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  1. Thanks. He’s asking $500 CAD which is about 285 pounds. Probably not worth it
  2. Can anyone tell from these crappy photos which model this Overwater is? And any idea what it’s worth? It’s being advertised here.
  3. Well the symbol idea didn’t work! Whilst the routing was perfect, when I put black resin in them it bled. I must have sanded 1mm off and it’s still there! Oh well, I’ll flip it over and use on another bass.
  4. I did think about a bass clef, but I just wanted them to all be the same. Maybe next bass could have all clefs!
  5. I wanted to try the Shaper for some fingerboard symbols. I decided to try an infinity. Tricky to draw in CAD as they get longer and narrow as you go up the neck. The plan is black resin
  6. Looks great with the black pickguard. It would look even better if you can get a black headstock truss cover with white logo! I tried one of these when they first came out and whilst it sounded great, the neck dive and overall weight was too much.
  7. Ha ha , yes it’s the only way!
  8. As promised I started building the second single cut 5. You may have seen the red fretless single cut that is awaiting lacquer. This is walnut front and back, with alder and veneers. Fingerboard will be Birdseye and I’m going to try using the Shaper to do custom symbols and blind frets. Two Delano SBC 6’s with 4 band eq.
  9. Waiting on the satin lacquer ! In the meantime I started on a fretted version. This will be walnut/ash/walnut with Birdseye fingerboard. Keep on the lookout for a new thread.
  10. Thanks! Yes I think the screws are M2.5 with brass inserts.
  11. Threaded inserts for control cover and truss rod cover done. Really pleased with the look. Waiting on my satin lacquer delivery, then I can finish this off.
  12. ABM stuff is very nice. You should check out ETS stuff on the next build. That are super customizable
  13. A bit of stain and ready for lacquer
  14. 7.8 pounds in weight. I have the pickup and batteries to add so I reckon 8 pounds. Pretty light.
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