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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  2. I’ll take that... if it’s still available. (best clip on in my opinion. I’ve misplaced mine and could use a convenient replacement!)
  3. Amazing! I was thinking you’d have to have custom cables and run half serial, half parallel, or something crazy like that. What a great set up and amazing rig!
  4. Hey Dan. it’s been a while, 5-6 years maybe? What’s the skinny on IEM’s now. Do you have new ones? Are you still using them. Was there any long term issue worth a mention? Would love to know...
  5. Well, you’re already aware of the Darkglass element, but just thought I’d mention I *love* that function on mine. It makes it the *best* practice tool. I use it in conjunction with my iPad and an app called AudioScrub (remix edition) for playing back music.
  6. I’d snatch this off your hands immediately, just for the spare drivers, but the distance from Sheffield is a bit more than I can justify for ‘spare speakers’.
  7. Powersoft are second to none... and as you say expensive, but my Digam 3002 Is anything but light. But it’s worth it...
  8. The DB680 is *fantastic*, but very heavy in its own right... the Warwick Hellborg Pre is almost it’s equal. ..If not it’s actual equal (I’ve got both) It’s light, ...more reliable (being SS) and only 1u. ok that’s your pre sorted. Amps... When I use that system I pair the Hellborg Pre with a Powersoft 3002, but that’s very heavy. i dunno really what’s a good but light power amp. I’ve got a couple of Peavey IPR1600’s which are easily 1 finger liftable. Preposterously lightweight, but I only used them on a foldback system, so I can’t vouch for the sound on bass. sticking with separates but going lighter would mean you can change out the power section if you’re unhappy. And if you’re a fan of the DB680 check out the Hellborg. You won’t regret it I’m sure. There was a used one going on here quite cheap. Dunno if it sold...
  9. very interested. Any idea what delivery cost would be?
  10. How is the neck attached? It doesn’t seem to be bolt on as it’s missing the screws. It’s not neckthrough. Is it glued into the pocket?
  11. Great amp. Top seller. For what it’s worth, I recommend both highly! 😬 If I didn’t already have two Thunderfunks (Thunderfi ?) I’d be all over this!
  12. Resurrecting my thread with a bump!
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