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  1. Would have loved this.....damn brexit.
  2. I am using the genz benz 212 neox cab and very good it is, so whatever genz specified for the 12 pr300 is ok with me.
  3. Fantastic basses, comfortable, nice string spacing and set up with a low action.....i would go with a plain colour though....the fake quilt top looks a bit tacky...but that's just my opinion!
  4. Seems like the pr 320 is a real step up, even though not quite as efficient.....has anybody tried it and what are your views?
  5. I thought John east was going to design a mod to use the original pickups with the uni-pre?
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  7. Thanks for the nice comments folks, it really is a great bass!.....PM's replied to thanks
  8. Up for sale is my lovely 2014 stingray 4H .....This bass is in outstanding condition and comes with original case (including keys) and hang tags etc. I still have the original black pick guard along with the original pickup and tone circuit which will be included in the sale....I put the white (parchment) pick guard on to give it more of a 70s look! The east preamp along with the Aguilar pickup gives the bass a more refined tone, with the mids centered it has a late 70s flavour to the tone, also the semi-parametric mids are very useful.....The bass weighs in at 4kgs on the nose!!.....a nice weight for a Ray.......More than happy to ship the bass at buyers cost...should be around £20-25 i would think. UK ONLY.
  9. I read on talkbass about some basses having a maxed out trussrod from new....not good should you want fatter gauge strings!!
  10. Thems the posh ones....extra magic dust, attention to detail and vibration treatment.... think I'll book myself in 😀.... lovely bass by the way.
  11. both in lovely condition with both remotes......these were/are well regarded hifi seperates.....silver finish
  12. Anybody bought one yet?
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