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  1. So, for the benefit of my mental health (!!! This could go either way!!!) I'm going to build a bitsa. The wife and I discussed it last night. I'm working, I'm very lucky to have a job that allows working at home, but I have to admit it being a bit full on to go from being woken up early every morning by my kids, once they're sorted I work, then when I can finish in the evening I've immediately got the kids until they're in bed and I'm exhausted. I don't get much time to myself and I'm someone who cannot mentally rest. For me mentally resting is turning my attention to something else, other than work or family stuff. So... A bitsa it is. I've found a supplier who will make me a lefty bass body with whatever routing I want. I have found a few neck suppliers but am veering towards trying to find a second hand neck from a reliable brand (E.g. A Fender or Squier neck unmolested, or an Allparts, Mighty Mite or Brandoni...) and I'm OK having a righty neck. I need to put together a parts shopping list so I can slowly but surely build up the bits I need to put this together. I've had a go below but would welcome any input: Body (finishing materials?) Neck (finishing may be required?) Nut Tuners String guide Neck screws and neck plate Pickups Shielding tape or paint Wiring loom (has to be a solderless Kiogon doesn't it?!) Bridge Strap buttons Cover for rear route with screws Strings and strap
  2. That superb that it has been found and your buyer has been good to deal with. Amazing how things can go completely missing. Its very similar to my story of recently selling an 80s Aria to a buyer in Bristol, DPD lost the package for a month and the buyer was good as gold to start with, though requested a refund and said if it turned up he'd refuse the delivery. Well! He accepted the delivery and didn't contact me until 24hrs later when I had been informed the item was delivered and emailed him to check if this was true. He repackaged and returned the bass for me, but when I got it back he'd nicked the knobs!! What a complete bum hole of a person. I called him a few weeks later out the blue and he said "oh yes I have got them I've just not had chance to post them". He's obviously still "not had chance".
  3. In all seriousness the heaviest strings I ever had were the Steve Harris Rotosound signature flats. Unbelievably heavy and tense but on a P bass with the Steve Harris sig pickup the sound was just BIG. Big, clear, bass sound. No grittiness or added character as such just a huge, huge, open and clear sound. The tension took a little getting used to and I had to have a tech set up the bass because I was scared the neck would snap when I first fitted the strings, but I thought they sounded excellent. Same bass with lightweight TI flats did not work for me.
  4. Don't look at this if you're hungover, particularly if you've been on the bourbon or whisky.. LEFTY Bass Mods Custom 5-String bass (strung righty): Poplar top, Birdseye Maple Fingerboard, https://reverb.com/item/37317838-lefty-bass-mods-custom-5-string-bass-strung-righty-poplar-top-birdseye-maple-fingerboard?utm_source=android-app&utm_medium=android-share&utm_campaign=listing&utm_content=37317838
  5. Booooo! Flats should be thick. Steve Harris signature all the way! 😁
  6. Couldn't agree more, on this point anyway. I have no idea how you could cut yourself on TI Flats. Maybe it's supposed to be tongue in cheek but just not very well done? I do agree with a lot of the rest of the review though. I personally found TI flats incredibly disappointing but so many BC'ers love them. As with any bit of kit though it all depends on the rest of the gear in the chain whether that gets the best out of it or not.
  7. I bought a shed load in my first few years of playing. I rarely ever use them unless I really, really need to. I've still got some that I bought in my teens. The one I favour most is a big yellow fender one at. 73mm. I call it "the Dorito". This must be 20 years old and still going. Also my favourite straps, RightOn fake leather, have a little pick-pocket on them that I stick some Dunlop medium picks in, but these are more to lend to the guitarists than use myself.
  8. uk_lefty

    Retrovibe T30

    It looks OK but would it sound any good?
  9. uk_lefty

    Retrovibe T30

    Hmmm... Odd then, would have expected some kind of pickup replacement rather than a bass neck and bridge on a tele body.
  10. uk_lefty

    Retrovibe T30

    I saw these on their Facebook page. What are the pickups?
  11. Would love to have a go but anything DIY that I touch turns to disaster. If its all screw together stuff I can do it, and I have soldered in pickups before. I really fancy having a go. Being a lefty we get very little choice in bass designs so a bitsa would be great, especially as I don't mind an upside down neck. However, I already 5 basses which is 1or 2 too many, realistically, so not sure if or when I'd let myself get round to a bitsa. I do love seeing the creations people come up with though, some real lookers in this thread.
  12. Maybe, I hadn't thought of that. But with him being responsible for a shed load of hits and being powerful and influential in music and beyond and Robin Thicke who nobody outside his family had heard of before that song... I just thought "easy fall guy" there.
  13. As in free from criticism at the sexist content of the lyrics, not the plagiarism.
  14. I'm with you on this. In fact at the time it was out I remember it being a real dance floor filler and didn't see any women walking away in disgust, far from it. However, that doesn't make it right, the lyrical content is awful, but there's been far worse so if I remember rightly it took a while after the sing had its peak for the disgust to get out there. Don't get me wrong, I don't approve and I even cringe whenever I hear a song with the word "b!tch" used by a man as a throw away replacement word for "woman". I just think it's odd how Robin Thicke has been the fall guy for it and Pharrel Williams walks away scott free making the odd apology for it, maybe he's the easier target, being the far less successful of the two.
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