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  1. musicbassman

    Does anything sell on basschat?

    You were lucky! - I used to have to keep 5 basses in t' paper bag in middle of t' road..................................etc Sorry for younger BCers who may be rather puzzled by this reference!
  2. musicbassman

    Fingers and the audience

    - so maybe at the next Bass Bash, instead of a range of basses there should be just ONE bass - but with half a dozen different competent bass players all playing the same line on it - maybe some standard like a Motown or Stevie Wonder line - then we'll see how much difference there can be just between fingers...
  3. musicbassman

    Yoko Ono releases new version of John Lennon's Imagine

    Yoko Ono can apparently do whatever she likes - when you have vast wealth you'll always be able to surround yourself with fawning admirers who wouldn't dream of telling you how exquisitely awful your 'art' is. And Yoko certainly isn't the first: 1. FLORENCE FOSTER JENKINS Florence Foster Jenkins was born in 1868 and made recordings in the first half of the 20th century. She wanted to be an opera singer from an early age, but was discouraged by her parents and later by her husband. Yet she still pined for the stage, and after filing for a divorce and securing an inheritance from her father, she set out to build her career. She performed a handful of concerts in New York, Washington, and Newport, where the audience was filled with loyal friends who encouraged her to pursue her dreams, as well as curious music lovers who felt compelled to witness the carnage. Jenkins could neither sing on key nor keep a rhythm, yet she loved performing, and her recitals included a number of elaborate costumes. Later called "The Diva of Din," she shrugged off laughter from the audience and less-than-stellar reviews, attributing them to jealousy. There is no evidence that Jenkins ever gave less than her best efforts. Many who knew the charming musician refused to discourage her as she led her deluded but happy life as a famous opera singer. Jenkins avoided Carnegie Hall for most of her life, but finally booked it in October 1944 when she was 76 years old. Tickets sold out weeks before the show, and she was enshrined as the worst singer to ever play the venue. She died a month later, still oblivious to the mocking reality behind her fame.
  4. musicbassman

    Nylon Flatwounds on a P Bass

    ..........hang on a minute, did you write floutwounds ??? Everyone knows that only trainee prima donna guitarists can use these. Full on prima donna guitarists then move on to flouncewounds.
  5. musicbassman

    ‘Nose grease’.

    Thankyou, I was just finishing my breakfast... Anyway, how would this work in practice? Would you have to keep disappearing backstage between numbers ? I think a small tin of Vaseline might be quicker and less demanding...
  6. musicbassman

    Who did you see live last?

    Just back from a couple of days in London which included seeing the totally wonderful Natalie Williams and Soul Family at Ronnie Scotts. Musicianship at it's very best all round, and Rob Mullarkey is really just about the finest bass player you could ever hear - an absolute master craftsman at work. Strongly recommend you try to get to see them sometime if you can - a real night to remember - the atmosphere in the club was amazing and the band were on absolutely top form.
  7. It’s great to see so many bass players on here having enough common sense and humility to realise that (from a punters perspective) exactly what equipment they are using is generally of no importance or interest. However, I think almost all bass players would also agree that when you manage to get ‘that’ perfect sound (whatever that is in your opinion) – then your playing immediately jumps up several notches, and the pleasure of experiencing all that wonderful bassy goodness at the ends of your fingers makes it all so worthwhile.
  8. musicbassman

    Drummers = nutjobs. I have proof

    Well, this is all very well, but where's the rest of his kit ?
  9. musicbassman

    Inexpensive flatwounds

    Maude, I put a set of these Olympias on my PJ about 8 months ago. They felt slightly odd to begin with - somehow slightly 'sticky' - as is there was excess friction between your fingertips and the steel. This has pretty well gone now. They hold their tune perfectly week in week out ( I play and gig quite a lot) and it's quite difficult to find fault. Mind you, these were my first flats after having used rounds since forever, so I can't really say how they compare against other flats.
  10. musicbassman

    South East Bass Bash No.12, Saturday 29th September 2018!

    Yes, I got both the Ricks, but in the wrong order 🙄
  11. musicbassman

    How was your gig last night?

    Played a dep gig in Bournemouth last night - drove straight down there after the SE Bass bash. Traditional social club - an absolute timewarp - I would guess it had hardly changed since the 1960's. How do these places still exist ??? Artificial flowers carefully arranged along the front of the stage and the obligatory picture of Her Majesty above the Bingo machine. The raffle had various dodgy 'prizes' including a packet of Jacobs Cream Crackers, a Poundland selection of liquer chocolates and a Fray Bentos tinned steak pie.....no, honestly, I'm not making this up. A friendly band and appreciative audience made it a pleasant evening though, and I drove home rather pleased that somehow these little clubs manage to keep going.
  12. musicbassman

    South East Bass Bash No.12, Saturday 29th September 2018!

    Updated Raffle List... 1. EHX Mini QTron - Walman 2. Set of strings - Silverfoxnik 3. Couple of Bass tuition books - Silverfoxnik 4. Line 6 DL4 Delay Modeler with power supply but no box - Frank Blank 5. Behringer BD121 Amp Modeller (boxed) - TheGreek 6. A big bundle of roots, blues, Americana ex-review CDs - TrevorR 7. Alesis SR18 drum machine, no box or power supply - Frank Blank 8. Boss BF3 Flanger, boxed, no power supply - Frank Blank 9. Korg Pandora PX4D, boxed, with instructions - OutSpoon 10. 3D guitar puzzle. - TheGreek 11. A couple of sets of 5 String Dean Markley Helix strings, never opened - NickD 12. Hard Rock Cafe suede clutch bag - TheGreek. 13. A combo/cab steel backline stand - bassace 14. Standing in the Shadows of Mowtown book and CDs - ezbass 15. Korg Pitchblack Pro tuner, no box, with power supply, Velcro on underside - Frank Blank. 16. Set of gold Schaller M4 style tuners - Cetera 17. A truck load of really good bass books - TheGreek (donated by Badass) 18. Neon blue lit, Union Flag coloured wall clock - RodFunnell 19. LD Systems 2U Rack Bag, - Stylon Pilson
  13. musicbassman

    South East Bass Bash No.12, Saturday 29th September 2018!

    Yes, this is to add to the raffle list. 🙂
  14. musicbassman

    Mono-Neon: Clap Your Hands

    Yup, MonoNeon is definitely from another dimension. Anybody come across this ? Maison Guidry and MonoNeon cover 'Innovation' by Anthony Burns. Not normally my main go-to listen genre, but this is so full of spirit and energy that it makes Dream Theater sound like they need CPR.