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  1. I'm in. Looking forward to this. The last one was a blast.
  2. I remember that one Andy, played one years ago. Sounded good and well built as I remember.
  3. Yeah, no 3 whatsamything bridge on here. This works.
  4. Now that I like. Not seen one before. Get behind me GAS.
  5. It's the pickups on this version that do it for me. '60's sounding, Martin Turner tone on a budget , if your a Wishbone Ash fan. ( Which I am).
  6. A white one may be on the cards after my wrist op. I can't put this down, It sounds and plays so well. This was the best 300 quid I've spent on a bass.
  7. Just bought this from our very own @JPJ. Was delivered to the hotel I'm staying at in Geordie Land. Playing it through my Vox headphone amp and Phil Jones cans, it sounds thunderous. Can't wait to get home tomorrow and fire up my Ashdown ABM 500 and scare the crap out of the neighbours.
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