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  1. If I go there will be trouble If I stay it will be double Well Joe, clearly you should have gone, so why bother asking?
  2. it's actually anti gravity air which makes them lighter, How much they'd weigh without this is truly mind boggling here's the proof, 4 minutes in
  3. me too and I've still got mine, must be 40 years old now and still going strong
  4. I've a feeling the Government will regret picking a Saturday for the reopening of pubs, a Monday would have been far more sensible, given everybody more time to get used to the guidelines before a busy weekend, and if it's a nice sunny day it'll be even worse
  5. there's a lot of things to consider, whether you're at risk, whether anybody you're in contact is at risk and what the infection rate is like in your area, as well as what sort of job your band mates do, so we all have to make our own assessment as to what we feel comfortable with
  6. £400??????? no bids I wonder why?
  7. I had someone trying to get me to pay be F & F on ebay when he ended an auction early for me, thought it was well dodgy, in fact it turned out ok in the end (I paid by normal Paypal)
  8. so how much protection do you get if you use goods and services paypal?
  9. from what I remember people were buying them because they were good for the price, (everybody likes a bargain) but I suspect they were soon discarded one way or another because they still weren't as good as slightly more expensive budget basses
  10. the Peel session recordings are excellent, I usually prefer them to the 'proper' recordings, they're a bit rawer with a more prominent bass
  11. I think what makes a big difference (for me anyway) is when you're practising you're in a room with a limited number of people who you know have no symptoms, whereas in any public place who knows who you're interacting with edit, but at the end of the day it's what your own attitude to risk is
  12. In the end I sent it by parcelforce (as cheap as anyone) via Parcels2Go because it agave the option to drop it off at the local Post Office, an option which wasn't offered by P4G, you had to take it to one of their main depots. Didn't bother with insurance apart from 74p to guarantee delivery in 3 days, (parcelforce 48), figuring that would at least guarantee it against get lost Thankfully it arrived safe and sound in 2 days to a delighted buyer
  13. depends of attitude to risk, our rehearsal room is big enough to easily stay 2 metres apart, and it's people I know, I take the view that the risk is minimal, a lot safer than shopping in Tesco
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