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  1. Warhead - Uk Subs, an example of a song being about the bass line but fairly easy to play
  2. there's a lot to be said for "It's not what you sing it's the way you sing it" some awful lyrics sound ok when sung the right way, in other words with the right melody, I'm sure those Marillion one quoted by @Barking Spiders earlier are great in the context of the song but on there own, not knowing the song, they look nothing special to me
  3. yep, I take a lot of care over lyrics, but I often wonder if I'm wasting my time when I look at the lyrics of songs, a lot are incomprehensible to me
  4. before we start please don't turn this thread into a Tory bashing thread, you'll only get it locked Just watched a video of Boris Johnson saying the Clash were one of his favourite bands (along with the Rolling Stones) David Cameron is also on record 🙂 as saying Eton Rifles was one of his favourite songs. I've had this discussion with our singer on several occasions, he really listens to lyrics and thinks they're really important, I say hardly anybody notices them apart from the chorus, I think Bojo and 'call me Dave' may just prove my point.
  5. which is why, on a lot live albums, the band plays songs quicker than the studio versions, IMO there's nothing wrong with that, just adds to the vibe of listening to a band live, after all if they're any good the crowd has an adrenaline rush as well
  6. well unless you've got a double bass that's your problem 🙂
  7. it's all about EQ, too much low end, below 60Hz, and it's a incoherent thump, too little around 100Hz and it disappears into the mix, IMO
  8. for a few of our songs, I start with a 1 2 3 4, Ramones style, then the band starts off at a different speed, but it's ok we just follow the drummer 😁, let's be honest if you don't it's car crash
  9. should have said mines an EVO III 500
  10. excellent customer service, which is what I got, however, valve drive on mine gives a noticeable overdrive tone, not Lemmy territory but heading in that direction, unlike the valve preamp on my Trace SMX, doesn't seem to make any difference at all
  11. be interesting to see a graph with the depth at 0 but the bass turned up, should result in the big cut at 30Hz and below but less at 50ish and above, in other words a steeper drop off at the really low frequencies, if I'm understanding the graph right
  12. absolutely, the quality of the average venue's electrics can be very iffy, no more tingling when I 'kiss' the mic
  13. yes I'm the same, I do like some new stuff (usually when it's similar to the old stuff I like 🙂 ), but I can't be bothered to look any further into it, also, I don't like going to gigs where I'm not very familiar with the band anymore.
  14. don't think so, it's something to do with the rehearsal room's amp, guitarist bought his own amp last week, no noise with the same lead, I think it's an earthing issue. I just wondered why wireless got round this, something to do with why you don't get an electric shock when using one?
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