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  1. Guitar & Bass + guitarist along with Rhythm mags on hold
  2. Here are a bunch of mags which will keep 'most' of the band happy - could be a nice present from you - ha ha x Free to collect - will not post (to heavy, bulky, cost ineffective)...will keep until 12 Dec then there in the bin - I have advertised them elsewhere Located on the South Coast just east of Portsmouth - come get them x8 Sound on Sound Jan 2017 - Jan 2018 x8 Music Tec March 2017 - Nov 2018 x12 Guitar & Bass May 2016 - July 2017 x5 Guitarist Sept 2017 - May 2018 Guitarist 'Gear of the Year' 2016 & 2017 x9 Rhythm 2016 x5 Rhythm 2017 x10 Rhythm 2018 x4 Rhythm Jan - April 2109
  3. I have two of these (big & small) and they are well worth the money, even the guitarist in one of the bands I play in gigs with one - this is a steal at this price
  4. still here and waiting for you to buy it.....
  5. Hi Rob, Glad you like the amp as I have always thought it was a good one. Ref pedals - I haven't got those two but I may put a few up for sale in the coming months - keep an eye out Best wishes Pete
  6. I had the 3500 and 5500 (recently sold) - both excellent amps with lots of nice features - very under rated and good value in todays market - this one looks in tip top condition too
  7. Hi Rob, Yes, the amps still here Thanks Pete
  8. 11/10/19 - still here for 10 days I have been persuaded (by my good lady in her eyes of recycling gods) to hang on to the bag and still offer it to a good home whilst she is on holiday with her sister. However, she dose not want it here on her return or it will be in the bin - come and get it...PLEASE!!!!
  9. Hi Twanger, I couldn't have put it better myself (but, ah the Mrs...yup they have their views). I agree with your point about authority as my 61 P bass sounds wonderful through this. After 40yrs of playing I have accumulated around 20 amps that I need to slim down and this is one of two up for sale at present. I'll give it another week to sell then i'll pop it on Gumtree and evil bay.
  10. Tuesday early October bump - Now 80 quid without the case
  11. ….and they still are Twanger (thanks for your comment) ... shame others are not aware
  12. Still here - offer me your best price.....
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