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  1. I've just followed @Bigguy2017 's link, and it's only £3.82p inc the VAT, so not exactly a ball busting expense. 😊
  2. Oh dear ! It seems I've been done. 🙁 Thanks for your suggestion, @Bigguy2017 Any other recommendations as to where to get the real thing ??? (Which would appear to be a Neutrik 2 pole, and nothing else !)
  3. Thanks for your replies. Here are 4 pics of the plug. It was difficult to take a pic looking down the inside of the plug, so despite what the pic looks like, there are actually two contacts set opposite each other near the tip of the central post, and a further two contacts opposite each other set at 90 deg. to the central post contacts, on the side walls. Then there are also 4 contacts on the inside at the base of the plug. I've never examined another Speakon plug so I have nothing to compare this with.
  4. No, @Barking Spiders , I thought it was really good, and apparently so did at least 3 other people. It's great seeing people being creative and having a fresh approach - to any instrument, especially bass 🙂
  5. Hi all, I'm using a Vanderkley 212 with a Hartke LH500 head. The Hartke has jack speaker outputs, and the Vanderkley has Speakon sockets, but these are the type where you can also use a 1/4" jack in them This works fine using a standard 1/4" to 1/4" speaker cable, but I recently bought a 1/4" jack to Speakon cable and the Speakon plug makes a very poor connection into the Speakon socket in the cab - I can actually make or break the signal just by wiggling the speakon plug. I assumed that there was a break in the cable near the plug, but I'm now sure it's the Speakon plug and socket which aren't talking to each other reliably. So, I've reverted to using a standard jack to jack and everything is fine, but the jack to Speakon remains a problem. I've dismantled the Speakon plug and it all appears in order. Any ideas? Thanks
  6. Well, we can all have fantasies, but my (possibly) more realistic wish would be to play a dep gig with Natalie Williams Soul Family........ I keep hoping that Rob Mullarkey (one of my personal bass favourites) will realise he's been double booked, and give me a call...........
  7. For those of you who are familiar with Adam Neely's more serious offerings, here he is as a contrast making an absolute t*t of himself 'learning' how to play Metal, aided and abetted by Rob Scallon. All in good fun, and bl**dy hilarious.
  8. .and if you're expecting to dep at wedding gigs then make sure you know A Thousand Years. I mainly do deps, and generally a setlist and keys a few days beforehand is pretty usual, but bear in mind that some bands will say " oh, we play it just like the record" but you have a nasty surprise when thay launch into the song and it's pretty unrecognisable, usually because some key ingredient is missing, like the correct chords, for example. 🥺 And if it's a popular song that's been covered by several artists then make sure you're clear about which version the band are playing, or a musical car crash might take place.
  9. Well, the name they've chosen maybe isn't the best 😳
  10. Yes - you're right - Squier violins were indeed American, not Japanese. Just looked this up. I'd read somewhere ages ago that Squier were a Japanese company. It was on the internet so it must surely have been true........
  11. I guess some people assume that 'Squier' was just a dodgy misspelling that has somehow become stuck. In actual fact, 'Squier' is the correct name of a very long established Japanese musical instrument company. I understand that they used to make violins, back in the day.
  12. Dissection - that's fine, I can happily watch Rick Beato or any one else with a good grasp of theory and recording techniques deconstruct something. Reaction videos are another matter. 😳
  13. I simply cannot understand the appeal of these. I'd also bet that the majority of these are completely staged. Coming up next !!! ... watch this old woman's reaction to price of groceries at Tescos .................
  14. Ooh, so many questions, (and opinions, I expect)... What style of music are you playing? What's the line up? - is it just bass, drums, guitar, or have you got a KB player? There's a difference between filling out the bass line to compensate for the loss of guitar chords if it's just bass and guitar, or making a more interesting and varied bass line that compliments the solo if there's also another guitar or KBs. If you are playing to fill out the sound, a few carefully placed double stops can help, but don't overdo it. And persuade your drummist not to play a heavy ride cymbal right through the solo, which is their usual solution and doesn't always help.......
  15. Just leave the important ones on all the time, problem solved.
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