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  1. Hmmm ... what a coincidence. Been eyeing up these exact cabs (potentially paired with an Aguilar head too) as an upgrade up from a combo up to a grown up (albeit not for gigging) rig. Interested to hear any experiences with these. 👀
  2. Cheers for such a detailed reply ... very much appreciated 👍🏻. I think you might’ve just nudged me a little further along to making an order.
  3. Nice thread this ... interesting to see the meandering down the Ibanez route I seem to be wandering too. Personally I’ve been thinking I’d veer toward a lined fingerboard, but this looks a beauty & I’ve heard good things about the bridge piezo pickups. How does it play? (& did you manage to swerve those brexit import customs fee’s - Bax have great prices but easy to get caught out)
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