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  1. It was self-inflicted.. Story of my life.
  2. I can only say that Ashdown Engineering have given me the best customer service. I bought a second hand ABM 500 2x10 combo from here a while back. I went try it out a couple of weeks ago and it was making a buzzing noise and no sound from my Rick. I messaged Mark Gooday on facebook asking him if he could recommend a a repair guy in the North West. He replied quickly that it would be easier to send it to him and they would have a look at it. He was on holiday on a Greek island at the time. Sent it to Ashdown, it was repaired and serviced the day they received it and sent it back to me FOC. Just outstanding service. Sorry to hear that you didn't get the same service @BigRedX
  3. I tried calling the Tinnitus helpline but it just kept ringing.
  4. I thoughtI'd give a quick update. I had my wrist op on Thursday, 17th September. All seems to have gone well. I had the dressings changed on last Tuesday and it looks like it's healing nicely. Considering the trauma to my arm, I only needed painkillers for the first three days. Next stop, 5th October for a review with my consultant. I'm looking forward to getting back into playing again in the next 5 or six weeks.
  5. I've bought from here the following := MIM Fender Precision, Epiphone Vintage Pro Thunderbird, Ashdown ABM 500 2x12, Zoom B3, Omm cables. I could gig tomorrow using gear bought here. Brilliant site and market place.
  6. Very nice Mark. It sounds sweet.
  7. That looks stunning. How does it sound?
  8. I'm in. I've lost my stash of them.
  9. I played a charity gig at the Shepard's Bush Empire in the Late 90's I got the shivers at the soundcheck as Bowie played there the week before. After the set, I was in the dressing room and our promoter came in and said" I would like you meet my mate, he thinks You're a solid player." I was gobsmacked that his mate was Martin Turner from Wishbone Ash. We had a couple of beers together and he complemented me on be a tight player. Martin is one of my biggest influences having played in a Wishbone tribute band in the '70s.
  10. OMg. That looks wonderful and I bet it plays and sounds fab too.
  11. Very nice mark. Enjoy.
  12. Bloody hell, pass the smelling salts. That's my YOB bass, just wish I was made in 2015. GLWTS
  13. The one on the right looks like an angry pirate. I'd keep that one. Arrr.
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