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  1. I bought a second hand Emenince EUB about a year ago and then a KK - love them both for different reasons......The Emenince for the playability, overall sound (its ALL wood - bracing/bar with the flame maple veneer on the back n sides) and the KK for sound and its looks - if your looking to play for the next 5-10 years plus, then forget the price and invest now - good luck
  2. I clicked on the link but no picture load....
  3. wow - what a lovely piece of furniture that would make...can see it as my new coffee table - it only it was 5.9K less...i'll carry on dreaming
  4. Garfo - Paul at the Cow shed IS WAL these days.....he is the man to go to...I believe the pots are German - good luck
  5. Depending on what you want - budget/originality, etc - Spitfire in the States are brilliant but expensive - they come up on google- I bought one for a 60s bass - blown away with the result
  6. Contact Paul at the 'Cow Shed' - - really lovely and decent guy will look after you ...
  7. I prefer to Wet n Dry the back of my necks - using various grades of sandpaper to get a silky finish ( wire/steel wool can break off and get everywhere round the bass...esp the magnets on your pickups) ....You can buy micromesh = brilliant stuff - online from ebay/Robert Dyas, etc...… Birchwood Casey Gun Stock Wax is a great finisher, but read the instructions, use a cloth or your finger (NOT a brush) layer by thin layer till you get it to where you want.... you can rub down in between applications too....but there must be a wood oil sealer which you can apply like the Stingray MusicMan basses use......
  8. ...also bought from 'Honest Johns' in Chichester....shame he is no longer with us
  9. This reminds me of my first 'real' bass (after a fireglow Hondo II Ricky copy) which was an 8-string natural version of this.....I played mine with only 4 strings for a few years.... and was a little neck heavy - not surprising....hey-ho the things you do in your teens
  10. I was lucky to purchase an original Redhead combo in 1996 and paired it with various 2 x10s (Peavey then a SWR) fantastic sound so useable regardless of bass type/quality or active/passive bass - wonderful price too - someone's gonna be lucky
  11. If I was in need of a back up to mine I'd be all over this and it would be mine by now.....but they are SO well made that although i'm tempted the funds would be better spent elsewhere
  12. The bigger picture examples are toenail clippers ….but will still work fine …...get on Amazon and buy a set for £2.99 in a leather pouch,,,,stick them in your car of guitar bag and you'll be fine
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