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  1. Hey guys! I simply cannot justify the amount of cabs I own. Last in first out is this completely mint Epifani UL210 with Cover. It is as new and has had 2/3 hours studio use since I bought it. Really solidly built. A fast and percussive cab, very balanced and natural, and noticeably lighter than my Berg. If it did the less extended warm vintage thing my Berg does, I'd swap it in a heartbeat. Trail and collection available in Liverpool. I travel a lot with work so meet ups are possible too.
  2. GAS got me! I just bought Ben's Solidgold Beta. Cracking condition, great price, great comms, rapid and secure shipping! A credit to our community
  3. Bought a fishman platinum pro last week. Great comms, great price, item was securely shipped and recieved in as new condition. Deal with confidence!
  4. How's you get on with the power handling on this? I'm looking at the exact same rig. Well, I've got my MBX, on this thread looking for a tiny head to pair it with!
  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  6. I reviewed this bass. It's fantastic, one of the best of the run! GLWS
  7. Looking at one of these at the moment, and it appears they're now twice the price! Glad people are getting on with them, it looks like a serious contender
  8. Anyone actually buy the gnome? At £111 for the bog standard one, thats an insane bargain.
  9. How is this still here?!?! Its a steal! I sadly don't need a 2nd one
  10. Long gone I'm afraid! My mistake. I do have a pro I might part with. I need to have that chat with myself first 😂
  11. I had the WMD Geiger as above. Had two weeks in a studio producing with my band, I used to nearly every day on something, by the 4th day I'd bought a pro...... Its a beast of a thing! Sadly not getting tonnes of use any more as 3Sigma have done a plugin model of it that is fantastic!
  12. Bargain this!!! Best wirless I've ever owned
  13. Massive longshore but if anyone bought one and wants rid of it, drop me a DM 🤐
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