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  1. uk_lefty

    Bridges - Do They Make a Difference

    Yes, I think it makes a small difference. My jazz bass arrived to me with a Badass ii from the previous owner. I changed this after three years to a Wilkinson BBOT with brass saddles and the sound now has less zing, like Lozz says the badass makes the strings sound newer. I now have that Badass on my precision and I don't like it on that bass, preferred it on the jazz. Unless I decide to put flats on the jazz and go for an all round more mellow sound on it I'd prefer the badass on that bass, BBOT on the precision. But that's just Mez I want those two basses to be "opposites" in as much as possible.
  2. uk_lefty

    Southpaw Spotted

    I had no idea they did these in left handed... https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F283048931851 Somebody please buy this so that it's in the UK for you to sell to me in the future when I can justify the cost???! Or just so I may one day see it and play it?
  3. uk_lefty

    Tarting up Hohner B Bass V for solo work

    That's probably your best bet. In case you get bored or need to move it on quickly in future you may have something hard to shift or that needs breaking in to parts and selling piecemeal over time.
  4. uk_lefty

    I just sold my soul for YOB Jazz Bass

    I sold my soul aged seventeen. I think I got a warm pint in return. Great bass. I guess I'll be trading a kidney if I go for a YOB.
  5. uk_lefty

    ... And we all fall down again

    True. But these days it is easier. In my youth I was handing out cassettes of "my band" but it was actually a pro recording of a previous incarnation of the band. Different bassist and most importantly a different and far superior singer. That cassette could have been any band, and most of those cassettes will never have been listened to. Now you can hold out your smartphone, click a link and have a good quality video showing your band, email or message that link to the bar. It's so much easier than it used to be, but someone still needs to get off their backside and do it.
  6. uk_lefty

    your favorite fretless bass albums!

    Pearl Jam, Ten. Revealed to me you can play rock with a fretless. So that decided what I got for my eighteenth birthday ( with me chipping in my entire savings!!). Still gigging that bass now... Also Heijira, all of Jaco's work, and No Parlez.
  7. uk_lefty

    ... And we all fall down again

    I don't understand how a new band can't get gigs. Knock up five or six songs, record them in a basic way, and get round open mic, jam nights, charity festival things. You won't get paid for them but you build up a network and pretty soon other bands are asking you to do dates they can't, your band Facebook page is getting requests to do parties and things... I know it's a lot of effort and I'm making it sound easy but with Facebook, YouTube, Twitter etc gone are the days of walking round pubs handing cassettes to bar managers. If people can't or won't create a Facebook page and fill out the odd application for open mic/ charity festival things then there is no hope.
  8. uk_lefty

    ... And we all fall down again

    Plenty of good bands need a good and dedicated bass player. Sure you won't be on the shelf for long. And without the "band" you can resume friendships without the smouldering resentment at each others differing priorities with the band.
  9. uk_lefty

    Classic 80's fretless sound... Reverb recommendations

    I've not experienced that but I go from a Hartke VXL with the mids ramped up in to the enhance pedal so maybe it balances out? Anyways, I think the answer is to sell the Eden chorus and replace it with a Chowny Bassmosphere reverb and chorus pedal. See what that does...
  10. uk_lefty

    Sire MM basses - owners reports please!

    I've already got Fender P and J basses. I like them both so a PJ makes sense. But I don't have a (fretted) double soap bar pickup bass so that's tempting too...
  11. uk_lefty

    Sire MM basses - owners reports please!

    You and me both! But I can't decide between the Vintage V7 five string, the V9 in either four or five, the M7 and the PJ both in fiver... Oh yeah, the fretless has a coated board so I want that too.
  12. I'm getting quite miffed with buying old albums I used to have on cassette or vinyl to find they've been "digitally remastered". I seem to always end up with something where the bass drums are brought too far forward or little unnecessary guitar twiddles are brought forward, weird backing vocals, or whatever. From my experience of these it seems one person from the band has taken control of the mix, the drummer or the "second guitarist" and they just ram themselves to the front of the mix at the expense of the rest of the band, often taking away from the original not adding to it. Anyone else find this? Are remasters a good or bad idea? Can anyone tell me a remaster that enhanced their enjoyment of a song or album? I'm yet to find one!
  13. uk_lefty

    read the small print!!

    Call me age-ist but I don't think you are going to make it big in alt-rock in your forties. I'm mid 30's and I wouldn't be able to put up with the lack of sleep from touring. It just seems like one of those ads from a complete dreamer who doesn't understand what they're saying. Wouldn't be surprised if he's never taken his guitar out of his bedroom.
  14. uk_lefty

    This year’s purchase

    Give it to charity. You don't know how to spend it so it give it to someone who does. Only joking, get on the phone to the Fender Custom Shop and make them build you something like a Gibson Thunderbird.
  15. I would have thought that in most of these they want some actual experienced talent rather than just kids who'll pee themselves when given an actual microphone, audience and backing band. It is difficult to sing live just to get cues right etc. So I bet they do loads of scouting. The Voice seems to position itself as less of a "laugh at the mentally ill person who thinks they're good" and more a second-chance saloon for veteran performers to get on telly and show what they can do, IMO having only dipped in and out of each. I have no idea if anyone off the Voice ever made anything out of it though?