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  1. My pleasure, Let me know how you get on Stewblack. I wonder how many other dormant Markbass amps are out there? If you need somebody to fit it, there is a chap in Swindon which did mine. He's a bit of an oddball, as most of these amp tech characters are (apparently) but he has a professional reputation in the area. Chewie
  2. Hi, Sorry to just get back..... Been in the boonies all day. I contacted Real Electronics in Sheffield and they diagnosed the fault over the phone. Heres their number...... 0114 244 2969
  3. Yes buddy, sorry..... time flies. The power board has been fitted and she’s running a beaut. £109 for the board, inc courier VAT etc & £45 to have it fitted and tested. Well chuffed.
  4. Really nice, man.....or woman....... GLWTS
  5. Cheers PeteB I’ve had it repaired and it’s bloody lovely. I ordered the power board from Sheffield and had it installed locally. Cost me £150. Love the Markbass sound...
  6. I've had it repaired Roger. It is the nuts. I love it. Japan Axe lent me his Big Bang for a couple of days and it sounded great. Well happy, I am........!!!
  7. I’ve just ordered a new power board from Sheffield and I’m having it installed locally by an amp tech here. I’ll keep you posted.
  8. Were you in a film with Nicole Kidman?
  9. I totally agree buddy. I’d just never played anything Markbass before that was all. I was originally just after a 410 cabinet.
  10. Thanks buddy. That is a really nice shout. I was in Hyde Park, working, only the week before last.
  11. Yes mate, she’s a ripper. 1969 Tallframe. It matches the Markbass.....! Not intentional....!
  12. Hello guys and gals...... Here’s a request you don’t see often. I just bought a Markbass 310 combo. The amp doesn’t work and needs a £200 board replacement, apparently. Is anyone out there near Swindon, willing to lend me a Markbass amp to confirm whether I should pay to get the amp repaired? I wouldn’t want it for long. It would only be for home use. I could pay for a fine slab of beer in return. The vendor of the Markbass cab has plugged my Mesa head into it without its transformer connected..... sob, sob....... Sonetimes you’ve gotta ask..... It does actually sound cheeky on paper to be fair. Anyway, May the force be with you all... Chewie
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