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  1. Having a mare trying to upload the photos at the moment. i blame the grape juice. Will try again tomorrow.
  2. This is a custom made replica of John Entwistle's . Made for Craig Addecott of Who's Next. The best Who tribute band in the UK. It was made by Neil Shoemark/Ns Custom Guitars in 2010. The body is Walnut and the pick up is an original Gibson 60's one from the Kalamazoo factory. It has been gigged and has some mojo as I have tried to picture. It comes with a very heavy wooden case with lots of Who's Next logos on it. PM me with any questions. Socially distant try out using my Ashdown ABM 500. Collection only or meet within 100 miles for fuel. Original 3 point Bridge included. Weight is around 8.8 pounds. Trade for a MIM Jazz or a Washbourne Status 1000 in good nick https://photos.app.goo.gl/rgpiq4Fi7Zr2tcWbA
  3. Happy Birthday Jack. I hope you had a good one.
  4. I bought these two in February. The best basses I've ever bought. The worst. A well known pedal from a twunt from Leicester. Just kidding.
  5. Wow. That's some price. I wonder if it will ever get played again? Doubt it.
  6. I'm gently weeping. Brings back memories of some of the bad BV that I sang. In my last band, the guys would tell the sound man to only put my vocals through the monitors and not the FOH. One night, about a year later, the sound guy forgot and it was filmed. Never sang since. Good on them, at least they tried.
  7. Thanks for sharing. I've saved it for later. I'll watch it when the missus catches up with her Corrie and Emmerdale backlog.
  8. I've just tried these on. Worst nipple clamps I've ever bought. What a rip off.
  9. Yeah. They've arrived. Thanks @ped.
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