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  1. Hi Perth. PH26LR I truly don’t think you would be disappointed
  2. Hi it can do both really well. It has switchable channels for that type of purpose it is also extremely small and incredibly loud Great condition. Any other questions, just ask many thanks.
  3. Hi From my point of view, it was a very comfortable instrument to play. All tone is subjective and there are some poor demos on the internet however for me, both arco and pizz were very good. For my gigs, ( remember them ?) it was bought as a back up for my NS however the sound/ sustain was way better for what I needed it to do and had lock down not interrupted everything, it would have probably been the bass doing the gig that is not to say it’s better than the NS nor is it a replacement for a DB but for what it is, at the price point it has, it is a useful alternative to have The purchase of a new Yamaha silent bass means I can now sell this on with the NS already sold For the money, it’s a great piece of kit. best regards.
  4. I bought this just before lockdown and it has been gathering dust ever since. To my ears, it sounds very good with the pick ups in each string saddle giving lots of sustain. It’s very “easy” to play in that it’s a 34 scale lighter than the NS and better hardware - the stand is Tama and really solid it’s virtually new and comes with its carry case can’t see these in stock anywhere and new prices appear to be in the 850-900 range it’s currently strung left handed but it’s never been used and very easy to change back thanks for looking Price £599
  5. Hi bought this recently from a friend on BC but now having a massive clear out so selling its in great shape - won’t say immaculate but close oodles of power and tonal options in a very small package just want to recover what I paid for it Price reduced £299 many thanks
  6. Hi Most will know how good these pedal’s are Very good condition, sounds brilliant and comes with the correct power supply Do not have the box but will pack securely for posting £125 posted to you !! oh and cool blue LED lights for very accurate monitoring Thanks
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