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  1. Hey All! Up is my Line 6 G50. A well gigged but perfectly working example. This comes with an aftermarket high quality cable too. A really great and dependable wireless. Selling due to recent upgrade. Power supply is not pictured but is included. Price includes UK postage. All the stickers and ProGaff will be removed. Any questions then please drop me a message.
  2. BUMPing! Considering offers / Interesting trades.
  3. I got to have a play through the prototype at NAMM (along with their like of basses) and It was quite a bit more versatile than a lot of other Preamp pedals I've owned. I had a great time with it. If the price is right itll be a great competitor
  4. Yo! Up is my Darkglass Duality in great condition. Its the newer mirror finish model. You know the one! Its a monster of a pedal but I am simply not using it enough and have around 40 pedals now, so time to put on the big boy pants and cull the collection a little 😐 UK Mainland shipping included in the price. Paypal Friendly and can be posted same day. Based NW but travel a lot, Im happy to meet up for a test / drop off if we can work it out. Definitely would prefer sale but if you think you have something that could tempt me then let me know! Wouldn't mind doing a deal with cash your way on a Bass Fly Rig.....
  5. Theres no surprise! Id hoped Id be the first!
  6. I see. You got royally Nueralised. Its infectious. Nolly is utterly incredible.
  7. Did you get Parallax? I did.... Absolute game changer.
  8. TAKING CASH OFFERS - Potentially could trade p/x for a elec fretless. Hey! Up is my Breedlove fretless acoustic. I got this as part of some demo stock from Breedlove from Drew at GBBL. As such the case is in used condition but I have gigged this bass a total of 4 times in the 4 years Ive had it, its been used lightly at home other than those gigs, the bass itself is mint. This is now discounted and has been replaced by a cheaper model. It sounds utterly beautiful and is really rewarding to play. Unlike most acoustic basses its long scale so is quite a big beast! It has a really clever side sound hole too for tuning. Ive only played one acoustic that I preferred to this and it was £2500. I am happy to string this with D'addario Phosphor Bronze strings before sale if you don't dig the muted sound of the tapewounds. I also have some spare uncut nuts and saddles if you want to set it up differently. RRP At time of purchase was £1200. The newer models are currently £1049 on google. I am heading to NAMM and have an Alpher on the way so need the cash. If circumstances were different honestly, I'd keep it just to have it. Based Liverpool but travel around quite a bit. Im also happy to ship as the case is rock solid. Heres a video of one being played much better than Ive ever played it. It is currently strung with Rotosound Nylon Tapewounds like the video.
  9. The unfortunately don't come up often 2nd hand but if you can snag any COG gear, both the T-16 and T-47 are simply fantastic, powerful, superb tracking and very versatile. Ive owned just about every octave pedal and the T47 is my personal favourite. Ive got a lot of love for the Octamizer too, mainly for the clean filter.
  10. Did a great little part ex deal with Higgie just before xmas. Regular updates from him in the shipping process and the pedal arrived really well packaged in its original box with manual etc. Super easy to deal with, deal with confidence!
  11. EXPRESSIONATOR NOW SOLD. TAKING OFFERS ON PT1. Hey. Up is my pedal train PT1 with hard case and a Mission Expressionator. The expressionator is a really nice tool for anyone wanting control of a few different pedals. You can turn any volume or expression pedal into an 3 expression or CV inputs that are individually switchable and adjustable. You can also change the sweep of the pedal to output expression or CV data in different ways, ie heel to toe on the expression pedal actually comes out as toe to heel. PT1 is in used but good condition. £100
  12. I am very very close to buying a fretless P7 5 string. Any experience? Or anyone selling one?!?!
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