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  1. If there is enough travel in the saddle to get the correct intonation, there is no need, in my opinion, to stagger the units.
  2. Just took delivery of a Sadowsky Masterbuilt. It’s an amazing looking thing and I hope it sounds as good as it looks! That’ll be a job for this evening.
  3. I have an HP, running through an HDN410 and HDN210. I am sure it will be great through BF cabs, but in order to satisfy my OCD I had to have matching gear! No regrets. As mentioned above this amp had a lot of heft/body. I leave the 'punch' (mid boost) turned on all the time. The HP and LP filters are great for live use, and taming the sub frequencies or rumble. The parallel compressor works seamlessly but I prefer the control I get from my Empress compressor. Never use the Drive circuit, although some say it adds a little something if you engage it, but keep the drive level at its minimum.
  4. I can vouch for the P46. It’s a thumping pickup. It’s designed for either 4 or 5 string basses.
  5. Sometimes it surprises you what sounds good. I have Fbass, Vigier, Mayones, Fender, Elrick, Spector and Yamaha basses. All super nice in their own way, but what really surprised me was how good a recently acquired German Warwick Corvette sounds. It’s a heavy bass but not only is the bubinga figure really stunning, but the sound is really amazing.
  6. I just picked up an identical BN5. Super nice to play and surprisingly light for quite a large bodied bass
  7. Thanks! Yes the cobra is mine! Do I show a photo somewhere then?
  8. Nope, 1/4” camphor burl, hardened before fret install
  9. Thanks! I started with clear lacquer everywhere, maybe two coats, then I used a detail gun with a 1mm tip and sprayed more clear tinted black, around the border, with the ash masked.
  10. I got the burly bass finished. Well, apart from one gold knob. Wood covers worked out well but I may change the pickups and preamp. EMGs need to be super close to the strings compared to other pickups, and having a wood cover, albeit 1.5mm, I feel this hinders the clearance required. The custom preamp pots have values that are specific to EMG, which is why that may need to be swapped out. It’s all good fun though!
  11. How many basses is too many?? Sorry I don't understand the question 😄
  12. I’m not the one seeking help! But thanks for the info. If I was still in the uk I’d be using Morells products.
  13. Nope it’s camphor burl. It was a little too thin so it is laminated to a layer of black walnut. The join is hidden by the binding
  14. I have a detail gun, and just sprayed tinted lacquer, set low
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