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  1. Good job. The white pearl pickguard looks great...so much nicer than countless other Buttercream Player P basses with the plain white ones. Makes it really stand out! I thought about buying one and doing the same and swapping out the chrome hardware for black, but it wasn't meant to be.
  2. Yes, that sounds right...single-coil MFDs like the ones in the SB-2s?
  3. This is a custom, but they're supposed to start making these soon.
  4. My Thundergun is 7.9 lbs...Korina. Only thing heavy is the tone. I'm guessing the one you tried was a Rumblefish...light and resonant due to its hollow design and phenolic composition, much like a Danelectro. Today's Reverends are far more substantial, as solidly constructed as any quality bass.
  5. You might want to think outside the box. One of only two PJs I'd spend my hard-earned money on...and nether have active electronics yet are as potent as any bass that does. Reverend Decision P-BLADE Captures the classic P-bass character, but with increased volume, sustain, clarity, and extended low end response. 42 gauge wire, ceramic magnet, 12K ohms JAZZ BOMB BRIDGE Warm mids and a focused attack, enhanced output, and still percussive when you dig in. Hum-free. 43 gauge wire, ceramic magnet, 14K ohms.
  6. I didn't like the Katana bass in the '80s, but they look a little better without the oddly shaped pickguard.
  7. I think I've recommended this one a dozen times this year.
  8. The one on the left is debatable. The one on the right...not only ugly but it doesn't seem to serve much of a purpose.
  9. I just spent $500 on a five-year-old Squier and I wouldn't trade it for any new MIM. To be fair, I'll be trying out both the Precision and the Jazz tomorrow, but I doubt either one will measure up. I'm not saying they're bad basses, but I seriously doubt they're good thousand-dollar basses. Only plus about these Players are some of the finishes.
  10. You might want to consider this one...made me forget all about PJ'S and Thunderbirds. 7.9 ounces...the only thing heavy is the tone. https://youtu.be/TG43QMU5Q5o
  11. A couple of nice finishes but that's about it. Silver Smoke only available on the P bass, Tequila Sunrise only available on the 5-string Jazz...another brilliant move! Oh, yeah, nice to see a significant jump in price, too...but that's okay, they have several $1,000 plus MIMs, and people have been buying them. Me? Hell, I'll just wait until next year when they come out with the Player Plus Profesional Performer...maybe they'll actually have a friggn' tone control.
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