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  1. Baldock 18th Nov. One Fat Finger at the White Lion

    Hi Grangur, We are a covers band, rock, pop, soul, blues and funk. We go from chuck berry to mark Ronson via Bryan Adams and Duran Duran. The criteria for our set is: will people sing AND dance along?? Not a foolproof formula but tends to work! We have an out of date Facebook page that I might update when I get chance, with photos, videos and so on. Are you local and thinking of coming along? Would be good to meet a basschatter. ☺️
  2. Baldock 18th Nov. One Fat Finger at the White Lion

    Classic rock with some funk, pop, soul and blues
  3. This Saturday we are playing at the White Lion in Baldock, 9pm til the last person drops... Come along for songs you will sing and dance to, or just for the freakshow of a lefty bass player!
  4. Plays like butter...

    My life in one paragraph
  5. Ampeg SVT 8x10

    I was playing a p with flats! Must do more twiddling with the eq next time
  6. Brice six string. It was cheap... That's all it has going for it, I just got excited at the affordability of it. It had no character whatsoever and was heavier than lead. Just utterly pointless as an instrument.
  7. Separating the artist from the art

    I hope that we as individuals can do what we like for our own conscience on this topic, but it's when the mass public hysteria grows over something that pushes us to make choices based on other people's view of the correct moral response. I have a hard time with my conscience on Michael Jackson songs, great music but a morally reprehensible character. Take the recent example of "comic" Dapper Laughs on ITV. He plays a particularly unpleasant character on stage who uses the term "rape" inappropriately on trying to get a laugh from the audience. I am in no way defending him, by the way, but it is interesting how he was hounded out of work and yet other equally distasteful comedians continue to make similar jokes and don't have a moral outcry against them. In my view his real crime was not being talented/ funny enough to pull it off/ get away with it in the way that Ricky Gervais, etc do when they joke about disability and so on. I am not defending or attacking here, just find it interesting how one gets the morality police hounding them out of work and the other maintains a position of reverence in the public eye. In my view, great art seems to survive the crimes of the artist.
  8. Buy the case, get the bass free...?
  9. Plays like butter...

    My favourite is using the word "custom" on what is obviously the most bog standard encore/ Westfield... Etc.
  10. Beyond your technical ability

    I'd only ever played with backing tracks for my 18months to two years, then answered a bassist wanted ad in my local music shop. I turned up with a 15w amp and a list of songs I could play. The guitarist was unbelievable and could sound like any famous player he wanted while improvising. The drummer was unreal too. They liked my honesty and have a go attitude and realised I wouldn't try to take over and they took me on. I improved leaps and bounds by playing with better players. In short, don't wait until you think you're ready to play with a band, just go and do it! It will improve you far more than backing tracks ever can. Playing different stuff with other players and improvising a bit can help you bridge those gaps in your technical ability very quickly.
  11. How do you connect to the PA?

    [quote name='Happy Jack' timestamp='1510321170' post='3405573'] It's complicated. [/quote] It's my guitarists job. He owns the PA and knows what he's doing. I turn up on time so he can plug stuff in to my amp. That's all I know.
  12. Need to know more...

    Pretty sure I went in there and had a look... 2006ish maybe? I was probably trying to find a fender jazz MIM and someone told me they might have lefties down there. Really impressive instruments if I remember but I was still a bit intimidated by those shops at the time
  13. In my covers band we play enjoyable songs, there's very few I dislike, but I don't listen to that music except to learn the song structures, figure out parts and practice backing vocals in the car. I prefer to listen to lots of different types of music and sometimes it does make me think about how I can change my playing in certain parts of covers that I play, because we have licence to play our part as we please as long as it works. If I was writing and playing originals I think the music I enjoy listening to would have more relevance to what I play in a band.
  14. Would this pickup arrangement work?

    [quote name='prowla' timestamp='1510299771' post='3405346'] Why not have a 3rd pickup at the neck position too? [/quote] I have considered it but don't think it would get the use of there's a great big humbucker further down the line
  15. Would this pickup arrangement work?

    [quote name='El_JimBob' timestamp='1510221807' post='3404680'] Perhaps for elegance and aesthetics' sake, something like [url="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UuhlWTD1htQ"]THIS[/url] from Haeussel... [/quote] Looks and sounds excellent!