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  1. Oh and another thing which was funny/annoying… they insisted on still running the bingo for those 15 regulars during the our gig. Hundreds of people told to be quiet while the bingo was on. Most of the audience not used to clubland bingo etiquette, so …understandably defiant of the dolt in the box reading numbers. WMC clubs, love them or hate them, you HAVE to hate them. 😜
  2. About 5 or 6 years ago I put together a Journey tribute band. It was a great band with a singer that could reach the Steve Perry range unbelievably well. Our first gig was a working men’s club in Rotherham. It’s a good venue, the size of an airplane hanger. We sold tickets for the event and did very well, selling out this massive venue, mostly with friends and acquaintances. We stormed the place. Great gig. We hired a full PA and lights, and I still paid the band members £200 each even after all the expenses. (Didn’t take anything myself) The bar manager said they’d not had an audience like that in 25 years and that they’d taken more over the bar than since the 90’s. Ok…. Roll forward a couple of months and we contact them again to book in at the venue. They didn’t want us…. We went down to see then and ask what was wrong. Turns out the ‘regulars’ didn’t like it, …they’d lost their usual seats, couldn’t get served at the bar easily, we were too loud and they just didn’t want us back. Not a lot you can do about it, I guess. However, I went back the following Saturday to see what the place was like on a regular weekend night. There were about 15 people, all around 70 years old , rattling around in the hanger of a venue. A very poor solo artist, lost on the massive stage could just about be heard singing the old club standards like Elvis etc. Well at least there was no queue at the bar. I genuinely dunno how a place like that functions. It must cost more to just heat it than they take over the bar for 15 people (TAKINGS , not profit) And what’s odd, as far as I know, the place is still open.
  3. I use Schroeder cabs, who don’t make amps, and Thunderfunk amps, who (afaik) don’t make cabs. So no, I mix brands.
  4. Jeez that was fast…. I was going to say “shame it doesn’t do DI out”. By the time I looked at the photo again and saw it DOES, it’s sold! Lol. good for you mate.
  5. I went ahead and ordered the deoxit already. It’s pretty expensive but I’m 61 so it’ll probably outlast me! 61, first scratchy pot. Heck… It’ll last 2 lifetimes! 😂 Thanks to everyone for your input! AndyR
  6. @Bloke_Zero. Cheers dude. That’s the kind of thing I wanted to hear. as people had warned, I already knew to not use WD40. But I did order their electrical contact cleaner. However, based on your experience I’ll not use it. I’ll get the Deoxit for sure. cheers again.
  7. Lol, yeah probably! I have a Halfords near me, so I’ll nip and get some in the morning. If you’ve used it and it worked for you, that’s kind of all the recommendation I’m looking for really. cheers!
  8. Ok. When I looked back at the box it came in, it looked like it had been badly handled in the post. The knobs had been pushed almost through the cardboard by some impact. So maybe it wasn’t their fault. I dunno. The replacement did turn up as promised today (Tuesday) after reporting it on Friday. I haven’t checked it yet, but I can’t fault their service.
  9. I have some crackly pots on an amp. I was just going to buy some off eBay, but it turns out there’s like a billion different brands/formulas and I found myself overwhelmed by the bewildering array of choices. I've never needed to use any before so thought I’d challenge the bass hive mind for recommendations. Are they all like super thin oil based like a WD40? Is there anything to avoid? Would love to hear your thoughts. Even though it’s a cheap purchase, I’ll be using it on a decent amp, so I don’t want to get it wrong. cheers mah dudes.
  10. It just arrived. It’s a brick. Not showing lights with either a 9v supply, or a battery. I saw someone else had this same problem in this thread too. I phoned them and they were very nice about it, they’re sending a replacement Monday, with next day delivery, so should be here Tuesday. I asked what I should do with this one, and they said it’ll cost more for them to arrange a courier to pick it up, and get it repaired than it’s value. So, basically, keep it or chuck it away. Well since it’s not working …and is free, I figured it worth opening it up and see if there’s anything obvious going on…. Maybe a drop of solder will get it working again. To my surprise there’s fresh flux surrounding the input joints on the circuit board. So it looks like it’s been returned before for a repair, which obviously still has a problem. As nice as they’ve been about it, I can’t say I’m impressed with them selling me a faulty/repaired (but still faulty) unit. Maybe it’s the one our basschat companion sent back? I think I’d be happier if that was the case tbh, because that would mean it’s a one off, rather than a common fault. Oh well, I’ll let you know if the replacement works on Tuesday.
  11. Currently 20 of them left…. No wait. 19 now. For £23 and some change I’ll take a punt. It can sit in a drawer as a standby at that price. yeah btw, don’t forget to claim the £5 off offer if it’s your first purchase. It’s on the front page of the web site.
  12. Just bought a Mcmillen 12 step from Rik. Great guy to deal with. A smooth deal, great coms, speedy delivery and well packed! Everything you can hope for from a seller! 5/5 stars! 🍺
  13. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  14. I’ll take that... if it’s still available. (best clip on in my opinion. I’ve misplaced mine and could use a convenient replacement!)
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