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  1. This is in reference to the MS60b I have since removed from sale. The 70cdr works perfectly
  2. As far as I know it’s the p1 in a pedal format. So it’s ok, better than the p2 that has no bass fx what so ever. Don’t think it has any octave or synth sounds. I gave up on Mooer with the discrepancies between products, utter lack of documentation or response to any questions. Zoom ms70cdr+ is at the forefront of my small multi wants currently. Once my Katana Go arrives I doubt I’ll look at anything mooer or nux have on offer ever again.
  3. Gear4music but I ordered it with a gruv gear kapsule that shows delivery at some point in April. I’m in Casablanca for most of April so it’ll arrive when it arrives 🤷🏻‍♂️ Probably be out of stock as soon as my kapsule is in stock 😅
  4. I ordered one but won’t have it until May, everything I’m reading says it much better than the NUX
  5. Olympic is the fender tone stack for those wondering the main differences. This is a b15 in a box.
  6. Thing is it’s 33 1/3 so it’s not even an inch off standard. But what is different is how the neck connects to the body and where this put the upper horn. I’m fine and comfortable switching basses, there was a time when I was gigging in 1 band one night with a 36inch scale overwater, next the ric and then another band on an old 30inch hofner solid body. For me my 4003 has massive sentimental value (Dad bought it for me when I was 15) so eventually it became my main bass, then what I’ve found is my recent gas streak is because I’ve not been playing it, but I can’t drag it all over the world. So I tried loads of alternatives but I’m just bouncing from bass to bass, then every time I play the Ric I feel at home and at peace. The Acinonyx is nice but I don’t like more unfinished satin necks on any bass., I don’t think to much of my love of the ric as a love of the sound, more the feel, the mute It was suggested to me to get a shortscale ric, but it wouldn’t feel the same and soundwise its kinda what Serek are going for. But that does look lovely. We’ll see, few months with a bigger bass might be heaven or really frustrating.
  7. There is a good chance that the Serek will stay, I just want to travel with the Ric for a bit so it doesn’t feel like such a relief to come back home 😅and what you’ve said about feeling like home is exactly how it’s been the past 2 years. Also with some really dead flats and the mute up high, nothing else sounds like it. I bought a 1973 4000 to mimic my 2000’s 4003. Figured it was simpler, less to go wrong and would still be worth what I paid unless an airline snap the neck off it 😂 For anyone interested in the Pawn Shop, I’m out of the UK till June but could come through in April or May to facilitate a sale.
  8. Well I think I’m jumping back on the long (normal?) scale train after deciding I just feel so at home on a Rickenbacker. Will likely be listing my Pawn Shop Mustang in the near future, undecided on my Serek, Hofner will stay because nothing does the hofner vibe like a hofner. Then that would take me down to 3 basses…….. .finally Then I’ll have a bunch of high end guitar cases to sell 😅
  9. Next up on the chopping block, pretty rare (certainly in the UK) Groove Tube Ditto DI Box. I bought this a few years ago after a long long hunt after hearing about Lee Sklar using one in the 2000’s (think I lusted after one for 15 years?) I did a bit of recording with it, sold it as I went travelling, bought it back, bought a second one in the states, did a bit more recording with it, . I’ve done a shootout with it and near every other DI on the planet, it’s up there with the Reddi and the Khan, better than the Neve or Acme but as I travel so much it’s just wasted on me. Comes with an SKB case (as pictured) with fitted pick n pluck foam Huge transformers, easy to swap tubes, sounds great pushing a nice preamp like my Cranborne Audio Camden. Listing as part of my bit clear out, will not be sad if no one is interested 😅 I’ll just bring the other back from the US and run both on my 4003 with a ric-o-sound cable 😈.
  10. I’ve not seen this for sale anywhere but https://www.mooeraudio.com/products/201.html I’ve just bought the Boss Katana Go, sold my Mighty Plug Pro so will see how that goes. I’m less interested in NUX and Mooer these days just seems they’re churning things out without a lot of thought.
  11. Yeah, they’ve basically solved all my issues with the older models with this. Dedicated master volume is a big plus. I’d still like to see the full fx list of the new 60b+ but I’m leaning CDR. Just have to sell my existing MS’s (all 3 of them) 😅🙄
  12. I mean I’m seeing octavers and synths in that list. Not sure why I’d get the bass version instead. I guess the amp sims? 🤷🏻‍♂️
  13. Still cheaper than the new Line 6 Bass Pod Express. They really need to release solid lists of fx for these
  14. Yeah this is a no brainer for me too. I’m ordering a new Gruv Gear Kapsule and already checked the the shop that has it has the Katana Go so will snag both at the same time towards the end of next week.
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