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  1. - That's a brilliant idea ! - I'd certainly watch Rick doing a series on that theme. Let the pain begin................
  2. What's this ? Now someones autotuned Sarah Brand's track ! 😏
  3. .......or possibly only just starting to realise what they've got involved with............
  4. Johnathan Richman - Abominable Snowman in the Market - he's down by the peas and carrots, apparently..............
  5. Does this mean I have to turn up late for rehearsals with my high maintenance girlfriend, turn my amp up to 11 and widdle away endlessly whilst the rest of the band are trying to work out some harmony parts ? ...Thought so ! 😁
  6. Marmite was not the first thing that came to mind when you said that .......... ☚ī¸
  7. I'd like some deodorant, please. Yes sir, Ball or aerosol ? Oh, isn't there one that can do both ?
  8. It's about as real as rocking horse poo............
  9. Yes - and the only conclusion to reach is that life's a b*tch ☚ī¸
  10. Yes, but the bar staff are serving beer which the customers are already prepared to pay money for ! The band may be serving up music which the customers are only prepared to taste if it's a free sample.
  11. Here's an analogy, Daz. Would it be reasonable for a shop to ask window shoppers to pay a fee just for looking in the window? The answer is clearly no, and similarly as a musician or a band you're setting out your stall of whatever music/entertainment you're offering, and maybe people will come and have a look . Then if a demand builds up because people like what you do maybe you can start charging. But not until that point has been reached. 🙂
  12. Well, Higgie, your Welsh Wizard has done an A1 job on the arrangement for the medley - faultless. And you're no slouch in the playing department either - love the clear open B on the Sadowsky at 2.42 !
  13. Hey, that's a bit rich. Jolene on reception at the studio did have a bit of a weight problem, but James never called her a fat rascal. And as for the curd tarts, - well, they were just there for a 'work experience week'. Apparently.
  14. Ah - now I know what to do with my knackered old roundwounds - - just advertise them as 'authentic Jamerson style relic -ed reissues' 😁
  15. Can somebody explain how the bass (or guitar) is attached to the stand?
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