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  1. PaulWarning

    Trace Elliot GAS contracted

    my amps aren't too heavy about 13 Kg, an easy one handed lift, but I use an AH 600 at our rehearsal studio and that bugger's heavy, I wouldn't swap mine for a higher output TE, I've never run out of steam with my AH250 so why carry around the extra weight?
  2. PaulWarning

    Trace Elliot GAS contracted

    I've got one of those Series 6 AH200's which I use as back up for my SMX GP12 AH250, both don't have cooling fans, is this an advantage or disadvantage? the cooling fins get fairly hot after 2 hour gig but not untouchable hot if that makes sense
  3. PaulWarning

    Is old PA gear worth the effort of selling?

    bang it on Ebay, low start, buyer to collect, cash only, what have you got to lose?
  4. PaulWarning

    Worst Band Mates Ever!

    I've been in that situation a couple of times, best keeping out of it, talk about being between a rock and a hard place
  5. PaulWarning

    Worst Band Mates Ever!

    have these blokes that shag around got a self esteem problem? most of them can't wait to boast to all there 'mates' about it as well, like we're supposed to be impressed, well I might have been when I was 15
  6. PaulWarning

    Hondo II bass

    yeah, that thought occurred to me as well
  7. PaulWarning

    Hondo II bass

    so the only thing left of the original is the body?
  8. PaulWarning

    Calling Hondo Professional H1015 owners

    to confuse matters further mine hasn't got the Hondo name on the headstock, just an 'H' logo
  9. PaulWarning

    Calling Hondo Professional H1015 owners

    I stand corrected then, I assumed, wrongly, that they started production in Japan, not the case, having said that my MIJ Hondo is still plywood, I think. Edit, I really must get it back off our drummer, anybody know where I can get a cheap 3 point bridge?
  10. PaulWarning

    Calling Hondo Professional H1015 owners

    yes, they went down market when they moved production to Korea, I've owned a few Korean Hondo's (mainly because they were lefty's) but they soon got off loaded, still got my Japanese one though, partly because it's not worth a lot but certainly better than the non Japanese models
  11. PaulWarning

    Hondo II bass

    another recent Hondo thread here @ubit If anybody knows where I can get a cheap 3 point bridge I might revive mine
  12. PaulWarning

    Calling Hondo Professional H1015 owners

    the neck on mine is very good, best part of the bass, slim Jazz type, I prefer it to my Precision
  13. PaulWarning

    Worst Band Mates Ever!

    our drummer sometimes says I'm too loud, how he can tell what it sounds like FOH from behind his kit lord alone knows, anyway I just say, "I've got to be when we've got an animal on drums", he's always complaining his cymbals have cracks in them, "err, have you tried not hitting them as hard?", to be fair most of the time he's no trouble at all, he just turns into a demented demon when you put him behind a drum kit.
  14. that might of been true originally but I don't think many rock bassists lock in with the bass drum, it's more about the feel of the groove of the song, I can never hear the bass drum with all the racket going off on stage, locking in with the drummer means playing a the same tempo and going with the fills on occasions. Playing with just one guitar my job is the give the song definition not just the bass drum IMO of course
  15. PaulWarning

    A bit of praise for Amazon

    I've been giving this some thought, I hardly ever use Amazon, I use Amazon market place, which, I presume are small independent traders, but I mostly use Ebay, again, small independent traders, better prices and usually free postage.