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  1. Met up with Dave for an effortless transaction on his Ampeg micro VR.. a nice guy and easy to deal with. Thanks 👍
  2. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  3. Stingray went to Bobby, nice bloke and an easy pleasant transaction. Thanks Bobby, enjoy!
  4. Absolutely like new Fender Pawn Shop Bass VI in Candy Apple Red with trem-arm and Fender gig bag Still has the cellophane on the pick guard and not a mark on it. Weighs 9.15lbs Reduced to £675 REDUCED TO £595 Once again.. you're welcome to come to my studios just off the M60.. Meet up depending on distance.. Or I'm happy to post out From the Fender website.. " octave-down, E to E tuning, alder body, maple neck, rosewood fingerboard, and the same 21 medium-jumbo frets as the original. Thankfully, the Pawn Shop Bass VI also offers the following updates: The fingerboard radius has been slightly flattened, from 7.25 inches to 9.5 inches, resulting in a more modern feel. The original three single coil format has been replaced with two higher-output singles and a JZHB humbucker in the bridge. The scale length has been slightly extended to 30 inches, resulting in more natural feel and intonation. The funky 60's style pickup switches have been replaced with a strat-style five way selector."
  5. @Tradfusion @ikay Finally! (sorry.. Had to buy scales) 9.65lbs or 4.375kg
  6. Sheesh, this is because I was toying with selling another.. (plus it's me age!) - Thanks @Apothem and @ikay (will get back to you on the weight)
  7. 2000 Musicman Stingray, Vintage Sunburst, Unlined fretless Pau Ferro fingerboard The body, neck and headstock are in fabulous condition. It has had roundwound strings on it.. and because of this, shows some slight marks on the board, they are only slight though and this doesn't affect playability in any way Comes with either a fairly tired gigbag or a fairly new generic tweed hard case (up to you) You're absolutely welcome to come and try at my studios in Stockport.. days, evenings or weekends I'd prefer a straight sale but feel free to send trade offers Price drop to £850 £800.00
  8. Bought a westfield Pbass from Adrian.. arrived quickly, well packaged and good coms throughout! Thanks 😃
  9. Correct. There's no 'traditional' tone control. Never bothered me as it's always on full on my others anyway!
  10. Sorry, should have said.. pickup volume x2
  11. Traded elsewhere 1995 Fender PJ USA STANDARD I got this bass from this very place long before the forum upgrade, so have lost the details Essentially, it's a 95 pbass with black Badass bridge and hardware.. It's a cool looking bass and sounds ace.. Just like a precision should but with a bit of flexibility with the jazz pickup. It has been gigged quite a bit and has some buckle rash on the back.. Also the neck has started to lacquer check. I've tried to show in the photos. (it doesn't bother me in the slightest tbh) other than that it's not been abused and is pretty clean! If you're anywhere near South Manchester you are very welcome to try at my studio with a wide choice of Amps and a brew!
  12. [attachment=252492:73 jazz.jpg] this is my favorite, 1973 Jazz these are some others.. [attachment=252494:15181334_10155479619967995_5471296389170110103_n.jpg]
  13. Had the joy of playing this bass this week (whilst I was collecting another one he was selling).. and it really is lovely and versatile tonally. The quality of the work he's had done on it is incredible Jim is a top guy too - his descriptions are spot on
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