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  1. Yup, another trick is to show a pic of your 'original purchase invoice' (reasonable enough) - which just might happen to show the full contact details of the original purchaser (i.e yourself)
  2. OK, many people have covered this, but i think the attention to detail here from the whole band is exceptional. Bass player is the Brazilian Michael Pipoquinha, who I think is only about 18 now. *really not jealous at all..... sniff......*
  3. musicbassman

    Norman's jazz bass

    I nearly bought it, but I tried it out and it wouldn't play Rhythm Stick properly, kept fluffing some of the notes, so I gave it a miss...
  4. musicbassman

    How was your gig last night?

    His behaviour was completely ridiculous. Why is it that some 'musicians' try to justify behaviour which in any other field of human endeavour would be absolutely unacceptable ?
  5. musicbassman

    The Band Geek Podcasts. Fantasy band draft.

    Yup,- and they absolutely nail it. I'd really like to see this novel idea turning into a regular thing for these guys. I just hope it doesn't spawn a load of dodgy Youtube copycats looking for clicks. It really takes massive talent and massive cojones to pull this off successfully!
  6. musicbassman

    How Many Straps Have You Got?

    One bass, one strap, now let's get on with the music. There, I've said it. * runs and hides *
  7. musicbassman

    At what point would you consider yourself a "musician"?

    So maybe we all have our personal definitions, and that's just fine. My personal definition is when someone knows that they're playing something WRONG, rather than right. So that's all about developing a good musical ear, which can take many years for us mere mortals. I remember when I'd been playing for about a year and I first learnt to reliably 'hear' a fifth interval. What a sense of achievement!
  8. musicbassman

    Relic-ing: is it still a thing?

    Here is clear evidence that relic-ing can never look quite like the real thing!
  9. musicbassman

    Relic-ing: is it still a thing?

    ....... Ahem ................
  10. You know how sometimes you put a song together in rehearsal and it just 'works' almost immediately? And other times you can work and work on a song trying to get it to sound right and trying to polish a t u r d comes to mind? I reckon its all down to some sort of basic rhythmic conflict - usually between bass and drums, bass and guitar, or guitar and drums. So I think it's sensible to break the song down into its core elements play the song through with just bass and drums, just guitar and drums etc, and try and source the problem. Easier said than done. Even if done with the utmost tact prepare for denials, hissy fits and name calling, especially from guitarists! Why are some musos so defensive that even if its b.obvious there's a problem they won't admit it, or throw their toys out of the pram? The songs never going to sound better unless you pipoint the problem. And don't get me started on drummers with dreadful, weak, or non existent kick drum technique - just about impossible to lock together with the bass.....
  11. musicbassman

    Your first tune.

    DITTO ! 1968 - Saturday morning 'rehearsals' at the drummers house. There were six inputs on the only amp we had - a VOX AC30, so there were two guitars, a bass and three mikes plugged into it Must have sounded......err......fantastic! 😀 👍
  12. musicbassman

    Clever time signature changes.

    If the time signature is the main thing you remember about a song then I would guess that the song may be rather weak. Here's an example where you only become aware of the 5/4 time as the song progresses - it doesn't bite your face off as soon as you hear it, it just feels natural. From the very wonderful Cardiacs - here's 'Day is Gone'.
  13. musicbassman

    Exoctica? pah! gimme a p bass

    Thanks Skankdelvar, for writing such an excellent article and providing all us BCers with free entertainment! Lots of glorious detail there. Never mind playing the bass, you should be a comedy scriptwriter.
  14. musicbassman

    Exoctica? pah! gimme a p bass

    No one's mentioned the rarely available Roadworn Gaylord series with the distressed truss rod yet...
  15. musicbassman

    My usual practice technique these days

    My usual practice technique these days By stingrayPete1977, 10 hours ago in General Discussion
  16. musicbassman

    Anxieties with joining a ready made band - just me?

    Putting a band together from scratch that fires up on all cylinders from the off is a big ask, and then putting a gig diary together for a completely new band becomes harder all the time. Ask yourself if you're happy with what your new ready made band is doing in terms of: - the type of material, - the standard of playing, - the type of gigs they are doing, - their ages and personalities (as far as you can judge) - their location - you don't want to be driving 60 miles each way just for a rehearsal If you're happy, then this ready made band might be very hard work initially but if it works out you've potentially saved at least 18 months of blood, sweat and tears. And possibly frustration beyond belief! The fact they've headhunted you is a massive plus, and any reasonable band of likeable people will certainly not be expecting a recording studio level of performance for a 1st gig. Playing with a good feel and locking in well with the drummer might be considered more important.
  17. musicbassman


    Wow - there's a whole new instrument family there just waiting to be discovered
  18. musicbassman

    Arranging a threesome

    I hope these two topics don't get mixed together or confused in any way by some over enthusiastic members...
  19. musicbassman

    Louis Cole

    Yup, been loving Knower for a couple of years now... - and don't forget the wonderful Tim Lefebvre - digging in so far on this track that I surprised he's got any fingers left
  20. Lets see now... Purchase this and you'll immediately get a fantastic gig and maybe some New Age friends, although you can't actually really play ! Free enrolment into School of Gullibility ! Contains shakric crystals! Monks (or something similar) chanting whilst it was made! Built on a ley line, and then suspended on warm stones for 3 days ! Genuine Realisation Mantra written on old scrolls concealed in neck pocket (plenty of room there) !
  21. musicbassman

    Frank McComb.

    Bubinga 5, you have good taste! ☺️ I remember a friend playing me some of 'The Truth' album - first time I'd heard of this guy. Obviously some of that could sound a little dated now, but the standard of playing is A1. Any idea who the bass player is on this? - Obviously joined by an umbilical cord to the drummer, never to be cut. I wish i could play like that (or maybe work with a drummer who could even make that possible!).
  22. musicbassman

    Flakes and Fantasists!

    Well, you aroused my curiosity, so about 40 years after the event, I opened up the Big Book of Internets yesterday evening and after some digging I came across this. He had an unusual name, so chances are this really is the very same guy, and it all sounds about right...... I rest my case. Currently working on the A14 near Cambridge and cheating on my wife. I'm a pretend bodybuilder and claim to have competed at the highest level possible in this country although no one has actually seen proof of this. I love listening to music with a varied taste from u2 or anything guitar orientated through to Alfie Boe which my beautiful wife introduced me to as I had never heard of him before I met her. I love good food, good wine even though I don't drink cos I am an alcoholic. I'm a rubbish listeneras I believe what I have to say is way more important than anything you want to say but a bit shy as far as ladies are concerned, although i do try behind my wife's back. I think i'm romantic and quite possibly a bit of a knob head. I am a gypo, so will take everything of yours, show you no respect a compulsive lyer and I believe all women are second class citizens including my wife. I am married to a beautiful woman who gives me her whole being. We have had a horrendous few years living in a caravan like a couple of skanky old pikey's in a field with no money. At one point we literally had a bowel of porridge between us for the day , honest truth!, we had no toilet and she had to do her business in a plastic bag. Sometimes I had to leave her for weeks on end with only the dogs to talk to to go and work. She has given up her whole life for me, her home her family and her friends and constantly reassures me that it will all be ok and we will get thro this. We are now in rented accommodation but even right here right now I have left her out in a village with no furniture , she is sitting on a cover on the floor and has no car or money. And I am up here trying to see other women whilst she is there with nothing. And I know she will not leave me even after doing this to her. What a great guy am I !! By the way, my black hair is almost all grey now, I do have a child and I couldn't give a damm about them. your weight matters to me a lot, the fatter the better, which is the complete opposite to my beautiful wife who trains every day and has a fantastic body, she tries her best every day to look good for me, I'm not athletic, I've got a fat belly, I get out of breath going up stairs and I smoke like a chimney and I didn't go to school. As for children, my girl was prepared to take on my five nieces and nephews when their parents died despite being estranged from her own thro no fault of hers. She also supports me in every thing I do. She has and still does sacrifice her whole life for me, .......she makes me laugh and is my best mate.........Still, who cares she is the most wonderful woman I have ever met and I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with her, her but Im still gonna mess around behind her back. So, in conclusion, I'm a fat, bald, lying, cheating gypsy who spends all my money on fags and will happily share my chlamydia with you.
  23. musicbassman

    Flakes and Fantasists!

    Sometimes, the flakey vocalist is the reason the band is a draw - unpredictable, outrageous, entertaining, etc. But they are always 100% difficult to work with - unreliable, no concept of time or logistics, won't learn lyrics, insist on bringing equally flakey partner to rehearsals etc. It's a balancing act. Along time ago, a new band i was in got a support slot at a local theatre with a semi name band as headliners. The show was running very late due to PA problems so there was only time to play five songs, and this had been made perfectly clear to us before we started,. So after five songs the band left the stage but singer refused, and proceeded to give the stunned and silent sit down audience a five minute lecture about how he was going to be the biggest star in the whole world, ever, and no one would tell him when the show was over. He was eventually physically 'removed' from the stage by two roadies from the headline band. It was just about the most embarrassing five minutes of my life, and of course, the end of the band.
  24. musicbassman

    My European Tour Feb / March 2019

    Well, ALL of them, of course! Otherwise it's not fair on the ones you leave behind, and they'll sulk...
  25. musicbassman

    Well I gave it my best shot

    Stewblack, I feel for you. Sometimes life can be a s##t. But, reread what you wrote above, and pick out the good bits. You worked hard and clearly enjoyed, and are still enjoying, the status of being a respected muso. You don't have to stop, just because you have to get some sort of dayjob for a while. It's very common amongst actors as I expect you know - they call it 'resting' (!) And you've made good friends and contacts, and this is maybe the most valuable thing of all. So, keep on keeping on, as they say... 🙂