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  1. Some say wood affects the sound, some say it doesn't. All I can say is I recently built two identical Jazz style basses, both 5 string 35" scale, both with EMG X jazz pickups and same preamp. Only difference was one was ash and the other Alder. Both had a cottonwood burl top, but the ash bass was a little heavier. I really couldn't hear any difference in sound.
  2. The Bergantino HDN410 that I currently own is the best bass cab I have used. Super light at 24.5kg and very sensitive. Handles low B with ease. Sweet sounding horn too. Although I don't need one, I'd love to get a second one just to create an awesome looking stack!
  3. I've heard this type of thing about other amps, and a technical explanation (not by me) was the type of pots used for the gain or volume. I think it was linear vs log. I think log is the norm, so you get quite an increase early on. Whereas linear you have to turn a long way to get to the same resistance value. Something like that!
  4. yeah you have to get a fancy top wood! I had a Progress 2 five string 36" scale (yes 36"). It was very bland sounding and the EQ was very subtle. But I have heard lots of their J basses and they sound wonderful. Great build quality.
  5. Wow that’s cool! So it’s not a problem with the tuners digging into your nadgers?
  6. That’s lovely Paul! I have an LT and it’s fab.
  7. Hadn’t thought of that! Makes total sense now 😆
  8. I know many builders like to come up with their own ideas to put their custom stamp on a bass, but just came across this. What the hell! May be ok when seated, but surely there’s potential for settings to change when the body touches you when standing up playing. Maybe if they were recessed it would be better, but still, not conveniently located!!
  9. I see the confusion now! I will confirm later. I think there is a reason for doing this. I will speak to my contact and get back to you
  10. The 1/4” jack won’t work as a headphone out. It doesn’t power up the amp when you use this. The 1/8” powers up the amp and preamp.
  11. I’m not sure the best way to do recordings!
  12. Finished! My friend wanted Ernie Ball Cobalt Flatwounds and they are right when they say they sound like rounds! Very impressed with those. I need to do some setting up, as I left the nut slots a little high. Overall I couldn’t be happier with the sound and look!
  13. I had to extend some wires on the Noll preamp. A super tight fit but got it squeezed in on the pickguard.
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