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  1. Motown shows

    Does Memphis count? I saw that with Beverly Knight (totally in love with everything about her) and Matt Cardle of X-Factor fame... He was very good and held his own while sharing a stage with Beverly Knight, which I think is commendable. It was excellent. While it's not exactly 'my thing' I have a huge amount of respect for all the performers in the musicals.
  2. Great gig, poor turnout

    An old mate of mine was in a band that did really well in our small town when they were teenagers. They had a big following, mostly their mates, who would pay a quid on the door to get in to their regular gigs. They were very good by all accounts. He tells me of the time they got their "big break" of playing in the big live venue in the nearest city, an hour away by car, they promoted the hell out of it on the local newspaper and local radio and hired a coach to take all their fans there and back. Literally no fans came at all, just the band and the driver on a fifty odd seater coach. He can laugh about it now but at the time it must have been soul destroying. That was mid 90's, before everyone stayed at home streaming music. Instead they stayed at home cassette recording off the radio (no regurgitation of Peter Kay jokes please).
  3. Planet Rock..same old hat

    I like planet rock but agree, it is very repetitive and I'd like to hear some newer stuff by bands that will be playing Download etc. To be fair to them tolhey do plug when Black Stone Cherry have something out, a "current" band I like, but then the same old same old. I don't mind the classics at all but it means I can't listen for too long before trying to find something else.
  4. Great gig, poor turnout

    Absolutely the point I keep making to my own band!! Well said.
  5. Favourite Movie Music

    I am yet to suggest a new song to my band that didn't feature on an 80's classic film. I really want to cover Danger Zone off Top Gun, it just needs some logical structure. I have often wanted to do a covers gig playing tracks off all the Vietnam war films, then rip up that set list and do another gig of tracks off all the Tom Cruise 80's films.
  6. The consequences of driving under the influence depend on firstly whether you get caught, and secondly what happened while you were driving under the influence. If you crash, cause an accident or do something truly horrific you will absolutely have the book thrown at you. And deservedly so.
  7. Mexican Fenders

    I've got a Mexican Jazz from the mid 90's, probably one of the worst periods for MIMs. It's a great bass. I don't need to keep it but I do, it gets used most gigs. Ok, I've upgraded it a lot but the neck is great, the feel is there... So if the modern ones are as much better as everyone says then you can't fail.
  8. Stuart Clayton's "Bass Lick of the Week"

    You get the same by liking his Facebook page too, Baselines publishing. I like his style. Met him at the bass guitar show a few years back and hes very down to earth and non-pushy, even when trying to sell you something... Let me rephrase that to asking you if you'd like to buy! Decent guy.
  9. Southpaw Spotted

    At least four lefty Vintage stingray copies on eBay at various low prices, if that's anyone's thang.
  10. A new bass for dub reggae

    An Ovation Magnum keeps coming up on gumtree on Stevenage, some guy who sells loads of basses and hundreds of drum bits. Worth searching for if you want one.
  11. Great gig, poor turnout

    We have just turned down a restaurant gig. Don't think they want rock/ soul/ funk covers while people are trying to eat. Also I don't think they knew what they were doing. They offered £150 expecting us to provide PA, lights, etc and wouldn't budge. Even if they'd offered what we usually take we would have turned it down for fear of just being complained at by diners.
  12. I think Bach do, or did one like this with a spalted maple top... Updated with link http://www.bachmusik.com/en/music-instruments/bass-guitars/model-btc-bass
  13. Great gig, poor turnout

    I would rather play to a small audience who want to see a band than a bigger audience who think you're making their conversation difficult and ruining the atmosphere of their local boozer. It's good "training" for difficult situations, like how to handle two very scary punks walking on stage demanding you play songs you don't know, requests for "happy birthday" (clue, learn to play happy birthday) and general audience abuse/ banter. We recently played a pub gig where the pub was full but less than ten people at any one time were interested in the band. One of those ten has booked us for his fiftieth birthday. The bar manager has booked us in once per quarter at higher pay than the first gig. Other people thought we were ruining their night and were annoyed we didn't know all of their favourite songs. Can't win them all!
  14. Eden I90 Bass chorus pedal - on sale for £29

    Update... Having eventually used this at volume with the band I am far happier! This is probably the first pedal I've had that sounds better with the band than it does at home.