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  1. I use a genz Benz 212 neox.... not the best looking cab but sounds great....47lbs and built in wheels.....all ply wood construction and loaded with faital Pro drivers.
  2. Robin bought my bartolini preamp.... great Comms and very easy transaction....top chap.
  3. Yes, sold and will be winging it's way north very soon.
  4. pole pieces fine, it's the covers were not seated correctly....will take some better pics over the weekend.
  5. I would recommend the new cort B5 element.....just been released...5 piece neck, roasted maple fingerboard new bridge with 18mm spacing....mega value but £540
  6. Lovely bass and love the colour.... can't find graphite support rods in the spec though.
  7. Fab looking rig, must get a lovely warm tone!.....GLWTS, ps, hope you get sorted with a job.
  8. Lovely bass, and being the two band eq, all the better for it!......
  9. Up for sale are a pair of Nordstrand big split pickups 18/19mm string spacing.....Being p2 shape, they will fit many basses...I bought them to put in my lakland 5501 but didn't get round to fitting them and have since sold the bass.....I bought them from Tony (hellzero) and just looking to get back what i payed.....These are £225 new!....as you can see by the pics, they are in lovely condition. Price includes shipping (uk only)...now £130 Tone wise, they seem to be similar to big singles, although with a sweeter top end and no hum!! A big thanks to Tony for letting me use his original pics.....please note, i have not used the pickups since i bought them.
  10. Up for sale is an unused bart pre-wired onboard preamp.....great upgrade for many basses eg....lakland, ibanez and cort....one's fitted with the bart mk1 pre (5 knob) this pre features 3 midrange frequencies on a toggle switch....Can also use as 18 volt system.....price is shipped (uk only )
  11. Lovely bass, can I ask the weight please?
  12. Cheers guys, yes i think Armstrong could make the pickups!.....may look into that.....as for the finish, it is high gloss trans blue.....i suppose as mentioned, i could get ebony ends made to fill in the gaps.
  13. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  14. I suppose alternatively, I could use the stock pickups and snip the wires from the dummy hum cancelling coils...I know this will introduce him though Mmm
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