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  1. I'm with Lozz. He should work his holidays around the gigs. He needs to show some professionalism.
  2. Well played Sir, I enjoyed that. The lass has a hell of a good voice.
  3. The Yes album, Fragile and mostly everything else that Chris Squire played on.
  4. Boz Burrell and Chris Squire were hugh influences on my early bass playing years. So I bought a fretless Rickenbacker. That didn't work out well as I couldn't play like neither of them. I just sounded like an out of tune T.w.a.t for a while. I then got a Precision and sounded like an in tune T.w.a.t..
  5. That looks fabulous. Congratulations.
  6. If I show you mine, will you show me yours.😃 Edit for I blame @Teebs for the smutty enduenue in my posts.
  7. A lot of venues insist that you show them that your gear has a valid PAT test certificate.
  8. I'm looking forward to seeing the YouTube video. Well done that man and thanks for sharing.
  9. For me, John Entwistle and Martin Turner. John was instrumental ( get It) in the development of Roundwounds and Martin for his melodic basslines with Wishbone Ash. Both big influences to my playing.
  10. My first bass in 1972. Gigged to for 2 years then bought a Rickenbacker 4001 fretless. Both of them were sh!t. Bought a '75 Fender Precision in that year and never looked back.
  11. What a fabulous looking bass. Enjoy.
  12. Bassman Sam


    Happy birthday and NBD. Looks lush.
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