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  1. Ashdown as well for me, I have 3 of their amps CTM's and an ABM. Dave Green has always been really helpful, free with his advice to keep the amps running well and when there have been problems with the older amps, both over 10 years old they have either supplied the parts and instruction for a diy fix or repaired the amps free of charge, the amps are superb, it is this that keeps me loyal to the brand
  2. I bought the Ashdown CTM 300, on Friday evening, I got the confirmation email immediately and a shipping email on Monday morning, the amp was delivered on Tuesday morning. It's a superb amp and will join it's kid brother my Ashdown Little Bastard 30
  3. Sorry for the long delay, I've been away working, just got back . Do you still have the neck?
  4. Hi, Did you sell your 32" scale neck? If not I would be interested.
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