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  1. So true, that's exactly how it is ! A bit like some odd fingerings for certain bass parts - if you think about it too much, it stops happening......
  2. With Planet Microjam, Freyja Garbett's upper keyboard is tuned about a sixth of a tone (I'm guessing) sharp compared to the lower one. That's all, but I agree with Woodwinds comments about intonation of the Suona. The keyboard's differences most clearly demonstrated at around 4.55 - 5.15.
  3. Here's microtonality done properly - it's Planet Microjam at Berklee Guitarist is Dave Fiuczynski (used to be with Hiromi Uehara ) and I guess his playing style is pure Marmite. Have a listen........... bassist Arti Sadtler is doing a good job holding it all together.
  4. The bass line on this is originally from a 1981 number by Pino D'Angio called Ma quale Idea, but here it is slightly speeded up and used to make this banger from 1999. Bass line heaven, in my opinion, but an absolute pig to play fluently !
  5. Wow ! - the way he pushes and pulls the rhythm.......... Would love to hear that alongside the drum track. And, not wishing to start an argument here, but I would say that's definitely played with a pick
  6. Strawberry Letter 23 - Brothers Johnson. The harmony guitar part in the middle (starts 2.25 here) sounds completely unconnected from the rest of the song. But it's still pretty amazing, and I think it was played by Lee Ritenour. The Shuggie Otis original of this sounds more coherent as a song.
  7. Jojo Mayer's already been mentioned, but absolutely agree. And a big shout for Khruangbin's human metronome, Donald "DJ" Johnson 👍
  8. The lengthy build up to the main bass single note groove is just over 2 minutes long. Worth the wait ! What a great band !
  9. Starts at 0.21. Sleep well, everybody 😥
  10. How about these for starters? Can't Stop the Feeling Call me maybe I can't feel my face Moves like Jagger
  11. I made this up a few months ago to fit my standard P. No mods required, it simply attaches to existing scratchplate screws. The base plate is thin metal with a small block of UPVC plastic glued on top to try and mimic the same feel as your thumb resting on the side of the P pup as far as possible, and it works pretty well. I tried it as an experiment to get a slightly more bridge pup sound from a P, and it really does this. My son is a design engineer and I asked him if it could be 3D printed, but he thought that the base plate would still have to be metal to get the structural rigidity required. So I'm not planning on going into production quite yet. However, it only took me about 30 mins to make ! 🙂
  12. Back to basics - you should have a bass guitar that sounds like ....errrr..........a bass guitar anytime you plug it straight into a desk or an amp. It's that simple. Any effects pedals should be just to fine tune your sound or to get a particular effect, not to get a basic sound. I'm no expert, but this problem simply sounds like the input on your desk is set far too sensitively for the chunky bass signal you're providing. What if you plug straight into a small amp? Do you have the same problem?
  13. Excellent, her phrasing reminds me of some of iamddb's tracks (also worth checking her out if that's a new name to you)
  14. Higgie, that is absolutely A1 mate, well done ! 😊 👍
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