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  1. Gibson facing bankruptcy

    so too sum up, when you produce a product that doesn't wear out, it's market is in decline, and can be made just as well mostly by machine anywhere in the world, you're fcuked
  2. Bass heaven, bass hell

    heaven, bass below the waist played with a pick hell, bass just under the chin played with fingers, I'll get my coat and put my tin hat on
  3. Just got one of these on the recommendation of our guitarist, ticks all my boxes, the main ones being internal rechargeable batteries that charge up when the receiver is plugged into the transmitter and the receiver plugs straight into the bass, no belt pack required. I've only just got it but it does seem a bit trebler, (confirmed by recording it with Audacity) than a cable and louder if you use the output jack socket, same volume if the XLR socket is used, early days yet but good value at £119.
  4. New Zoom B3n vs Old Zoom B3

    is it worth upgrading?
  5. Andertons, out of stock

    my Line 6 G10 arrived today as promised with the excellent DPD delivery service (they tell you which hour it's going to be delivered in), so in the end, just a minor irritation, I would use Andertons again, still think it said 'in stock' when I placed my original order but not 100% certain
  6. Trace Elliott

    good price, I paid £135 to have mine done in Nottingham
  7. Trace Elliott

    absolutely, in a Elf thread on here they're saying a 200 watt Elf head is only just loud enough for gigging with a band, class D watts are totally different from old Trace watts
  8. Trace Elliott

    I've had them done to my SMX head recently, how much did it cost you? if you don't mind telling me that is
  9. Trace Elliott

    there's been several threads similar to this, I use a Trace head with lightweight cabs, get the best of both worlds, and a 200 watt old Trace head is more than enough IMO, used my series 6 200 watt head at the weekend, had it on 3 and was told to turn down! small pub admittedly but we have a bloody noisey drummer
  10. Southpaw Spotted

    link doesn't seem to be working
  11. thought it was just me, but I'm not complaining, the last thing I need is some drunken nerd I can't get rid of asking me about my gear and the way I play songs, that's guitarist territory, thankfully, although I did get told by a fellow bassist who I'm quite friendly with that my Fender V2 cabs underneath my Trace head was just wrong and would I like to borrow his Trace combo, only if you'll carry it around for me came the reply
  12. Precisions

    yep I'm the opposite too, tried a stingray and a Jazz but my Precision just sounds better, to me, in a band situation, 1 Guitar and drums.
  13. Music shop fails

    haven't been in a music shop for years, as with a lot of retail business' the internet has killed them, I've never been satisfied with trying gear out before buying, until I've lived with it for a while and played in a band situation I've never had much idea whether it's what I want, being cack handed the choice is almost non existent anyway, I remember ringing round for a left handed Yamaha acoustic "We can order one for you sir" "Yeah but I want to try one first" "Well one of our staff can play a right handed one for you" , I reverted to my normal practice of buying second hand then moving it on at minimal cost if it wasn't what I wanted
  14. Compressors - Do I need One?

    I would suggest that anybody like me who has the amp gain up to 10, then uses a drive pedal a compressor would be a waste of money, but if you're the type that likes a very clean sound then it might have some merit.
  15. NAD - Elf Content

    so presumably a 200 watt Trace Elliot Elf is not the same as old fashioned Trace Elliot watts?