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    Dude, if I didn't have a Classic Ray already, I'd be all over this baby. What is your dream jazz bass?? Chewie
  2. Hey D-L-B........... GLWTS....... I just bought a pair of DB112's to go with my Shuttle 6.2 and it is a life changer, tonewise. That is a special rig you're selling.
  3. Advice on which Musicman

    Amen to that........!!
  4. Genz Benz Shuttle 6.2.?

    I've got the 6.2 and I will never sell it. I took mine to Bass Direct to test some DB112's and people were cooing over it! Check this out............
  5. NICE.........!! GLWTS
  6. Wow.......... Nice........... GLWTS........
  7. WOW! Just picked up a 1991 SS1 or I'd be your way...... Great tiling too! GLWTS
  8. I bet this sounds lovely. Good price too. GLWTS
  9. I just picked up an SS1 before christmas and it's the best neck I've ever played. I've noticed the distance between the end of the neck and the bridge is much shorter than many other basses and this makes for a really focussed sound. Amazing growl. GLWTS
  10. Just picked up a pair of DB112's....!!  WOW!!!

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    2. Chewie


      I'm not sure Andy.........  All I know is, on earwigging some of the more senior bassists on here, the consensus seems to be, weight assists tone........

      It's a myriad of parameters..........  I had a Genz Benz Focus 115 with a 210 on top before..... now it's 2 112's and that alone is a life changer...!

    3. jembullo


      Glad you like them my friend, my loss is your gain, they are fab cabs and I cried a few tears when they left my owner ship.

    4. SpondonBassed



      Please don't tell us you are on the quest for extra heft...?


  11. Some people have style and money..... Some people have no style and no money...... Some people have style but no money...... Some people have money but no style..... Discuss?
  12. Nice.......... Love the blanket under it too....... GLWTS
  13. Squier Affinity or VM for starter?

    If I were you I'd buy a VM 1977 Squier Jazz......... I had one and it was so light and lovely to play.... It had all the qualities my 1977 Fender had except the price. The necks are lovely and the block inlays are really nicely done.... Then, when you're ready to sell the world alight, I'd pick up a pair of EMG pickups for it... they're active but require no routering or mucking about. They come with the control plate and cost about £200. It will sound amazing and you won't look back. Happy new year.....