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  1. uk_lefty

    Short scale P bass

    There is or was a medium scale MIJ or MIJ Squire Precision on Gumtree very recently.
  2. uk_lefty

    A Conundrum

    Exactly. I don't know how you describe that mix let alone try to market it for paid gigs. Do they already get paid gigs or are they just saying that? Why did the last bass player leave?
  3. uk_lefty

    ok really boiled my p1ss, need to let off steam

    Do you want to play an unpaid gig on an unspecified date? Sign up now!! No thanks.
  4. uk_lefty

    Hell Is Other People (who know you play in a band)

    You get that in everything. I hear the office triathlon bores all the time going on about their custom made protein supplements, £800 on new pedals for the bike etc. And then they're out of breath getting up the stairs. Any hobby that involves equipment will always attract those people more interested in having all the kit than actually using it effectively. I used to go in to a really posh gym years back with my knackered old gym clothes in a Sainsbury's carrier bag. I got some right dirty looks from everyone sat at the restaurant or booking a massage... As I walked to the empty state of the art weights section!
  5. uk_lefty

    Sire V7 active EQ question

    Thanks. I'm a novice with active EQ and the Sire is the first I've started to explore and enjoy but only with minor tweaks to the bass and treble leaving the mids flat. I've read the manual in more depth now so going to tinker a bit more. I also bought a Stingray in the meantime so that has had far more outings and the Sire is relegated to backup or songs that must have a five string!
  6. uk_lefty

    Hell Is Other People (who know you play in a band)

    I managed for almost four and a half years to limit the knowledge of my musical endeavours at work to "I played in a band when I was 17". This worked, people assume you own an instrument in the loft. I have over time confidentiality told a few people I trust but I just don't want: "oh great I got a six string Kay guitar when I was eight..." Or "brilliant at the Xmas party we need a work band" or worse still someone miming air guitar across the office at me! The only person who knows any detail of what I do musically keeps it discrete, has grade 8 clarinet and her dad was a semi pro bass player. Some others think I "collect" guitars which is fine because then you're not asked "what stuff do you play?" Magically. Overall I don't want people I don't know but have to work with knowing my band name and looking us up. I also have a "stage name" with my band so I'm not Google-able. A Dutch guy I worked with in an old company was on Dutch top of the pops singing some football chant while wearing a gold lame jacket and Elvis sunglasses, one of the lads found it by googling him. We didn't take him too seriously anyway for professional reasons but as soon as we saw that video we just couldn't stop laughing at him. I don't want the same happening to me... Even if I did make it on to Dutch top of the pops!
  7. Didn't think of it that way!! Ha!
  8. I know lots of people will love them and for them it works... I want one. I want to love it but I don't think it would ever work for me. I've played the German double buck back in 2006ish and recently a GPS double buck and a second hand German one. I found that either I don't understand the EQ options or the sound is far more bland than I anticipated, I'm not sure what it's own character is if that makes sense? Also I found the neck really thick. I like a thick neck, don't get me wrong, but this is something else. Overall I was expecting a big voice from it, a powerful pickup sound akin to a Stingray. I A/B'd one against a Stingray in December, keen to spend less on the Warwick and get the Warwick growl but I just couldn't get a good punchy tone from it. The Stingray just blew it away so that's what I bought. Maybe that's down to me finding the Stingray EQ far more intuitive. Tell me I'm wrong, I probably am because I didn't fully dig in. But you will make me think "if I just bought my own from new and spent just enough time..." So for alternatives I would suggest a non-USA Stingray. Or a jazz. Or a Sire M series. Or an Ibanez. You'll get lots of choice at lots of price ranges. And don't be afraid to buy second hand. A second hand guitar that's never been used beyond bedroom noodling will be in excellent condition and save you a packet that you can spend on effects and other spanky toys to enjoy.
  9. uk_lefty

    No Prices On New Guitars in PMT

    What if spotty Herbert the Saturday boy tells you the £2200 stingray is £900 confusing it with the Sterling Ray? What do they honour at the till? I used to work on the basis "if you have to ask the price you can't afford it". Seems that's gone out the window. Could you spend an afternoon in there going round every bass saying "how much is that one?.... And this one? And this one? How much was that four string again... No the black one, the other black one...?" How long before the sales assistant explodes?
  10. uk_lefty

    60s Burns Bass

    I am the polar opposite of an expert but I'm pretty sure you'd be able to cheaply get someone to either make you a cable for it with an ordinary jack at the other end of you maybe able to find an adaptor somewhere...
  11. uk_lefty

    No Prices On New Guitars in PMT

    Good point.
  12. uk_lefty

    No Prices On New Guitars in PMT

    What I don't understand, and there may be good reason for it... Hypothetical scenario to illustrate my point: Retailer stocks a bass, say a jazz, puts it on sale in June 2017 for £600. It doesn't sell. It's still there in March 2018 but the currency changes, costs go up. A new one in stock is now £650. The one stocked in June now goes up by £50 too. Why?
  13. uk_lefty


    Great. You've now made me right handed in what is clearly a left handed bass shop!!! I just can't escape this wrong handedness! Incidentally what software or app did you use to do that? I've got a load of old holiday selfies that are mirrored and I need to re-mirror them so they're the right way round. Ta
  14. uk_lefty


    Reflection of something on the chrome. It's absolutely fine for me...
  15. uk_lefty


    Well that's a pleasant surprise... I registered the warranty for the bass on Weds night. Today I received a 25ft braided Ernie ball instrument cable from strings n things. Completely unexpected but brilliant!!