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  1. trouble is we were booked up for the year, so got no spare dates to do the gigs we've had to cancel, I would think most busy bands are in the same boat, plus the good venues will be booked up for the year anyway
  2. I've now got a 64gb card in my phone, loads of room, there's not much solo Beatle stuff I'd want on there tbh, imo the sum of the parts is far exceeded by the greater whole, which is true of a lot of bands
  3. Quite, when in the Beatles he'd got Lennon and George Martin to do that job, but, and I'm only surmising here, he surrounds himself with yes men who are on the payroll, well they're not going to turn round and say "That's rubbish Paul" are they? I remember an interview with him after the 'Give my regards to Broad St' calamity, where he said "I can see it's not very good now, but why didn't somebody tell me at the time?"
  4. yep, but who's going to tell him? he won't, as far as I know, even lower the key so he can hit the high notes, the blokes in denial
  5. judging by the recent Macca and Ringo performance on the last leg of Paul's US tour he has the best voice of any living Beatle 😀
  6. no word from @blue yet? thought he'd be all over this 😀
  7. not keen on all you need is love tbh, the trouble with that album is it wasn't really an album originally but 2 EP's, it was made into an album by putting on previously released singles
  8. well that was interesting, I just signed in with a password I changed on Basschat about 6 months ago
  9. just tried to sign in using my basschat password, says I'm using the wrong one, I'm not, I don't think
  10. Octopus's Garden was a close call, but having already ditched Yellow Submarine I decided to keep it simply because I've not heard it that often You're ok the swearing is at 2:58 so still there, incidentally it must have been in one of the early tracks they laid down because Paul's singing over it and it's in the mono and stereo versions (not sure whether they did separate recordings for them by then, they certainly did in the early days, witness the wrong words being sung on the stereo version of Please Please Me)
  11. I think you'd be hard pushed to find a flash of gold in 'Why Don't We Do It in the Road' 😀 Hey Jude is bloody annoying after 3 and half minutes, to me anyway
  12. I suppose it's down to an individual's attitude to risk, some are very risk averse, taken to extremes you'd never get in a car or on a plane, I'm a calculated risk sort of person, having said that with the talk this morning of a total lock down I'll abandon the idea
  13. I didn't think that it would be considered a good idea, but to me practice isn't just about learning new songs, we do that before we get together, it's about playing in a band. I suppose it depends on attitude to risk, if everybody was sensible and used a bit of common sense there wouldn't be a problem, when you see the rugby scrums round the bog rolls in the supermarkets or the dog walkers huddle together chatting away on the park, or the people sitting the pub garden being handed pints out of the widow as takeaways I think that's the real problem not 4 guys standing in a big room well over 2 metres apart
  14. as already mentioned Favourite: And Your Bird Can Sing Least Favourite: When I'm 64 * *subject to change on a regular basis
  15. interesting, I was only thinking today that to break the boredom maybe I should suggest a practice, we have access to a large practice room where we can easily keep 2 metres apart, take our own mics, surely the risk is minimal?
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