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  1. If this re-creation was my bass I would reverse the pickup orientation at both locations. I'm not totally sure if the 70's jazz location will put your pickup any closer to the neck. There are probably jazz bass experts here who know more than me! You'll need to make a custom pickguard if the neck pickup is different location to stock. All good fun though!
  2. Thanks JTG. I do get a lot of satisfaction making sure hidden stuff is neat.
  3. Body lacquer finished. I did a couple of tinted coats to get to a suitable amber colour. Same for neck. My buddy didn’t want the flames super accentuated, else I would have stained dark and sanded back.
  4. I just put Bartolini B-Axis pickups and an East Uni Pre in my Mayones bass. What an improvement over the Delano's! I have EMG JAX in another bass and thought these were nice until I heard the Barts! Recommended.
  5. I started making a 19.75” scale mini bass. It has built in headphone amp similar to Mayones. Biggest difference mine is 5 string
  6. Not yet. Wasn’t planning too as it is a prototype idea.
  7. Neck lacquered ready for fretting. Body sealed and grain filled. I’ll start spraying that tomorrow.
  8. Nice wood choices for the neck. Just hope that big change of wenge in the middle doesn't make it too heavy.
  9. That string tree looks close to the tuner. Doesn't look like you can slide closer to the nut, without changing the shape of the lower headstock.
  10. I did wonder if they are wrong way round. Usually logos are on bottom of pickup. It sounds great so not sure it matters apart from visually!
  11. Mayones craftsmanship is the best out there. Seriously. My Jabba is flawless, super nice to play, but sounded horrible. I don’t know if it was the Delano’s or Mayos own 3 band preamp. The blend was more like a 3 way switch (like most preamps) and the passive tone did nothing until the last 2mm of knob travel. And then it sounded weirdly honky. The chosen bass mid and treble frequencies were terrible. The bass just wasn’t getting played. So the pickups and preamp were removed and I installed Bartolini B-Axis pickups and East Uni Pre. The difference is staggering. It sounds great with any setting. And this is the first preamp where the blend does just that. Those Barts are seriously nice!
  12. Pickguard made, and I couldn’t resist mocking it up! Liking it so far.
  13. You won't be disappointed with twin EMG MM. ! I put two on a Jazz build, I think the TW version. Vol/Vol/Tone, but each volume was a pull switch to single coil. Very versatile. Keep the pics coming!
  14. oh Gotcha. They have a fraction of what's on their site. But they did have a 5HH, 4H, BFR Fretless. Apparently the wait time for an Ernie Ball order is horrendous, due to the appocolypse.
  15. I tried it in the store, if that's what you are asking.
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