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  1. Chewie

    Show us your rig!

    Nice basses too..... blue sparkle, oooooh.....
  2. Chewie

    1988 Warwick Streamer Stage 1

    Really nice..... Amazing necks..... With a little bass boost, these have a lovely sound. I love mine..... GLWTS
  3. Chewie

    FS Fender Jazz bass 1973/1974

    Really nice........
  4. Chewie

    FS Fender Jazz bass 1973/1974

    Nice. Is that the original finish?
  5. Why thank you, kind sir. They haven’t left the house since that lovely day, either. Somebody is going to get real lucky with these.
  6. Thank you sir. These are in a league of their own. Talk about punch......!!!
  7. Chewie

    1972 Fender Precision

    Oh baby baby, how was I supposed to know.....🎵
  8. Here’s my DB112’s up for grabs. Fantastic condition; cabinets & covers. Superb sound quality. Wonderful tweeter on the DB112. They absolutely must be heard as a pair. These cabs have it all, including a super cool look. Here’s the spec. Speaker Compliment: One 12" cast frame woofer, 56 oz. magnet •Power Handling: 300 watts RMS •Impedance: 8 ohms •Frequency Response: 42 Hz - 16 kHz •Sensitivity: 95 dB 1W 1M •Dimensions: 14" H, 19" W, 19" D •Weight: 42 lbs/19kg Im looking for a straight sale for both. No trades as I’m saving up for something. Collection from sunny Swindon. I’m selling them as a 15” Walkabout combo is here now and they deserve to be on stage. Happy viewing.
  9. Chewie

    Fender Jazz Bass Vintage 1978-1979

  10. Chewie

    FS/FT vintage 1972 Ampeg SVT

    I think this is the one Tim Commerford uses.... GLWTS.....
  11. Ooooh...... Where’s my gas mask?????
  12. Chewie


  13. Oh mate, I understand...... send me a pic anyway..... just for the drool factor.....