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  1. For me, John Entwistle and Martin Turner. John was instrumental ( get It) in the development of Roundwounds and Martin for his melodic basslines with Wishbone Ash. Both big influences to my playing.
  2. My first bass in 1972. Gigged to for 2 years then bought a Rickenbacker 4001 fretless. Both of them were sh!t. Bought a '75 Fender Precision in that year and never looked back.
  3. What a fabulous looking bass. Enjoy.
  4. Bassman Sam


    Happy birthday and NBD. Looks lush.
  5. The UK Pink Floyd Experience at the Liverpool Empire last night. The best tribute band i have ever seen, just outstanding.
  6. Excellent work Andre. Looking forward to seeing the finished bass.
  7. Nice but your headstock must look like a shovel.
  8. Bugger, beat me to it.
  9. But does it have a big sound?
  10. They were great. Huge sound.
  11. I found her to be a pleasant plucker.
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