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  1. Can't stress enough how much bass these are for the money. GLWS
  2. Hey Guys. Having a big clear out and I've got a surplus of tuners. Boss TU-2 - £40 Boss TU-3 - £45 TC Polytune Mini - sold pending Peterson Strobostomp 2 - £80 Photos of the Peterson incoming! All prices include UK postage.
  3. Great comms and a very easy deal! Lovely fella. Deal with confidence
  4. Love this thing to bits! Just made a video with it on every instrument. I had a blast on the plasma rack at NAMM too, seriously good gear. They had 2 patched in stereo and it was a lot of fun. Shame its £2500 worth of fun!
  5. Hey Guys! So GCA are running a YouTube competition, the video with the most thumbs up wins a Plasma pedal. I thought this could be a good way of anyone thats entered showing their stuff and hopefully getting there views up. Or just sharing any other love for the GCA Plasma! Here's mine featuring my NS CR5M through the Plasma and a Moog LPF. Im a big effects nut and this sort of thing is my bag. In an internet filled with Vulfpeck covers I like to do something a bit different. I would love to know what you guys think. I have been using the plasma -> moog combo for about a year now and it yields some pretty epic results!
  6. Wow that didnt hang around! Glad I've only just seen this, I'd be poorer 🤣
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  8. Just bought an Akai Unibass from Dunc. Quick and very friendly comms, really well packaged and kindly arranged a courier. He even included an unexpected power adapter! All together very pleasant and easy deal. An asset to our community. Thanks Dunc.
  9. NOW £400 Hey Guys! The great gig drought clear out continues! I DI for 95% of gigs and now I'm locked down in my flat I am just not using this at all. Its a shame as it's a fantastic cab and is so loud and consistent. I am open to trade / part ex on a small lightweight cab or combo 110 or 112, something that can do home volume and small gigs. It comes with the official Bergantino Cover and is in great condition overall. Based in Liverpool but can meet up and do relatively contactless transactions. I am happy to post for an extra cost. Any questions please drop me a message Website specs: 2-10" Woofers, 56 oz magnet High Intelligibility tweeter Custom Phase-coherent crossover with tweeter control 400 Watts Frequency response: 44hz-15khz Sensitivity: 98db @ 2.83v/1meter 54 pounds / 24.5kg 18 1/2" H x 22 3/4" W x 12 1/2" D
  10. Hey Guys. Up is my Moog Freqbox. The infamously insane pedal. This pedal creates a note from a real analogue oscillator that tracks to your pitch, ie you can make your bass sound like a real Moog oscillator, or blend it in with it. There are tonnes of options with these so I'd suggest have a little youtube delve into all of the sounds they can make. This has only had studio use the whole time Ive owned it I recently had a chat with Phil Hartley from Space who said its all over their records. This is a 2004 model in pretty excellent condition, these are increasingly rare and sought after since the Moogerfooger line was discontinued recently. Price includes UK shipping. If you have any questions please get in touch. At the moment I am not really looking for trades as I have an Alpher to fund!
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