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  1. seems like a bargain to me...great basses
  2. love the new lighter weight stingrays, however, listening to the clips/reviews on youtube i much prefer the tone of the old models there seems more definition in the lower end and sound crisper all round...all subjective though....one mans meat and all that!! sorry, one person's meat.
  3. Sold my Lakland DJ5 to Alain and have to say, it was a pleasure...very good Comms and a top chap all round.. thoroughly recommended
  4. I have a john east j-tone pre up for sale, complete with original box, instructions and plug in tone caps.....bought for my D Lakin jazz but never fitted it as like the passive sound .....price includes uk shipping
  5. very nice!!...one of the early ones with single truss-rod so quite rare ....lovely build quality!! i have an early trb5 slapcut which is going nowhere.
  6. I have the genz benz neox 212....loaded with faital neo 12s and have to say, it is a great cab, only 47lbs in weight, great output and only paid £275 for it on this very forum.....highly recommended....oh, and 4 ohms
  7. Lovely looking bass, do you have an accurate weight for the bass?
  8. lovely bass!....do you know the weight?
  9. is the neck a three piece?
  10. Hi, just wondered what weight the bass is?
  11. I have one of these in the high gloss blue, lovely bass and i have to say, is going nowhere!!
  12. just for info, i bought my 79 ray new and it had roundwound strings fitted.
  13. Can any goodly person point me in the right direction! Cheers folks
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