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  1. ebenezer


    I had an hd350 for a short while...lovely tone, but woefully under-powered
  2. lovely bass!....this is when fender started using thinner poly finish which resulted in a more resonant tone....enjoy
  3. Well, just an update folks!......changed the stock pickup for an aguilar alnico MM pickup...also had the east three band preamp installed....The tone now is more refined although i do fine the treble does not have the bite of the original....the semi-parametric mid is useful though!.....As a plus, the G string seems better and more balanced.
  4. Anybody who buys this bass, will be blown away at how well it plays!.....yamaha's just seem to set up well with a nice buzz free action.
  5. Well, i have had both and have to say, i preferred the 5501, i found it cut through the mix better than the 5502...Also, there is a lot of love for said bass on talkbass...the pickup sizes bart mk1/p2 gives a lot of options for upgrades along with the preamp.....plus, if it's good enough for mononeon it's good enough for most...Oh, and the most comfortable 35 scale bass i have played.
  6. Just bought a lovely fender USA jazz deluxe from Dan.... good Comms and a top geezer all round.
  7. I have one of these cabs and have to say, it is very good.... to paddy 515, yes it is the faital pro loaded cab, the drivers being the 12pr 300, tuned to genz spec. Had a look inside the cab, and it is really well built....all plywood and well braced.....whats not to like!!
  8. Si bought my lakland 55-01, great Comms and a pleasure...top basschatter... thanks again Si☺️
  9. This has never been fitted so is " as new" shipping included in price...uk only
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