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  1. I think it depends on the style of music, not many finger players do punk for instance, having said that there are pick players that do styles that are usually done by finger players, Carol Kaye and Macca spring to mind, so if you've got to choose (nearly said pick there 😃) I'd say go for pick, you can do any style with a pick but I don't think stuff like Ace of Spades works with fingers, having said that somebody will be along shortly and tell me I'm wrong
  2. Weller gets most of the credit because he's the singer (sort of) and attributed as the song writer, which is a bummer for bass players, where for instance, would Tube Station be without the bass line, one of my favourite Jam songs (there are a lot) is News of the World, a Foxton song. Having said all that Weller did go on and have a successful career outside of the Jam
  3. I'll try and find that on the iplayer, I'm not really interested in most of the stuff on repair shop
  4. know what you mean, they seem to be on every time I tune into the oldies radio stations as well, I just think they're like magnolia paint, a bit bland and inoffensive
  5. must have been on before but there's a Jam doc on at half past midnight on Sunday morning, a concert before that
  6. wonder if Gary Glitter bought this on the because of the Album Cover? What were they thinking, perhaps better if we don't know
  7. anybody see Repair shop tonight? not a bass but a Hofner guitar, good program, although it did sound a bit ropey at the end
  8. It's Alive is my favourite live album too, It's faster than the studio takes, which made them better, I think they went to far on Loco Live
  9. I sorted it thanks, it was when I was logged on to one of my tube channels, I left a note somewhere to this effect
  10. no much help I'm afraid Len, one thought, if you're allowed to go to work if you can't work from home, is practicing for paying gigs classed as work?
  11. I'm used to Basschat threads going off topic, indeed I am guilty of it myself, but WTF has this to with gigging in the spring? Back on topic, we have a potential outdoor gig on 17th April, anybody any idea on whether we can practice before then?
  12. I had a similar thing with Squeeze, spent 45 minutes playing songs off their new album, half hearted shouts for an encore, came back on a did a greatest hits set, everybody went home happy
  13. Stiff Little Fingers at Rock City springs to mind, for some reason I've got an inbuilt dislike of Jake Burns, the awful dress sense doesn't help, first song in somebody threw some beer at him, not nice I know, but it was the way he handled it, stopped the gig and ranted for a few minutes saying he'd walk off and not come back if it happened again, so the whole crowd would lose out because of one idiot? anyway during a way overlong Johnny Was encore I decided to get to the pub before the rest of the crowd and get in a peaceful pint. A few years latter I was talking to his cousin also called Jake Burns when we were doing the same open mic, he told me SLF's Jake tried to get him to change his name so people wouldn't think it was him, sort of confirmed my impression
  14. yes, I think he's singing it at 140, not sure its possible to sing at 280 , the bass is 280 though, being a pick player I can just about manage it on a good night edit, not saying a finger player couldn't do it btw
  15. I googled ace of spades, it said 140, but I think it's twice as fast as that
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