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  1. Bassman Sam

    SOLD Loaded Pbass body

    I have a Fender fretless neck, would it fit into that body? If so, I'll have it.
  2. Bassman Sam

    Hohner B2 Red

    How must to post this to the North West?
  3. Bassman Sam

    Won NoTreble's 'Bass Of The Week' again !

    Well done Andy and much deserved.
  4. Bassman Sam

    NDBD - aka NED (warning: lefty content!)

    I bet he still can't get it under his chin.
  5. Bassman Sam

    NDBD - aka NED (warning: lefty content!)

    That was aimed at Jack.
  6. Bassman Sam

    NDBD - aka NED (warning: lefty content!)

    What a lovely looking instrument. Enjoy Silvia.
  7. Bassman Sam

    First guitar in 40. Years. Squier Contemporary Strat.

    What are you sitting on a piece of thick card Dave?😀
  8. Bassman Sam

    Pickguard? - Or NO Pickguard?

    PG on for me. It looks naked without one.
  9. Bassman Sam

    Fender 1955 Precision Relic

    That's just stunning Rick. I have to agree with discreet.
  10. Bassman Sam

    NBD - You want shiny and new?

    Looks even better in the flesh. The DB didn't look too bad too.
  11. Bassman Sam

    Unexpected NBD - BC Rich Pointiness !

    That is a bargain and a lovely looking bass. Enjoy.
  12. Love the bass tone Mr B, sounds fab. You get some great gigs.
  13. Bassman Sam

    NBD - Sire content!

    Now that is sexy. Thinking of selling of a couple items to buy one. I hope the wife and goldfish find a good home.
  14. Bassman Sam

    Gibson Porn

    Holy stinky poo. That explains the market drought in second hand T-Birds.