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  1. Are you going to have the body chambered? The weight of ash can vary hugely. I heard that preamp/pup combination on a Schecter SLS Elite 5 and it is extremely flexible.
  2. Mailman just dropped this off all the way from Bass Direct! I couldn’t resist taking a quick peek, although I haven’t played it yet. I’m letting it acclimatize in it’s case. It’s a lovely looking thing !
  3. I was going to use a flame maple fingerboard but thought ebony looks great! Might go unlined fretless
  4. This is my last J bass for a while before I start on something a bit different! Keep an eye out for 6 string headless Krome bass! here we have alder, maple veneer and camphor burl top. It goes a lovely almost walnut color when wetted. I’m think gold hardware, ebony fingerboard and maybe gold Evo frets.
  5. He would, wouldn’t he!
  6. They need do a classic cobra blue with white stripe😆
  7. Nowhere near Niagara. I’m in Calgary
  8. I wonder if the cab has separate compartments? Just generally curious about this speaker cab. I wouldn’t want to move this around. Probably too long for any estate car!
  9. Thanks Dave. The problem is they are rarely seen here in Canada. I prefer to pick a bass up and see how it feels , but may have to take a chance a ship one over! the only experience I had with Delano’s was on my Mayones. I hated them and put in Barts, with East. so that’s the only thing I’d be concerned about as they seem to only use Delano’s.
  10. I hadn’t spotted the amp😆😆. Agreed it needs big rack full of unnecessary gear
  11. Sandberg is one of the few makes I’ve never owned. How is build quality compared to the competition? I just stumbled across their 35year anniversary model and it looks wonderful. The price doesn’t though!
  12. You may have already seen this, but I just came across it for the first time! 2x15, 4x10 and 2x12 in one 2400w RMS cab? Really? Only 155 pounds in weight. I would love to hear what our speaker cab design experts think of this one. 26hz really? https://www.eich-amps.com/xlcab?fbclid=IwAR1IsC15BOyxxHIZNEdz5Zw_BL4BeYBVnUQ4jTu3uY1gJe9QwVq7OYcvMSQ
  13. Mark has been very quick to respond to my questions. I bought on two occasions. Both smooth experiences.
  14. The wood is light in weight too. Love the new Stingrays with these necks!
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