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  1. Marshall 1x15 250w cab

    If I wasn't at the other end of the country Id bite your hand off
  2. 75' Fretless P Neck

    Sunday bump. Would consider a lightweight cab in part ex / trade
  3. Radial JDV

    SUNDAY BUMP Would take a lightweight cab in trade / part ex cash either way
  4. Which cab is it dude?
  5. 75' Fretless P Neck

  6. 75' Fretless P Neck

    Hey! sorry, typo on my part! Looking at too many Jazz basses when I wrote the ad! I will do
  7. [font=arial, helvetica, sans-serif]Hey guys[/font]! [font="arial, helvetica, sans-serif"]Up is my Radial JDV DI. [/font]This has been used on several records and used live and has performed brilliantly. It has been regularly serviced by Andy at Audio Device Factory. The only modification is a high quality locking power connector, the power cant just be pulled out and cut damaging the unit and the connection itself is much stronger than the factory connection. The unit itself is super clean and super quiet and pretty small for a DI of this quality, it really allows nuances of any bass to shine through. Ive run my old P's through it and super hot cranked Wals and TRB's with headroom for days. 2 inputs and Multiple outputs make it great for multi-amp and more demanding set ups. Theres a reason dudes like Marcus Miller, Victor Wooten and countless engineers rave about them. Unfortunately needs must and quite a few bits of nice gear have to go. Its been kept cased and in really good condition. Not really looking for trades / part ex. But could be temped by an Avalon U5 for the studio.... Cheers dudes!
  8. 75' Fretless P Neck

    [font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif]Hey All[/font] [font=arial, helvetica, sans-serif]Up for sale is my 75' fretless neck. It is not a factory fretless but has had a new ebony fingerboard in the early 2000's. Tuners are original. This neck has been on a bass up until recently so is absolutely fine under tension. It plays really well and has relatively little string marks due to me exclusively using flats with it. I unfortunately took it off a bass with the view to using it for another project that is going to have to wait quite a while. So here it is! Based in Liverpool but I travel about quite a bit and Im happy to ship at buys expense. [/font] [attachment=256300:IMG_20171026_185902.jpg][attachment=256301:IMG_20171026_185856.jpg][attachment=256302:IMG_20171026_185909.jpg][attachment=256303:IMG_20171026_185926.jpg]
  9. [size=4]Hello all! [/size] Here for sale is a pair of samson monitor stands in mint condition. Bought for a studio and never used. £30 for the pair, based in Liverpool but travel a fair bit. Cal
  10. Line 6 M13 + Pedaltrain 2 with Hardcase

    Hey Elijah. Would you split the PT2?
  11. Very interested. Where are you dude?
  12. US Std. P bass - 2008 S/burst R/wood

  13. Feedback for MattM

    Just sold my P bass to Matt. Great comms, quick payment, nice dude and zero hassle at any point. I'd happily deal with him again Cheer again dude!