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  1. Cog stuff is excellent. Well worth the money IMO. My T47 is a solid staple for 90% of gigs from pubs to arenas. Very simple and inspiring, and Tom the mastermind behind them is a total dude. I'm based NW. If you're ever up this way you're more than welcome to come try the T47
  2. Be keen to see this side by side with the Sonic Spark. Ive fancied a spark for a while now but I think this might accidentally get bought......
  3. Hey Guys! Ive got a BT3 Lying around, this is the one for the reverse winding kluson style tuners that are one some of the Japenese fenders. Im also after a BT2 for a 78P and would ideally love to straight swap if anyone has one? Its in great condition with the original hipshot packaging. Cal
  4. Hey! Just joined at the request of a venue. Just wondering how long people have had to wait for the money from Invapay? Again its for a GK pub, but the guy running it has been a bit funny about a few things...... Cal
  5. Anyone got their hands on one yet? Considering getting one for the odd 5 string gig. They sounds pretty good in all the videos I've seen
  6. Hey guys! Wondering peoples experience with Backbeats, or even better if there If I could bob round and try one. I soley use IEMs and no cabs these days so I'm thinking it Would suit me down to the ground. Theres also the argument of 'not needing the gimmick' and just cracking on. So yeah, just very keen to hear your thoughts Cal
  7. Up is my Audient ID22. Audient are a big studio staple and this little interface is a distilled version of that. 2 Audient ASP preamps and Burr Brown conversion, it sounds legit for a cheaper interface. Id also has a Jfet DI built in so you can plug straight in and get a good level with solid bottom end. Balanced inputs and programmable buttons make it quite a versatile little thing, especially if you want to use outboard / pedals with it. Optical in offers expansion too if you want to add an extra preamp. Im selling as Im expanding and getting a bigger UA system. Boxed with adapter and UK shipping is included. I could be tempted to sell my Audient Mico preamp too if you wanted to expand this to a 4 input analogue machine. The two play very well together and offer 4 really high quality channels of recording. Any questions welcome! Cal
  8. Just picked one up and thought Id explore the thread for more info. Amazing that the going rate a year ago was £150, theyre all like £300-450 now!! I got mine for £200 and consider it a bargain as its in great nick.
  9. BUMP - Make me an offer! Potentially interested in Pre's or UA Apollo Twin in part ex.
  10. Cheers man! Its a corker it really is. Tell your mates! I need some new bits and Ive had a very interesting (If expensive) conversation with Alpher..... 😬
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