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  1. PaulWarning

    Later with Joolz last night

    think you're probably right, there's nothing else out there like it, maybe a change of presenter would help Jools certainly gets on my tits. I've been thinking for a while that it's been some time since anything big happened, it's either Rap or ballads these days it seems, tried watching a BBC4 program about Grime last night, they went on about the evolution of the Rap genre but it seemed pretty much the same to me apart from the words seemed even more incomprehensible and I had the subtitles switched on, but then, stuff you don't like does sound the same. I starting to sound like my Dad
  2. PaulWarning

    ToneLib editor for Zoom pedals (B3n, B1Xon, B1on and MS-60B)"

    didn't know that, I'll investige
  3. PaulWarning

    ToneLib editor for Zoom pedals (B3n, B1Xon, B1on and MS-60B)"

    just downloaded it for my B1on worked a treat, no problems, not that I'll be using it for altering patches much, I've got mine set up already for what I need and I don't have a lot of trouble altering the settings anyway, but it backs up what you've got which is piece of mind if my pedal goes tits up. the ToneLib forum could be useful as well
  4. PaulWarning

    Yoko Ono releases new version of John Lennon's Imagine

    the look on Chuck's face when he first hears Yoko's input at 1:19 is worth a look. Macca having Linda in Wings looks almost sensible at the side of Yoko doing vocals, what was Lennon thinking?
  5. PaulWarning

    Bad bass review

    listening to any demos on youtube is fairly pointless, it's what it sounds like in a band context that matters, assuming that's what you want it for, for instance I saw a band the other day, when the bass player was setting up his amp it sounded fine but when he played with the band the E string was booming and it disappeared into the mix on the d string
  6. although that's what she said, but what she demonstrated was don't play different open strings without damping, which is correct.
  7. PaulWarning

    Yoko Ono releases new version of John Lennon's Imagine

    Can't go along with that, may not be his best by a distance, but worst? don't think so, he wrote some real stinkers after the Beatles split
  8. PaulWarning

    Yoko Ono releases new version of John Lennon's Imagine

    Generally speaking big hits are not the best of anyone's work, high initial impact but soon get tiresome or maybe it's just that we hear them a lot
  9. PaulWarning

    Yoko Ono releases new version of John Lennon's Imagine

    I thought Forrest Gump wrote the lyrics 😲
  10. I enjoyed it and mostly agree with all of it for beginners, but any intermediate players should have figured these tips out by now otherwise they're not intermediate
  11. PaulWarning

    Which multi FX?

    this has got to be the cheapest option, I use the version with no expression pedal, exactly the same sounds as the B3, but no DI https://www.amazon.co.uk/Zoom-B1xon-Bass-Multi-Pedal/dp/B00K5LGSDC/ref=cm_cr_arp_d_product_sims?ie=UTF8
  12. PaulWarning

    Band Personnel Changes

    I saw Dr Feelgood at a festival the other year, no original members they were awful the guitarist played nothing like Wilko
  13. PaulWarning

    Band Personnel Changes

    When I decided to start playing again after a 25 year break I got in touch with 3 guys over the internet told them about my previous history and the the subject of a band name came up they suggested we use the old band name Verbal Warning even though I'm the only original member and I'm playing Bass instead of guitar. That was 13 years ago and I still get people telling me they saw the original band, nobody cares it's no where near the same band
  14. PaulWarning

    What Killed Rock & Roll?

    oh dear, the band I play in always do Jilted John and on occasions All The Small things
  15. PaulWarning

    What Killed Rock & Roll?

    bad behaviour has to get more and more outrageous to get noticed (and upset parents) the Pistols Grundy TV interview seems quite tame now