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  1. Wow. Never been in studio with daylight include. If there's going to be a NE bass bash, I'm onboard.
  2. Bugger. I'm in the area tonight. Wish I had known.
  3. Unfortunately, they are bar stewards. My wife is going mental about it but I need my job.
  4. I'm having to put back my CT scan until January as my work won't let me have the time off. That there are too many people off on these dates and knocked back my leave request. Richard heads. Looks like I'll be pulling a few sick days in revenge.
  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  6. Hi Teebs, got my CT scan on 19th of this month and the follow up with the surgeon on 20th December. I'll keep everyone posted. Oh, and thanks for asking mate.
  7. Sounds like Trigger's broom Dave.
  8. I sure am Kev. Lost a bomb when I sold my gear and cost me a fortune to replace it. Ended up with too many basses though, the Basschat curse.
  9. Thanks for all the kind words guys. I'll wait until I see my surgeon again next month and see what he says. I've been here before when I sold all my gear around 10 years ago when I was in agony with the RA but got back into playing after the hospital got it under control. I'm hoping they can perform another miracle this time around.
  10. That's a result of rheumatoid arthritis :}.
  11. Looks like I might be able to play my Strat gently but I think my bass playing days are numbered.
  12. I had an operation on my right wrist around 6 years ago due to RA and had a titanium bar put in. I had another op in February to take it out as a couple of the screws had come loose and were giving me a lot of pain. I now have now an extremely painful right wrist as the original op didn't fuse the bones properly. After seeing my surgeon on Friday, I'm waiting for a CT scan to see if anything can be done. Options are A. Nothing can be done. B. Another bar inserted and c. A new thumb joint replacement. d. Knocking one out with my left hand. I'll keep you posted.
  13. I started on piano at the age of 8. I then went onto double bass at the age of 13. I then started playing a bass guitar at the age of 15. Still playing bass at the age of 64 and struggle to play my Strat.
  14. I don't like relic basses as I would miss the massive guilt trip and disappointment of putting the first ding on a new one.
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