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  1. Really nice neck for sale. Bought from a respected member of this parish. 787g. 7.25" radius. Heel adjusted truss rod. Lovely thick piece of rosewood. Here's a link to the actual spec. https://www.allparts.uk.com/collections/necks-for-jazz-bass/products/replacement-neck-for-j-bass-rosewood-fingerboard-no-finish £150 posted or can meet within 30 minutes from here. Bran new Gotoh string tree thrown in for good measure.
  2. Bought these from Charles Guitars. Very nice quality. Installed on a bass briefly and then sold the instrument. Here's a link for the dimensions et cetera. https://www.charlesguitars.co.uk/parts-shop/tuning-machines/vintage-relic-gotoh-bass-tuners-fb30-4-nickel-aged £65 posted.
  3. OOH........ This has their early version of the Power Squeezer. Very handy indeed. I've recently purchased the 30XL for guitar and that, with it's Power Squeezer is a REALLY handy amp.
  4. Oh mate, great minds eh…… Ive had my pickguard off and Atkin are making me a lovely celluloid one…
  5. Hey Jezzaboy, Thanks man…. I used contour sanding pads from Toolstation and fitted em to my electric sander. I used a T cut to polish it after a bit of 400 @ 600 wet and dry. I think I’ve got it licked now….. Contemplating my 2006 next…..
  6. Love the back on these........... GLWTS I have a Di41, 2006. It is like a piano. This sounds the same I bet.
  7. Actually, scrub that…… I was thinking of a different bass.
  8. Hello Groovers, Here's my CV Jazz for your perusal. Great bass; especially for the money. Lively, growly beast. Comes with Badass II and GOTOH aged tuners. Original tuners will come in the sale too. I've taken the poly finish back to a lovely, warm, nitro kind of look. It looks fantastic IMO. The pickup cover isn't in the sale. it's placed in position for no reason at all. The bass comes with it's original black pickguard. Collection preferred. I'll put more photos up tomorrow when the sun is out..... Thanks for looking.
  9. No worries….. I’ve seen this guy… can you source a couple of pics?
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