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  1. Chewie

    Modulus Flea Bass / Funk Unlimited SOLD

    Mother of God.........!!!! Come on Postcode Lottery........
  2. Bump up the jam, bump it up...........
  3. Bugger. You’re welcome to have a play on it with no strings attached. Fellow Swindoner. Pardon the pun. Youre not Roger Haworth formerly of Highworth?
  4. Chewie

    1965/66 Fender Jazz Bass

    Oh, man...........
  5. Up for grabs...... Lightweight at just over 12kgs Small and compact Punchy and LOUD Lovely clean tone VLE & VPF filters Fantastic for headphoned practice time & sounds amazing connected to another cab. Rocsolid cover, also mint Lovely amp. Not to be underestimated by it’s size. Located in sunny Swindon For sale only, at the moment. Any questions, fire away. Door’s open if you fancy trying it out. I’ve got a DB112 you could connect it to. I’d obviously rather it was collected but am not adverse to posting as long as the buyer gets involved too. Cheers
  6. Chewie

    Eden WTX264 head + EX112 cab

    You can't argue with that..... I've got the amp sitting on top of a pair of DB112's........ Lovely.......
  7. Do it, man. I went to look at a 1975 jazz bass once, in Bristol. The geezer was a guitarist and he had a cube and it sounded lush.
  8. Chewie

    TH500 idiots guide??

    Hey Thisiswanbon, Check out this video....... I'm not suggesting matey is an authority but the gain stays really low until he employs Drive later in the video.
  9. Hey JakeyC, I'm in a similar boat to you..... I just bought a Markbass 802 and I'm loving it. I thought about a barefaced one 10 with an Eden wtx 264 which would be warm and more old school...... Also, I hear a Roland Cube is a fine little amp.
  10. Chewie

    F Bass ( Furlanetto ) BN5 Crushed Maple Top

    Mother of God........... That shot of the back....... Wow!
  11. Chewie

    Post your Fenders here!

    Same as that, Reggaebass......... I've got an 1977 jazz and it is a stunning bass
  12. Chewie

    Post your Fenders here!

    Oh man, coooool............ You need an Antigua in there!