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  1. petergales

    Genz Benz streamliner 900

    These are cracking amps and don't come up that often. GLWTS
  2. petergales

    SOLD: US Lakland Joe Osborn 4 string

    Ok thanks. Good luck with your sale.
  3. petergales

    SOLD: US Lakland Joe Osborn 4 string

    Where are you based?
  4. petergales

    Lakland 44 02 Deluxe £700!

    Where are you based?
  5. Hi Neil Thanks for getting back to me but a bit too far away I'm afraid. Kind regards Pete
  6. Anyone got a small active PA speaker that can be used as a monitor? Not too bothered about cosmetics but must be in good working order.
  7. petergales

    Blade Levinson Jazz Bass with aguilar pre

    Where are you based?
  8. I have the 900 version and can vouch that these amps are superb. Gigged mine last night with two 112s and the Gain switch engaged - just wonderful! More power than I needed so the 600 will definitely do the trick. Good luck with the sale.
  9. Great basses and very under-rated. Rare to find one with the original one-piece pickguard/control piece. Good luck with the sale.
  10. petergales

    SOLD - Vanderkley 410LNT bass cabinet

    Can't understand why this is still here. I had one of these and I must say it was an excellent cab and very light for a 4x10. Good luck with the sale!
  11. petergales

    TRADED: Fender CS 1964 Jazz bass NOS

    I have one of these and can vouch that they are stunning basses. GLWTS
  12. petergales

    2006 Fender Jazz with S1 switch.

    Thanks. The link works fine.
  13. petergales

    2006 Fender Jazz with S1 switch.

    Can you post some pics please? The original ones must have been lost in the changeover to the new system.