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  1. Thanks guys, edited the title to reflect it being a 62 not 63
  2. Sounds great Alberto, AVRI is American Vintage Reissue. In their passive basses it's fenders best and most expensive option before you get to custom shop models Ah shame because I'd posted it especially for you, but thanks for stopping by 👍
  3. Frankly this is just too much Rock n roll for me, see the second picture for the effect it has on you. So in 2008 Paramore and their then bassist Jeremy Davis gave away an American Fender Precision AVRI that he had been using on tour, I believe it is the 62 model as it doesn't have the holes for the cover or ashtray. They proceeded to throw it round a car park, set it on fire and carve riot into the pickguard. You can see that here https://youtu.be/R8JgOdeL0m0 Please note at the end the marks that match up. The bass is in full working order although I have replaced the Straplocks with Schaller ones, the original Dunlop ones the bass came with are included, the jack has also been replaced but again the original is included, along with the original strings the bass came with however one has snapped. There are no dings or marks on the neck, only burn marks on the headstock, all relicing done by the band was to the body only. Overall the bass plays and sounds great. The whole band including Hayley Williams have signed the back of the bass and I have further evidence of the legitimacy of this bass with a note in the neck pocket that I can provide to interested parties. The bass was definitely used on tour and came setup with Jeremy's heavier gauge strings and drop tuning. Comes with a Fender Hardcase used by the band whilst touring but not the original AVRI case. I acquired this recently from the original competition winner but am reducing my collection of instruments and figured this would be better in the hands of a true fan/collector over me playing it. Probably open to trades, but only part ex's money my way
  4. Received a few weeks ago from the US, so quite a saving for you after shipping and tax. Silver, mint condition with box. Bought as part of an IEM setup I should have pieced together bit by bit, instead I bought everything I could possibly want and am now trimming the herd from what works and what doesn't for me. Works perfectly, great device just my IEM setup is bodged as I session for people and between the number of cables I'm running, my refusal to run my bass directly into it and setup times it's just not made the cut.
  5. Mint condition with box, barely used. Sounds great just I have another DI solution which has a headphone amp in it for my IEM set (all far to complex) So this is just languishing in my gigbag Active DI box but also runs on battery for the ultimate backup piece and has a 10mOHM input so works for Double Bass too. More info here: https://countryman.com/product/type-10-direct-box/
  6. I've got one, I'm still undecided on if it's a keeper but my issue is more around my hobbled together IEM rig over the performance of the backbeat. My biggest issue has been not turning my amp on and not noticing for a chunk of a song
  7. I'll take it, message me with how to pay. cheers
  8. Acquired it later from the girl who won it as she didn’t play bass.
  9. Not meant as a tribute but I always think of Paul Simonon when I pickup my battered 63AVRI
  10. Interesting, they look hugely different but as you say the comp and other effects aren't great and the comp is important to what I'm going for. anyway enough of my thread hi jack
  11. Yeah 🤷‍♂️ Been playing. flyrig is too big and I don't need/want the other fx can probably just continue managing without but I do like the form factor the DP3X cheers for the advice
  12. Out of interest how vintagey can the dUG sound? I just love its small flyrig esq footprint with the tuner etc but can't imagine I'd get on with the tone of it (basically I want a VT bass or BDDI in that same small format with comp and tuner)
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