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  1. Hey, Its a super high gloss finish. Didn't photograph very well. I spoke to Vigier before buying because I was confused. Does the current Passion have mono bridges or the one piece. Turns out the one piece bridge is the current one. I would have preferred a parametric mid control, but saying that the tone is bloody marvelous. I even turn the treble almost all the way off to make it less hi-fi.
  2. Hey SirM, Here are my comments comparing it to my Fender Elite 5.. The build quality of the Mayones is completely flawless. The shine and flatness of the lacquer is amazing. I can usually find fault with most finishes or build quality but not with this. Even the Elite has very small things that are noticeable. Like trying to get the battery cover off! I had to sand it slightly smaller once I eventually prised it out! The Elite has a compound radius and also an asymmetric neck rear profile. It is very nice but I can't say it feels noticeably different to the Jabba. I wanted 18mm string spacing so it does feel a little slimmer than the Fender Elite. The Jabba has better balance when standing. It has Hipshot Ultralights that probably help. The Elite is very slightly neck heavy. Although not in Warwick Thumb territory!. Both the Jabba and Elite preamp balance controls don't do a good job of blending. You turn the knob from centre detent slightly, then you are on front or back pickup. They both have an active passive switch and passive tone. The Elite EQ is much more subtle than the Jabba. I opted for a 3-band Mayones preamp. You need to be gentle boosting the bass or mid. Very powerful. The Jabba preamp sounds the same in active or passive when the controls are flat. No change in volume or tone. Not the case with the Elite. I do prefer the Elite's passive tone over its active tone. Just a shame you can't adjust gain to level it out. The Jabba is PLEK'd as standard. Which explains why the action was super low. In fact too low for me. I had to raise it. I opted for birdseye maple fingerboard. I can't get the Elite as low without some buzz when digging in. The Jabba is 24 fret and upper access is great. Also has a contoured heel to help. I haven't gigged with it yet, but just playing at home through my Berg rig I am very please with the tone from the Delano large pole pickups. The only downside with the Mayones was having to wait 10 months for it!! I would be seriously tempted to sell the Elite and get another. There you go. Can you tell I like it?
  3. Awesome! I just bought a Passion iv 5-string. It really is a beautifully built bass. I can't comment on the earlier series, but these pickups and preamp sound fantastic. This is the first bass I have owned where the blend actually works and doesn't function like a three way switch!
  4. I just took delivery of my Mayones Jabba 5 Classic. Not even taken it out of the case yet, as I am still at work designing roundabouts! First impression is the stunning finish! I opted for birdseye fingerboard, 3-band eq and 18mm spacing, which meant Delano pickups. Should play nice as they PLEK all their guitars. Impressed so far. IMG_4098.MOV
  5. The pickup pan is useless. Its more like a three way switch in the way it operates! The passive sound is great, but I am finding the back pickup sound in active mode too brittle. I plan to try some Lollars with an East or Sadowsky preamp. Maybe even a Noll as they sound identical in active or passive mode.
  6. That's the colour I wanted, but got impatient and got a sunburst instead. Very nice to play. But I will be changing the pickups and preamp at some point.
  7. I like the last angular one best. I find slapping a bit difficult with an extended fingerboard. But what you are showing does look great. Hurry up and start it!
  8. A couple of recent builds from me!
  9. You could order Bill's plans and have a go at building yourself. They are great instructions and really not that difficult.
  10. That is super nice. I actually like the uncluttered ebony. Does it have EMG preamp too? Its odd how there is no easy access battery box.
  11. I don't like anything about that bass. No mention of a five string too.
  12. I took the rear cover off the Spector and there is a mid adjuster. Its a small thumb wheel, so no screwdriver needed. Adjusting it does make a big difference to the sound. It was set with too much cut for my liking. I ended up increasing to just over half way and now its much punchier. Shame there is no adjustment for treble frequency, as it seems very high. The bass control is crazy powerful. My favourite sound is bridge pickup with the tiniest of bass boost.
  13. Ha ha! Well I ordered the Jabba and build time is a crazy 10 months. In the meantime I found a really great deal on the LT and GAS took over. The Vigier is just an impulse buy!
  14. I have yet to open the control cavity. But I will let you know the outcome of tweaking!
  15. If the missus can have multiple pairs of shoes and bags, then that makes it ok!
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