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  1. uk_lefty

    travelling for rehearsals

    Tough one. I guess it depends on your other commitments and priorities. I will do band one night a week, twenty-ish mins drive away. I won't do more. I have a busy work life with long travel a day or two a week which means very early mornings and tiredness. I also have a wife and a small daughter, as well as other interests and a recognition that I need to relax some nights, and should really be exercising on some nights too. I'm doing a dep tomorrow for a friend of the band, she asked if I could do it and I told her my rule, I have to be at home putting my daughter to bed at seven, then it's forty mins drive to the venue, so for me to play we need to be on at 8 or later. That's my priority now, and my choice.
  2. uk_lefty

    Your Worst Gig Ever

    In a pool of his own making. I will be using that regularly. Perhaps in the next half hour if this train doesn't get a shift on.
  3. uk_lefty

    Lefty Photo Gallery

    Loving the Sire. I've been toying with getting all sorts of basses but I love the sound of a jazz bridge pickup, I also wanted to see what having a fifth string would give me. I wanted a maple board and a decent active EQ. The Sire is great for me. Arrived perfectly set up and I think that has as much influence as anything, the action is ridiculously low and I run all over it quicker than my other basses. I barely touch the EQ, it sounds so good with everything at the middle, I don't EQ my amp or engage a preamp pedal now. It doesn't suit everything but I can calm the brightness and snappiness easily with the EQ. It was excellent value at just over £520 or whatever, feels as good a build quality as my Japanese Fender. If you're curious about them you won't regret buying one.
  4. uk_lefty

    Lefty Photo Gallery

    Here's my current bass menu ... Kramer fretless 5. Mexican jazz. Sire Vintage V7 5 string. Fender Japanese PB70
  5. uk_lefty

    Lefty Photo Gallery

    I've never robbed a house before, but if I did...!!! That's pretty much my dream bass line up... Would love a Spector or Music Man. I narrowly missed one of those Washburn's on fleabay a while back. Had a B2A with EMG pickups and it sounded amazing, just couldn't get on with the string spacing. Swap the B2A for a five string jazz and that's a collection I would be very happy with indeed!
  6. uk_lefty

    Bass Opportunity for The Maension, L.A. California

    If they have a gig in St Albans I guess I could help out. But my communication skills are only a 2 so I don't think they'd get the message.
  7. uk_lefty

    Bass Opportunity for The Maension, L.A. California

    I hate my job and have been looking for a while... But I'm not tempted by this. I don't think my driving skill level 4 will work. And I think that means they want me to drive the tour bus. And I don't like the music.
  8. uk_lefty

    Revelation day

    Looks the business!
  9. uk_lefty

    Prep for audition/first meet

    Agreed, but still think you need to ask just to be certain. Someone who says they want a player for seriois gigging band might have never played outside their own bedroom. And likewise, you need to be honest about what you want otherwise everyone is wasting each others time. Having said that, my band has grown to be a good earner, so things can develop.
  10. uk_lefty

    Prep for audition/first meet

    As above, be really up front about what you're expecting from the band... One gig a month? New mates to jam with? Regular wedding and function gigs paying £3500 a week? And ask them the same... I got my slot over a lad who was hands down a better player but he wanted weekly paid gigs, the band was bringing in about one gig a month, few paid. I wanted to play good music, have fun and maybe cover my costs.
  11. uk_lefty

    Best Heckle

    Inspired by the "worst ever gig" thread, What's the best Heckle you've ever had? Meaning funniest, weirdest, best timed, etc? Mine, in other thread, wasn't a heckle as such but while doing a solo acoustic spot in one of those cosmically aligned timings where everyone in a rowdy pub is quiet at the same time I heard "he's a good guitarist but stinky poo singer!" And the offender was.... My own Dad!
  12. uk_lefty

    Summer of 69? Drop D?

    And that should really be the conclusion... What do you think suits it best the way your band wants to play it? Even if you're backing a Bryan Adams tribute act, are you a tribute bassist note for note? Go with what works best for your band in your performance.
  13. uk_lefty

    Your Worst Gig Ever

    If we aren't including bass playing then there's the acoustic gig I did on an August bank holiday aged 19.... I used to book the acts at a pub I worked in during a summer holiday from uni. The boss kept asking me to do a night because he knew me through my band. Someone dropped out so I did August bank holiday. Singing and playing acoustic for the first time live ever. I had my guitarist/ singer from the band with me for a few numbers. He packed up and left once his bit was done. We were late going on because I didn't feel nervous but my bowel did. Knowing the pub toilets I used the loo in the flats above so everyone thought I'd done a runner when actually I was doing the opposite (sitting very still). I played, got some great reaction to some originals, some so so reaction to some others... Then some drunks decided to sit right in my face, read my set list and shout "he's playing *song name* next! Bet it's this song next!" As well as "play some Elvis, kid!" And my favourite, "he's a stinky poo singer but can play guitar" which was actually my dad!!!! He didn't shout it as a heckle but said it to the landlord in one of those prime moments where you think you're being discreet but all other noises cease in a moment of planetary alignment to embarrass the offender. Also, singing an original about a girl from work who she and I were stringing each other along in front of my dad was interesting.... The chorus of "you were such a b!tch" repeated was ok, it was the closing line of "even now you're offering s3x, but I won't take cos you're my psycho ex" while making eye contact with my dad was excruciating.
  14. uk_lefty

    Your Worst Gig Ever

    These are fantastic! Mine cannot match up, I've only ever been threatened with violence while DJ'ing! Worst gig would be with my first band. Played the cellar bar of a rock pub, nobody knew we were down there. Singer and drummer made no effort to get anyone in so we were relying on my ten or less mates to turn up.... They did about half way in to the set. I got a bit too tipsy, being eighteen and having the glory of our first proper gig as a band, not just on the bill with others, and re-enacted lots of rock-god moments from the likes of Jim Morrison and Flea while playing Hendrix and Sabbath covers. Front man, and barmaid, not impressed, I was a shirtless tool. I borrowed some lighting from the rock disco, a whirly thing that sat on the floor, had the plug propped on an extension lead to press down with my foot during the intro of the first song when the drum and bass kicks in... Whirly thing took hold of my bass lead and pulled it out! I retrieved the lead, tried to keep playing all while kicking the metal out of this borrowed lighting thing.... Rock DJ mam arrived at the end of the gig horrified that a rock band was entertaining HIS audience. Horrified more when the audience now of fifteen reduced to his usual five when my mates left with me. At least I pulled a girl from college that night. Worst gig recently was end of last month. Last year we played for a motor racing club at a famous British motor racing circuit. We went down a storm and lots of people got carried away. It was unpaid and lots of travel but we got invited to do their awards function so all good. I recently learned that we were invited back this year but had to start and finish earlier and there was a warning about behaviour. It seems some of the amateur racing drivers got too carried away after our first gig up there and one of which had pulled out of a race after puking in his helmet during the first race of the Sunday. We played in the new bar, a huge metal shed, that had terrible acoustics and a sheepish audience under orders to behave. There was also big TV screens everywhere showing some formula ford or other obscure racing nonsense. Got paid the same as we do for a local pub gig despite four hours or driving. It was so flat we didn't even bother playing our biggest and best songs. Gutting, it was my first outing with a new bass too.
  15. uk_lefty

    Summer of 69? Drop D?

    Isn't the London symphony orchestra a covers band?