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  1. musicbassman

    Do you remember your first bass...

    A Danelectro Longhorn, bought secondhand in 1969! Here I am playing in a folk rock band in Exeter in 1971 called Retrospect. I think that's a pick hanging out of my mouth, not a fag. We won the Melody Maker rock contest for the South West area, and then bombed miserably at the finals held at The Roundhouse in Camden. I remember we really felt like innocent country bumpkins up in The Big City. A young Phil Beer is the violin player here, since these early days he's had a long a well respected career playing with Paul Downs as 'Show of Hands' - well known on the folk circuit for many years. In 1972 I sent the Danelectro up to John Birch in Birmingham to fit a Rickenbacker back pup to this - hoping to get more punch and sustain. The result was an iconic bass ruined for no gain and quite a lot of expense, I recall. The stupidity of youth, as ever.
  2. musicbassman

    So, just how many basses do you own ????

    Wife and kids sleep in the garden ? Seems fair.................
  3. musicbassman

    Drummers who keep changing the beat during the song

    I wouldn't have minded, but I'd heard so much about Muzz's and discreet's apres-gig parties, and I'd been expecting so much more.
  4. musicbassman

    So, just how many basses do you own ????

    54! Jeez, that's a roomful. Think we have a winner here, but not sure what the prize is - a larger house maybe.. Are they kept cased or do you have them all tastefully arranged on display ? Got pictures?
  5. I met up with chimike yesterday - he's local to me. What a lovely guy. Anyway, he admitted that he owns 40 basses....... I own one ! Can any BCers top 40? Chimike is a collector, well that's his excuse...........What's yours?
  6. musicbassman

    Fender Jazz - a one trick pony ?

    OK, obi 2 kenobi, what we really want to know is what exactly were you searching for to get this as a result ??? Traditional untainted German culture?............... Ahem..... Tight leather shorts????..........Cough............. Band vacancies in Bavaria ??????????????
  7. musicbassman

    Incognito/Citrus Sun. Ride Like the Wind

    I don't know who the bass player is, but a great demonstration of restrained and purposeful playing there.
  8. musicbassman

    Painfully accurate

  9. musicbassman

    Going crazy trying to play Amy Winehouse

    432Hz be damned! Try this test...................
  10. musicbassman

    Going crazy trying to play Amy Winehouse

    OK, just had a quick listen to this on Youtube - I think you'll need to detune your bass about a quarter of a tone to be in pitch with this whilst you learn it. Then the chords are just D - Em and back to D, and now and then it's D - Em - Bm - Em. I suspect you might have had problems as the bass is so mixed in with the kick - this makes it a bit tricky to discern, and if you add in the quarter tone drop this wouldn't have helped. Hope this helps!
  11. musicbassman

    Jacob Collier Changing the rules of Music!!!

    Sorry, but have just watched some of this and I stick with what i said earlier - -he's incredibly talented but the end product sounds completely sanitised and risk free - ready to sell to those nice middle aged and middle class folks in Tunbridge Wells..................
  12. musicbassman

    Jacob Collier Changing the rules of Music!!!

    Yes, bonkers talented, but I think he's in great danger of getting sucked into the easy listening "oooh, that sounds a bit like sophisticated jazz" MOR market............ Still, more talent in one fingernail there than ten of me !! - so good luck to him. By the way, there's stuff online of him playing with Rob Mullarkey that's worth checking out.
  13. musicbassman

    What the **** is this?

    Well - firstly - watching these two middle aged guys pulling faces is not really great to look at, so maybe best just listened to. So, I tried this, and it did make a bit more sense - a bit. It's just a long and rambling musical journey, and some of the vocalisations are quite impressive. But did I like it? Errr - no. But I'll try anything once, so thanks to OP 👌
  14. musicbassman

    How was your gig last night?

    Hope your amp was set up correctly. Wouldn't want any clipping...........................
  15. musicbassman

    Read and inwardly digest