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  1. Bassman Sam

    Pino Palladino Custom Shop P Bass

    Yeah but it was just a bog standard P- bass he when got it.
  2. I've read on there that, He that must not talked of ( The Bass Doctor), sourced Pino's red and tort P-bass for around 400 quid. I understand that it was a nice but it was bog standard USA P-Bass at the time. Why does a Custom shop copy of it command such a high price when a MIM p-bass plays just as well. I just don't get it. Please discuss while I hide in my bunker.
  3. Bassman Sam

    NBD - I'll just leave these here

    I want one of those, the Rail I mean.
  4. Bassman Sam

    travelling for rehearsals

    I used to do a 160 mile round trip every weekend to rehearse with my last band who were based in Essex. I did that for 6 years. When I moved to Cheshire, I carried on for a year but the 360 mile round trip was too much in the end and called it a day.
  5. I was really tempted by this but I'm off to Thailand next weekend so need the dosh. If it's still here (I hope not) when I get back and have any cash left (I doubt it), I'll give you a shout. GLWTS.
  6. I'm glad I've found this thread. I'm having to do the same with my Fretless Precision bitsa build. Please keep me updated of how things are going Dan.
  7. Bassman Sam

    Feedback for mojobass

    Just received a p bass body I purchased from mojobass. Super fast delivery and bomb proof packaging. Deal with total confidence. Cheers Paul.
  8. Bassman Sam

    SOLD Loaded Pbass body

    I have a Fender fretless neck, would it fit into that body? If so, I'll have it.
  9. Bassman Sam

    Hohner B2 Red

    How must to post this to the North West?
  10. Bassman Sam

    Won NoTreble's 'Bass Of The Week' again !

    Well done Andy and much deserved.
  11. Bassman Sam

    NDBD - aka NED (warning: lefty content!)

    I bet he still can't get it under his chin.
  12. Bassman Sam

    NDBD - aka NED (warning: lefty content!)

    That was aimed at Jack.
  13. Bassman Sam

    NDBD - aka NED (warning: lefty content!)

    What a lovely looking instrument. Enjoy Silvia.
  14. Bassman Sam

    First guitar in 40. Years. Squier Contemporary Strat.

    What are you sitting on a piece of thick card Dave?😀