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  1. In the price range you've got the Musicman or if you can find one 2nd hand a G&L L2000 Tribute. If it's the big fat humbucker sound your after, while the Sire will get you a very good tone for the style of music you're suggesting, it won't do the big ballsy Musicman sound. I do very much like the Sire V7 bass, I think it's stonking value, but from what you describe the Stingray sound seems to be what you're after.
  2. Are the Jinwan necks all made to Fender measurements? Have just seen a good value J body but not sure I can get a decent neck for it...
  3. Well that didn't last long! The Aria has gone. It spent more time in pieces waiting for repair with me than it did working. Try as I might it just didn't give me what I expected and crucially it couldn't compete with my Stingray or Jazz, I just couldn't see me using it in any situation. It got sold this weekend. Now, you know I said I was feeling guilty about having 4 basses and so on... I've never had a semi hollow so don't be surprised if there's a lefty NBD with a Hofner or Warwick Star Bass or something in the next few weeks....! I'd also been hanging on to a Badass Bridge thinking I would put it on my jazz but really, it was worth enough to sell and it funded a vocal effect pedal I wanted and left me with change. No regrets at all. I am even considering booting out my acoustic guitar and Telecaster and having just one electric guitar.
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  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  6. Something I'd like to avoid... If my 5 piece ever resurrects. We did make a brief appearance on Saturday night but as a pub quiz team! 😂
  7. I've got guitarist two and the drummer booked in for a session next Thursday. Have done some practice today for the 3 songs we will all use to check each other out. Vocals are rusty, especially while trying to memorise the bass line, but I have time now if work continues to allow me a few little breaks in the day here and there. Guitarist one contacted me out of the blue, he's only gone and got a drummer involved. Sent him a note to let him know that I'm checking out someone else first who has a very different style, wanted to be fully up front about this, and that I'd be back in touch at the end of next week. Hoping he takes that in the spirit it is meant and doesn't go all "thanks for nothing, you've wasted my time!" etc. as some would... Let's see what happens!
  8. I realised today that I can gig a set up almost entirely bought from the BC marketplace. Fender CIJ Jazz Boss GT10B multi effects Ashdown RM500 Head Ashdown 1x15 speaker The only things I've not bought from BC are the strings, cables and gig bag. That's a very decent, reliable gigging set up, all traded with people here who have been fantastic in selling for fair prices, highlighting any small flaws, delivering quickly, no messing about. All for a hell of a lot less than market value, but everyone walks away from the deals happy. I have other gear, of course, but this just proves to me the value of buying second hand but also from buying within this great community! Adding to the gigging set up today is a vocal effects pedal from Happy Jack too, it just keeps growing! Am sure there are plenty of you with similar success stories, let's hear them!
  9. Seconded. I've got one of these, it's a heavy gig bag but it fits allsorts including big pointy banana headed basses. And I used to carry around a Sire 5 string jazz in mine. Decent size pockets and lots of padding. Very good value for money.
  10. This is looking good so far. Everyone is keen. Guitarist loves his gear: pedals, amps etc. Luckily I've seen video of him and he does know how to play, he hasn't got all the gear and no idea. Drummer has some good input too on set list. We are all on the same page so far with song ideas, general direction, and being realistic about the fact we will probably be lucky to cover the cost of strings and drum sticks from gig fees if they are even a thing in the post covid world. Now to rehearse and see if we can tolerate each others company. My only fear with these things is people getting too excited and there being a million opinions a day on new songs, effects, "hey you should listen to X bands cover of that song we should copy that!" but hopefully we can channel excitement and enthusiasm productively in to being really good at a few things and build from there...
  11. We have a drummer! No idea of he's any good or not but he is literate, alive, and a drummer. He wrote a nice reply to the ad saying he's done all the usual covers but likes the sound of this project. That's three other people in the world, who play instruments, in my local area, who want to have a go. Going to try guitarist two with the drummer in the next few weeks and see where we get to.
  12. Yes and No. My family weren't musical at all but they liked some good music. Sad would have Beatles tapes on in the car constantly and other 60s hits but he ruined them all by trying to sing along. I had two older brothers so the family sport was always taking the p1ss out of each other for a sling as I could remember so liking the Beatles was something to laugh at, I grew up thinking anyhow. Some of those 60s songs have stayed with me though and I still love songs like Little Tin Soldier and want to do it in any band that will entertain the idea because I love the dynamics. I remember being ten or eleven and spending some days in a boring summer break going through the vinyl and falling absolutely in to Johnny Cash, then discovering Bob Dylan via Joan Baez. Then there were the "top of the pops" albums of sound a likes that got me in to Free, then UK Gold TV got me enraptured with the Sweeney and 70s Dr Who so I was drawn to Slade and T Rex. A few years later I discovered Sabbath. I had a music obsessive Uncle who really encouraged me and bought me CDs of Bat out of Hell and the best of the Police. I still listen to those same CDs now. I got really drawn in to lyrics, and aged 13 got my first Megadeth album and started rewriting lyrics for their songs. Then got in to Aerosmith. At school we had two lads who were good guitarists but nobody wanted to sing so I tried to bluff a Jim Morris on style thing which worked for a week then one of the lads realised he could do that easily himself but encouraged me to get a bass. At 15 I begged for a bass for Christmas and got it. So while my parents gave me no musical direction they did allow me to pick through their records and copy, borrow or listen to whatever I fancied. They were not convinced about the whole bass thing because it was alien to them, but over 20 years later I'm still getting enjoyment from it. I don't think I'd have got here without picking through the vinyl at home.
  13. Yes I do! Put up a link if you like, great tune and would love to hear a different slant on it.
  14. My first ever bad was a trio with an incredible drummer and an insanely good blues-rock guitarist. It is my favourite format by far, as you say there is nowhere to hide! But that's the great thing, you don't have to hide, you don't have to avoid treading on toes like you do with two guitarists.
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