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  1. think so, Bad Religion on the first night was awful, Sham 69 a couple of nights later was spot on
  2. a few years ago went to Rebellion, the sound on the first night was awful, sounded like they'd got a reverb on the kick, my mate went up to the sound desk to complain and the sound engineer just pointed at the ceiling and shrugged his shoulders, by the 3rd night the sound was spot on in the same venue
  3. much as Rhino is an accomplished bass player, Quo were never the same without Alan Lancaster, it just seemed all wrong to me, a headless bass and finger playing 😝
  4. I've no wish to go to Glastonbury, even Rebellion is too big for me these days, last time I went I spent most of my time in the pub round the corner, I can't remember the last time I really enjoyed going to see a (name) band, I usually get bored after 15 minutes and leave at the end feeling thoroughly unfulfilled, yes, I've turned into my Dad
  5. been to see the Glitter Band a couple of times in the last 15 years, memorable shows and yes they did all GG's big hits
  6. this is true, add Gak to the list, although I do all my bass related buying online I do try and avoid Thomann, I'd sooner support UK business
  7. hi, it's a good time to live in Nottingham, if you're a Forest supporter
  8. I hate shopping, finding places to park the car (or even worse having to use public transport) and having to deal with idiots, behind the counter and in front of it, I buy as much as I can online, except food (even than I mostly use click and collect)and clothes, it's convenient, cheaper and there's far more choice.
  9. I couldn't get on with the Smiths, Morrissey's style of wailing just irritated me, strangely I like some of his solo stuff, less wailing more singing
  10. Orbison's voice gets on my nerves, great range, just don't like the tone
  11. to borrow a quote from one of our American friends, re Elvis (Presley), you had to be there, most of us, even on Basschat, are too young, shame about all those awful films though.
  12. I suppose I'm in 2 one is a fairly busy punk originals/ covers band about 40 gigs year, the other I do open mics with my partner on drums me on electro acoustic guitar and singing which obviously never clashes with the main band as open mics aren't pre arranged. Our guitarist is in 3 bands, which causes problems, but we do have a dep, I'm never happy with people in more than one gigging band, it causes problems if band A gets offered a good gig that clashes with another band that a member is in. Another pet hate of mine is when you see someone playing in more than one band at a festival, to me, it devalues the commitment of the bands. I've insisted on using our dep when this happens at a coupe of festivals this year where the guitarist is playing in one of his other bands
  13. lol, we're a punk band who does mostly local pub gigs, mostly covers with a smattering of our own songs, we do occasional festivals and gigs where we do an originals set, but not many, all our albums are on Spotify, Verbal Warning if anybody is interested
  14. yes, when you can't hear the droning, the Real McKenzies are another example
  15. I think exactly the same thing about Bob Dylan and Prince
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