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  1. It's the only Dingwall I like the look of! Glad they've found a way to keep it going
  2. What's wrong with ties and a banner...??! 😲
  3. Sounds like you need "the talk" with the bandmates and manager. "It's not you, it's me" is a good line... Seriously, if you don't say something you'll end up with midweek gigs too at this rate and everyone else will assume you're ok with that.
  4. Just generally trying to sift out nutters. We often get, "can you do my wedding on x date?" Then we ask about the venue, power, whether they need lights, what time they want us on, how long to play for... When the answers are too vague or far, far, far too specific you get the idea that they will either be a nightmare in terms of giving you a list of Queen and Emerson Lake and Palmer songs to play or just "the reception is at this pub, play from errrr 7 until 1am? Whatever you like really". When you get something along the lines of an enquiry about x date to play two 45 min sets finishing no later than 11pm, or if it's a function longer sets and tighter rules, you know you're probably safe. Then again, for community stuff, always ask about backline. The best ones often have a pro sound company running the PA, though I have seen an event with two "stages" and bands from each stage trying to share a five watt guitar practice amp because the organisers thought bands just arrive with full PA etc to play for forty mins.
  5. I get it, but I think it's probably just the wrong gigs. We have all played the shithole pubs that put on live bands and are full of knobheads shouting crap at you like "wonderwall!!!!!!!" All night. I've found in summer around my area there are loads of community events where they have live music all day, you get well looked after, pay is variable, but generally people are nice and respectful of you and your time. Often the backline is already there too which saves hassle. They also lead to private party bookings which again can be hit and miss but if you ask the right questions up front you can weed out the rubbish from the good ones. Keep plugging away and you'll get those amazing gigs that leave you and your bandmates with massive grins on your faces. You just have to put up with the odd gig with "wonderwall!!!" Being shouted at you between and during songs once in a while, it will always happen sadly.
  6. Absolutely!! He's just pure class in the way he talks, no arrogance, not condescending, just wisdom!
  7. I love the way Marcus Miller talks. Such absolute clarity, simplicity, makes you sit back and go "oh yeah!".
  8. Where do people put their receivers, pedal board or amp top... Or somewhere else? Also does where you have the transmitter affect things? I got a pouch for mine and might run it through my belt... Got a knock about gig on Thurs night that is likely to have less than ten punters so might fly by the seat of my pants and go wireless making sure I use the scan function .. fingers crossed.
  9. I wouldn't buy near a live music venue unless I had no choice, I want my kids to sleep! Same as not buying a flat above a takeaway because of the smell, noise, etc. Isn't it just common sense? Or are there just loads of misguided social justice warriors who love fighting for their cause no matter what?? No wonder there's fewer venues left (other big factors also recognised here!)
  10. Line 6 G75. Not yet confident to gig it. When using in rehearsal it has dropped out a few times but my issue is once it drops out it doesn't reconnect. I think I've not been scanning for the best channel to use first, combine that with rehearsal studios being full of electrical interference, I need to experiment more before it goes out to gig so jury's out for me.
  11. I bought a USA Stingray brand new in December and on discussion with my drummer this weekend we agreed I probably never need another bass. The feel of the neck is the big draw for me, the shape and finish are just perfect. Then there's the kick you get from the pickups, a big full sound, moreso than you'd ever get from a P. I tried the Sterling Ray 34 a few years back and probably didn't have enough experience of active EQ to get much out of it, but the US Stingray is just instinctive to play. If cash is an issue and you're not sure I'd always encourage to buy second hand, you'll save loads. I'm not niave enough to think I'd recover half the new cost of my US Stingray if I were to sell it now... Give it twenty five years maybe
  12. What an instrument for a 12 year old to be having a go on! And good on you letting him loose on it. I thought I'd had good quality basses with an MIJ Fender and some others but when I got a Stingray it all stepped up a gear, best basses for playing live (for my style anyway), can't imagine needing another bass for the same job.
  13. It's more to do with where the strap buttons are and how it naturally sits on a strap it just pushed the end of the neck almost exactly two frets further away from your fretting arm than they would be compared to a fender for example, screws up the muscle memory! Am sure other brands and styles are different
  14. They take a lot of flack but if I wanted lightweight I'd go back to a Hohner "cricket bat" B2A, just make sure you get one with the EMG pickups and get decent strings, they sound great. I think they look great too, many people don't though! They also confuse the natural playing position and you're playing an A when your muscle memory was taking you to G.
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