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  1. Is it a rosewood or maple fingerboard? Any pics of the bass?
  2. You must be very old, that was pre mid-19th century!!!
  3. OK, yes, and was only attempting some humour to help ease a dull, groundhog, 'lockdown starting to ease' type day. Apologies and back OT. Interesting concept and I would love to hear one in person and 'up to level' with a drummer & guitarist to see what they're all about. Are you thinking of getting one NJ?
  4. I can't get past the acronym BBC. I don't suppose Auntie will be to amused!
  5. Hello BC'ers, Now traded elsewhere and left up for posterity! Sadowsky Metroline RV5, 5 string bass, Made in Japan and from the now discontinued Japanese range. Spec's below. The last time I saw a new one for sale it was circa £2,600 at Guitar Guitar, but it's gone now. The remaining 2 MIJ Metroline MV5s they have are either £2.7k or £2.75k. Specifications: Sadowsky Metro Line RV5 - 21 fret standard bass, Made in Japan Serial Number: M96** (which dates it to 2017) Colour: Olympic White Body: Alder Neck: Maple Fingerboard: Morado Frets: 21 Nut Width: 1 7/8 inches Spacing at bridge: 19mm Scale: 34 inches Pickups: Sadowsky Preamp: Sadowsky 2 band - Volume, Pickup Blend/Pan, VTC Tone control (push/pull active-passive), Stacked Treble & Bass boost Pickguard: Tortoiseshell Weight: 8.5 lbs Case: Non-original; Reunion Blues 'Continental bass case' (very high quality, rigid style gig bag) Thanks for looking, Jon
  6. An update from me - After seeing this thread and reading up I bought Logic Pro X! It has been a good few years since I have used it but it was like putting the old slippers on/riding a bike again. Good advice and saved me from any unknown issues/costs that I may have encountered otherwise.
  7. Yes, just the thing those CB tuners! I'm not looking to build ATM, but this neck would've been perfect. GLWTS @walshy
  8. @SurroundedByManatees - If it were me I would be looking to do all this first: Get detailed/close up pictures of: The bass with the neck off - the neck heel back and butt as well as the body neck pocket Close up of the headstock rear for the Master Builder logo position and detail Control plate unscrewed with cavity and pot/electronics detail The supplied case with any other original accessories From there you can do internet comparison research on that Master Builder's style with logo, labeling, position, etc. If the bass comes in a generic non-Fender/CS hard case with no accessories then that would scream stolen to me. There's a lot to consider but as the others have said, if it's the real thing then that's a good price. Good luck!
  9. @cLepto-bass - I have no experience of them but these may be good for you: Phil Jones Bass H-850 Headphones
  10. Thanks for the info. You say a bit dear but a new Euro 4 LX is around, or above, the £2k mark now! As a side note I notice bass/music gear seem to have jumped in price recently, both new & used. e.g. a new Fender Custom Shop Precision Bass, '57 reissue, relic finish is £3.6k with Guitar Guitar at the moment!
  11. Very nice @Pow_22 If you dob't mind me asking, what did it cost you please?
  12. Great info & insight on Reaper, PT & Logic there @BigRedX, thank you, I used to use Audition a lot in a previous job and it's a cracking bit of software, I highly recommend it. FWIW Grams Ops in the TV world would do all their editing and manipulation of effects, music, VOs, etc in Audition and then load them into the playout software.
  13. I'm thinking about going from Logic to Reaper so while not the same situ as you Chris, I'm very interested in this subject. Good luck and sub'd to see what advice transpires
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