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  1. Hey! Just throwing this out to see if there is any interest! You know the one! It comes with the padded gigbag and tripod stand. It's and incredible piece. Photos en route!
  2. Hey! Up is my Audient iD22 interface. Super clean preamps and leading conversion. Also contains a handy built in JFET DI, reamping input and very flexible routing. I ran this with an 8 channel pre over ADAT making a great 10 channel system with 3 monitor mixes. It was a fantastic centrepiece, we've now moved to an entirely racked system. Comes with box etc, and was recently serviced. Price includes UK postage.
  3. Hey gang! I am doing a fly date on the 3rd June and I'm wondering if anyone in our wonderful community might have any links to any companies or people that might rent me an upright for a night! The agent is really struggling with the backing provider so I'm hoping to put some money straight in a players hands! Thanks Cal
  4. You know the one! Up is this fantastic little drive pedal, all your B15 needs. I have far too many drives and looking at moving to a Quad Cortex. This is boxed and in great condition. Price includes UK postage.
  5. Bought a Krivo pickup from Paul, really easy and great comms. Was even kind enough to drop it off whilst he was gigging local to me!
  6. Well.... Will I regret this? Lets find out. I am simply not getting the use out of any of my amps anymore, every band and artist I work with is clean stage and IEM's. So up is my Berg HD210, you know the one. It's been kept in its cover and has been gigged once post-covid. It has been toured but well transported and looked after and overall condition is 8/10. If it was 14kg rather than 24kg, I'd keep hold of it. I'm based in Liverpool but I'm regularly travelling, so meet ups are possible, as is UK courier. I could be tempted by a Line 6 HX stomp in part exchange. Any questions, drop me a message.
  7. Bump! Pining after another HX Stomp if anyone want to mek a deeaaaall
  8. Ahhhhhhhh here it is. You know the one. I have finally succumbed to the fact I am just not using this incredible pedal. It has only had studio use, mainly living on the desk and going on nearly everything for 2 records then back in the box for a while. Price includes UK shipping
  9. Up is a new and unused G4M double bass hardcase. My bass arrived in this and has never been back in it! These are out of stock now and not due back in til end of the month. I am in the middle of a house move so I am open to offers, especially if you can collect. I do travel a fair bit at the moment so meets ups are possible too. Would happily put cash towards a deal on a decent upright pickup system.
  10. Hey guys! I simply cannot justify the amount of cabs I own. Last in first out is this completely mint Epifani UL210 with Cover. It is as new and has had 2/3 hours studio use since I bought it. Really solidly built. A fast and percussive cab, very balanced and natural, and noticeably lighter than my Berg. If it did the less extended warm vintage thing my Berg does, I'd swap it in a heartbeat. Trail and collection available in Liverpool. I travel a lot with work so meet ups are possible too.
  11. GAS got me! I just bought Ben's Solidgold Beta. Cracking condition, great price, great comms, rapid and secure shipping! A credit to our community
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