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  1. lakland 55-02 string advice

    having just bought the above bass, i am just wondering what strings will fit using the through body stringing method i tend to use 40/45-125 roundwound cheers folks!
  2. i agree with you dave, i had to replace a tweeter fuse on mine so had a good look inside and the build is superb ! good quality plywood and braced etc
  3. Feedback for grooveit

    A big thumbs up for Klaus!....he bought my acg j-type 5 string, the transaction went very well and i would not hesitate to deal again. a top chap all round!!
  4. ideally the green carpet covered version with the round ports you could tune...north of england best as i am in durham area
  5. Price drop. £50 from

    I lusted about one of these back in the day!!......only 100 watts, but they really did the job!
  6. another shout for peavey....i had the combo 130, the forunner to the TNT with the rotary controls and parametric mids......15 black widow speaker what a great amp!!
  7. Great cab, i have one 47lbs, great tone and loaded with faital pro 12 pr300 the same used in the vanderkley 12 ext cabs
  8. ACG J-TYPE 5 STRING.....SOLD......

    Bump......all pm's replied to.
  9. ACG J-TYPE 5 STRING.....SOLD......

    sorry folks,forgot to mention location is northeast ( durham )
  10. ACG J-TYPE 5 STRING.....SOLD......

    cheers guy's, thanks for the kind words.
  11. For sale is my acg j-type 5 string bass.....superb, flexible and above all usable bass specs of bass are as follows...... alder body 3 piece maple neck(graphite reinforced) with acrylic impregnated birdseye maple finger board. john east u-retro tone circuit hipshot bridge and gotoh machine heads bass is in excellent condition and weighs in at 8.7 lbs only selling as i am playing little, and when i do it is 60s stuff, so i do not need a 5 string trade wise, i would consider a 4 string bass or barefaced super midget/one 10 etc ....maybe markbass ninja etc.....try me!..... happy to ship (uk only) at cost.
  12. 55-02 pick guard

    I am after the above for my 5502 lakland, but i do not like the stock design.....has anyone had one made that differs from the original and could point in the right direction?
  13. Running 2 cabs out of here

    I had a amp tech replace the canon with a speakon socket.
  14. First impressions of Subway 800 / BF Super Compact

    re....bottom facing ports... my peavey databass combo had these, and combined with the 15 black widow had a kick like a rhino....