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  1. Interesting read Si, thanks for the link 👍
  2. Just as a heads up only 863 - 865 MHz is licence exempt and free to use. The only other portion that is usable with this IEM transmitter is 830 - 832 MHz but that needs a 'UK Mic licence' from Ofcom PMSE. Everything else is in mobile phone companies frequency ranges or RFID/Cordless phone ranges.
  3. IEMs are part of the solution here but to really sort this one out get him to look at shifting the amp setup for one of these systems: https://www.porteranddavies.co.uk/products/
  4. Got to say, I've had zero buyer interest and it's making me think twice about keeping the old girl!
  5. Wow - A disrespect and respect for my ad all in one sentence... Thanks, I think??? 😂
  6. Oh yeah, don’t forget the light touch of low-mid grit/distortion to liven things up a little 🤣
  7. I have to say I’ve had the same experience as Raggy with P’s and other makes of flats - mostly TI’s and Group III’s. It certainly nails that classic Paul Simonon sound IME!
  8. I see the Bass Gallery has a CS Masterbuilt P/J in. Might have to go and check it out to see what’s what!
  9. Cool - It operates in the license exempt range (863 - 865 MHz). Not for me but GLWTS 👍
  10. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  11. Thanks for the info bassplayerpt. It's out of reach for me funds wise but GLWTS of this beast!
  12. Now gone to a new home! Thanks for looking. Cheers, Jon
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