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  1. If you want subtle and sensitive lyrics, then Spinal Tap's your best bet.
  2. Oh, this is pure gold. Have a listen. And microtonal as well ! - a bit sharp in some places, a bit flat in others ! As they say on Jazz Club - Nice ! 👌
  3. She's just getting clued up so she'll absolutely know for sure that you'd bought an original '59P for £20k, when you'd told her you were actually only buying a Custom Shop reissue for £2K....
  4. 1) Hofner Club. 2) Carefully crafted EQ 3) Played with a pick. 4) Compression on 11 5) Tina Weymouth. 😊
  5. This won't be everyone's cup of tea but shows how widely Knower (Louis Cole and Genevieve Artadi) are respected these days. Look out for bass player John Goldsby. Usually better known as a DB player, but here he shows his skills nailing one of Louis Cole's off the wall bass lines. This also shows why having good pick skills can be really useful for some lines.
  6. I would suggest that it's your fingers that are the problem, not the strings. Next time this happens, put the tiniest smear of Vaseline on your fingertips. if this cures the problem, you've found what was causing the problem. And if you're worried about your strings getting greasy because of the Vaseline, just give them a wipe with a dry cloth afterwards.
  7. I'll just park this here on a Sunday morning. Enjoy. 😊
  8. OK, not strictly bass related, but worth a watch and listen - it's only 1min 45 secs.
  9. Quite right, lurksalot, I would've done just the same. You're doing it to assist in what could be one of the most important days in two people's lives, not necessarily just for your old band's sake. And I hope your old band thanked you profusely. Good karma has been created, and one day you might find it's repaid somehow, ......hopefully ! 🤗
  10. This absolutely. Apart from a period in the '80's when a band I was in used to back cabaret acts fairly often, I have never ever seen any sheet music on stage, keyboard players excepted. - and this is why classical musicians who are used to having dots in front of them are notoriously bad at playing pop or rock. ....other opinions are available.
  11. I'm usually doing deps, sometimes having to play covers from all eras. It would be pretty hard to do this without some pick skills. And it's a very necessary skill for some country music. For different eras, it generally works out something like this: 50's - fingers 60's - fingers or muted pick (as per Carol Kaye) 70's - mostly fingers 80's - slap, fingers 90's - pick or fingers, whatever's best to recreate an approximation of the original (often this was synth bass) 00's onwards - mostly fingers - with pick where necessary. For example I think the main syncopated riff for Bruno Mars 'Locked Out Of Heaven' would be really, really difficult without a pick.
  12. Nick Campbell - first came across him working with Pomplamousse. Just a tiny bit talented. YouTube title sounds a bit clickbaity, but he really plays this to within an inch of it's life 😯😨😵
  13. .... and not forgetting the wonderful Mononeon ! 🤗
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