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  1. When you find out please tell me! Mine are 2 and a half and just three weeks. The eldest is left handed though so my GAS is an investment in her future.
  2. Sounds like 1&2 don't have much drive if any, must be very frustrating as you're obviously juggling a lot of non band stuff and want it to work. If you want regular gigs then try to find an opportunity with a well set up covers band that has a lot of bookings. You may need to compromise a bit on taste in set list or location to rehearse but it could still be fun, paid, and scratch the gig itch. You've got three kids, form a four piece band.
  3. I make suggestions about dynamics or if someone plays a certain lick once but doesn't next time we play the song I might say "I miss that pinched harmonic in your solo, its awesome". I wouldn't say "take your solo up the board here, then add distortion, don't rock the wah so much" etc because then I'd be inviting a constant correction and critique of my bass interpretation of everything. I don't want to play identical to the original and I respect everyone else's rights to experiment with known songs to put their own spin on it. Such as our guitarist who decided to play the Sweet Child O' Mine intro in the breakdown of She Sells Sanctuary because for him the breakdown was b0llocks so he decided to play something else! It's like when my drummer goes "I don't want to play that it's just another four to the floor beat". To which my response is always "make it interesting then"
  4. All of them... 1. Low to mid price and a known mass produced bass... Because it then feels like it's mine and mine only. 2. High cost bass... I rarely get the chance being left handed but my best and most expensive bass was up in Wunjos for a year or so I think. This way for the cost I know the actual instrument I'm getting and don't want it to be a duffer or disappointing in any way. I am v unlikely to want to sell so I'm OK with the depreciation 3. Basses that are not made any more, are a known quantity.. Either necessity or just "I know what an MIM Jazz should sound and feel like". Or I'm unsure, buying it just to see what it's like and know I can sell for roughly the same if I don't like it
  5. The drummer from my first band cancelled a gig at really short.otice at the best venue in town because he was going to a Chad Smith drum clinic... Tough call.
  6. For all I know they may have preferred this guy! He did play all the right notes at the right times instead of generally pissing about and trying to cram in as many fast runs as he can! Luckily I'm the band treasurer, so if they ever want to £47 kitty back they'd best be nice to me.
  7. Yeah I wasn't putting down the dep bassist at all, he's not only got a shed load of songs to learn but the structures, different keys etc and he has to keep up with the drummer and guitarist who it's hard to just slot in with because of how they play. It was just interesting to note. Equally when I have depped I completely changed the sound of one band just because I simply cannot play with the same techniques as their regular bassist and would seriously fudge it up if I even tried. It was just an interesting observation in the complete change of dynamic to the band, especially as I contemplate setting out to dep for more than just people I know and be a proper hired gun.
  8. I have been on self imposed lock-down from all activity beyond essential attendance at work and family duties since my baby boy arrived almost three weeks ago. My band had what is usually the biggest gig of the year and used a dep, which I am 100% behind. I saw some video of them playing with the dep, a reasonable player who played all the right notes in the right places for the clips I've seen... But... It was an odd experience. There just didn't seem to be the energy and dynamic in recordings of the band that I've got from rehearsals and previous gigs in which I've played. The crowd looked smaller than expected which may have contributed but, though he was good, I just didn't feel the bass driving the band like I hope/ think I do. I'm grateful the gig went ahead with a ddcent player depping, it just didn't sound right to me. Anyone else had similar experience?
  9. Someone noticed them. Go get the black ones!! 😂😂😂
  10. Use it as an opportunity. The other band may have contacts with other venues you haven't been able to or haven't thought to get in to yet. When there's multi band events then great you can be two of the bands. As mentioned before a good drummer is usually the one juggling multiple bands. Unless it's the 70s and you're all living together in a bedsit trying to write songs to change the world then surely its every person for his or herself when not doing the once monthly gig.
  11. A psychologist would say this is a result of me being the youngest of three boys growing up but... I blame the drummer. Seriously, if momentum is dropping its the drummer. My first band was probably my best musically, the drummer was the best musician I've ever known, during solos he and I would improv, but him being far more experienced and seasoned than I was he was throwing in fills and dropping out for odd beats and so on. I just used to slide up past the 12th every now and then! Its not just down to you to fill out the solo, if the drummer can get involved in thickening out the sound too and the pair of you can work well together then you can jam through them and keep some depth and texture to the sound.
  12. Fuzz, overdrive, distortion, mix in chorus or octave effects to thicken it out. Digital delay... Depends on what noise you want to make. A subtle bit of something to change up your tone plus something to "duplicate" the sound like chorus or delay would do the trick.
  13. Can't say I noticed them being especially glossy. They don't feel slippery or sticky or anything. I use fast fret anyway so the stickiness or lack of is probably influenced more by that. They don't shine a lot under stage lights if thats the worry? They're great value, I had them on my bass for over a year and have saved them back to use again. Think I got them for less than £15 but it was a fair while ago so I could be mistaken.
  14. I use both with an RM500 head. Decent gigging set up. I personally prefer two 15s but the 2x10 with the 1x15 is still a great set up. If 10s are more your thing than 15s I'd look at the 4x10 options they do.
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