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  1. Doesn't sound like the sort of thing any self respecting chap would get involved in, oh wait, @Cuzzie
  2. I never even new 'voice notes' was a thing.. Anyway I'm digging this collaboration - I'd buy (well stream) an album..
  3. An inspiration to us all! Well done sir
  4. I've been really digging Nick Campbell's tone recently
  5. @fleabag originnally posted this in the blown away by bass tone thread as an example of understated fretless goodness And another originally posted in that thread
  6. Well I guess I should find a new avatar since I'm currently using a Pearl Jam logo I found via Google. I wouldn't want @ped getting in trouble with the lawyers for allowing the use of it on his website, not after all that nasty Rickenbacker business!!
  7. I love that he kept Kermit.. I was watching one of his videos yesterday and I was like that's @ped's bass!!
  8. the problem with our conversation is that I now feel like I've not experienced enough and despite literally getting a new bass last week I'm browsing the For Sale section! My modest bass history Fender Jazz Black Top (MiM) Fender Precision Deluxe P/J Special (MiM) Ibanez GSR200 - my first, £60 off eBay. Ibanez SRF700 fretless Lakland 44-01, Spalted Maple finish - I still regret moving this on Mayones Jabba Standard 5 String MTD Kingston of some kind, I sent it back after receiving it as there were multiple finger prints in the paint finish Sandberg Cali II VS4 Sandberg Cali II VT4 Sandberg Cali I VM4 Shuker Jazz (Custom Build) Spector Legend of some kind, I took it back the day after getting it as the electronics were wired out of phase and the preamp seemed a bit buggy. Warwick Corvette GPS 5 String
  9. More Marcus Miller And some Alain Caron
  10. I've updated the original post - thanks for the information
  11. It hasn't been mentioned yet, and it's kind of a fretless standard More Japan
  12. I had not realised that until today!
  13. Feel free to pick that back up on this thread!
  14. Inspired by the Soul, Funk and Groove thread, post your favourite and inspirational fretless grooves and bass lines here. Kicking off with Jaco and Vic (although as noted below, the album version was played on a fretted instrument) Collaborative Spotify playlist: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/0GFfbIFeSQo8OF50gc2GmU?si=llhMWviBTca6jXlhdyrQXQ
  15. I've posted this in a few threads already but since it was the inspiration for getting this thread started I figured it would be wrong not to add it here. My first fretless bass, and like my very first fretted bass it's an Ibanez - full circle.
  16. It ended up being just over 700 GBP.
  17. Suprise visit from UPS this morning delivering my Ibanez.
  18. I'm in the club! Just had UPS deliver this
  19. Interesting observation of myself.  Looking back at old videos and pictures from gigs and jam nights over the past 5 years I realised I don't have any of those basses anymore, I do however still own all the shirts.

  20. Still waiting for the Ibanez to be delivered. Got a good price ordering from bax-shop.co.uk - however despite it being hosted on a UK domain it appears they are actually Dutch and the bass is being shipped from there. When I placed the order I selected UPS delivery for last Friday - clearly there website has not been updated to account for Brexit delays. Delivery was originally due to be today but now pushed back to Thursday -- over a week since I ordered it. Outrageous!!! It appears to be in the UK now so hopefully the date won't be moved again, fingers crossed.
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