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  1. I've been toying with the idea of fretless, this could be a very tempting option
  2. Yes I only just learnt about Favourites today! And SNAPSHOTS - why I didn't know about them before I don't know, but they are seriously useful.
  3. Miles away .. makes me think somethings not quite right with the import perhaps. My helix doesn't seem to respond in the same way his does which could be a playing style thing.
  4. tried it, sounded nothing like how it does on the Video - at least for me. And thus is the problem with using other peoples patches, different gear, different playing styles, different results.
  5. Synth Bass Funky Duck - Helixpresets (sellfy.com) $3 advertising as working for all Helix units. think I'll get it myself.
  6. 1 of his patches, funky duck, is available for all Helix units. I think it's Around $6 dollars. The links are in the Youtube video description. I was quite tempted by it just to see how he's setting up his patches.
  7. After posting I watched one of Chad's other videos. In this one he goes into more detail on how he produced the sound The new polyphonic stuff is looking good. I was previous using the Legacy Octave patch in my synth patches but I'm updating that with the polyphonic modules as they give a better synthy tone. I've also changed my fuzz of choice to the Xenomorphic fuzz (again an idea taken from @bassfan) as you can change the wave shape which lends it's self nicely to creating synth patches. The only issue with the Polyphonic modules is the amount of DSP they need. I did have to move to Simple Pitch for one of my boards as there wasn't enough DSP for the Poly modules.
  8. Checked out Dr Tone this evening but didn't really rate his Synth sounds... This guy however - much more the sort of thing I am after https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7lz02CvQ42U&ab_channel=ChadCarouthers Also this guy is using a HX FX in this video for some of his synth effects Scott's Bass Lessons - Top 10 Synth Bass Lines (But it's not Scott!)
  9. haha, actually I have to say I've got something working I kind of like on the Helix using one of the new Poly patches. I was looking at some of the information @bassfan sent me and saw he had a Blinding Lights patch, my drummer also mentioned that song as he saw it in some Rick Beato video so thought I'd give it a listen and it sent me off, once again , on trying to get an Octavey / Synthy patch going (seriously I should just sell my basses and buy some keys). I do think I'll end up giving the OC-5 a go, @Al Krow if you see one pop up on a black Friday offer let me know.
  10. I spent lunch reading that thread and watching the demo's. Trying to convince myself I have the Helix and don't need the OC-5.
  11. Yeah,been discussed many times. Perhaps I just bought the wrong multi-fx since it is synths and filters I'm reaching for most these days - and I'm gassing for an OC-2 type octave
  12. Honestly I wasn't trying to enter the broader discussion about bedroom vs. gigging basses other than a genuine interest to see who is using a Helix is a working situation. For me Multi-FX have always been something I've had to play around with at home for fun, and to try and different sounds and FX out as a precursor to buying the few dedicated pedals I need to playing in a band setting. Previous Boss and Zoom units I had I always found the quality lacking when it came to playing with a band (or maybe I just didn't know how to use them properly back then) or I find the interfaces (especially Zoom) were too difficult to adjust on the fly without significant time and effort. With my Helix I did try using it at rehearsal a couple of times but the Filter settings I were using just got completely lost in the mix. Then we went into lockdown and I've not had an opportunity since. I was just curious to understand if other uses were finding the quality sufficient enough to replace their full pedal boards on live gigs.
  13. I used the same update approach and completely missed that although the HX FX unit was updated to 3 HX Edit remained on 2.92. Thanks for posting this I'm now downloading HX Edit 3.00
  14. nooo, I'm too old for Facebook. Social Media died along with MySpace for me
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