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  1. uk_lefty


    Thanks to everyone who mentioned the Mars Volta. Decided to buy de-loused last night and am really enjoying it. All round good music, I like the guitar style, the feel of the songs, and of course the bass... Decent album. It's a band I'd never have given much thought to if not for this thread. Thank you all
  2. uk_lefty


    Thanks to everyone who mentioned the Mars Volta. Decided to buy de-loused last night and am really enjoying it. All round good music, I like the guitar style, the feel of the songs, and of course the bass... Decent album.
  3. uk_lefty


    Flea is a huge inspiration and BSSM is, for me, untouchable as an inspired bass album. In 2012 I saw the Red Hots live in Knebworth and it was.... Dreadful, boring, hollow... Nothing like what I expected. So disappointing.
  4. uk_lefty

    Arnold Floyer

    I know nothing. But it looks awesome!
  5. uk_lefty

    Michael Jackson covers- Yes or No?

    I sincerely hope he has not done any of these things, that he was just the innocent childlike person he portrayed. That would mean that no children were harmed.
  6. uk_lefty

    New V Old bass value

    No idea but there's an eBay seller has been trying for best part of six months to sell a five string Corvette (lefty) and has dropped to £400, I think he's now opened up to offers. It's a lot of bass for that money, sadly not one that I would play or have room to store just in case I suddenly start to get on with their necks.
  7. uk_lefty

    Michael Jackson covers- Yes or No?

    It's an odd one and I really don't know which way to go on it. I don't think this new documentary changes my opinion that he more than likely did do all these things and probably a lot more. I have played Smooth Criminal and Billy Jean in the past while holding the same opinion of MJ. However there is this tendency for public outrage now more than ever and I don't want my band to be blacklisted or bad-mouthed for playing a good song written by a terrible person. All you need is a slow news day and an over ambitious local news reporter and all of a sudden a few bad Facebook comments become a story in the local rag distributed to thousands with your picture included. If we still had any MJ in our set we would be discussing dropping it, and I don't think Beat It will be back on the "to learn" list soon. So protecting myself and my band from an expected bad reaction takes away the need for me to make up my own mind on the issue - I still don't know where to go on it. Just the other day this whole "mute R Kelly" movement made me realise that Bump n Grind is probably a dodgy choice, as much as I like the sheer tackiness of the song that could make it a good cover for parties... the safest thing in my view is to stay away, regardless of how great some of MJ's tunes may have been.
  8. uk_lefty

    New V Old bass value

    There's a lot of chancers about. You'll get people selling a "rare" "custom" "handmade" bottom of the range Stagg bass asking for £300 next to the ad for a new one at £99. You'll get people who bought something for a price and want to recover that rather than take a big hit. Then you get chancers assuming someone is as stupid as them. It's not just guitars it's all kinds of stuff where people buy and sell. What skews things is when you see top quality German Warwick's struggling to sell for peanuts but bidding on shabby condition Westone Thunders go past £250 it just doesn't seem to stack up to me but I guess there are trends that go around. Link it to fashion, high street shops are selling 90's "look" clothes (they aren't exactly 90's style but inspired by I'd say). Then consider bass buyers, those with a few hundred quid to buy a third or fourth spare bass, are we mostly aged 35+ and so nostalgic about the great basses of the 70's and now 80's? Aria Superbass, headless basses, Precision Elites, etc. Just my opinion with no actual research except loo breaks spent trawling eBay.
  9. uk_lefty

    Sire V10 - new top spec model on the way?

    Apologies I wasn't saying don't discuss it, thats not what I meant! Clumsy wording. Suppose what I should have said was if enough people don't think it's good value they won't buy it and then the line may change or end. I guess that it might not last very long, of it didn't have the support from those of us who buy, and discuss (!!), Basses.
  10. uk_lefty

    Bass wireless systems

    Thanks everyone. Shortly after making this topic I got a promo email with big discounts on wireless systems. I've reached a bit further in to my pocket and got a Line 6 G75 on the way. My guitarist, who recently bought a G30 full price, is feeling a bit left out, bless him. I've got to the point with gear where I want to buy once and (stop laughing at the back) never again. Here's hoping!
  11. uk_lefty

    Bass wireless systems

    For various reasons I'm looking for a wireless system. I can't seem to find anywhere good info on what the relative merits are for wireless systems around now for bassists. I've looked at the likes of Line 6 G30, the Samson bass unit... Then there's things like Xvive and others. I'm looking to spend around £100 and happy with second hand. Any recommendations very welcome. I play both active and passive basses so it needs to be able to take an active bass without creating hiss. I've seen all the very cheap stuff on eBay and I'm guessing they're a waste of money.
  12. uk_lefty

    Maybe I'm a passive guy.

    I get it! There could be so much else going on though. Whenever I rehearse through an Ampeg SVT with 8x10 I really, really struggle to hear myself at all! No volume or definition, yet it's a legendary amp. I think it's the rooms and the EQ'ing and my proximity to the amp. Am sure if I gigged one it would be a different situation. With regards active basses I never got on with 2 band actives but three bands make more sense to me.
  13. uk_lefty

    Sire V10 - new top spec model on the way?

    Not sure what all the fuss is about. They aren't discontinuing the V3 and V7 for it and will probably only make a small number of V10s. If you don't think it's good value, don't buy one. I have had a Vintage V7 as my main gigging bass for a while and the bridge and tuners have held up fine. I admit they could be better but I haven't yet felt the need to upgrade.
  14. The best drummer I ever played with was also the best all round musician I ever met. He didn't play loads of instruments, he was dedicated to his drums, but he thought in major detail about song structure and dynamics etc. We played in a three piece with an egotistical guitarist/ singer who had the ability on guitar to back up his arrogance. Me and the drummer were left to jam under his improvised solos and we got to a point where we could drop out for odd beats and come back in without even eye contact. It was magical stuff. He made me a much better bassist ... The guitarist did to, but the drummer wanted to make me betters the guitarist wanted me to keep up! What made him good? Dedication to his instrument but always in the context of the song.
  15. uk_lefty

    Tonight’s gig is cancelled....because...

    What if the sound person just had a sudden bout of food poisoning? There's no contingency to run the night! Surely someone working there, or in one of the bands can run a PA? Understand you/ the other band don't want to deliberately offend someone. If the band had written something truly and directly offensive then I get it but this is a misunderstanding so surely the venue should have tried to soldier on? Bad venue I reckon if they didn't even try to check the facts or continue the night.