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  1. Thanks, Y cable sounds more fitting for me. I don't understand midi at all so a split cable seems best!
  2. Also using the Boss. Have used it on gigs where stage space meant there was no room for pedals in front of my size 8s. It does the job and its handy in music shops when you don't want to look like a fool asking for a tuner.
  3. I had a 1st gen V7 Vintage 5, Ash body maple board. Mine was heavy. As it should be, it's a lot of wood. No idea of variance as I ordered online. It wasn't uncomfortable for long gigs though, and it did a few! B string was strong and full, not floppy, consistent volume with other strings. Fit and finish nearly as good as a Japanese Fender in my view, though didn't have quite the same quality of feel. It was far better than I expected at the price point though. The tone, and the possibilities with the pre are fantastic. As good as, if not better, than all the demos. There's something for everyone in there. I didn't find the pickups noisy. They are very, very good value. I regret selling mine. Only sold it because I felt guilty about the number of basses I owned and had spent a LOT on a new US Stingray. Still should have kept the Sire though because I'm still lusting after one, knowing how good they are.
  4. So I've got an expression pedal arriving soon, 19.99 off Amazon, rude not to. Does anyone know if you can connect both an expression pedal AND an added 2 button footswitch to a Stomp simultaneously? Or do both need the same socket on the back of the unit? The extra 2 buttons isn't a big one for me, I could just get used to snapshots...
  5. Some good usable preset sounds. Jacop, Pedwah, Tube, Power bass or something?! I had one for many years.
  6. Looks like someone made it at school in woodwork class. Out of their desk.
  7. My cheapo expression pedal was out of stock. I paid in full, not being in a rush, but have had an email every few days with changed dates and last week an apology, an explanation as per the op on stuff just getting stuck in transit, and no idea when it will arrive. Not the retailers fault. EDIT: political remark removed by Rich
  8. John Lewis Cello CD hifi. Does CD, DAB, FM, Bluetooth and connects to your WiFi. Good quality hifi that costs £199 new. Has seen light use only. They go for just over a hundred on ebay but want to sell to a BC'er so £90 here. Photos herein...
  9. I bought one for next to nowt on ebay in the early 2000s, be lucky to get one for less than a hundred quid now. Great pedal.
  10. ON HOLD PENDING PAYMENT PHOTOS NOW ADDED. I bought this on ebay to fit to a bitsa but my gamble didn't pay off and the heel width on this neck is sadly a mm and a bit too narrow. I don't want to fill and re drill and add veneers to the neck pocket, I'd rather just use another neck. Selling for exactly what I paid. The ebay description is below, but my impression is its a good solid clean neck. Nice grain pattern on the rosewood board. The sanded face of the headstock allows you to finish it as you please. Ebay description: Telecaster Tele P Bass Guitar Neck Maple & Rosewood Left Handed 61.5mm Heel Width & 42mm Nut width Telecaster Tele P Bass Guitar Neck Maple & Rosewood Left Handed 61.5mm Heel Width & 42mm Nut Width Has A Narrow Heel Width Of Around 61.5mm Which Is Likely Intended For A 62mm Width Neck Pocket The Headstock Was Reshaped To Be Tele P Bass Shape Using A Vintage Correct Telecaster P Bass Template (See Photos) The Headstock Rear Was Reshaped To Have A Subtle 'Tadeo Gomez' Vintage Style Rollover ‘Tadeo Taper’ Soft Transition (See Photos) The Edges Of The Headstock Have Been Rounded To Soften The Look & Feel Just Like How It Was Done On The Vintage Fender Necks (See Photos) Has A Brand New 42mm Resin Nut Which Sits Tightly In The Nut Slot Without Glue So That It Can Be Switched From Left To Right Handed As The Nut Is Not Glued In It Can Be Flipped By Hand To Give A Reverse Headstock ZZ Top Style Tele Bass Neck For Right Handed Users Due To The Headstock Reshaping There Is No Finish On The Headstock Front Back & Sides & May Require Additional Finishing By The Buyer To Suit Has A P Bass Style Curved Heel End & Not The Flat Square Heel End More Common To Tele Necks The Heel End Was Purposely Left Curved As More Bass Bodies & Guards Have Curved Pocket Ends / Curved End Is More Compatible Has A Couple Of Small Dings On The Back Of The Neck Close To The Heel, Has Cosmetic Signs Of Wear From Age & Use (See Photos) Truss Rod Is Fully Working & The Neck Is Straight
  11. Thanks Andy, it would need new holes drilling in to the neck just a tad away from where the current ones are. Not sure I want to risk it. Am now pondering selling both necks I have off and going back to Jinwan for what I originally wanted (painted black neck for the 80s Japanese Fender look) , or getting a fifty quid unfinished neck from a UK seller and doing the headstock in the same stain as the body.
  12. Well... I don't think this is going to work, sadly. The pics don't capture how bad the fit is. Also I don't think the strings will line up correctly on the neck. Shame, I wanted this to work.
  13. New neck arrived today. Its not snug I. The neck pocket, there's just under a mm gap at each side. What do you think...?
  14. I'd be interested to hear some of your synth sounds or see how you're building them. I've found it better than most multi effects as a starting point but I'm yet to get really use able 80s synth sounds. Currently trying to build my own synth sounds using octave/ fuzz/ chorus and envelope filters.
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