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  1. Just found this posted on Reddit, a bit harsh maybe....
  2. Beautifully phrased silky smooth bassline. That sounds like a P with the tone rolled ALL the way back !
  3. Wise of you to leave your cat on guard duty when you have a bass with that much mojo sitting around 😊
  4. Well, here's Trevor with a pick and some famous mates discussing whether Mark O'Toole ever actually played the line as it was finally arranged on the record. And then he plays it.
  5. It's Reddit, mate. Click on the picture. You have to wait a moment or two so clip can download before it will play, then click on the picture again. Should play, but be warned, the volume is a bit loud. The playing's 'spectacular', so worth it !
  6. There's just so much to listen to now - new bands, old bands you overlooked, bands revisited after many years, musical styles and cultures you didn't even know existed........ I could find something worth listening to 24 hours a day. So much music, so little time 😲 This morning it's been music by Caroline Shaw (composer) followed by some old Toots and the Maytals !
  7. I see the article is dated 8th September, but it would appear to have been written pre Covid. It's full of so many presumptions about 'office space', 'shopping centres' and similar, but haven't events overtaken these ideas for quite a while now ? I should think that being a landlord with a commercial property portfolio in central London must be about the worst possible investment to be stuck with right now. Both my son and daughter work for separate large organisations in Central London (500+ staff each) and both organisations are now planning to quit Central London altogether in the long term. Obviously not a scientific survey, but maybe you get the idea....
  8. It's not April 1st, honest. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-54041568
  9. That is absolutely brilliant on so many levels - a masterpiece - hope it gets you somewhere
  10. Congratulations ! Please accept this small gift for your grandson... 💗
  11. I put some EB cobalt flats on my P for the first time a few weeks ago. Overall, well pleased with them - I agree with what everyone's written about them here regarding tone and feel. They are not a loud string, but this isn't a big deal really. And also remember they are just as useless for slap as any other flatwound.
  12. Yes, the....errrrrr...the .twirly, spanky one.... *gulp* 😲 I could never concentrate on the content of the thread with that image floating around at the side. Maybe that's why he ditched it.
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