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  1. Bump. Taking offers. Got zero income at the moment. Would potentially take part ex on Strymon Deco or Two Notes Captor (or other load box)
  2. BUMP - Taking offers now as I could do with the cash!
  3. Hey Guys! GAS Has set in. I do a lot of remote recording and this has me so intrigued. Ive got a DWJ 50W SVT clone that is great but Ive got to crank it so much and mic it etc, and now Im in quarantine I'm loving the idea of one of these on the desk top! Who's got one and how are you getting on?
  4. Up is a boxed set of Lace Man O War pickups. These have a great vintage voiced midrange with a more aggressive high and controlled bass. Sits really nicely between vintage and modern pickup sounds. I had these in a Marcus Miller Jazz and they were a huge improvement on the factory pickups. Theyre going on ebay new anywhere from £150-215. Asking £75 including UK postage. https://lacemusic.com/collections/8/products/lace-man-o-war-j-bass-set
  5. Dimensions are - W 55cm x H 21cm x D 17cm So its pretty compact! Im going to get some audio recorded today for you lovely people. Just fired it up and if it wasn't for my income being completely wiped due to Covid I'd keep it!
  6. I will get dimensions for you as soon as I get home
  7. Its 34" scale so feels "right" to me but definitely feels bigger than any other acoustic bass I've played
  8. That's the best thing. You just turn it on and turn it up and it sounds amazing
  9. Reluctantly up for sale is my one of a kind DWJ 50W head, "The Wembley". Dan of DWJ is a legendary amp repairman and builder and has worked with just about every famous band in the north of England. He built this for me 3 years ago. The preamp section is based on channel 2 of a 70's blue line Ampeg SVT, its then matched with a 50W power section for all your favourite tones at a usable volume and giggable weight. It was hand wired out of the highest grade parts, including military spec pots and transformers. It has been used exclusively in the studio and regularly serviced and revalved. Put simply. It sounds and feels incredible. I recently had a small but very costly car accident, if it hadn't have been for that, I wouldnt be selling it. Standard DWJ amp builds start at £1600, I'm asking for less than half that for a one of a kind, beast of an amp. Collection or meet ups preferred.
  10. Reluctantly, my Moog Bass MuRF is up for sale. It's in great condition and has been barely used outside of a couple of studio days. If you are looking you probably know what this is. Its just brilliant but sadly a recent car accident means I need the cash. UK tracked and insured postage included in the price.
  11. CalDeep

    Microtubes X Ultra

    So did anyone actually buy one and have anything to say on it?
  12. Top dude - Just bought his Shure Wireless. Great to deal with and item arrived immaculately packaged and well prepared for shipping. Another reason BC is the place to be!
  13. NOW - £150 POSTED Up is my Line 6 G50. A well gigged but perfectly working example. This comes with an aftermarket high quality cable too. A really great and dependable wireless. Selling due to recent upgrade. Power supply is not pictured but is included. Price includes UK postage. All the stickers and ProGaff will be removed. Any questions then please drop me a message.
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