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  1. looks lovely, any pics of the Bridge ? I reckon its a fat chunky brass job ,,,,,, but I've been wrong millions of times before !!
  2. sound, I've had good service from Repro guitar parts, good products too
  3. Hi Lefty, definitely says its an 81, the serial number starts 109, as far as i,m aware the first digit is the year of manufacture
  4. I love my Japanese Beauty's, 1980 Ibanez Musician 1981 Aria SB700 1979 Yamaha BB1200 I play in a 1980's Tribute Band (Hello Felix) so these Baby's serve me well, Incredible Japanese build quality and attention to detail ......and they stay in tune ☺️
  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  6. Yes , the aria is a lighter colour , not dark stain like the ibanez, both through necks and very 80s sounding
  7. heres our eighties band Hello Felix, based in Liverpool, loving my Ibanez Musician Bass at the Moment, I usually use my Aria SB700
  8. Wow! My first proper bass , bought one of these in 1986 from hammersound in birkenhead, if I remember rightly it was a good instrument, Thanks for the memory
  9. Look good , might get a pair for my sb700
  10. Check out these guys https://www.reproguitarparts.com/#!/~/search/keyword=Aria Look like good knobs to me
  11. hi Nash, Might want to try an octave pedal with a bit of chorus, play it with a pick near the bridge and a bit of EQ
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