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  1. I had the BFX-708 for years! I think things have moved on a lot since those days. How are the amp sisms? I think I'd miss my trace elliot and "super flat" amp sims that I get on the Boss.
  2. Yeah this is what I want to avoid, creating complexity! I went from individual pedals to the GT10B thinking I'd never need to change back, but it's just so big, heavy, and needs a lot of time spent on tweaking. I think the Helix should be more intuitive to change patches and so on?
  3. I would go for the smallest form factor, just worried I'd miss my wah pedal. Then again for about six months I have used no effects at all, just a tuner/ mute!
  4. Will watch this keenly in case there are more contributions... I have a Boss Gt10b which is old tech but it does billions more things than I need, I just know its all there in case I ever need it. However it is old tech, it's big and its heavy. I also mainly like the amp sims and don't really use the effects, looper etc. Was thinking of going for the new boss, though heard its just "OK", that might be enough for me! But am drawn to the possibilities of the Helix, even though I might only use 2 or 3 percent of what it does!
  5. I got one on here for a reply good price second hand, immaculate condition with manual, the works! It just does what it needs to do. Apparently they're good for guitar too. Moved it on because I got a Blackstar BEAM as it doubles up as a Bluetooth speaker in addition to being a one-for-all amp. I wasn't too impressed with the bass sounds from the BEAM (guitar sounds are v good) until I realised earlier this week I wasn't actually selecting the bass amp properly... Will try it on the actual bass amp setting over this long weekend I think!
  6. Regarding the oil and wax finish... Waxing down a Warwick is very therapeutic! I had a maple bodied Streamer LX, decent bass but had to sell it to raise funds for a training course. To me though Warwick should always be bubinga, ovangkol neck, wenge board.
  7. Agreed. No issue at all with the hardware on the Sire that I had.
  8. The body, knobs, Bridge and binding on this really make it. Its like a very tastefully done upgrade to a P, subtle detailing to just make it better. I like it.
  9. Bargain! If I didn't already have one I'd paid full price for I'd snap this up...
  10. To me that exotic P4 needs a reverse headstock then it's a winner. Went through the range and the Thunderbirdish one looks good too!
  11. I've only got two kids but their ages makes them a 24hr a day job!
  12. It's hard to practice when your only free time is having a sh!t at work, and that's when smartphones buy basses all by themselves...
  13. Well it gives time to learn the new material! I've been contacted by a band that needs a bassist, they play half the set of my existing band so my attitude was that learning the other half over the foreseeable wouldn't be too much of a task. Considering the state the pub trade will be in though I think after we are through all this there could be less paid gigs about, every penny counts for the landlords who will have shut for months, if they can even open again.
  14. Ebay global shipping hub is a bit of mystery to me. I sold a bass to a chap in Belgium and he was very reasonable about it but ebay checked it in to their own depot then lost it for weeks! Eventually the bass got to the Buyer, everyone happy, but once bitten etc. Luckily the buyer wasn't a tool. He was very disappointed as he'd been after that bass for years and I was the first person selling one in the right condition at the right price but if it had got lost we would have both been miffed!
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