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  1. PaulWarning

    PA advice needed

    as long as the impedance doesn't drop below what the amp will drive, usually 4 ohms you'll be ok, so if you're daisy chaining the speakers need to be at least 8 ohms, yes, basically, a stereo amp is two mono amps
  2. PaulWarning

    Low output from Trace Elliot DI

    I think I may have solved the mystery, happened again at the weekend, soundman said very low output from my GP12 SMX head, so I tried it at home, and yes very low output, until I took it off standby! then perfectly normal, so the standby button on SMX heads affects the DI
  3. PaulWarning

    What's on your Christmas list?

    they are? hadn't noticed that, Doombar is my go to pint, followed by any copper/amber beers, I would have thought if there's 4 handpulls on at least one ought to be amber and one mild, not 4 pale ales 😡
  4. PaulWarning

    PA advice needed

    we use a Yamaha EMX 512C mixer amp for FOH and 2 monitors, daisy chain them both from the two channels, not sure what the Wattage is, it says 500 watts a channel but that is 'power' whatever that is, at 4 ohms, 125 watts 'nominal', anyway it's worked ok for about 12 years now, we just use it for vocals and bass drum
  5. PaulWarning


    I think there's not enough thought given to open or closed back designs, I use closed back Sennheiser HD 280's which I find really comfortable, I've got a pair of cheaper open backed Sennheiser HD 206's for watching the TV that I find annoying after 30 minutes or so because they squash my ears
  6. PaulWarning

    Pete Shelley

    Always enjoyed the Buzzcocks, punk love songs. at times like this you start to feel extremely mortal, guess we'll be doing our two Buzzcocks songs at tomorrow nights gig.
  7. PaulWarning

    Gear stolen from Nottingham

    Bass gear stolen from a car in the middle of Nottingham Black with white scratchplate Mexican Fender Precision Heavily modified "Frankenstein" of p bass copies, Black, partially sanded back to natural finish, scratchplate cut back to show more of the finish. Very distinctive deep scratches into the headstock. WEM PA100 Head Laney BC100 1X15 COMBO Moen Fuzz Moo Pedal Electro Harmonix Germanium OD Boss ODB-3 Bass Overdrive more info here hope this FB link works, can't figure out how to copy the images https://www.facebook.com/danii.reay.3?__tn__=%2CdlC-y.g-R&eid=ARAXI5d_CwhXXhTMBS1WX1qLS2o2Vii0wLQnzOFszV83K5jrasqKAdF7dbK_97YGqIc5-Xb1_1qmGidj&hc_ref=ARTAbFufo8xc8ox1MXA-qyBiIXEAJ7QlhdULPY6Fs5dOAjIhT9od8VMYIT4joiPoVeg
  8. PaulWarning

    Elf in Action

    right, ok, so maybe not loud enough without PA support for, say 150 punter size venue? In which case a DI would do because you would have monitors, I'm not trying to be argumentative but I'm struggling to find where an Elf would work apart from low volume gigs like open mic or mainly accoustic stuff, and if you've got to carry two big cabs around it sort of defeats the object
  9. PaulWarning

    Elf in Action

    so how can you judge how loud an Elf is?
  10. PaulWarning

    Recording software for laptop

    oh right, sorry, yeah got you now, you'd still need something to record it on, so yes you'd need some way of creating a sound file, like Audacity, which is a sort of DAW
  11. PaulWarning

    Recording software for laptop

    don't know about that, I've never used audacity via the USB plug. @stevie I think he wants to add a bass track to an existing track
  12. PaulWarning

    Recording software for laptop

    it'll only be a mini jack input, you'll need to convert it from 6.3mm jack on your bass lead, if it's like mine, which it probably isn't it'll be near the headphone socket, google it, if it's not obvious on your model the answer will come up
  13. PaulWarning

    Recording software for laptop

    audacity, plug you bass into the mic input of you computer, some sort of DI box will improve things (Behringer BDI21) but it can be done without, well, I've done it without
  14. PaulWarning

    No More Pubs - What Next?

    if you join a band on the understanding that you are in another band fair enough, but I've seen situations where 2 members of a band go off and join another band, leaving the existing members feeling resentful, when you're all only in one band it's like being in a gang, us against the world sort of thing, sort of destroys that if members go off and join other bands, but all bands are different and if a band is hardly gigging I suppose it works, but I think what's the point of being in a band that's hardly doing anything? ymmv
  15. PaulWarning

    No More Pubs - What Next?

    I've found being in more than one band can cause problems if not all the members are in other bands when you have to start turning gigs down because people aren't available or "sorry lads can't practice this week I'm with the other band"