel free to pass them on to someone else...... or lob them in the bin 🙂
  13. Seymour Duncan SJB-2B J-bass pickup for the Bridge position. Hotter than the SJB-1, so a slightly different tone. Unused and still in its bag, in the box and with screws. No idea why I have this other than I bought the wrong one and missed the deadline to return/swap. £45 includes posted 1st Signed For.
  14. I'm in no rush to sell it, so it may well be.
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