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  1. Not sure... Depends how confident someone is at having a go without the lines I guess. I knew a violin player who was awesome on unlined Fretless as you would expect but personally I would never have started on Fretless were it not a lined. I'd only been playing bass for just under three years when I got my Fretless and had no other musical background, I just liked Ten by Pearl Jam 😊
  2. I'm not so sure about that. My Fretless is lined but I barely look at the neck while playing but I certainly hear when I'm off, muscle memory goes a long way too.
  3. Fretless is good for everything! I went years with a Fretless being my only option.. Granted it looks "hair metal" (my particular bass, not all Fretlesses) but it sounds however you want it to sound. You don't have to slide in to every note so it's not all mwaaaaaaaah all the time unless you want it. It's a great tool to have though, I couldn't manage without one now.
  4. Easy big first one for me... 1.Not everything being available in left handed!! You right handers are so spoiled for choice with amazing new basses and colour combos. It's only recently we've been able to get maple boards on basses below 1500 quid, for example. Granted, the likes of Sire are really looking after us now but I'd love some of the experimental Ibanez and so on... But then I'd probably have spent too much on trading basses for years so maybe it saves me from myself?! Who knows... 2. Whoever said no mute buttons on amps is spot on! Why would an amp not have this?! I'm going more and more just bass > cable > amp, no pedals not even a tuner these says, so a mute button is essential even to just protect the speaker when you unplug the bass. Also amps NEED to have an EQ bypass switch. 3. Lozz, top handles only on heavy amps... When I was a skinny 17 year old trying to hoist Marshall Bass State B150 around it was very hard work!! 4. PJ basses. Most, not all but most, seem to be P design bodies. J bodies look best for PJ basses IMO. And we all know better looking basses get played more. 5. Wireless systems. Now I've got one I haven't actually used it and won't on the next gig. Maybe the one after that. I don't know why I've bought it really except visions of jumping in with the dancers to get a disco number started... I'll probably knock someone out with the headstock and get the poo kicked out of me and it will all be a terrible mistake. 6. One bass to do everything... A complete lie, it doesn't and will not ever exist. Though a lot of music shops tell you it does... A jazz bass does not do a P bass sound with just the neck pickup, not even close. I thought my Stingray did 99% of what I need, and for my live playing it is pretty much all I need, but it's like having a monkey wrench when you need a little Meccano spanner sometimes if you want to get subtle nuances of tone out. If you're just belting out 80s rock for some sweaty drunks though a Stingray is realistically going to do the works. 7. Presets on amps always sound crap. Why?
  5. If the V5 is same quality as the V7 I'll be interested. However if that short scale PJ was full scale I'd be buying, love a PJ on a j body.
  6. Have seen a few Fretless maple neckers of these but not without the Pickguard and never in that condition. Still, for me, and this is just my guess, I wouldn't pay more than 375 but I am a Yorkshireman so draw your own conclusions!
  7. It's in great condition but I think he's pricing it nearer an Ibanez musician than a Roadster. I can't pay 750 for it as much as I'd love to have a go on it.
  8. This is gorgeous: https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F293429139087
  9. I wonder how close the current Bass Centre own brand could get with a bit of tweaking...
  10. I've got a KiOgon series/ parallel switch in my bass. It's basically a turbo charger!! Very pleased with the end result.
  11. I found an Irish dealer listed in their website... They don't have any stock but this could be the Brexit windfall we've all been told about!
  12. A mate of mine had a producer to make a single for his original band and it really took it a full step upwards from the version of the same song he had recorded with a music student using proper kit. They found the process valuable and the producer offered their singer more opportunities elsewhere. However, they send the professionally produced single round to radio stations and originals festivals, etc. If your guys can't even share it on Facebook then I don't think spending any actual money at all is worth doing.
  13. That's still pretty special though!! https://www.tuneguitars.com/wb5-fm-left-spec
  14. Weird, I know very little on the subject but the far East producers seemed to look after us lefties a bit better than the Yanks do. Saved me a few hrs trawling the Internet to see what they sell for though, thank you!
  15. When I bought my first property the mortgage company went through my bank account in forensic detail and I got questioned about £14 per month DFS sofa payment and a £7 a month fee to be a member of a professional body. They never asked why my Vodafone bill was well over £150 in one month though... Nothing dodgy. I was on hols in the US while my girlfriend, now wife, was visiting family in Australia. Expensive phone calls and messages!
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