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  1. 01 Ever played a gig sitting down? Yes, used to play with a Peddlers style trio in restaurants in the 80’s, always sat for these. 02 Ever gigged on a different instrument? Ha ha – I arrived at a little club gig a long way from home to find that I’d somehow left my bass behind. Someone from the audience went home and fetched their Strat copy and I played ‘bass’ on this for the whole night. 05 Ever signed an autograph in a dressing room? Yes, back in the day. 08 Ever gigged with a band you hadn't met before the gig? Yes, quite often when I’ve been last minute depping. 10 Ever played in different bands on the same day? Yes, it's confusing. 20 Ever been told that your bass isn't loud enough? Yes – the most recent dep gig I did, just a couple of months ago. The drummer was one of the loudest drummers I’ve ever worked with, not surprised he couldn’t hear me. I couldn't hear me either...
  2. Oh , come on Stew, your answer is yes , apparently, so please tell us what happened? Great idea for topic, by the way! 🙂
  3. The 'Lionel Digby' referred to was actually a real agent based in Torquay. The very first proper band I played in which was Exeter based used to do work for him occasionally !
  4. Well, err, obviously...... Methinks maybe you're missing the whole point of trying to learn or break down something like this....
  5. Rickroll yourself in the privacy and comfort of your own lockdown. You've got plenty of time, which might be handy as this could take you a while to nail. Surprised I've never heard anyone talk about this on BC, it's an amazing bassline that really does think outside the box. And it sounds so weird in isolation, yet it all clicks together perfectly when it's enmeshed in the song. Loads of damping required, so will check out your skills in this area as well ! This could be handy, isolated bass line:
  6. Well, that looks well tasty ! So, everybody round to Franks for tea ! .... oh, errr, hang on.......
  7. Lopping and trimming a rather overgrown Prunus lusitanica variegata (Behind the scaffold tower)
  8. Here's some ideas for getting used to a new stay at home routine, (seriously): Don't imagine that this is somehow going to be over 'in a few weeks' - that would be nice, but unlikely. Keep a regular structure to your day as far as possible. If you're a shaver, then keep this up. Makes a facemask fit more snugly too. Try and have distinct periods where you and other members of the household keep apart from each other. Plan ahead for your once-a -week shop in minute detail - menus etc Check on neighbours - a note through their door will do. Try and do some exercise at a set time each day - there's loads of stuff on Youtube to work with, or go for a walk/jog. Play bass along with your favourite band/bass player and fantasise you're actually doing a gig. 🙂
  9. C'mon guys - your sponge damping is not supposed to look smart!. My road worn sponge is actually cut from a piece of caravan upholstery from the 60's, so there ! So it's pre CBS and everything.... The Jamerson vibe is immediately obvious to the discerning listener.
  10. There you go. One of these. Slice off the green scourer bit at the base with a Stanley knife (Careful!) You'll have to experiment a bit to find out what thickness of sponge you need to suit both your bass and the amount of damping you want. Edit: Forgot to mention that I've found you may need an additional thickness under your B string on a 5'er.
  11. Nick Beggs - Kajagoogoo? You remember.... And I think many would agree he wrote possibly one of the greatest opening bass lines ever for 'Too Shy' He was just 21 at the time, apparently. I'd no idea that this leisurely and lengthy interview would reveal him to be such a talented and thoughtful guy. Worth a look.
  12. Don't forget that China is a top-down command economy, both literally and figuratively. They will produce any figures necessary to fit their predetermined storyboard. A bit like their current "zero new cases of Covid 19" claim.....
  13. Just before you head for bed............. 😊
  14. Well, I wouldn't argue with you, Andy ....... Well hard !
  15. Harley Benton = HB = Hernia Beckons........😨..
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