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  1. My buddy had an ‘83 Élite years ago and regrets ever selling it! So I’m having a go at making him one. I’m going to use Lindy Fralins pickups overwound 10%, and 3-Leaf Audio Blue preamp running 18v. Should be a monster!
  2. It’ll be better with a D string! I don’t have a new set, and just slapped this old set on but the string broke !
  3. Thanks! I was toying with a tort pickguard.
  4. Not really a build diary but a finished photo! I’m getting better at taking progress pics, so future builds will be more detailed. Anyway, this is a five string, 24 fret P bass style build. Alder body, maple neck and wenge fingerboard. Radius is compound from 10-14”, and neck rear is asymmetric, 35” scale. I’m using a Bill Lawrence P45 and first impressions are great. It had a weird magnet configuration that they promise is fine for 4 or 5 string bass. This is the first passive build in years! Colour is Nissan Firemist metallic. What do you think?
  5. Flat sawn can be used if you laminate it. Some people even cut it down the centre and flip one piece round and glue back together. I would laminate it thou.
  6. Well spotted! And there is a reason. Bad planning on my part. The pickup was shifted 2mm off center because it would have clashed with the batteries! So the next one I’ll move the battery boxes slightly, or make 9v. I may even try headless too for number 2.
  7. Stuck some strings on. I still have to level and dress the frets, but amazingly there’s only a few buzzes and a very low action!
  8. I love shiny frets on maple! My missus said it’s a shame you can’t get gold frets. Ah but you can and I didn’t give it a thought! EVO frets next time!
  9. Recessed the individual bridges and spaced perfectly using veneer.
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