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  1. Oh fancy!!! Bet it will be amazing. I made a PJ Bitsa earlier this year, it sounds great. Its not Overwater quality though!
  2. Nice! Who's making it? Looks like it will be a PJ?
  3. I've picked up an immaculate condition, hardly used Trace hybrid combo. And I couldn't be happier. I've been after a Trace, I've been thinking about hybrid valve amps.. I somehow got all in one glowing green package. I've wanted a single amp to do my covers band with traditional rock, so a bit of valve drive would be nice for that, but also my 80s covers band where a super clean amp sound or better still a Trace amp sound would suit. I've got it all in this. I don't think I've ever seen one before. The front panel has... Harmonic emphasis in/ out and level Pre shape in/ out Graphic EQ 12 band sliders and in/ out button Valve stage in/ out and drive level Low and high band compression on separate rotary dials with a balance control in the middle Noise reduction in/ out Effects loop in/ out Mute switch I've never seen all these bells and whistles at once in a Trace. I'm bowled over. I've tinkered for about an hour using a Washburn Status headless for super clean sounds and a passive PJ DiMarzio loaded bitsa for valve drive. The valve drive is warm and fuzzy but not harsh like emulated drives can be. It's not going to satisfy people who want really hairy drive but it's enough for me looking for some grit and deep underlying fuzziness to the sound without it overpowering, works especially well with the mids ramped up a bit. What's interesting is dialling back the valve drive but keeping the valve section on and playing clean, it gives a bit more punch. Can't wait to investigate more of what this amp can do on Monday night with the band!
  4. Saw they had a lefty on their site, rang up and got a cost..... Then the Washburn came up within a few days at 1/6th the cost, it had to be done! Might send it off to Status and ask if they can upgrade the pre amp for me. Its very comfortable to play and it's knocked my jazz bass out of rotation..
  5. Yes, I've got an 80s band starting so when it came up I just pounced on the guy selling it! Not sure about the pre amp but when you play it through a Trace Elliot it's phenomenal... So much so I bought a Trace Elliot too!
  6. Really can't be bothered driving to Camden. On ebay 99p starting price. There IS a reserve, but a realistic one. Obviously rehoming with a bass chatter is the preference to an anonymous ebay sale.
  7. 14kg of punchy bass cabinet. 2x10 Ashdown speakers, easy one hand carry. 250w at 8ohms. Input and link, jack/ speakon connections. Switchable horn. I've had this since New in mid 2018. It has been gigged, (of course, why else would you own this?!) but taken good care of. No rips in the tolex, only very minor marks on the corners. It hasn't even done all of my gigs as I like to travel light and use my 1x15 as my preference. Selling due to incoming gear and my preference for a 15inch speaker. Buyer to collect from St Albans area ideally, or I'm in Stevenage quite often. PM me with any questions.
  8. I'm not sure if you're wanting a "workhorse" meaning something to take the scars and scrapes of many, many future gigs, or an emotional purchase to treat yourself to something special that will be forever cherished. If looking at it like that then the choice between your US and Mexi fender becomes a lot easier.
  9. Fair point. When will be the big reveal, I wonder... Might be a follow up to the lad who booked his fake band on a fake tour and went "haha, fooled you all!" to global media attention, though nobody (except the venues who lost money) gave a shiny shite.
  10. But even that was not a rescue... If its a uni experiment then the production value in the recorded tracks and videos must have cost a lot, so I'm not entirely convinced on that theory. There's easier ways to see how fast and how far a message travels on social media etc. I can believe its real. I once answered an ad for a country band where the singer claimed he'd recorded 12 albums, 10 of which in Nashville. He also had videos, none as glossy as that, but the songs and vocals were utterly utterly dreadful.
  11. I've just put up a wanted ad on BC...
  12. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  13. The drummer in my 80s band, where this would be most use, is working in incorporating an electronic kit in to his acoustic kit... Hoping he can find a hand clap sound in that. Or hoping some cheap pedal make like Donner can do something!
  14. Jeez, for that money I could get a new band member to stand and clap a bit.
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