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  1. ....and now for something completely different....
  2. Sometimes, just sometimes, I can side with the audience...
  3. I've never heard of this band before today - that track is simply jaw dropping in its complexity and shape-shifting throughout the song - yet it's also got a massive groove and is absolutely the tightest thing. I've listened to it about 10 times today and I keep discovering more secrets. Good detective work Frank Blank, I'll check this gig out.
  4. Ted, you bear an uncanny resemblance to Mad magazine's character, Alfred E. Neuman. Is there something we should know ?
  5. Which hand are you muting with? Left? Right? Both/either?. If you are left hand muting you could try lifting off the fret a millisecond sooner. This creates an absolutely momentary slight fret buzz and can change your sound substantially in the mids. Then maybe go on to think about your RH hand position or exact amp EQ afterwards. Just another opinion.
  6. Quite right Paul, it was Ruiners comment that should have been quoted there.
  7. Yep, the key word in my sentence which you omitted was potential - meaning that men are naturally on guard (i.e. making sure they don't show weakness) in most social situations - and this could be seen as being socially awkward to an observer.
  8. This is the male condition. Men naturally see all other men as potential enemies, whereas women see all other women as potential friends. It's written into our genes. Harsh, but true. 😳 .....err....... have a nice day !
  9. There's a knitting section as well ??? This site gets better and better...
  10. Landscape's bass player was the excellent Andy Pask - obviously not on this track, though. I used to go and see the band when they were unknowns working round the pub circuit in North London around 78 - 79. Andy was a very talented player and a bit ahead of the game. I understand he went on to write the theme tune for 'The Bill' - so that must have been a useful bit of pocket money for a few years 😊
  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4cWur1ghSlM Sorry, you'll have to click on this, it can't be embedded here.
  12. Sounded out for a potential dep gig, and I was pleased that I knew a lot of the band's material (covers). Then asked if I knew 'Can't feel My Face' by the Weeknd. Had to confess I'd never heard of it. BL seemed more than a little surprised at this. Later, a quick search on YouTube and I'm embarrassed to find it has over ONE BILLION views. So obviously I'm becoming an old git. 😨 Still, bass line on this is fun, so should be a good one to run through. 🙂
  13. Very experienced bass dep available, ideal for last minute or short notice cover for Sussex, Hants, Surrey areas. A good musical ear and wide knowledge of many regular function numbers in all styles from '50's to current. Keep a note of this, and maybe I can help you avoid a last minute crisis!
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