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  1. I've tried loads of DI pedals since I started this thread. Sold them all on, a mix of them not really working for me and perhaps me not really knowing what to do with them. During lock down I wanted to do some recording so picked up a Tech21 Sansamp Bass Driver from GAK when I was in Brighton. Such as solid pedal, sounds great direct into my audio interface. The SVT and Bassman presets are both brilliant starting points for a couple of very usable sounds. Looking forward to a rehearsal and trying it in front of my Markbass to give it a bit more life.
  2. Great video, thanks Stew!
  3. New singer and new band name? This thread should keep us going for the next few months!! I am bummed for you though, absolutely nightmare!
  4. And I thought you guys had made up! Anyway, seems like this was on the cards for a while and he didn't seek to be very constructive so it's probably for the best in the long run. What's the plan - audition for someone new or go with session singers
  5. Fantastic - looking forward to EP #2!!
  6. @Giacomo - can you do a shot of the full fretboard please? I love PRS inlay designs and am curious to what's on this bass.
  7. Bass - Sadowsky 4 string Jazz JJ or PJ in Dark Lake Placid Blue Amp Head - Ashdown CTM 200
  8. Thanks for the advice. I'm using Cubase Elements so it doesn't have all of the plugins available in Artist or the full version; such as a multi band compressor or saturation. But 10.5 now includes the full reverb plugin which is cool. To your point, apart from the multi band compressor, the plugins I've gone for model vintage emulation. I'm loving the SSL4000 bundle!! I'm also tempted by the Abbey Road Plates Reverb by Waves too.
  9. It was a genuine pleasure!
  10. Good tempo that, I see where he's coming from. Also you're a funk band, so the progression is I - IV. Get him to pick a key (I assume he has limited range so it'll be one of the 3 he's comfortable with) and boom you've got yourself a song 😁
  11. Please repost when you do .. I've become emotionally invested in the fate of the602. In fact you should post all 22 ideas, we'll help sort the wheat from the chaff 👍 What happened with Mike "Klinghoffer" Auditionee ?? I'd throw him the track see if he'd add some guitar on top for you #TeamMike.
  12. I don't have many gig stories but my first gig was actually a charity fund raiser the wife of the BL organised. Sell out show, 200 people, in a small venue in the cente of town. We were headline act (the band was established before I joined).. I got go the venue early to set up, chose my spot on stage - right behind the big Front of House speaker system so I was mostly hidden from view - was feeling pretty happy about that and was helping with nerves. Performance time came round and since we were the largest band playing as a 6 piece the sound engineer decided we needed more space. I had not realised the speakers were on wheels and he just wheeled them out of the way - so there I was, now fully exposed to all right at the front of the stage. It was such a massive high playing that gig but rather than getting easier the nerves just got worse with each one we played.
  13. Lots of good advise here and a few good comments about #1 and the nerves. That being said I'm a person who suffers from anxiety, I get super nervous at auditions and suffer significantly from stage fright. Check this with number 1, has he gigged before, is it something he enjoys doing? If this is something you'll be doing you need to make sure he's on the same page else he'll hold you back. I would get so nervous about performing it would suck all of the enjoyment away. I was hesitant to commit to gigs and wasnt enthusiastic about it with the others which probably held us back. I'm at a point now that as much as I'd love to be in a serious band I can't see myself doing it again.
  14. @AndyTravis - it certainly seems like the602 are going through it right now. In contrast to @Dad3353 I quite liked the Demo you posted in the Auditions thread. Taking it for it is, an idea / demo to build on I thought it was great - you said previously that you've been the primary song writer so I'm sure the guys are used to you throwing ideas out like this. If I was in your band having 20+ ideas to work from would be great - In amongst all of that surely getting it down to 4 or 5 ideas with legs would be possible. You don't strike me as some one who wouldn't be open to hearing suggestions on how they can be adapted to work in a full band setting i.e. if the singer wanting some space for the vocals or the guitarist wanted you to pull back a little to give some more room for the guitar. This seems to be the problem - sounds like he's got one foot out of the door. Has he indicated to you guys what direction he does want to go in? If not then I'd find this very frustrating - if he's not been open and sharing his thoughts / ideas about where the 2nd EP should go then it sounds like he's not being a particularly collaborative member of the band. Good luck Andy, I hope you guys manage to work through this!
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