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  1. I have the 900 version and can vouch that these amps are superb. Gigged mine last night with two 112s and the Gain switch engaged - just wonderful! More power than I needed so the 600 will definitely do the trick. Good luck with the sale.
  2. Great basses and very under-rated. Rare to find one with the original one-piece pickguard/control piece. Good luck with the sale.
  3. Vanderkley 410LNT bass cabinet

    Can't understand why this is still here. I had one of these and I must say it was an excellent cab and very light for a 4x10. Good luck with the sale!
  4. TRADED: Fender CS 1964 Jazz bass NOS

    I have one of these and can vouch that they are stunning basses. GLWTS
  5. 2006 Fender Jazz with S1 switch.

    Thanks. The link works fine.
  6. 2006 Fender Jazz with S1 switch.

    Can you post some pics please? The original ones must have been lost in the changeover to the new system.
  7. Looking for one of these either in Sunburst or black.
  8. Looking for one of these either in Sunburst or black.
  9. Lee-Man's Feedback

    Just bought an Aguilar GS212 from Lee. He's a great guy and very, very easy to deal with. Great comms, prompt on meeting up and had a great chat with him exchanging experiences. Deal with him with utmost confidence, a credit to Basschat.
  10. Need some Cab advice.

    I use two Vanderkley 112EXTs with my Genz Benz Streamliner900. They are great cabs and very light into the bargain.
  11. Feedback for andysg42

    Just sold my Vanderkley 410 cab to Andy in a completely hassle-free transaction. Andy is a great guy to deal with - great comms and prompt meet-up to hand over. A credit to Basschat, you can deal with him with absolute confidence. Great to meet you, Andy.
  12. Matamp GT200 V2 Head - All Tube Monster! - SOLD

    This used to be mine. I had it made for me by the guys at Matamp and I can vouch for it being an incredible amp with beautiful tonal options. These are hand made and the innards are a work of art. Good luck with the sale
  13. SOLD*** Vanderkley 410LNT + Cover **As New**

    Freezing cold day bump
  14. SOLD*** Vanderkley 410LNT + Cover **As New**

    Rainy day bump
  15. SOLD*** Vanderkley 410LNT + Cover **As New**

    Thanks James. They really are great with a wonderful tone. Unfortunately I just can't justify keeping it and having it sat there doing nothing