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  1. No worries. Select my BC name and go from there:)
  2. Recently bought a sansamp from Tom. Came exactly as described, very well packed with speedy signed delivery - always massively appreciated - Deal with confidence!
  3. She sounds like a true scouser haha. Thanks mate
  4. What do you know. Gone already! Back to their original owner and all round top dude @Etienne 🤘
  5. Hey Guys! Up are my Bergs. These things simply kick donkey and are not getting used outside the house. Its either festival backline or clean stages with IEMS and I am skint so can't really justify keeping them. Super lightweight and punchy, with a really full and extended low end. They are in top notch condition and Bergantino covers are included. £350 each - £600 for the pair. Photos to follow
  6. This is an older Vintage Microtubes with a hand written serial number. You know what this is and how good they sound! It comes in used condition but it is in the original box. Unforseen total skint-ness forces sale otherwise I'd be keeping hold of it. UK postage is included in the price. PHOTOS EN ROUTE
  7. No love for a shipped Sunburst Jag?
  8. I kick myself for selling it in the first place dude hahaha
  9. Right. After a lot of deliberation I have decided to let this go. I have a few P's and Im moving house, and the all original ones have to stay, so this has to go. Its a 75 Body that was refinished and aged by Mike Smith, Master builder for Fret King. The neck was bought on here, and is a custom Warmoth build tele bass neck, built to 51 specs (Its a chunky mofo!) with a bone nut. P pickup is original, M pickup is a Duncan baselines. Bridge is Gotoh, tuners are lightweight reverse winding tuners. Its a passive bass, stacked knob VTVT. I also have a hipshot BT3 detuner that goes with the reverse winding tuners, could deffo do a deal with that too if you'd want it. This bass has been across continents with me and has been loved and looked after, as well as regularly serviced and set up. I've had it tuned E-G and B-D and it handled them equally well. Im happy to do a deal with shipping on this if you like. Id much prefer cash but would potentially take part ex, if anything Id be after studio gear, or something interesting, best to drop me a PM. Any Q's please get in touch NOW A STEAL AT £800
  10. Bump - this is sat, packaged, ready to go
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