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  1. some of it is the fact that they go loud in the first 10% of the volume pot as @warwickhunt said, they do have bollocks and cut through, whether that's built in compression I don't know, also the misconception that a 500 watt amp is twice as loud as a 250 watt one when in fact there's very little difference, and Trace didn't use all sorts of jiggery pokery when advertising the wattage of their amps, unlike some other manufacturers.
  2. just had a listen and I couldn't tell any difference, and in a band situation no chance, but hey, each to there own
  3. that's right, record bass with no effects then with a bit of overdrive and see the difference in the waveform. Compressor and overdrive is a complete waste of time IMO YMMV
  4. as others have said overdrive just adds a bit of sustain and compression without any spikyness, which I use my Zoom B1on for, I only use fuzz/distortion (not sure what the difference is) for Ace of Spades
  5. I would think if you're using an overdrive you don't need a limiter/comp
  6. I think ebay bought this in because some sellers who were selling goods for 1p with a very high postage charge, Same with the ending early charge (which I've not heard of), some were doing a deal with the buyer then ending the auction early to avoid charges. Of course these changes benefit ebay but there is a logic behind them apart from extra profit. As for ebay hanging onto your money for a couple of extra days, assuming you're quick off the mark in transferring your money into your bank account, how much extra interest would you make? bugger all. There's no doubt that ebay is a very successful greedy money making machine but they do offer a good outlet for selling goods to a far bigger market than collection only methods
  7. I can't see the problem with this, saves the hassle of transferring the money from your PayPal account to your bank account, am I missing something?
  8. have you queried it? paypal fee £11.90, 2.9% plus 30p, I once fell foul of the £1 selling fee by altering the wording of the advert later on, they refunded when I complained Looks like you've been charged 10% selling fee plus paypal fee
  9. not sure how serious you are, but I'll bite, Mr Rossi may have written many fine songs but this cover version wasn't one of them
  10. Early Quo were the first band I listened too where the I appreciated the bass driving the song along, mixed fairly high in the mix, IMO they went to pot with the Rocking All World the World album, a Pip Willams bought in the produce it like a 'pop' record, keyboards in and bass down in the mix, much as Rhino seems like a really nice guy and a good bass player Quo were never the same when Coughlan and especially Lancaster left, and then completely thrashed their credibility with the covers albums, the Quid Pro Quo and Heavy Traffic albums were quite good but by then the damage was done
  11. I always have the gain right up with my Trace Elliot and P bass, the warning light very rarely comes on, I had an Ashdown 500 EVOIII and had the gain right up on that too
  12. if we never bought 'quality' instruments we'd always be wondering if they're better than what we've got.
  13. the article does mention rock 'n' roll, you have a good point, but you can't really compare guitarists across genres, but they meant rock guitarist although it wasn't in the title
  14. let's not forget the Granddaddy of them all Chuck Berry
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