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  1. Damned - Live at Shepperton U2 - Under A Blood Red Sky Hanoi Rocks - All Those Wasted Years The Cult - Dreamtime Live At The Lyceum Iron Maiden - Live After Death Japan - Oil On Canvas BAUHAUS - Press The Eject And Give Me The Tape
  2. Pino vibes for 3 grand less than the custom shop.. 😉
  3. Effortless transaction with Jean Marie with great communications throughout Thanks JM !
  4. 2002-2004 Fender Jp62 Precision Bass in Fiesta Red Had this one for a number of years.. but never gigged Pickups are Bass Lines quarter pounders (I'm presuming this as that's what I was putting in to basses at the time) Weighs in at less than 9lbs! I'll stick some more details on here later and will answer any questions £800 (plus delivery)
  5. It's late 80s.. from memory I think 88.. I'm sure it's not a fullerton one anyways! I've had it over 20 years and I'm curious myself now.. I'll dig it out over the next couple of days!
  6. Ernie Ball Musicman Stingray 1994 in Trans Red Serial number database gives May 5th 1994 I got this bass from Jim Parris (Carmel etc) in the late 90s I think.. and I've never gigged it. It's super clean for it's year and pretty much just how I got it all that time ago. There are a just couple of small dinks in the finish and the hardware shows slight signs of being used 2EQ, Translucent Red with birds eye Maple neck and the proper bridge with the string mutes still intact At one time I had a Bartolini pickup installed as I had other Stingrays I was gigging and fancied the change for studio.. but this has been replaced again (The Bartolini will be for sale too I expect..) Uploaded some pictures for now but will try and take better ones.. and any others by request
  7. Fender Japan Jaguar Bass Versatile and cool looking, I wanted one of these forever and wasn't disappointed when I finally got this some years ago.. but I need to release funds so some things have to go. (I also have an AVRI Jazz listed and a Stingray so whatever sells first and all that!) Comes with the original vintage white guard and a black replacement one which I personally prefer (probs an ex-goth thing) It's in great condition.. Plays and sounds great too. The body shows some polishing marks and finger scuffing etc but nothing excessive. More detailed pics on request Prefer collection.. and will travel for a meet (within reason and observing covid rules etc.) Will post to UK if needed MUSIC RADAR SAID - An amazingly eye-catching design, first impressions are extremely positive - albeit with a sense of entering a time warp. Much of that is due to the tasteful selection of traditional parts like the vintage-styled bridge, the creamy aged look to the scratchplate and the classic open-gear tuners. Add to that 'aged' lacquer on the neck and the seemingly discoloured pearloid block inlays and the reissue illusion is complete. Only two pickups here though and it doesn't take long to realise that the general design is a neat combination of the body and scratchplate from the original Jaguar guitar and the bridge, pickups and neck from a Jazz Bass. Cross-pollination of design and hardware is an idea used by Fender many times over the years, and although not all of the resulting hybrids have found favour with the musical populous, this particular one has to be declared a total success. Ironically for such a backward-looking design it comes loaded with the very latest in active bass circuitry, as well as a heavy slice of traditional electronics. As it happens, thanks to the over indulgence of switches and knobs on the original Jaguar guitar, there are loads of wiring options available without having to fit clumsy push/pull pots or extra micro switches. This has got to be one of the most effective designs ever to encompass so many controls. The use of three separate chrome plated control panels is incredibly neat so no wonder the result is visual bliss. Taking another leaf out of the Jazz book, the Jaguar has an ultra slim, maple neck that just seems to disappear beneath the hand, but as far as the overall feel of the instrument is concerned, this is a very different playing experience. It's certainly comfy to use, particularly when standing, even though it is very slightly headstock heavy. String spacing is very generous and the use of the original bridge design with threaded saddles is an unexpected bonus. That, along with the traditional open gear tuners, is so much a part of the Fender bass legend so it's good to find both here. In use In spite of being endowed with a pair of Jazz pickups, plus a physical similarity of positioning, the complex active/passive circuitry ensures that the Jaguar bass has a sound all of its own. Admittedly, there's a serious amount of understanding required regarding these electronics, so much so that Fender has sensibly included a diagram to explain the function of each knob and switch. However, once examined it reveals a logical way of categorising the controls between the three metal plates. The upper plate houses the active circuit on/off switch and the corresponding active treble and bass controls. The regular rotary controls are for master tone and volume and the triple-switch plate activates the individual pickups, presenting the series/parallel slide switch. What is immediately obvious is that there is no way to actually blend the output from the two pickups so there are no really hollow sounds to explore. Although this may seem like an oversight at first, the reality is that if you want that hallowed bass sound then you're obviously going to get a Jazz Bass. There are three distinctive qualities to the sound of this instrument. With the series switch at off the passive circuit produces a variety of sounds from both pickups thanks to the effective master tone control. Turning the series switch on warms and fattens things up, but when you kick in the active circuit the Jaguar releases its roar. Once you've engaged the powered electronics it's hard to look back. More attack, presence and delivery plus heightened definition and tonal warmth, is all most impressive. But it's having the choice that makes this such a worthwhile design, and as this sounds like no other Fender bass there are a lot of positives to consider. Not a reissue Having all the right features of a great classic bass it's amazing to think that, until it rolled off the production line earlier this year, the Jaguar Bass never existed. Being endowed with so many classic Fender features, the Jaguar bass has almost designed itself. It certainly feels more like a classic reissue than a brand new model and we heartily applaud Fender for finally getting the thing off the drawing board.
  8. tricky


    Indeed it will!.. and the previous owner could certainly get a tune out of it!
  9. It's rosewood.. but proper dark rosewood!
  10. I have an older white one too but have to keep that for sentimental reasons.. White 🤣
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