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  1. No, bigthumb, the problem there is that Dewalt were great when they first came to prominence. Big, powerful and made other duos like Black and Decker look a bit out of date. But then they got lazy and started churning out the same old stuff just to honour their contract. Now there's new kids on the block like Milwaukee and they make Dewalt look like stuff your Grandad used to enjoy. Power tools, rock music, it's all the same.... 🙄
  2. Hey, I've just found rare footage of The Invisibles live! Here's the evidence that proves Billy Nobass is still using his Nobody nostring bass, despite the rumours going around...
  3. Well, I don't know what you're all getting so excited about - I mean c'mon, apart from Billy Nobass from the Invisibles, can you name one famous bass player who uses one of these - I bet you can't.
  4. Yep, and this is the only bass you can take on a plane as carry on luggage - though most airlines might want you to put it in a clear delusion wrapper along with all your meds.
  5. Mojo, the fact you are aware that your 'frustrations' with these things are not 'normal' shows you really understand your OCD nature absolutely. I know all about OCD, my wife has the same tendencies. People with OCD usually have their brains wired slightly differently, and what to anyone else is a 'meh, whatever' is an absolute deal breaker for them. Regarding your 'LCD's' (LED's ?), some people are especially sensitive to variations in the red/yellow spectrum and perceive huge colour differences between what to many people would look just about the same. So, don't panic, you're just a bit more sensitive to these things, and the fact you already accept this means you're really doing just fine
  6. Do you mean that setting his guitar on fire was originally accidental, but then he worked the idea into his stage show? There's quite a few clips of him burning his guitar at the Monterey festival on YouTube, but I don't know if that was a one-off spectacle or a regular thing. 'Spose Chas Chandler must have put him up to it - I understand he was very manipulative and actively encouraged most of Jimi's excesses, in all areas. He's got a lot to answer for.
  7. If white spirit doesn't work try this:
  8. Well, that is truly perfect - and there's my homework for the next few weeks! But I guess I'll never nail it quite like this guy 😥
  9. Years ago I worked with a singer who used to get so frustrated with the less than accurate drummer that he used to beat the floor with his foot all the way through some numbers. And this was back in the days of massive platform shoes, and he was a BIG bloke. Surprised he never put his foot through the floor on some of the old wooden stages we played on. His beating was usually way louder than the kick drum, so it was easier (and safer) to follow him rather than the drummer...
  10. Slap bass can be great, but let's face it, these days you're unlikely to be turned down for a band vacancy because you're not a great slap player - unless it's a strictly '80's cover or tribute band.. And if you're in an originals band trying to 'make it' and you're being asked to play slap bass on the band's own material then I suggest that maybe it's time the band took a good hard look at itself and rethought what they're trying to do. This is 2019, not 1985.
  11. 1969 - A Linear Conchord amp (15w?) and a homemade 2x12 cab. The first 2x12 cab I made had two Fane Crescendo 12" speakers. They arrived with instructions for building a suitable cab for them. I must have misread or misunderstood the instructions as the cab I ended up with was the size of a large wardrobe. It was made of half inch chipboard, and I painted it all black using several tins of blackboard paint... yep, and it looked ............great! By standing on a chair, I managed to put the Linear Conchord on top of this - now I had a proper "stack" !!! I plugged my bass in and plucked an open E, and both speakers blew instantly................... 😯 Anyway, this is what a Linear Conchord looked like - they were quite commonly used in bands in 1969
  12. 去威爾士太遠了 !!
  13. -Translated from Ghrythinden to 20th/21st century English Hey, fellow archaeologists! We’re continuing our research and exploratory digs in some of the rather less polluted and safer areas of the small planet that we know as DMP 538695 - and was apparently called ‘Earth’ at some time in the distant past. This object was unearthed a while ago and has been carefully cleaned. Carbon dating would suggest its over 5 million years old – but what is it? Any ideas? Some experts have suggested that it has some sort of pagan or religious significance. The four metal ‘leaves’ at the top actually turn - maybe so they could be aligned with particular stars? And the metal ‘eye’ above the strange hieroglyphics was possibly to ward off evil spirits? And what on earth could it have been attached to – we are guessing maybe some sort of large ceremonial drinking vessel. Let me know your thoughts!
  14. Oh dear - pity you're not a bit closer to Chichester - I'd be right up and ready for that! But that's a two hour run each way from here. Best of luck - don't cancel the gig - I'm sure you'll find someone, there's some good people on this forum. Of course you could try Facebook, maybe the group MUSICIANS AVAILABLE - WANTED - SOUTHERN UK.
  15. Adblocker, surely? I use YouTube a lot and I never see an advert there. I know Adblocker must really, really annoy Google/YouTube and all other similar media platforms that rely on ads for revenue, but I'd rather pay a small subscription for an entirely ad-free service than have inappropriate and intrusive ads appearing all the time.
  16. Bl***y clickbait, I hate it. Aaaarrrgghhhh!!! – I RUINED my $300,000 1954 Precision with this one simple mistake! How to play your best bass lines ever with this cheap kitchen gadget !!! Top Ten bass mistakes that even the Pros make !!! Unboxing my new 17 string bass ?? Whoops !! Learn this one simple bass fingering pattern to make sure you get the chicks at every gig !!!! I play my bass with my massive spanner!! You won't believe this!! Watch what happens !!! etc, etc..... 😨
  17. The most important thing is that the drummer can hear the bass loud and clear - then he's got something to keep time to 🔊...🔊...🔊...🔊... ☺️
  18. Yes, but how are they mounted on the instruments without cutting holes in them? Do they use a converted neck plate?
  19. Has anyone ever come across any other bands or players having their guitars on rigid mounts before? It looks so weird to me. Opinions? Anyway, here's the band messing around with the monstrously talented Chris Thile. Absolute all round excellence, and his movements remind me of Wilko Johnson.
  20. ... sorry, i was bored and I imagined this...
  21. Have a good one! Who's the bass player, do you know?
  22. I'd never heard of this site before - I've just had a look and fiddled around with it and it really is pretty bad. It's like someones picked up some old Woolworths stock control software from 25 years ago and turned it into a website. Always remember the golden rule - just because something is sort of possible doesn't necessarily mean it's a good idea ..... 💩
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