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  1. Hi it’s 40lbs - 18.1 kilos i looked on parcels to go and it looked quite reasonable I just used a generic rugby postcode but by all means try it for yourself it would be coming from PH1 2NX
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  3. Is this still available
  4. Easy transaction, no hassle. A true gentleman. Highly recommended
  5. Hi This unit has only home use it’s a fantastic piece of kit, as new but gathering dust as due to an injury, not playing for the foreseeable future still got the plastic film on the preset windows and comes with its power supply and sealed instructions many thanks
  6. Hi selling my fishman. It’s in immaculate condition many thanks
  7. Hi Selling my Wav 4 It’s gigged a lot and has always been looked after and professionally maintained comes with stand and carry case It also has a new set of NS strings fitted its currently strung for a left hander but obviously, easily changed back thanks
  8. Hi everyone Thought this one was sold but fell through at the very last minute Great condition, plays brilliantly, and in very good condition. Comes with a hard case many thanks
  9. Hi EBS Reidmar 750 extremely loud and versatile head in very good condition many thanks
  10. Hi Selling my tiny Drome combo This has gigged a lot with my NS Eub , great eq and respected ebs compressor. Tilt back function it’s in good condition with a couple of scuffs but no tears Combo now sold many thanks
  11. Hi everyone This is a great cab in immaculate condition surplus now to my requirements comes with barefaced cover many thanks
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