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  1. Thanks for your messages - all seems well and it appears that although there 'could' have been a knock or a humidity issue the wrong type of glue seems to point to the answer
  2. The luther called me when I got home and said that a white glue was on the neck - he said the wrong glue had previously been applied (must of had a previous repair as its a mid 1970s German Bass). When I arrived he was warming the glue up on the stove - I pick it up tomorrow so I'll let you know.
  3. I now know what it feels like to be a gob iron player or a triangle ist on a gig - ha ha
  4. Once a month a play a Jazz gig on electric but I decided to double up and take my upright. I packed the bass up carefully as normal into its newish cover and placed it into the estate (securing it in place). Drove to the venue and careful took it out. Carried it over the uneven ground and then wheeled it on the smoother surface to the doors of the venue and carried it up the stairs. Once on the stage I unzipped the case to find that the fingerboard had completely come away from the neck and was just lying in the case.....ummm bummer (lucky I brought the electric). About a year ago I had a local luther did some work on it including fixing a new wheeled bridge, sound post, new strings and 'shoot' (levelled) the fingerboard (he didn't take the fingerboard off to do this). Questiion - although I haven't knocked it, use a humidifier in my room, (and monitor this - usually reads between 45% - 50%), have a dampit and various containers of water in the room - is this a normal thing to happen?
  5. I purchased a Kala about a month ago. Played it a bit at home to get used to the string spacing (left& right hands) and gigged it last Friday night in a jazz quartet I often play in. At first they laughed at it but they soon changed their minds once they heard it through my AER = a bit hit and they want me to play it more....I could have been smug and said 'told you so' but thought better and just smiled to myself...
  6. I've tried to PM you several times, I just get a message..... 'P J-Bassist is not receiving messages'
  7. Hi, Do yo still have the Q Strip for sale?
  8. Guitar & Bass + guitarist along with Rhythm mags on hold
  9. Here are a bunch of mags which will keep 'most' of the band happy - could be a nice present from you - ha ha x Free to collect - will not post (to heavy, bulky, cost ineffective)...will keep until 12 Dec then there in the bin - I have advertised them elsewhere Located on the South Coast just east of Portsmouth - come get them x8 Sound on Sound Jan 2017 - Jan 2018 x8 Music Tec March 2017 - Nov 2018 x12 Guitar & Bass May 2016 - July 2017 x5 Guitarist Sept 2017 - May 2018 Guitarist 'Gear of the Year' 2016 & 2017 x9 Rhythm 2016 x5 Rhythm 2017 x10 Rhythm 2018 x4 Rhythm Jan - April 2109
  10. I have two of these (big & small) and they are well worth the money, even the guitarist in one of the bands I play in gigs with one - this is a steal at this price
  11. still here and waiting for you to buy it.....
  12. Hi Rob, Glad you like the amp as I have always thought it was a good one. Ref pedals - I haven't got those two but I may put a few up for sale in the coming months - keep an eye out Best wishes Pete
  13. I had the 3500 and 5500 (recently sold) - both excellent amps with lots of nice features - very under rated and good value in todays market - this one looks in tip top condition too
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