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  1. Doh!!!! That explains a lot.....I hadn't dared look Thanks for the Bump Hellzero Gaucho
  2. Now £975. Rare beast this one I think? Late original series TT5, Customer special order: Cherry Sunburst satin (almost open pore finish?) matching headstock, all black hardware and black inlays on the maple board, 34in neck, 22 frets, Delano Vintage single coils, Delano pre. I've owned this around 6 years now, 2 previous owners. Condition is excellent, just a few tiny nicks on the body and tip of headstock that are lost in the finish, neck has a little discolouration about halfway, that's it! plays perfectly, very versatile Jazz with a fast slim neck and very lightweight compared to my Lakland's. Collection or meet within short distance. Gaucho
  3. Thanks Bassbandit…… How fast can you run??? The neck incidentally albeit wide is extremely slim, if you prefer 19mm spacing it is easy to get on with. Gaucho
  4. I used one once on the Black Pearl, arrrrgh me hearties me amp wouldn't work unless we warmed up first with a good old acapella sea shanty!
  5. Hi Stingray, Couldn't agree more and thanks buddy! Took me a long time to find something with the 19mm string spacing and a slim. playable neck to dip my toe in with a 6'er! Gaucho
  6. Hi All, Was not looking, but something has come up so final price £750 firm! Tune Technology: these were originally built in a well-known factory in Japan and quite sought after. The company split and one group started manufacturing these elsewhere Korea or Indonesia not sure? These were not as highly revered due to the lower rent hardware used in this change-over period. This has a Japanese body and neck rescued from the factory with superior fittings most added by the original owner: Mk2 Bart pickups, Glock 3 band Pre, Gotoh tuners, Schaller bridge, brass nut! 19 mm spacing, extremely slim neck, 24 frets, Flamed Maple top. Couple of small marks in the back of the body, but in excellent nick, neck is ultra-slim! Unfortunately I've not found the time to progress with 6 strings , as nine years after changing exclusively to 5'vers I'm still learning! Cash is King, but I could find room for a another Lakland or Jazzy 5'ver? Collection or nearby meet only. Gaucho
  7. Twist Richard's arm Lee...….. he may post if you do??? Gaucho
  8. Couldn't agree more buddy If it stays I won't be sad! Thanks Gaucho
  9. Very true! I did have a GB 900 on appro a few years back and from memory there are more similarities than just the design/layout, hence why I snapped this one up IMO there is nothing to beat it at that price? makes a great easy to use back-up whereby I may just keep it?
  10. Absolutely, bit naughty I suppose but I doubt if Bugera have collared many potential Benz purchasers? Was seriously thinking of offering a free reel of gaffer tape so that the discerning Bass Player could cunningly disguise the name!!!!!
  11. Bump for a Great Amp, offered by a 100% trusted Basschatter! Gaucho 5
  12. 100% genuine Basschatter, trustworthy honest seller! Thoroughly recommended! Gaucho 5
  13. As new and totally mint Veyron BV1001M head available due to rationalisation of kit! Absolutely reliable, clean faultless head I've had for a while now (never been out the house!) which I would like to move on after going back to rack-mounted gear, however not fussed to keep this as back -up so price is firm. Original box and instructions etc. Lots of reviews on these, clearly the power output is an exaggeration, but it is both very powerful and loud equivalent to a good 800w IMO. Collection preferred, may meet within reason (short distance). Would trade for a Lakland or a Jazzy 5 string bass with cash your way??? Gaucho
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