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  1. Really really clean bass. Barely played. Alder body. Maple and rosewood neck. 43mm nut. 4.6kg 34” scale length. 23.625” radius. String spacing 16mm approx. All fully functional and present. Really versatile. Absolutely killer P Bass tone. Viewings absolutely welcome. Matkbass 310 at the ready. Really struggling to add the photos for some reason….. bare with me….!
  2. Good for you mate. Use a Jedi mind trick on her…… I tell you what, I bet Randy might considering taking it back off off your hands if she turns…..
  3. Hey Creeper, Love it. is the one you got from Randy Baxter?
  5. Love this........ I love a bit of slap. It’s great fun to play it too, IMO. I remember learning Naked In The Rain as my first slap groove...... I actually drooled while I was playing it....!!!!! Things like Love Games and Mr Moon still make me stand up. It’s a shame about the numpties in music shops and YouTube who play 500 notes a minute. The truth is, it’s a lot easier to play it faster. IMO.
  6. I’ve noticed that sometimes people who don’t like slap bass have tried to do it and failed miserably.
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