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  1. Anyone actually buy the gnome? At £111 for the bog standard one, thats an insane bargain.
  2. How is this still here?!?! Its a steal! I sadly don't need a 2nd one
  3. Long gone I'm afraid! My mistake. I do have a pro I might part with. I need to have that chat with myself first 😂
  4. I had the WMD Geiger as above. Had two weeks in a studio producing with my band, I used to nearly every day on something, by the 4th day I'd bought a pro...... Its a beast of a thing! Sadly not getting tonnes of use any more as 3Sigma have done a plugin model of it that is fantastic!
  5. Bargain this!!! Best wirless I've ever owned
  6. Massive longshore but if anyone bought one and wants rid of it, drop me a DM 🤐
  7. Agree with Trav Etienne is a top dude, deal with confidence on what will be a very well looked after bass. It's a bargain too! Good luck with the sale dude
  8. Hey Guys! Up is my Sigma 10-20mm. It's a great budget wide lens that I've used mainly for static video stuff, its been well looked after and comes cased with box. £120 including tracked UK postage.
  9. I forgot all about the Epi 110! They look quite amazing. I don't suppose anyone has tried the Epi and the BF and can comment?
  10. Thanks for all the feedback dudes! My BF 210 was possibly the best cab I've ever owned, it had the tolex peeling early on and when the dealership contacted them they got super aggressive with them, and it really put me off unfortunately. I'd love to grab a One10 in honesty, but I dunno, it left a really sour taste in my mouth! There is a One10 for sale atm and it had definitely got my eye, ill have to see if I can forgive them 🤣
  11. Hello BC'ers! With some gigs actually on the horizon I've been rethinking my live rig a bit. I currently have a Bergantino HD210, which I absolutely love, but rarely take it out if I don't have to with it being nearly 30kgs. I've got a few gigs in the book already where I know I will need a small ish amp so I just wanted to see what people have bought and got on with really! Contenders in my mind are Darkglass DG210, Ashdown RM210, Markbass - Ill consider anything. I had a Barefaced Retro 210 that was excellent until it fell apart. FWIW - The head I'll be using is a Mesa Walkabout. Thanks in advance!
  12. Ahhhh if that B wasnt for Through-Body I'd have bitten your hand off. Great set at a bargain price.
  13. You're not wrong! They made me two custom CTM15s years ago which I sadly had to sell, service was excellent.
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