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  1. looking to upgrade my musicman preamp to a john east pre with variable mids....what are your views......cheers
  2. ebenezer

    Tort on Black........

    Got a tort scratchpad made by the bass doc for my black Lakland 5502....looks great, I think it depends on the quality of the tort!!
  3. ebenezer

    Trace 1518, Original Driver?

    I think it may have been a celestion in that cab, i may stand corrected though......email celestion and they may be able to suggest a suitable replacement
  4. ebenezer

    WITHDRAWN peavey millennium 5 tiger eye (USA)

    Bump.......some interesting trades on the cards......Hmm
  5. ebenezer

    Twincam's feedback

    I recently bought a yamaha trb 5 slapcut off this very forum, when it arrived it was obvious it had various issues......worn uneven frets which rendered the bass pretty unplayable also the pickups were fairly loose and i thought microphonic, and to top it off, a dodgy output jack. Well, knowing the quality of Aidans work (he has worked on many of my basses), i asked him to have a look and hey presto, he has sorted all the problems.....given it a fret dress(without taking the neck off, at my request). To say i am delighted is an understatement !!! Many thanks Aidan
  6. ebenezer

    WITHDRAWN peavey millennium 5 tiger eye (USA)

    Just for info folks, i am based in the Durham area.
  7. ebenezer

    WITHDRAWN peavey millennium 5 tiger eye (USA)

    Bump, all PMs replied to.
  8. After consideration I've decided this bass is too nice for me to let go, therefore I have withdrawn the bass from sale and apologise to interested parties for any inconvenience caused. Up for sale is my peavey millennium tiger eye (usa) this is a top spec custom shop quality bass!.....this bass is in wonderful condition (mint) and retailed at £1500 new these basses are very rare on these shores....Talkbass members hold these in very high esteem and rightly so! the bass features birds eye neck and finger board with abalone dots.....neck is graphite reinforced....35 inch scale alder body with flame maple cap. top quality hipshot ultralite tuners and hipshot 3d bridge millennium pre amp with semi para mids.....active pickups, so very quiet. trade wise, i would look at a 4 string bass, cash either way......happy to ship at cost (uk)
  9. the db 751 is the best amp i have played through, not a bad sound in there!!.......i am going to hang fire on an amp replacement as i think there is some way to go on R&D, in particular the power section although, things are better than the early class D amps
  10. ebenezer

    Do you know this brand?

    could it be Low End.
  11. ebenezer

    Trace Elliot BLX combo

    Just for info, when you undo the 4 bolts on the top of the combo and slide amp out, bear in mind , the amp itself has no lid (you can see the inside) I suppose you could get a sheet of steel cut for the top and use the amp like that, but a case to me looks better, be it wooden sleeve of semi-flight
  12. ebenezer

    FS: Genzler 10-2 Array Cab - Reduced

    Looks like a 112 bass array to me.
  13. ebenezer

    Trace Elliot BLX combo

    I took the amp section out of mine and had it semi flight- cased......great little amp!!...and louder than the 130 watts would suggest the original combo was quite heavy given it's size and sound wise was fairly poor although it had reasonable bass.
  14. ebenezer

    Heavier Gauge Strings on a Ibanez "Skinny" Neck

    ibanez neck tend to be well made....multi-laminate, volute on headstock and assuming the truss-rod is in good order, heavier strings should be no problem
  15. The early compact featured the eminence 3015 ho which is a very efficient driver.....the new 12 inch driver used now, as far as i can see is based on the 3012lf kappalite...or a variation of, so to get comparable volume you will need plenty of horse power.....of course i may stand corrected.