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  1. I have this keyboard with a faulty speaker. It has served us well over many years but one of the speakers has started distorting. It's taking up much-needed room so needs to go. Free to anyone that can collect it from Leeds. It says £1 but the system doesn't allow me to put a zero in the price field.
  2. Hi. What is the fingerboard material - rosewood?
  3. Sounds like you used to use this amp with your NV412. I had that exact same set up and it was absolutely killer.
  4. I used to have one of these cabs and it was absolutely brilliant. I used to get lots of compliments on my sound while using it. The sealed design makes a huge difference in my opinion. This is a great price too.
  5. This used to be my bass, although it had Lindy Fralin pick ups in it when I had it. Nevertheless I can say it's a beautiful bass - so much so that I was too scared to take it to gigs! 😨 Always have regretted selling it since - it's a great bass. Good luck with the sale.
  6. No problem. Keep up the good work! Have a great Xmas and a Happy New Year!
  7. Seems to have been sorted now, thanks. Sorry if I've caused any inconvenience.
  8. I tried to pay my annual subscription today but had a few difficulties. Because I couldn't remember my password I had to reset it. I'm doing this on Firefox and I have received a message to say my payment has gone through but now, when I try to sign in on Google Chrome, it tells me my account is locked and I can't use my reset password. I can't understand what is going on. Can you help me please? Kind regards Pete
  9. These are great basses. I had one a few years that I stupidly sold 😢 GLWTS
  10. Thank you, although I could arrange a Covid secure meet up if that would help?
  11. NOW ONLY £130!!!!!! For sale is my Ibanez GSR200BF. It has a lined fretless fingerboard and that playability that Ibanez basses are renowned for. Two volume controls and a master tone which can be enhanced by a bass boost control. The bass is in great condition but has picked up a couple of very small dings that I have tried to show in the pics. The neck has no damage at all. Selling because I’m after something else and so I have to apply the one-in-one-out rule. Ibanez no longer make this model so the nearest I could find that can be bought currently is this fretted one with this blurb from the company website: “The Ibanez GSR200B-WNF Bass Guitar embodies the same ethos of each bass created since the series' inception 25 years ago, that of the perfect marriage of form and functionality to provide a bass of exceptional playability and sound. The body of the Ibanez GSR200B WNF Bass Guitar has been carved to offer a comfortable playing experience and awesome looks, with its contoured design. This has been constructed from mahogany for it's warm, biting tone with well-rounded lows. Adding playability to the comfort of the Ibanez GSR200BWNF's body is a GSR4 maple neck, topped by a rosewood fingerboard with medium frets and white dot inlays, and intonation kept stable by a B10 bridge. Delivering the strong voice, with a full low-end, of the Ibanez GSR200B-WNF Bass Guitar is a pair of PSND pickups, a Powersound P and Powersound J. This is combined with the Phat II EQ. This addition consists of four control knobs, giving you two individual volume controls, a master tone, and a bass boost, which gives you instant extra low-end grunt whenever you need.” I don’t have the packaging to be able to post so it has to be collection only although I could meet up within a reasonable distance (say 30 miles) from Leeds. No trades thank you.
  12. Just bought a Shure SM58 from Nick. Excellent trouble-free transaction with great comms and prompt delivery.
  13. Ah Pietrasanta! We visit there a couple of times every year when we holiday in Viareggio. It's a beautiful town full of art and sculptures A bit quieter this year compared to previous but always on our must-visit places along with Lucca. Best wishes to you. Sorry to hijack the thread.
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