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  1. What an amp. These really do 'the bass sound in your head'. Just sublime. One of those funny things - my mate has 004 in the series! I'm thinking/dreaming about it but GLWTS @Beedster
  2. What a lovely bass! A real shame Brexit will now add 20% VAT for us Brits. GLWTS
  3. I'd be concerned along the lines of what @BassmanPaul raised:
  4. +1 Having read some of the other courier threads, anything's possible and the theme seems to 'keep on keeping on' with the company.
  5. Just seen this and someone may be up for the repair: Link Here I reckon you could haggle that price ! Their description: Condition Description There is a crack on the front, top, right corner of this item. Damaged Items Damaged items at Andertons are products which have been found to have significant damage. Please read the description and inspect the photos carefully to understand the condition of this specific product. All efforts have been taken to accurately record the condition of this item. B-stock items may not come with all original packaging and accessories. Errors & omissions excepted.
  6. Bit late to the party but very interested in this product. I see there's already these pedals and also some upcoming bass amp sims:
  7. Hi @Sibob / All, Any news on Cog Effects and if they'll ever resume production? I had a quick look at their FB page and nothing new on there since Jan 2020. Their T-16 is tickling my fancy!
  8. I absolutely love this bass and the thought of what it can bring to the party, but unfortunately I'm skint! Good luck with the sale.
  9. @neilmurraybass - Thanks for the PDF transcription, that's an ace thing to do for us all here on BC. Have a good day, cheers, Jon
  10. @funkle That was very informative, thanks for that. I liked the reverse P/P and the Musicman position pickups!
  11. @Old Man Riva Thanks for posting that, I enjoyed that trailer
  12. Classic looking with modern electronics, what's not to like! GLWTS
  13. I hope they're the 5G nanochips as well, otherwise what's the point!!!
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