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  1. Thanks for the detailed Response. It’s is extremely helpful for me and I’m sure it will be helpful for people in the future. I will reach out to moollon and possibly make a day trip to bass direct to try the mvp out. I won’t lie. I would want a sun burst which they don’t stock lol.
  2. And another option lol. Thanks a lot. I think I’ll start writing these in a note pad to research
  3. cheers I’ve just realised that it could be a case of “how deep is the rabbit hole” lol
  4. Thanks so much for the run down. When I tried the 75 P bass at the bass gallery the neck was gloss. Didn’t like it one bit. A factor could be also that my wrist didn’t take to the neck at all. Did the moollon have the same feel as your 71 neck in terms of gloss feel on neck? When you say he wore down quickly did it reach the feel of say fenders satin neck? Having different strings definitely would make it hard to compare. Would you the sound similar to pre cbs fenders?
  5. oh amazing. look forward to the response. Enjoy the gig
  6. Hey, hope everyone is enjoying the sunny english weather (it won't last lol). I have Looked on the net for a comparison of the moollon P-classic and the modern vintage MVP4-62 but no luck. Has anyone on here got both or have played both? I wondered how they differ in sound and feel. Would be interesting to get a place of reference for people interested. The moollon has a 30-36 month awaiting list which is CRAZY looool cheers 👍
  7. oh wait a minute. Are these basses made within the past 20 years?
  8. thats a good point. even the finish of the neck plays a role. the BB2024 felt chunky with a satin finish. Wasn't uncomfortable Just different. I will say i prefered the 2015 neck to the yamaha but its wasn't like the 75 which i REALLY disliked. The sound is very different to the fender pick ups. more aggression. I forgot that i tried a MIJ fender fretless P bass. That felt good as well. They said it was made with like last 25 years. In all honesty i went down the bass gallery to try a MIJ P bass but when i arrived it had been sold.
  9. oh cool. yes it had a flat fretboard. learnt a new word slab fingerboard. thanks. sounds like you built a gem of a bass.
  10. its felt so different. It had flatwounds and the foam in the metal shielding at bridge was intact. i just wonder if the neck profile is made in any other brands. i looked up moollon but it is slightly differenr and the wait is 30-36 months lol.
  11. Oh wow. thanks for informing me. so many basses ive never unearthed before
  12. hey. I popped into the yamaha store in london today. i didn't see this bass. what model is this?
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