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  1. I second the Ibanez Portamento. It has tiny markers mainly on the side but a couple of mm are visible on the playing surface. Sound bloody good too.
  2. Does anyone here use a Backbeat and IEM? i heard it transforms your playing experience if you don’t have a back line - bringing back the feeling that you have a stack behind you. I’ve seen the boards you stand on, but you can’t move from your spot! cheers
  3. Sanded down the resin. Ready for some colour
  4. Not a Jupiter. A Zentro Custom 5 What is that bass?
  5. There’s a ton of info about perceived volume and speaker sensitivity. I just know an 8 ohm cab with sensitivity of 104db is louder than a 4 ohm cab with 97db. Bill Fitzmaurice could explain it better. Point being it’s not always crucial to worry about impedance as long as you don’t do below the amps minimum. I now have one 410 by Bergantino. I can’t ever imagine needing two.
  6. I just bought a Passion iv 5-string. I wish I’d bought Vigier years ago. The tone is unique but very even across the fingerboard. Effortless to play and feels like a million dollars in your hands. The only Warwick I’ve owned was a neck thru Thumb 5 and it was terrible to play. Mainly because of neck dive, but secondly the lack lustre sound from the MECs. so my vote is get the Vigier. It’s an investment too
  7. After completing my Jazz inspired Jazz 5, I have just picked up another build. Similar spec, except Cottonwood Burl over Alder, Lollar pickups and possibly passive. Gold Hipshot hardware, headphone amp, rosewood or wenge fingerboard. I'm looking forward to seeing the top with a hint of green stain. The top has been glues to the alder, body shaped, and jazz pickup cavities routed. I just filled all the small voids with tinted resin.
  8. The next challenge is finding a case that fits! It’s 35” scale and that seems to bigger up a lot of options. Although it does fit in my Élite case. Who makes those? Got to be Hiscox or SKB I would think
  9. Thanks Mike. I agree about the neck inserts now. Just have to be very accurate! a lot of people don’t like EMG, but they sound fantastic in this bass. I set it up using old strings that came off my Spector, so should sound even better with a new set on.
  10. I’m pleased I did it. Took a bit of time to ensure everything lined up with pilot holes.
  11. Finished and set up now. The EMG JAX are fantastic. Combine those with the BQS and there's tons of tone on tap. I am so please with the result. Apart from the satin finish, it feels as nice as my Fender Elite. And sounds better. On to the next build now!
  12. I made a little jig that kept the threaded insert perfectly perpendicular to the body. Worked great!
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