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  1. Great recommendation @anzoid, thanks. I've only ever seen the company advertised in banner ad's and presumed they were a far east import company! I've bookmarked that website and will use them next time I need some parts. @TheGreek - Mick do have a look, they look like a top company to go to if you need parts/tools.
  2. Anderton's advertising the new MB TT-800 @£1,149... Link: Anderton's - MB TT-800 That has piqued my interest/GAS/weak will 🤣
  3. Hey @LukeFRC, This is a great thing to have made, thank you. I've gone for Charcoal Frost Metallic, BWB 'guard and a Rosewood 'board:
  4. @FDC484950 - Do you have the weight please?
  5. No problem and I would just like to see you get a successful, happy deal done with it. It's a lovely bass and good luck with the sale 👍
  6. Good spot Davidak! Esteve - It would be good to declare, and photograph, all non-original features/modifications to a bass costing this asking price. I would be very angry if I bought it and only found out once it arrived at my house.
  7. What a mucking fess this all is! My initial thoughts are why should Yamaha be let off financial penalties and GAK get clobbered when they both had to be 'in on it'? To my mind, slap both their wrists monetarily and move on. Then there's the situation with all the other retailers warned about their involvement... ugh. Maybe GAK should get a crowd fund going and ask all the other retailers warned to help them out!
  8. @ped Is it worth a punt at trying to set up a deal with DPD directly? It would be great to have an 'in' with a courier and have our shipping concerns raised and understood from the outset (delicate, large, vintage, high value items, etc) and genuine, reasonable, insurance available? Cheers, Jon
  9. Bought a Fender P bass off Andy and he was upfront, very helpful and a true gent with immediately resolving the niggles I had. A proper BC'er and you can deal with him in confidence. Thanks again, Jon
  10. Noisyjon

    Vantage Dual P

    I remember that bass and thinking 'phwooar' back then! Any pics of it @ezbass ?
  11. Not any more Nick! They have been hitting the stage sharp the last few years. Amazing what a mega-multi-million $ tour does to ones attitude 😂
  12. Don't get me wrong Ubit, I have no hope of it happening. I'm more concerned that the websites for Gn'R, Ticketmaster & THFC are not doing/saying anything about it!
  13. Got a weird one here - Guns N Roses, Tottenham Hotspur, 29th May. Still on, no cancellation or postponement at the moment!!!???
  14. I had a tuner, boost and EQ plugged up and all was well. I then bought 2x TC pedals (HoF2 and Flashback2) and one was plugged into a switched output (and was fine) but the one on the non-switchable outlet wasn't working properly. After a chat with a knowledgeable fellow I tried the other TC pedal on the other switched output and bingo, it worked perfectly! He said this is not uncommon and a grey area. YMMV, etc but just a heads up
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