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  1. I'd stick to roots if I were you, as there's some bloke about to come on stage and ask if you could announce that there's still a few sandwiches left at the buffet, there's a taxi waiting outside for Pam, and can his dad sing Una Paloma Blanca................
  2. Hmmm - that reminds me.......... my mother in law came to stay recently and forgot to lock the bathroom door one morning..................
  3. OK, by that I mean : (assuming you're playing with two fingers and you're a right handed player) Damping with the right hand by immediately muting the string with the other finger than that which has just 'plucked' the string. - and also, at the same time immediately muting the string with the left hand by lifitng the finger slightly away from the fretboard as soon as the note has started to sound. I'm no expert at this, I do my best, but when it's done correctly (Joe Dart, indeed) then you get a very, very short percussive note - almost like a synth bass note would be if it had a very short decay. Doing either of these techniques in isolation doesn't produce quite the same 'bite' or 'crunch' to the note, methinks. I'm not suggesting that our Mr Dart is playing every single note like this, but certain phrases there are very clipped. He chooses his note lengths with great precision and that's partly why it sounds so good. (Other opinions about his technique are available) 🙂
  4. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is what perfect two handed damping sounds like ! The guy must have locked himself in a darkened room for five years to get that accurate. 🥺 👍
  5. Wow! - thanks for posting this - looked this up on YouTube - I've never heard it before - absolutely unbelievable for 1972 ! 😊👍
  6. I've worked in covers bands since the dawn of time. Well, nearly. You can get something out of most songs if you try hard enough. My personal exception to this is Let me Entertain You, but we all have our pet hates. And if you really can't extract any joy from a song, just enjoy watching the crowd enjoying themselves as the band plays, and smile. 😊
  7. I wouldn't bother taking a spare bass with me to a regular gig - never had a passive bass go down on me in the rather too many years to mention that I've been playing. But I always take a spare amp head, as an amp going down right in the middle of a gig has happened just too many times.
  8. Bass players, eh ? Sort out the leads Sort out the diary Set up the PA Drive the van Know where they're going .....lets face it, we're bl**dy brilliant ! 😁👍
  9. Tim, my tongue was so firmly wedged in my cheek that I might take several days to recover
  10. No, Cecilia was from Simon and Artfunkel's album Bridge of Sighs. You know, the one where the bass fill is played forwards and then backwards. Or maybe I'm getting confused............... too easy, these days.
  11. In case you haven't seen this, this is from Clarky's status update - interesting replies.
  12. Ooooh! - here's the isolated bass for Primus - Jerry was a Race Car Driver............. Les Claypool was on some different planet, surely.......😲 Really, really worth a listen if you're not familiar with this.
  13. Their presentation is more than a bit annoying at times - it's really not that funny guys - but the content is interesting enough. Seemed like they were going to slag the song off at the beginning, but then went on to discuss just how clever it was - but i expect that was the production plan all along so as to get those clicks and eyeballs ............
  14. There's also this........ more brass, more funk, more bass solo, more Cory, you get the idea.
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