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  1. Trace Elliot VA350 classic amp and cover

    I saw Rob Burns playing through one of these back in the day....it sounded epic through two 1518 cabs and a bright box(4x6 if memory serves)
  2. Hi folks!....I have a levinson blade and plan on installing a sadowsky on board preamp ( the one already built on a jazz control plate) along with emg JVX active pickups I do know sadowsky have used emg active pickups with their tone circuit in the passed and i wondered, with the pickups being active would i have to modify the circuit in any way.
  3. Sold - Bravewood Jaco Replica Jazz Bass

    without doubt, the best relic's.
  4. Feedback for pantherairsoft

    Just sold Shep my markbass sd 800, ......easy-peasy transaction, top chap and great basschater
  5. Anybody got one of the above they would like to move on?.....ideally the dot fingerboard one.
  6. Music Man's s new clothes.

    Looks very well made, but not for me.
  7. markbass sd 800...ON HOLD

    bump, pm's replied to.
  8. peavey cirrus 4 usa

    yes, he was honest, even down to the crack in the ebony fingerboard
  9. I have for sale my markbass sd 800 amp which is in lovely condition having spent most of it's life in a rack (rack ears included) 500 watts rms at 8 ohms.....750 watts at 4 ohms....a good powerful amp with semi parametric mids...think LM2/3 on steroids with more flexibility. I still have the original packing box and handbook so happy to ship at cost.....amp weighs in at around 8 lbs so still light weight!....will post pics soon.
  10. Rather nice cirrus on fleabay at the moment, all hipshot hardware, ebony board, quilt top....the works!.....but oh, has it been in the wars!!
  11. SOLD 1978 MM Stingray, nice condition

    Feather weight for this breed!
  12. Opinions: Peavey Mark iii

    An amp, way ahead of it's time!!
  13. For sale is my trace elliot 2103h cab.....in excellent condition with no rips on the green carpet covering. two kevlar impregnated 10 inch drivers and an adjustable tweeter....rubber feet on bottom and side so can stack either way.......great punchy sounding cab, and only selling as i have gone with a single 410...matching 115 sold. will get pics up in due course.
  14. Peavey Cirrus 5 string

    I own a usa millennium tiger eye 5, and i have to say it is top draw!!......value wise, you can not go wrong with a bxp cirrus......
  15. lakland 55-02 string advice

    bump.....anymore advice!