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  1. BUMP - Make me an offer! Potentially interested in Pre's or UA Apollo Twin in part ex.
  2. Cheers man! Its a corker it really is. Tell your mates! I need some new bits and Ive had a very interesting (If expensive) conversation with Alpher..... 😬
  3. Up is my beloved Fender P. This began life as a 75' when I bought it, the neck had been very badly defretted and sprayed with cheap paint. I had the body professionally resprayed and aged by Mike Smith (Former master builder for Fret King). The neck is warmoth custom order to the 51' Tele bass specs (Its a chunky beast). Hipshot reverse tuners and Gotoh bridge. Bone nut. The P pickup is original and the MM is a Duncan Basslines, configuration is a stacked knob jazz style. I have had it set up EADG and BEAD and it performed equally well in both. It has been toured and recorded a lot and has been regularly serviced and set up by my guitar tech. THIS IS A PLAYERS BASS. If you are the kind of person that likes something a bit different that plays and sounds great, this is for you. It is by no means for the collectors out there who want a pretty wall ornament. I have put a lot of time and money into getting it to this stage, I have 2 other Ps that are all original and need to fund some studio gear, so its regrettably the obvious choice to go. The neck alone cost just shy of £500 new. If you think it could be for you, I am more than happy to accommodate a viewing and a play. I am based in Liverpool but can possibly travel to meet. I would prefer collection or for me to drop within a reasonable distance, but I am happy to ship if needs be. Any questions at all, please get in touch. Cal
  4. No worries. Select my BC name and go from there:)
  5. Recently bought a sansamp from Tom. Came exactly as described, very well packed with speedy signed delivery - always massively appreciated - Deal with confidence!
  6. She sounds like a true scouser haha. Thanks mate
  7. What do you know. Gone already! Back to their original owner and all round top dude @Etienne 🤘
  8. Hey Guys! Up are my Bergs. These things simply kick donkey and are not getting used outside the house. Its either festival backline or clean stages with IEMS and I am skint so can't really justify keeping them. Super lightweight and punchy, with a really full and extended low end. They are in top notch condition and Bergantino covers are included. £350 each - £600 for the pair. Photos to follow
  9. This is an older Vintage Microtubes with a hand written serial number. You know what this is and how good they sound! It comes in used condition but it is in the original box. Unforseen total skint-ness forces sale otherwise I'd be keeping hold of it. UK postage is included in the price. PHOTOS EN ROUTE
  10. No love for a shipped Sunburst Jag?
  11. I kick myself for selling it in the first place dude hahaha
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