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  1. Your book arrived today. Thanks for that. I love it, Well done Sir.
  2. I now have 5 Precisions and a NR Thunderbird. I only had one bass before I joined Basschat. I think they have hacked me like a Nigerian Prince.
  3. BTW, I've just bought the book.
  4. Cracking book. Feel free to post more pictures.
  5. Well done jebroad to you and your mum and thanks once again for a fab day.
  6. That is stunning. Well done Sir.
  7. I can't complain, I won a Vox headphone amp and an Eric Clapton DVD.
  8. A very enjoyable afternoon. Well done to @jebroad for putting on a great bass bash. I now have massive gas for around 20 different basses.
  9. My wife has decided that she wont be coming after all. She thought there was going to loads of live bands, not just bass geeks. Plus, she was upset that there was no Intu malls nearby.
  10. I've told you before. Stop calling me Shirley.
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