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  1. I've just started to use Reverb lately, I bought a couple of things in the past month or so. Experience generally positive , although I was a little disappointed with the condition of one of the items. The feedback system on Reverb still seems to mean something. Not tried selling yet as I've been squeezing the last few £1 max fees from eBay. How Reverb fees / terms compare to the new eBay fees?
  2. I've not looked into it too much yet but I believe if you plug into the Direct Out of the OC-5 you split the Octave and Dry signals across the two outputs like with the OC-3. And like you say above I'm thinking you could take the Octave out and feed that into Input of the LS-2 and and the Dry feed into input A. Then you should be able to switch between bypass which would be Octave only and A+B Mix which would be Octave and Dry. I do believe it will require a jack between Send and Return on the A line looking at the instructions for the LS-2.
  3. You are no doubt correct, and no doubt why they didn't release one and just went with the OC-5 😃. But if they ever did do an OC-2w I would be one of the minority interested and would likely buy - and looking at what they did with the tuner, the TU-3W which as you pointed out is equally pointless, perhaps there is hope for us few 😁.
  4. It's not so much about additions, rather having the OC-2 reissued in it's original form (with the improved tracking of the OC-5 and ability to split Octave and Dry across the two outputs) made in Japan and without the Polyphonic mode which doesn't interest me. Though I suspect if they ever did it it would cost significantly more than the OC-5 does and availability would be no better.
  5. I do wish / hope Boss would stop messing us bassists around though and just launch a OC-2 Waza edition.
  6. You know I was heavily considering ordering Octabvre MKIII for exactly that reason, the dry kill switch. Does the MKII have it, BD seem to have them in stock? Though I could probably solve the problem with an LS-2
  7. Man I really want one of these - the OC-2 Classic sound is exactly what I'm looking for.
  8. Lockdown is easing and restrictions lifting so new price and a bump to get this bass moving to a new home.
  9. Haha - I was looking for the same thing on YT
  10. Cabinet sold via eBay. Head still available for £400.
  11. I've got a few Waves plugins already and they are pretty good. Looks like there's a demo I can download and try tomorrow.
  12. Thanks for this - I will give this one a go tomorrow!
  13. Looking for something to create backing tracks for myself .. jazz standards chords and melodies. I want something a little better than Steinberg's Halion's Offering but I don't want to pay a fortune for one, ideally less than £50 but would stretch to £75. Anyone tried the Garriton's Abbey Road CFX Lite or XLN's Addictive Keys?
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