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  1. Forgot to add... An item getting lost in the post is a nightmare. Last Xmas I didn't give someone my heart but I did sell a nice bass to someone in Belgium. He bought using ebay International shipping. They lost the package in their own depot. They knew it was there, they just didn't know where...... And it was somehow down to me to field all the questions. Eventually they found it and he received it 4 or 5 weeks later than planned. I'm going to stop using ebay soon, its such a hassle.
  2. I think the risk of shoddy packaging is the same. If someone is going to do a bad job of it they will do a bad job regardless of who is responsible for the shipping arrangement and cost. The insurances are 9/10 worthless anyway if it gets lost or whatever so as a buyer I'm now more inclined to use a known and reliable service that will collect a bass in a hard case for 15-25.
  3. YES!!! I bought that on 45, what a tune. Their whole album was later given to me on cassette by an American lad who ended up at my school. Some absolute nonsense songs on there but they just work, if you have that nasal a singing voice though I suppose it's the only way to go. My tuppence worth: lyrics are important to me. I remember them, I think about them, etc. But I can see why so many people only remember the chorus or completely get it wrong. 'When a man loves a woman' is often requested for weddings etc when it's actually about her doing the dirty, for example, because people only remmebr the key line from the chorus. But that to me also makes it a clever song because you "need" to go deeper in to it for the real meaning. Nonsense lyrics also work for me if they're catchy or part of something bigger. We Didn't Start the Fire is just a list of stuff, but it's making a point. Unlike rappers listing out "luxury" brand names. Then there's famously "Sting 's gibberish classic" of course.
  4. I'm ready to lose my sh!t with this completely. [email protected] ebay. They force their courier service on you at an estimated cost that's nowhere near the actual cost. You go through the packlink website and have to pay before it tells you where to drop off...?! Errr no. Tell me where the drop off point is and I'll see whether its worth it to me to get there. Got to swallow a 10 quid loss on postage just to get the package out now. [email protected] ebay.
  5. I know this thread is about P basses and flats but if you're not fully sold on the sound and or feel of flats but you want to depart from rounds.... Consider Tapewounds. The Scott Devine video on them and an ebay promotion led me to having Fender tapewounds on my P bass for a year. I even slapped a bit with them. Worth considering... Anyway, flats are good.
  6. Here's my flats experience for what it's worth... Ernie Ball Cobalts currently on my Fretless. Jury is out, I hadn't played them in nearly enough before I went out to gig with the bass and it didn't feel great but I think they've settled a bit now. This isn't a P bass though so I'll move on... TI flats. Had them on my P Bass for quite some time. They sound good but they are very low tension and light. They aren't my preference but I've kept them back because I think they'd sound great on a Jazz bass... I just don't have a jazz bass right now. These felt really light because I was previously using... Roti Steve Harris signature flats. They are HEAVY. Thick and solid feel under the finger. I was wincing as I wound these on my bass fearing the neck would snap. But the tone! Big, clear, full sounding strings that will go on forever and ever. I like these a lot. But my favourites are... Fender flats. For a P bass they're my perfect match. The right amount of tension, really good balance in terms of clarity but also a little bit of grittiness for digging in or playing with a pick. At their price you just cannot go wrong. I can't see me going back to anything else until I get bored once again.
  7. I'd prefer the double-jazz pickup or whatever they call it myself.
  8. Looks like a Sire P7 to me but with a slightly better headstock.
  9. Thank you! I've only been able to have a quick look but can't for the life of me find out where there is a collection point near me?!
  10. Has anyone used this? I listed an item in a hurry and couldn't see any other options for postage... I wanted local collection ideally anyway. Now the item has sold and needs shipping I've been able to charge £7 something for shipping via ebay packlink... And I've just read some scathing reviews!!! Any experience? Can I just ignore and use my post office as I had planned or is ebay going to take my postage fee assuming I'm spending it on their service?
  11. That's the shame of it, they can do some interesting departures but they never last. I really liked the idea of the Modern Player series basses, the semi hollow that was around a few years back, and the Dimensions only got good reviews and there was a Squier model!
  12. They must have seen my post here yesterday and Gibson'ed all the lefty basses they were going to sell as a big flip you to me. Makes sense if Bono is on their board with all the things I've said about him over the years...
  13. Just clicked the link on the Fender email. Neither bass in left handed??! Seriously???!!! This is cow poop.
  14. Just clicked the link on the Fender email. Neither bass in left handed??! Seriously???!!! This is cow poop.
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