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  1. Not being familiar with this album, apparently by the popular beat combo Metallica, I had a listen, and .............. 1. Maybe this is just a collection of some of those bass playalong tracks where the original bass has been removed ? 2. Did they actually have a bass player in attendance whilst making the album??? 3. If they did, then the poor guy must have realised he was being given a very, very clear message from the rest of the band when it was mixed. 😨
  2. I think you might have the answer there, Bobbi, your public speaking role has replaced your need to 'express yourself' through your playing. Just follow your heart - and maybe you'll look back on your years of gigging as just an interesting previous chapter in your life. Best of luck!
  3. Yep - there's actually two bass players featured here - Sam Wilkes plays the LA concerts, and a guy called Petter 9000 plays the Amsterdam concert. Petter is obviously a big Wilkes fan, but plays some fairly bonkers bass breaks of his own - try listening to 'Falling in a Cool Way' - and the break at 25.05 for example. 😡
  4. I usually just do deps, but everything I had booked in for this year was cancelled. Now I've been offered a dep gig in Surrey for next month 😊 It's a 1950's doowop band. 😳 It's playing at a large care home, in the gardens. It's paying peanuts. 😨 Will I take it? Of course I will ! 😁 πŸ‘ Might end up being the only gig I do this year !
  5. Oh c'mon, only roadies will share a room with the drummer. And actually, they'd rather sleep in the van.
  6. So, a change of strings - weight and type - can completely change the feel and sound of a bass -we know this. What may not be appreciated is how some strings can be so much louder than others. I've just taken an old set of 45-105 Olympus flats off my PJ as they were getting increasingly 'grabby' I've put on Ernie Ball Hybrid Slinky cobalt flats, same weights. Without changing any settings on my headphone amp they're about 20% - 30% quieter than the old Olympus - the greatest volume change I can ever remember experiencing with a change of strings. I won't comment on their sound as all new strings sound wonderful, but the volume thing is a bit weird. There's always something new to learn about strings! But it is an expensive journey. πŸ˜•
  7. I've been driving in my car, it's not quite a Jaguar I bought it in Primrose Hill from a bloke from Brazil It was made in fifty-nine in a factory by the Tyne You'll need more detail than that to complete the change of ownership section on the V5 Vehicle Registration Document, Suggs. And also to advise that the River Tyne does not flow through Oxford. That'll be the upper reaches of the River Thames.
  8. Scene - a band rehearsal back in the day... Guitarist: (stops widdling for a brief moment) "Anyway, a 200watt amp will be twice as loud as a 100 watt amp, won't it." Bass player: "Err, no, I don't think it works like that" Guitarist: "Yeah, of course it will, you thick or summat ?" Bass player: "No, no, it's a logarithmic scale or something" Guitarist: "You bass players are so full of sh*t" (carries on widdling)
  9. Aw c'mon guys - THIS is the solution!
  10. The Nordy's a clear winner here for me - great woody tone. πŸ‘ To my ears, the other two are no better than the piece of foam.
  11. Something a bit different - you're welcome to jam along - I think it could do with a bit of bass. Very creative, anyway 😎
  12. OK, this is all very well, but what about Nick Campbell knocking this into next week with the Pomplamoose cover ?
  13. I've spent most of my bass playing 'career' playing in covers bands of all descriptions. Occasionally, very occasionally, it all comes together. You're in the right band playing the right venue with the right set list - and the whole band and the whole venue is buzzing. It all lifts off onto another level. And, of course, you have the best bass sound ever. And it's only a fleeting moment, and then it's all gone. And then you have to wait three years and a hundred gigs for another of these magical moments to happen again. But it's absolutely worth the wait 😊
  14. What an excellent name - punters will certainly know they're not going to get light operetta !
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