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  1. Pair of black HS5 studio monitors, original boxes included along with power cables (no speaker cables). Isolation pads also thrown in. Condition is very good with just a few blemishes to the finish. Collection preferred due to weight but postage could be arranged at buyers expense.
  2. Razer blackwidow lite mechanical gaming keyboard, white Back lighting. Razer Deathadder v2 mini wired mouse - RGB lighting for the logo both in excellent condition. Have moved to MacOS and these are better with Windows based PC’s £70 posted to the UK
  3. My resolve has been tested more than once 😁
  4. Well I made it through Jan, just!
  5. In excellent condition, price includes shipping to an UK address. I bought this for a specific project where I needed to be able to record in stereo, however that's now finished and I'd rather go back to a smaller foot print single input AI which is all I need for some home recording. It's a fantastic device, you can find the full specification on the solid state logic website: https://www.solidstatelogic.com/products/ssl2
  6. I play an Ibanez Portamento fretless. The front of the fingerboard is unlined but along the top edge it has dot markers and fret lines. As a fretless beginner it would be a much harder learning curve for me if I didn't have the markers, especially when playing above the 10th fret. I bought a fretless as I wanted to get close to a double bass sound without having an actual double bass. As mentioned above, you can get away with it on a jazz gig, the piezo pickup and flat wounds strings get me as close as I'm going to get with an electric bass.
  7. Me too, despite the efforts of others on this thread who have highlighted more than one item in the classifies to me.
  8. Christian popped round early morning to pick up an Epifani cab from me! Thanks for being so flexible on the timing, I really appreciated that - he's a lovely guy and all went smoothly. I'd absolutely buy and sell with @CJPJ again in the future!
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