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  1. the type of writing I want to do on a chord chart is - chord subs, what key a piece is in (charts can change - lots), words like scale choices and general notes to myself - I understand that this can be done with an I-pen (it's about 100 quid) its just finding the correct programme and a tutorial on how to use it
  2. Hi Stew, Thanks for your reply - i'll check Musescore out. I heard someone sometime ago talk using an apple I-pen and another programme, where you dump the chord chart into it and can annotate it using the pen on the screen, but i'm stumped as to what to do next . I don't have a problem with notation only the technology, ipen and using a programe
  3. Like the drum shield - more drummers/bands should use them = it'll save everyones hearing in the long run
  4. I'm at a stage where I need to write some notes for myself on ireal charts and wondered if anyone could shed any light on how I would go about it - thanks
  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  6. I have just purchased a secondhand copy of Jon Liebman's Blues Bass - The Complete Method (part of the Bass Builders series). Although it was advertised with the CD - it didn't arrive with it (long story wont bore you). Rather than send it back I was wondering if anyone had a copy they could burn off for me - happy to pay for services (CD, postage, time etc) - thanks for reading- Pete
  7. Petey

    Ampeg SVT-VR

    I bought mine second hand from Bass Direct about 5 years ago and love it - it was almost brand new. It has a different sound to my 90s Classic and V4B heads - but IMHO a better tone. For me I am coming to the point where I will sell my Classic and use this one when a valve head is needed.
  8. I think the Hal Leonard Bass Builders are an excellent resource covering lots of different aspects of Bass Playing from Bass Fitness exercises upwards via Pentatonics, Fingerboard Harmony and different styles - praise to Ed Friedland, Jon Liebman and Gary Willis
  9. lol - and now you're tempting me even more - good on you - I pulled my back over the weekend and thankfully the chiropractors are open - i'm going again tomorrow (Wednesday) and hopefully my driving skills will be better by the weekend. If its still here then i'll contact you with view to driving over
  10. I have the same bag - (i was so impressed I ordered another, a very dark brown one), both direct from Harvest in Germany = they'll out live me
  11. Shame its not the 'briefcase' model (mains & battery powered) as the money would be winging its way towards you as you read this - great preamps
  12. Thanks for your comments guys. A friend of mine (recently deceased) had a '64 strat that the same thing happened to him. He purchased a replacement (same material) from a guy over in Canada some years ago, but I think that he has had to stop trading reasons - as mention above....and he had the luthier screw his original onto a piece of wood to stop shrinkage - again as mentioned above. So, Spitfire seems the place to go - thanks again for your help and i'll contact them later this week Pete x
  13. I have a 1961 P-bass and the original scratch plate is doing the usual shrink and crack thing that they do. I was wondering if anyone knew of a company that offers a replacement fit and made from the same material - thanks x
  14. I've had one of these for about 12 years and they are SO lovely to play
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