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  1. I’ll do that buddy! Don’t forget to show me the photos of your build too!
  2. I just bought a Schroeder 1212L from Bill (DMZ) earlier. Smooth deal, met me halfway. An all round good egg! Great to meet you today buddy! Ill give it a test later, but it all looks in good order. My thanks! AndyR (GremlinAndy)
  3. “stealth mode engaged”. 🤣😂
  4. Just bought a PA from Alex. a smashing chap, …and went the extra mile (literally) to meet halfway to make the deal happen! my thanks buddy!
  5. High praise indeed! LOL. My thanks to you for meeting halfway to do the deal bud.
  6. Great doing business with you buddy! Good luck with your venture, even if it’s after covid!
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  8. It kinda looks like someone started cutting a shape out of a wood blank, got it half done but snapped the jigsaw blade, so just finished it there…
  9. Is it a “Kay”? They used to sell them in Woolworths. Imagine Fender making their very early models from cheap assed ply like that. hilarious.
  10. I tested a Warwick bass out at Warwickhunts place through that cab. Not very high volume, as it was residential, but the sound was amazing!
  11. Oh and another thing which was funny/annoying… they insisted on still running the bingo for those 15 regulars during the our gig. Hundreds of people told to be quiet while the bingo was on. Most of the audience not used to clubland bingo etiquette, so …understandably defiant of the dolt in the box reading numbers. WMC clubs, love them or hate them, you HAVE to hate them. 😜
  12. About 5 or 6 years ago I put together a Journey tribute band. It was a great band with a singer that could reach the Steve Perry range unbelievably well. Our first gig was a working men’s club in Rotherham. It’s a good venue, the size of an airplane hanger. We sold tickets for the event and did very well, selling out this massive venue, mostly with friends and acquaintances. We stormed the place. Great gig. We hired a full PA and lights, and I still paid the band members £200 each even after all the expenses. (Didn’t take anything myself) The bar manager said they’d not had an audience like that in 25 years and that they’d taken more over the bar than since the 90’s. Ok…. Roll forward a couple of months and we contact them again to book in at the venue. They didn’t want us…. We went down to see then and ask what was wrong. Turns out the ‘regulars’ didn’t like it, …they’d lost their usual seats, couldn’t get served at the bar easily, we were too loud and they just didn’t want us back. Not a lot you can do about it, I guess. However, I went back the following Saturday to see what the place was like on a regular weekend night. There were about 15 people, all around 70 years old , rattling around in the hanger of a venue. A very poor solo artist, lost on the massive stage could just about be heard singing the old club standards like Elvis etc. Well at least there was no queue at the bar. I genuinely dunno how a place like that functions. It must cost more to just heat it than they take over the bar for 15 people (TAKINGS , not profit) And what’s odd, as far as I know, the place is still open.
  13. I use Schroeder cabs, who don’t make amps, and Thunderfunk amps, who (afaik) don’t make cabs. So no, I mix brands.
  14. Jeez that was fast…. I was going to say “shame it doesn’t do DI out”. By the time I looked at the photo again and saw it DOES, it’s sold! Lol. good for you mate.
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