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  1. You're not wrong! They made me two custom CTM15s years ago which I sadly had to sell, service was excellent.
  2. I'm looking for any advice from anyone that has played or owned one or hopefully both of these! I run a small commercial studio as well as being a session bass player. I'm looking for a decent tube amp that will do that expected tube amp thing in the studio and for smaller gigs. I've very keen on either of these but both have pros and cons for me, and Im looking for any advice from owners. I love that the PF50T has self loading, every amp should have this, just for safety alone! - However there will almost always be a mic on it so it's not a dealbreaker. I kind of feel like some people listen with their eyes, so something with Ampeg written on it is always good for a studio. The biggest plus - it's THAT sound, and I love THAT sound. I love the Stubby for the feedback control, from everything I've heard it seems like you really can convincingly get anything from SVT to B15 to Bassman - this is super attractive - if this has self loading it would be an easy winner. I've also had an LB30 drophead on loan for a few weeks and I'm getting on well with it. Both about the same price. Both as easily available. HEEEEELLLLLLLLPPPPPPP
  3. Just received a little microphone stereo bar from Patrick. Comms were rapid, but not as rapid as his shipping! It was in the post within 20 mins of me paying I couldn't believe it. It arrived as new this morning. A credit to our community, deal with confidence. Cal
  4. Phwoar!!! Where did you get this? I imagine it's too heavy to post?
  5. Fantastic unit, fantastic price. The right person will get a bargain on something they will probably have for life
  6. Theres an 8th on an inch in it apparently. Thought it might budge. Really appreciate you checking that out dude.
  7. Exactly what I needed to know, its a shame they wont fit the walkabout!
  8. Hey! I have the old school silver face Mesa Wallabout 300 head. Rack ears for them are like rocking horse todd, Mesa now have the WD800 which looks to have pretty compatible dimensions. I was wondering if anyone out there with a walkabout has tried the WD800 rack ears on it? From photos they look like the mounting holes are similar but thought it was worth putting it out there before buying.
  9. Honestly... I have to agree. I was commissioned to make it and I agree that the variation is slight for anyone not playing them, or hearing them in this critical way. The same definitely can't be said for the feel though in my opinion, worlds, apart in all tests.
  10. Hey Guys! Heres this finished video. Thanks so much for your feedback, I tried to incorporate it all in as much as possible which keeping it within the brief. I am, unfortunately, a woeful slap player, so I've left that to the experts! If you find it useful, Id massively appreciate a like on YouTube, and any further feedback you have. Im new to all this, so thanks for helping me along the way!
  11. Hey dudes. A couple weeks ago I was asking what people would like to see in a string comparison video. Well here it is! I've compared Stainless Steel to Nickel, Hex Core to Round core and Diamond to Platinum (Newtone only) I'd love to know what you think now it's all done. I'm pretty new to the youtube stuff so I'd love any feedback. I hope this is helpful for some people, and will save you buying a million sets of strings to help you find what you like.
  12. Thanks so much for all your feedback guys!!! I've tried to incorporate as much of this as possible into the video. One more question. How do we feel about a straight DI sound? Do you like that? Or would you prefer an amp blend? Would you sit through a video twice as long if it gave you both?
  13. Hia dudes! I'm making some demo videos for Newtone Strings and was curious as to what people look for when looking for strings. Would you like to hear a mix of styles? Or a specific style for a specific string set? Do you want to hear the strings in context of a mix, or just in their own? Would you like to hear them with a pick and drive as well as clean and fingerstyle? Any feedback or suggestions would be massively appreciated! Stay safe dudes!
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