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  1. For me on the customer service issue: Good: Bought a new Fender CS P bass via Coda Music in Stevenage. There was a problem with the instrument to which they fully refunded me, no questions asked and with great communications along the way. A repeat customer was born! Bad: Ordered a bass from Bravewood Guitars. Instrument arrived and developed a construction fault. Long story but had to start a small claims court procedure to get the customer service required in this instance. Not cool and very stressful.
  2. @Steff I'll start by saying - What a bass! If I had the £££ I would have been PM'ing you long before now. I think there's 3 issues at play here for you: 1. Some people see non-reversible modifications as a turn off, regardless of the parts & costs involved, 2. No case/gig bag, 3. Collection/Local Delivery only IMO if you can address points 2 & 3 you'll reach a much wider buyer base and I reckon it would shift. GLWTS Cheers, Jon
  3. Hi Oliver, Is this the preamp still available please? Thanks, Jon
  4. Wow, yeah, what great playing, sound and mix! For those who haven't had a look/listen - The Bass Channel bloke has recorded himself playing along to AJFA with a 2005 Warwick Corvette Standard and a Darkglass Microtubes 900 v1 amp through a cab mic'd with a Shure Beta 52
  5. I think you've hit on a good point here Lozz. It is a tough one (where to mix the bass) and what I've noticed with Metallica, especially live, is that the bass is not particularly noticeable in the mix but you would miss it if it wasn't there. Almost like a 'thickener' (ooh-er!) to the sound - Hetfield & Hammett's guitar sound is pretty high gain and 'waspy' when heard without bass accompanying. It also doesn't help that the 2 guitars & bass are tight as a gnats chuff which doesn't allow for any real separation in sounds. All IMO of course
  6. Jack, Any chance of getting the OP photo's re-uploaded for this useful thread please? The links are all broken...
  7. Great recommendation @anzoid, thanks. I've only ever seen the company advertised in banner ad's and presumed they were a far east import company! I've bookmarked that website and will use them next time I need some parts. @TheGreek - Mick do have a look, they look like a top company to go to if you need parts/tools.
  8. Anderton's advertising the new MB TT-800 @£1,149... Link: Anderton's - MB TT-800 That has piqued my interest/GAS/weak will 🤣
  9. Hey @LukeFRC, This is a great thing to have made, thank you. I've gone for Charcoal Frost Metallic, BWB 'guard and a Rosewood 'board:
  10. @FDC484950 - Do you have the weight please?
  11. No problem and I would just like to see you get a successful, happy deal done with it. It's a lovely bass and good luck with the sale 👍
  12. Good spot Davidak! Esteve - It would be good to declare, and photograph, all non-original features/modifications to a bass costing this asking price. I would be very angry if I bought it and only found out once it arrived at my house.
  13. What a mucking fess this all is! My initial thoughts are why should Yamaha be let off financial penalties and GAK get clobbered when they both had to be 'in on it'? To my mind, slap both their wrists monetarily and move on. Then there's the situation with all the other retailers warned about their involvement... ugh. Maybe GAK should get a crowd fund going and ask all the other retailers warned to help them out!
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