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  1. Greetings lovers of the low end!....Up for sale is my killer Elwood 5a, the bass is in first class condition and sounds amazing....no chips, dents or missing finish....specs as follows: 21 fret maple (quarter sawn)?? neck with graphite rods and ebony finger board....jumbo frets...you can't see fret ends, so maybe black binding.... Two-piece alder body ( chambered) with lovely Zircote top. Gold hardware with ets knobs along with individual bridge saddles Aguilar DCB pickups and obp3 preamp with pull passive and toggle for 400 hz and 800 hz midrange....bass / mid / treble 18 volt Bass weighs in at 8.5 lbs so not too light, nor too heavy and hangs well on the strap. Scale length is 34.25 and string spacing is 18mm Will include UK shipping in with the price at your liability, or you can arrange your own courier and have it picked up......NOTE, bass will be well packed.
  2. Cheers for that!......i would rather pay a little more for a perfect fit.
  3. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  4. Just wondering, other than MM and WD does anyone else do replacement scratch plates for said bass?..... cheers
  5. I replied to Dan's wanted advert and sold him a aguilar pickup.....total hassle free, thoroughly recommended.
  6. Met up with Norm to do a Musicman trade, my lovely Stingray classic for his equally lovely Stingray special.....Had a bit of a chin wag about basses ( is there any other subject ! ) and have to say he is a thoroughly nice guy and a credit to Basschat. Thanks again Norm
  7. Anyone considering buying an Ultra should buy this as in my opinion, they are a better bass...
  8. I would tend to agree....not a fan of the sadowsky preamp.
  9. Lovely bass and great weight!......seems like some of the latest models are gaining weight.
  10. Stacked hum cancelling pickups I do believe although correct me if I am wrong.
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