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  1. My band has had a few enquiries, so the possibilities are out there.
  2. Where Trace really went right though was not just producing really loud amps, they still sounded fantastic when cranked up. Lots of depth and punch to the sound even when turned up to wall shaking volumes.
  3. That is absolutely brilliant!!!
  4. Reading your post reminded me of watching musical theatre and how absolutely in awe I am of some of the performers. Proper live singing, and playing, while dancing about and changing the sets. I'd be offended to hear auto tune there, but if I was watching a pop band if I could hear some auto tune as long as it wasn't being overused or abused then I'd brush it off. Is it so widely used in pop that a lot of us just accept it?
  5. Agree one billion percent!!! I've been saying this for years after hearing that "just haven't met you yet" bullshtit song, it's just so in your face how the note comes out then it's like it's hitting a ceiling and staying there, yet the adulation he gets is unreal! Am glad someone else hears it. I've said in this thread about having a "little tech help" being OK but this is absolute abuse of the tech!
  6. That's very clever, in a very small footprint too. Would be interested to hear some of your synth sounds if you have sound clips?
  7. This is not the most exciting board you will see today... I sold off all my individual pedals because it was too much faff and I was constantly buying chorus pedals then moving them on because they weren't right, or buying pedals for one song and then the song gets dropped... So I got a Boss GT10B it was awesome but huge and heavy. I sold off the Boss multi, and my zoom guitar multi, and even my pocket sized basic zoom Acoustic Multi and bought a Helix Stomp. One box to replace EVERYTHING. Except the Wahs aren't very good and I like a bass wah. So I got an AMT cheap on BC and I like it. I already had the HB tuner so I kept it. I've got a separate expression pedal for the Helix too which may go on the board if I need it. I received the Budget Donner power supply and lightweight board just this weekend but I've got an issue with the board bag so not connecting it all up just yet. I know the Donner PSU won't power the Helix, that's fine. The idea is keeping the tuner as a complete mute switch for the whole board, I want to reassign fs 3 from the Helix to do something else other than tuner but haven't spent the time to figure that out yet. The AMT wah comes after the Helix so I can put drive in to the wah, but this necessitates the mute at the front of the chain but also means if I DI from the Helix then the Wah isn't in that signal chain, so that may get a rethink. A synth pedal of some kind may arrive on the board soon. So much for having just a single gig bag friendly box! Any advice on pedal orders, tricks with the Helix, gratefully received.
  8. This is something I'm interested in too, and it's also come about at a good time. However your comments go completely over my (very simple) head. I want something that go press button make sound. I don't want to spend the years that it would rake for me in a darkened cave reading manuals and programming things to just learn the basics of this witchcraft. With bass synth pedals sounding like Skynet having a bad day I'm thinking some kind of keyboard synth to make tasteful 80s synth bass sounds is what's required. It would be good to know what comes pre loaded with usable sounds vs what is just an interface for more background wizardry involving computers and whatever the heck MIDI is.
  9. I get it. Believe me I've stood against a LOT of stuff for my covers bands where someone wants to programme loads of stuff in to some machine and trigger samples for horn parts I stead of finding a way to capture the essence of it using what we've got to hand (E.g I've had a drummer go "BADA! BADA!" into a mic for the horn part on dude looks like a lady and it is sufficient for a covers band audience!). I enjoy the human element too, the fact it could all fall apart any second is part of what I enjoy. But I'm not against a little tech help for the odd thing. Just a little help though, not a complete cover up.
  10. I know! It's a tongue in cheek comment too, I just think a little bit of tech to help us all out is OK. We don't really seem to criticise bassists using electronic tuners, guitarists using harmonizer pedals, keyboardists who use all manner of tech, drummers and indeed whole bands who may be listening to a click to help their timing along, yet for singers it seems a complete No to use a bit of pitch correction. I understand and respect the point of view, I just find it seems singing is held to higher expectations than the rest of the band. Maybe because they never help set up the PA....? (please nobody tell me every singer you know always sets up the PA and the drum kit.... Again, I'm joking)
  11. Amplification is cheating. Lazy so and so's should practice to sing and play louder.
  12. Maybe using pitch correction for vocals is like using a P bass instead of an upright? Surely those metal bits telling you where to put your fingers are artificial and to use them is cheating...?
  13. I've seen the Rootmaster cabs going for about a hundred quid second hand which is crazy for what they are. Fingers crossed something turns up near you.
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