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  1. Hi Rob, Yes, the amps still here Thanks Pete
  2. 11/10/19 - still here for 10 days I have been persuaded (by my good lady in her eyes of recycling gods) to hang on to the bag and still offer it to a good home whilst she is on holiday with her sister. However, she dose not want it here on her return or it will be in the bin - come and get it...PLEASE!!!!
  3. Hi Twanger, I couldn't have put it better myself (but, ah the Mrs...yup they have their views). I agree with your point about authority as my 61 P bass sounds wonderful through this. After 40yrs of playing I have accumulated around 20 amps that I need to slim down and this is one of two up for sale at present. I'll give it another week to sell then i'll pop it on Gumtree and evil bay.
  4. Tuesday early October bump - Now 80 quid without the case
  5. ….and they still are Twanger (thanks for your comment) ... shame others are not aware
  6. Still here - offer me your best price.....
  7. Here we have a Hartke HA5000 (250 watts + 250 watts) amp, racked in a Spider (Flightcase Warehouse) New Old Stock flight bag. (The 250w + 250w basically means that there are two speaker outputs which feed a max of 250w down each spk cable to the speakers.) At the said price it comes complete with the 3U bag (in excellent condition), rack ears, screws and is PAT tested September 2019. The flip side - I purchased this about 8 years ago as a back-up amp and foolishly did not rack it hence two of the lights on the graphic EQ got caught on something and do not work. The 'Crossover Balance' knob shaft has also come off - but does still work with a pair of plyers if you feel the need to adjust it. I am located on the south coast just east of Portsmouth. At this stage only a cash deal and buyer collects.
  8. Located just east of Portsmouth near the coastal town of Emsworth…..I believe this to be a 1980s combo - but open to correction. I bought this from an 'olde boy' about 5 years ago who was mainly a guitarist but played some bass. I have used it as a practise amp since and so have never cranked it up. The amp, speaker and wheels all function as they should. I have tidied the tolex up the best I can but it is from the 80's = 'roadworn'. I had it PAT tested last Thursday 13/9/19 (along with all my gigging gear) and a rather shabby worn cover comes as a freebee to the eventual buyer. You are welcome to come and test it. Like most 80s equipment - Its heavy so won't ship, buyer collects. I make a lovely cuppa tea/coffee or maybe another type of drink...I'm asking £100.00
  9. I have just purchased a new 3/4 bag and its on its way, hence I need to sell this one. It has served me well for the last few years but to be honest 99% of the wear was from its previous owner. It functions well although there are some gaffer tape patches on the bag. I have thrown two bridges in as well. Located just east of Portsmouth near the coastal town of Emsworth. Update - my new bag has arrived and so as this has not sold I am offering it for free - first come first served approach - if its still here by next Monday (30/9/19) its heading for the wheelie bin double bass_bag_pics.zip
  10. Hi, Please may I take 'Approaching the Standards' from you Thanks Pete
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