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  1. Hi Dylan, 9lbs in old money Regards Gaucho
  2. Hi guys, Apologies didn't get an email regarding these offers? glassmoon: I'll PM you.....think I know the Lakland you have? Punkpappa: Trades are for 5'vers I'm afraid. Regards Gaucho
  3. Will give it a play as it's been in its case for a while now and unlikely to be in tune, that and randomly wiggle those peg things at the end of the neck, then see what happens...…..stand by??????
  4. Thanks for the offer, but not for me unfortunately. Regards Gaucho
  5. You are correct..... same as 4 is 3 and so on! Works for me
  6. Having a bit of a mare with weights & measures! From inside the top nut to the front of the bridge saddles I make it 34.25 as with a Jabba for example, take it to the string appearing up to the lower section of the saddle (just above the speaking length) it is 35? So I would say 34.25? Gaucho
  7. Hi Oldham, It's 34in buddy, Also I think its a tad lighter than I said.....duff scales??? Gaucho
  8. Back up so soon! I had a custom version of one of these and surprisingly as a fellow Lakland lover it was the one Bass above all I regretted parting with..... Next best neck to a Lakland IMO! Any Trades? Gaucho
  9. As time has moved on and you've shifted one of your collection, are any trades an option?
  10. With the original bridge which it has it's 18mm spacing, can't remember the weight of mine but it was not a heavy Bass by any means! Bass Wielder will no doubt explain his selector switch function?
  11. Cherry burst it is unfortunately..... which I actually like, however it appears mine is an acquired taste
  12. Hey Buddy, Looks like I may need a T or Vm5 again, is a TT5 of interest? Regards Gaucho
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