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  1. In the running for a new guitar strap, be it cotton webbing or leather.....all my basses weigh between 9-10 lbs so i think 3 inch minimum as i need the support for my neck.
  2. ebenezer

    NAD. Trace Elliot BLX-80 GP7SM

    I had the blx 130, great little amp, and louder than the 130 watts would suggest.....the cab section on the other hand i found pretty dire....decent bottom end for it's size but it was heavy!!.......anyway, it ended up in a skip.
  3. Cool bass, and sporting the preferred wenge neck and fingerboard, out of interest, what weight is it ?
  4. ebenezer

    Fender 24fret jazz preamp change?

    john east uni-pre would be nice.....video on youtube of the five string version of this bass, guy has bartolini B-axis pickups i think.....sounds great!!
  5. ebenezer

    Blackstar bass combo - any love ???

    Tried one of the small combos and have to say... very good!!... nice eq
  6. Great cabs these!...wish I lived nearer...
  7. ebenezer

    The bass centre wapping!

    It was a veritable aladdin's cave ....... travelled from county durham to visit that shop.
  8. ebenezer

    Refinishing/staining a bass?

    Yes, a full fat usa peavey cirrus....stunning!!!....please don't touch it.
  9. ebenezer

    Ernie Ball Music Man Sterling (US) *new price*

    Very nice, that's a nice dark rosewood, almost looks like ebony !
  10. This bass belonged to me... stunning bass and has that Warwick growl glwts
  11. ebenezer

    Feedback for Manos

    Just sold a Peavey millennium USA to Manos, great comms, prompt payment and he is a true gentleman... highly recommend.
  12. ebenezer

    Epifani UL210 - but series 1 or 2?

    Just for info, series 1 cabs used B&C woofers and series 2 i think used eminence
  13. ebenezer

    Bass refinish day

    Very nice Aidan, lovely colour and cracking job
  14. ebenezer

    Markbass power section question

    I will chime in again, i bought a genz streamliner 900 a few years ago and to me, if it really was 900 watts, they were pretty small watts.......i then bought an early markbass little mark 2 which in my opinion is as powerful as the genz streamliner 900.....I then decided to buy the markbass sd 800 (earlier class d ) and found that to be similar, lacking the warmth of the little mark 2.....Also tried the later little mark 3 and i find the tone of the mark 2 better.......So the LM 2 is staying put for the time being!
  15. ebenezer

    snapped headstock

    I take all my basses to Aidan, does a fantastic job.....they have never played so well !!