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  1. Private Events

    20% ?!?! Not in Yorkshire.
  2. Private Events

    I enjoy the private gigs, they're as hit and miss as the pub/ bar gigs can be though! I just find the heckling more polite at a private function. My band plays covers, we mainly do private functions for people we know, friends of friends and so on. We also play "festivals" where pubs or local organisations do a day or two of live music. We occasionally do pub gigs but our set is tailored to getting forty-somethings dancing rather than entertaining angry town centre drunks. We played one pub gig last year and our singer lost focus on one song while he watched a fight in the smoking area. The rest of us couldn't see it and wondered what he was up to.
  3. I'm no fan of theirs, only ever bought their records as nostalgic presents for my brother who now lives abroad, but the documentary is a good watch. If you hate their personalities, and I can't blame you for that, you still can't help but admire the hard work, determination, song writing and seizing of the moment. It really shows the band as a group of mates who tried to start a band and just stuck their neck out for one gig where a chance encounter got them a record deal. It's in BBC iPlayer at the moment, worth an hour and a half. Some great 90's pop songs from the days before the internet ruined everything
  4. I have been put off keys players for life by one guy who took an hour to set up his Rik Wakeman stuff, banged on about playing big festivals and needing all kinds of complicated sound equipment. Could barely string two notes together. Had never heard of most popular music from the last forty years (and he was about forty so age was no excuse!). He also got sacked at the second rehearsal then went to pack away his gear and had lost his car keys. Had all of us turn out our gear, I'd got bored and driven half an hour towards home when I got the call to go through my kit to see if o picked up his keys... Anyway after two hours of searching for his car keys he found them in his pocket. Never again.
  5. It's not always like that... I joined a five piece who lost their bass player and rhythm guitarist. New rhythm player is already pals with the drummer. I've been in the band nearly two years and can hand on heart say they are really good friends as well as being a kick donkey band.
  6. You could look at it another way... I'm assuming that you and the guitarist don't sing. Find a singer or maybe a singer songwriter and be their backing. Get some gigs doing acoustic sets. If you do sing, don't look for a singer, but do the acoustic sets! Then get a drummer. Then do bigger gigs. Open mic nights can be good to polish things and inject some momentum and urgency to rehearsal, if there's something to aim for people pull their socks up. Did it myself where there was a singer and guitarist who were flatmates, I played bass for them and we did some open mics while looking for a drummer. A good drummer will want to know you're moving in some direction and not being yet another load of dreamers, so it helps.
  7. Boss Bass Flanger BF-2B

    It's a steal at that price, got one myself and love it!
  8. Walk in gigs equipment

    Personally I use a hartke preamp pedal with an optional di out so if I'm not happy with the backline I can go straight from the pedal. I also have a di out on my amp head I could use or I now have a fender bronco 40 modelling amp with a di. The lightest and easiest would be di out from the pedal board but that would take some rearranging of the pedals.
  9. P bass growl

    A good pickup. I have it on my Japanese P Bass (could be basswood body) 1970 reissue. Getting the best out of that pickup for me involves using rotosounds Steve Harris strings. There is just a presence, power and clarity that fits perfectly live. I've got thomastik flats on now and they don't get the best from the pickup, sadly, though I think they'd sound great on my jazz or with a more vintage voiced p pickup.
  10. Southpaw Spotted

    I did think it odd to put that logo on if making a fake... But couldn't search the serial number anywhere. Puzzling. Price seems a bit strong for a squier, even though it is "fender" logo'd
  11. Amp and effects - Trying to find my 'sound'

    You can do some clever stuff with a boss Ls-2 (??) I think splitting the low and high signal and sending them through different effects. Something like that may help you, but you would be best asking in the effects topic area for specific advice like that and getting a more knowledgeable response than I can give. I can recommend the Hartke VXL DI pedal for some drive (not dirty), can be found cheap second hand.
  12. Southpaw Spotted

    I can't find the serial number anywhere either... Shame, looked like a good start price.
  13. Short Scale, Left Hand, Beginner

    Oops. Senior moment
  14. Short Scale, Left Hand, Beginner

    Hofner and the copies of the Hofner bass can be had around that cost and they're short scale. Have a look at your favourite second hand sites if nothing in the forum. Or import an Ibanez Talman from the US.
  15. Lana Del Ray vs. Radiohead lawsuit

    Lana Del Ray is just awful, I don't understand how that rubbish exists. Not a legal viewpoint. The melody of the song, the inflection in the vocals, the misery, it's a "tribute" to Creep undoubtedly. I would rather Radiohead issued a complete cease and desist against her career.