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  1. Looking for a quick sale, reflected in the price. No box, great condition barely used. More details available here: https://www.fishman.com/portfolio/platinum-pro-eq-di-analog-preamp/ Basically been travelling a lot the last few months and it's too big to fit into my very small allowance of items. I can't see when I'll next use it. Would consider part ex for a Radial Stagebug SB-1 or SB-2 and a Polytune Unitune
  2. To confirm this price is NOT shipped, that will cost a WHOLE £15 extra. I know I know, totally unreasonable
  3. Use to reside in my office until Covid. Eventually gave the office up and this has been in my Lounge for the last 12 months 😂 Very cool, very comfy, pretty big and quite heavy. You will need a van if you come and collect this (a small one but definitely more than a ford fiesta) Collection only. The back was customised by some artist and I bought it from a shop a number of years ago like this.
  4. Price drop to £85 because I can't find the box
  5. I use the Gruvgear Edge for Guitar and it just fits it, it was the highest quality small case I could find.
  6. Well after a quick easy sale before I get the tone knob fixed and actually bond with it
  7. 1 knob (what could be easier) GE based dirty boost. More information here: https://www.wrenandcuff.com/products/phat-phuk-b I use this to get a more Motown esq sound, but as I'm so Bass - Di these days it just sits in a box with all the other toys, though I did use it to great effect on a full session just driving a Tube DI (Also for sale) a bit harder. Depending on what you do with the trim pot it can get quite gritty but nothing past light overdrive, it's a great always on pedal which is good because the true bypass has quite a pop on this one (or I'm very used to buffered switches now). Has a chip on the bottom right, comes with box. Price includes shipping.
  8. Great condition and includes the original box (only covered in tape), still has the battery door and a 9v adaptor. Bought because of the following https://www.premierguitar.com/artists/bass-pedal-wars DOD FX10 Bi-FET Preamp Hischke: I’m going with the DOD FX10 Bi-FET Preamp. I think it was made in the late ’80s or early ’90s. I don’t know its secret, but psychologically speaking, it does the thing that a lot of guitar players get out of a Klon preamp pedal. It’s a subtle boost with a tone knob. You can turn the tone down for a really deep but focused and dense tone. It cuts through, but under the mix. How would you describe it, Juan? Alderete: It was designed for acoustic guitars. It has such clarity, but it also has that sweet spot for the sound of fingers hitting the strings like on an acoustic guitar. That pick was very strategic. Hischke: I also like it because it’s simple. It’s one of those pedals that you don’t have to think about. I have it on every board now in case I need it for a boost, or a lead where you put the treble up for more presence. Alderete: And thank you for just driving the price up! [Laughs.] Hischke: I know, I know. Maybe someone will make a clone. They’re really cheap now, so we better get on it. When is this going online? [Laughs.] Basically, other than being a great crystal clear boost and line driver, if you roll the tone off it is a HUGE bass boost, like huge subby vibrate the room bass boost. Tamer and more usable I've found than things like the Meatbox and far more natural and organic sounding than anything like that or an octaver. Price includes shipping.
  9. Bought one day on a whim, looks cool af. Since noticed some issues with it, firstly the tone knob doesn't seem to do anything. Secondly there are a few dings here and there but oddly there is like a strip of finish missing, I've tried to show it on the 4th picture but it's hard to photograph. When I collected the bass it seemed like some residue from something and the guy said it would rub off. I've since discovered it's actually the top of the lacquer thats been pulled off by something. It's very hard to see when hung on a wall or being played but it is there. These issues are reflected in the price. Currently strung with D'Addario Chromes and sounds incredible, fitted with Schaller strap locks (which can be removed if you're prefer). I still have the scratch plate and that can be reattached or just put in the case for you. Shipping not included. Includes the hardcase, again also has some dings and scrapes.
  10. I've now upgraded to the bigger way more expensive Fishman Platinum Pro. Great on electric bass and double bass, nice hpf to remove any pesky rumbles, sweepable mids. Just one of the most musical eq's I'ver ever used. (Hence the upgrade). No box, price includes shipping.
  11. Was after one of these for years, ever since I heard Leland Sklar used one on most of his sessions. Ultimately now I've used it twice in 2 years (for studio sessions, thanks covid) and with my countryman (and many many other DI's) I just can't warrant keeping it around. Quite large but still WAYYYYY smaller than a Reddi, sound incredible. Just a solid recording device. Bit more info for those not familiar: https://sonicstate.com/articles/article.cfm?id=64 Would be open to a trade for an Acme Motown DI, Neve Di or Khan DI (maybe) Countryman shown for reference.
  12. Like new, with box. Just don't use it, buy and sell one of these at least once a year. 😂 Price includes shipping.
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