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  1. uk_lefty

    US "touring band" gets found out in Bristol

    Perfect for any TV show with the word "celebrity" in the title
  2. uk_lefty

    Which multi FX?

    Exactly! I cannot see myself ever using the synths and many, many others. It will be compressor, EQ, preamp... Probably finding a favourite and sticking to it, plus drive, chorus or touch wah as needed.
  3. uk_lefty

    Which multi FX?

    While all this was ongoing I picked up a Boss GT10B at a good price, too good to turn down. I appreciate all the comments and was looking at the Zoom B3n seriously. The Boss is far, far more complex than I need. I've had a play at home, in rehearsal and for a small gig last night. There's loads more o need to work out how to do, like assign a pedal to activate the tuner, and so on, and create my own patches in order, but I'm starting off slow. The presets are hit and miss, but there are lots of useable ones, probably because they focus on preamp and EQ rather than any crazy extreme sounds. There are plenty I just cannot fathom how or why they were made. So for now I'm experimenting. I think the sound of the effects is good enough for my uses live, it's just about understanding enough to use it in a simple way. Having nine compressors to access instead of just what's on my board is hardly helping me with simplicity!
  4. uk_lefty

    US "touring band" gets found out in Bristol

    Probably only reporters. If the music was stinky poo and the band leader is known for either pulling a stint or being a weirdo then I doubt many would part with their hard earned cash to see the two minute novelty.
  5. uk_lefty

    Anyone been to Prague....

    Was there last month. Get up early to enjoy the beauty of the place without the crowds. It really is special. Walking over Charles bridge to the Castle side look left at the end of the bridge, there's a guitar shop down there! I didn't manage to go but it has a giant painted mural including a bass so I was sorely tempted. Be careful buying Trdno's, weird ice cream things in a pastry cone. The first one I had was amazing, every one thereafter was more rubbish than the last. Choose your Trdno vendor wisely!
  6. uk_lefty

    Fretless MM Stingray Natural/Maple

    We need a drooling emoji.
  7. uk_lefty

    US "touring band" gets found out in Bristol

    It must be embarrassing for the venue's, they've now got an empty slot and it's national news that any idiot can book them saying they're a big touring band. Agree on the support acts, unless getting hold of tickets was stupid expensive or difficult on some way. The article says that the "artist" had a hired band, which is what brings me to think he's a fantasist that somehow got people to play along/ turn a blind eye and take his cash, rather than this being a clever-clever stunt about social media.
  8. uk_lefty

    DI box

    Never quite got it myself either. A woolly mush out front for everyone! And in my band the guitar amp/ pedal/ lead... We never know which, packs up every single time guaranteed. We keep telling him to get the lot serviced but it's falling on lead-guitarist ears.
  9. uk_lefty

    US "touring band" gets found out in Bristol

    Hmmm he is going for the hipster crowd who enjoy nothing but will attend "ironically"... Plus a few junior journalists getting the thin end of the wedge when assignments are handed out. He has cracked it! I think he could have only got more publicity by being a serial killer.
  10. uk_lefty

    Practicing without a drummer.....

    It can really help you as a bassist I find. I was in a drumless band and it was great for me and the guitarist to gel and play off each other. It made me play more percussively and play more notes to support the song and drive the rhythm, so now with a drummer I lock in a lot more and emphasise his playing which works well under two guitars. In short do it. One, because you have no choice, and two because it will make your playing as a unit so much better. Slotting in a new drummer should then be easier. And with a drummer you'll notice there's one more round coming in from the bar!
  11. uk_lefty

    US "touring band" gets found out in Bristol

    I think in this case it was a delusional fantasist that set up the tour. Goodness knows how he even managed to catch a flight. Glad the venue's pre warned others but it doesn't do the local reputation of the venue any good that basically any delusional idiot can book them for the night regardless of whether they're capable of carrying a tune in a bucket. And I'm sorry but a foreign act you e never heard of with loads of Facebook likes (irrelevant if all those likes are abroad/ not around your area) and you've not checked them out before letting them book the venue?? Bit of due diligence required I think!
  12. uk_lefty

    US "touring band" gets found out in Bristol

    I'm washing my hair.
  13. uk_lefty

    Insecurity? Pah. Incoming NBD

    Off topic, but very pleased for you, Matt. I was laid off ten years ago along with some close friends and i know first hand and from seeing how others struggled that your outlook and attitude on these things shapes so much more than just what next job you get. Glad you've got a happy story there, made me a little warm inside!
  14. We have the odd discussion here about social media, whether to get payment on the door, dodgy venues etc. I thought you'd all enjoy this story: https://www.bristolpost.co.uk/whats-on/music-nightlife/rock-band-creates-fake-fan-2204472
  15. uk_lefty

    Lefty Hipshot Extender

    I don't quite understand the question but I have a lefty hipshot D tuner on my Mexican jazz. The only issue was that the tech needed to grind away some of the side of it to make it fit next to the other tuners.