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  1. Boxed Andy in good codition, priced to sell at £85 posted. great DI that allows you clean and distortion channels with multiple uses switchable mid scoop in clean switchable noise gate in drive setting drive to clean allows you to simple footswitch between two EQ settings DI, effects out and parallel out allows you to send different signals, good for recording just need this gone to pay for something I have planned
  2. Bump! Chuck offer my way if interested. Need to pay towards recording next week
  3. Hi all, Selling off a few bits, feel free to make offers, these need to go to pay for recording to be done. Squier VM Jaguar, 3TS- £250 Immaculate condition. Isn't supplied with gig bag and I don't think I have the term arm. Very little use. Pro setup with 11's. Yamaha Super Flighter 500/ SF500, white- £500 The rarer which version of these guitars. Very good condition for age (78 or 79), feels half way between a big les paul neck and a kind of SG style body. Not supplied with case. Sigma DM15- £200 Solid top, all mahogany with Grover tuners. Includes good quality gig bag, spare D'Addario EXP112's and D'addario soundhole tuner. So this price is over £100 of the guitar and extras new. Prices include UK postage. I can't add photos at the minute but should be able to email, text or whatsapp them easily enough of you ask. Again, offers welcome as stuff needs to get paid for. Thanks!
  4. hi guys, moving on the below pedals and would consider swaps primarily for a carbon copy or an OCD but other nice reverb, delays and drives will be considered. Can add money if needed. i don't have the boxes for any of these, open to offers on the prices. Any questions, please ask, Line 6 DL4- £100 posted SOLD comes with Boss PSA adapter and converter which I needed to buy to use it (bought it without anything) obviously given the age of these units it has a few scuffs but works as it should and these are famously built like a tank. Offers 3 delay presets from its bank of impressive tape, analogue and digital models as well as tap tempo and a loop function. Marshall ED1 compressor- £25 posted great comp with a natural and not overly coloured sound. Has always given me any result I've wanted. Again, famously well built things and a real gem of the range for the price!
  5. There's been quite a lot written on other forums about these which might be worth a look if you want to see what the deal was it's three are. The drive is derived from the SCR-DI which I absolutely love. Thinking about moving on my MXR M80 and my Pork Loin for one
  6. Not really, sorry. Can I tempt you on a straight sale?
  7. Hi all, A change in band means I'm moving on my Way Huge Swollen Pickle. This is a mk2 (I think) but deffo isn't the Dirty Donnie edition with all the pots on the outside meaning there are a few trim pots on the inner to adjust how the top knobs work. If you're looking at this then you know what it is. Very bass friendly fuzz with enough spoke to go into almost synth territories and deffo into muff doom territory also. Price includes delivery and pedal is boxed. Has Velcro attached to bottom. I can email, text, WhatsApp photos if needed. Just can't upload them at the minute. Open to trades for other pedals (not fuzz) but prefer a sale. Thanks!
  8. Yes! My main bass is a Rickenbacker 4003 with flats I'm just so used to the feel and sound and how to work with it that I don't often even want for anything else. Played a Fender American Elite jazz bass recently and bloody hell! I don't often like jazz's, I usually don't like round and I don't usually like active basses but it just felt and sounded amazing!
  9. Hi all, Apologies that I can't get photos up of this but this is soon to be in my possession through a friend. I have listed this as a feeler as I'm unsure about its value and if I'm way off in either direction please pm and correct me. This is an Ibanez Ergodyne 710 model. I can see info about other models in this range but not this one. Offered at £300 posted. Interested in trades for guitars and basses.
  10. Yes the weak pound is causing everyone trouble but the industry is just as much to blame. Within days of the "brexit" result many manufacturers and distributors increased their prices by around £20 to the trade. This in some cases left some major brands with less than a 10% profit to the retailer. This then resulted in some smaller retailers losing the dealerships on key brands simply because they were unwilllimg or unable to buy the stock at the increased price to make less money. This is one instance where the retailer as the middle man has come off worse. In the rest of the cases the retailer than been instructed by the distribtors new RRP/SSP's which is what is to blame for the silly prices of products and how everyone in this topic feels (which is mirrrored by myself). Less stuff is generally being bought and we all just sit and scratch our heads at £250-£250+ pedals, which is madness. But this is only retailers following instructions on SSP's as part of their agreement. I think brands are generally getting greedy. This was evident with pickups at one point too. Not long ago Seymour Duncan would have been the logical upgrade then other "boutique" companies come along and offer lots of options and a cool brand and very quickly escalate to the same price point. Now every small business making pickups feels they can charge top money. Pedals is clearly going the same way. Most starting points are absolute madness which is why Magnetic and Raygun FX are rarities in value and quality against the over inflation of everything else. Just ranting!
  11. I did at one point play (unplugged) an old one that belonged to Mogwai and currently The Twiglight Sad. Didn't feel like anything special to be honest. The weight is striking as is the cold. The cutaways felt massive (the difference between a Rickenbacker 330 to a Gibson 335 is an example). I too am a big fan of them and would quite fancy one but certainly don't think they are worth the persuit. Saying that, seeing the way the market is going, you're not gonna lose money. Hope this helps
  12. Sorry. Had two decided to keep hold of one in the end.
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