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  1. Looks very similar to the one they had in GAK Brighton for a while - if so does play/sound very nice - good luck with the sale
  2. Petey

    Fishman Platinum ProEQ

    Hi, do you still have the pre amp for sale? Thanks Pete
  3. Hoffham arms (I think they call it) oppositie the Bingo Hall .....powerofthree.co.uk
  4. I have this amp too with some great Phillips valves - love it - not heavy at all. I used in on Friday night in Bognor with a Sadowsky Jazz through a Begantino 2 x12 = wonderful sound - buy it - you won't regret it.....
  5. So what you are saying then is - that you have had the pickguard 'modified' for easier truss rod adjustment....this in 'some peoples' view will devalue the originality of the instrument as the build was 'meant' to be based on the 1962 approach of that time ....
  6. i think what you have is a non original guard and it also looks like a route has been made in the body under the truss rod cavity on the guard - both these modifications would allow truss rod adjustment without need to take off neck ...yes, I totally agree
  7. I have one of these (AVRI - 20yrs old) and the scratch plate trussed area is much the same....IMHO its authentic of the era when the QC wasn't what a Custom Shop model would be in 2018
  8. Hi, Do you still have this lovely amp for sale? Thanks Pete
  9. Petey

    Fender jb62 CS

    Love it x
  10. Ok, how about 180.00 posted to West Sussex - let me know how you want to be paid Thanks Pete
  11. Hi, Do you still have this pre amp for sale - if so what is your best price posted within UK Thanks Pete
  12. Petey

    Fender Roadworn Jazz 3tsb SOLD

    Hi, Love the bass would be VERY interested in buying this from you Pete