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  1. Bass now sold. thanks to everyone for their interest and comments
  2. Hi postage would have to be added many thanks.
  3. Hi Selling my ABM 600 it has valve pre, onboard octaver and on board compressor Very responsive and extensive EQ It’s also extremely loud sorry for the poor photo but it’s in great condition Gigged only in rehearsal As this was the back up amp. would trade for a Helix FX Any questions, please ask Many thanks.
  4. Hi I don’t know This bass came to me from Germany and I was speaking today to Dawn at Status - specifically about the headstock In 2003/4 A few lefty 5 string through necks were made in this configuration. I have to say that it plays beautifully and as ever , the low b is tremendous due to the headstock enlarging the scale
  5. Famous E series medium scale precision from 83 Japan incredible quality/playability/ sound Don’t be put off by the badge, this is a beast of a bass and to my ears, sounds and records better than my USA standard T he medium scale ( not short) makes it a very comfortable bass to play very good condition for a 37 year old instrument Bass now reduced to £400 would trade plus cash for a good jazz
  6. Musicman Stingray 4 Immaculate condition sounds/ plays great From 2017-8 comes with Musicman case Bass now SOLD
  7. Wal 5 string. immaculate condition From 1990 Plays and sounds wonderful Comes with Wal case
  8. Hi immaculate Status S2 5 string Headed. Through neck From 2004 Sounds and plays incredibly well
  9. Regrettably, I am withdrawing the bass. Thanks for your comment and support. I may wait a while and try later in the year.
  10. Hi. I am in Perth but but regularly in Glasgow and Edinburgh.
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