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  1. I have an Elite 5 and agree that passive sounds nicer. I have been thinking about modding it. Who is Kiogon?
  2. That's the colour I am getting. Was going to get the tiger eye, but I have seen stunning examples and also pretty bland ones. Good to know the tone is good.
  3. I have a Euro5LT on order. Has new Bartolinis and Darkglass. Sounds interesting. I will post pics if I ever receive it!!
  4. Doh! Just seen the dates!
  5. I have two Jack 12's. Very good at cutting through a mix, thanks to nice sounding pronounced mids.
  6. I'd be interested to hear from some users too.
  7. So many iterations of the same design!
  8. Warwick thumb 5NT. Has the worst neck dive on the planet! Mediocre sound, to my ears. Bongo 5. Didn't like the painted neck rear. Didn't take long for it to wear off. A bit heavy. Sounded good though. G&L L5500. Came with a loose first fret. And the treble control didn't work. Neck was loose in pocket. A friday afternoon bass!
  9. I have a little Behringer mixer. Plug the headphone out from my Mac into one channel, bass in another channel and job done.
  10. Fantastic!! I would trade my '78 Fender Precision for that.
  11. It is the PC part that was a PITA.
  12. I bought a future impact and messed around with it for a while. Programming is a pain. And when you get a great lounge sound, it doesn't cut it at gigs. However this is my opinion, and I know a lot of guys love them. And it made me realize I don't like the monophonic thing! Not tried the SY-300, which is poly. Maybe a Roland GR55 is the way to go.
  13. Id be keen to see what you think of the N4S pups in that!
  14. I own a Jazz Elite 5. QC is generally great, but I had to pry out the battery cover and sand it slightly, because it was a super tight fit. Not a big issue but I didn't expect it! The action was a little high, and the saddles were as low as they could go. So the shop shimmed the neck slightly and set it up really nicely. I agree with one of the above comments that the pickups can be a bit dark. Preamp has good frequencies but is quite subtle. The balance control is more like a switch! Turn it 1mm either way from mid position and that pickup is on. Not a true blend IMO. So I plan to mess around with it. Maybe new pickups and Pre.
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