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  1. Bought a Fender P bass off Andy and he was upfront, very helpful and a true gent with immediately resolving the niggles I had. A proper BC'er and you can deal with him in confidence. Thanks again, Jon
  2. Noisyjon

    Vantage Dual P

    I remember that bass and thinking 'phwooar' back then! Any pics of it @ezbass ?
  3. Not any more Nick! They have been hitting the stage sharp the last few years. Amazing what a mega-multi-million $ tour does to ones attitude 😂
  4. Don't get me wrong Ubit, I have no hope of it happening. I'm more concerned that the websites for Gn'R, Ticketmaster & THFC are not doing/saying anything about it!
  5. Got a weird one here - Guns N Roses, Tottenham Hotspur, 29th May. Still on, no cancellation or postponement at the moment!!!???
  6. I had a tuner, boost and EQ plugged up and all was well. I then bought 2x TC pedals (HoF2 and Flashback2) and one was plugged into a switched output (and was fine) but the one on the non-switchable outlet wasn't working properly. After a chat with a knowledgeable fellow I tried the other TC pedal on the other switched output and bingo, it worked perfectly! He said this is not uncommon and a grey area. YMMV, etc but just a heads up
  7. Beware - I have that PSU and the 6x non-switchable 9V outlets are 300mA combined, not per outlet. I found out the hard way!
  8. Noisyjon

    NBD - P/J

    A classic look for sure and echo all the praise/GAS above!!!
  9. It sounded to me like he needed a No. 2 and was under pressure getting the song done 😀
  10. Interesting that such huge news is announced by the notorious April Foolster Kiwi on April 1st... 🤣
  11. There will be a slight latency (probably un-noticable) with the digital mic's but that's about it!
  12. I owned this bass before Paddy and it is a cracker indeed. Great bass, great price and top BC'er - GLWTS!
  13. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  14. To expand - I used my one through 2x Barefaced Gen1 Compacts (1x15 cabs) and it was all there sound wise. Incredible. Loved it. But it just broke me physically humping it around and lifting it onto the top of the cabs. It was like you needed to be a cross between a weight lifter and a furniture removal expert getting it about. I had it mounted in a lightweight 4u ABS case so nothing silly going on there.
  15. I think it was @Happy Jack who once said that the SVT II Pro actually produces the sound in your head when you think of big valve amps. I totally agree with this and it was only the weight of the mother that made me sell it!
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