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  1. sounds like some of the early punk bands from the late 70's, early 80's, basically they couldn't play, some of them got signed to earache records though
  2. I'm the same, couldn't stand his whaling in the Smiths but he did seem to sing a bit more on his solo stuff, First of the Gang to Die and especially Every Day is Like Sunday are amongst my favourites
  3. the current system certainly has it's shortcomings, but what would be better? "Capitalism, the worst economic system, except for all the others", Winston Churchill
  4. nothing wrong with using the private sector if they do it better and cheaper, the fact they make a profit shouldn't be the issue. Ideology shouldn't get in the way of getting the best deal for the tax payer, When the term NHS for sale is used, the implication is that it won't be free at the point of use, as far as I know none of the main parties have ever been close to saying that
  5. and later said it wasn't, Trump didn't even know what NHS stood for when he was asked the question, it's Labours favourite scare tactic during election campaigns, "the Tories will sell of the NHS" they use it every time and it's still not been sold off Edit IBTL
  6. there's a thread about it, that's how I found out anyway
  7. I've said this before, but it also had something to do with the Green P bass he bought off Hugh Cornwall, he broke it in half while thumping it to get feed back, had it repaired and it was never the same again, or so the story goes, he certainly didn't sound like those first 3 albums last time I saw them
  8. I may be talking out of my backside here but the actual electronics are probably the same in the B1 and G1 it's just the way the effects set up that's different, I base this on the fact I've uploaded the G1on effects onto the B1on, I think I could have got the same sounds with a bit of nob twiddling
  9. fair enough. Question 1, depends on the copper. Question 2 No
  10. Which closed back headphones have the biggest ear pads? I have behind the ear hearing aids and big ears
  11. talking of risk at the work place, I was chatting to someone who'd had Covid this morning, I asked how she caught it she said" At work the Royal Mail sorting office, a lot of temps at this time of year including students, all inside with no ventilation, loads have had it there"
  12. as I said earlier it all depends how risk averse everybody is, some don't want to take any risks, others, like me, think the odds of actually dying from Covid, if there's no underlying health issues, (if you catch it all all) are so low, it's worth it.
  13. we've had this discussion, my feeling was that it is work, we get paid, even if it only covers expenses, and if you can't work from home you can go into work, however we are in Tier 3 so there won't be any gigs anyway, obviously the whole band has to be in agreement, if any of you are risk averse it's not going to happen
  14. according to some reviews build quality is poor
  15. Just had a go at registering the ISRC codes with the PPL, what a ball ache, then I got to thinking we use a Digital Aggregator to collect our pitiful royalty earnings, so is there any point?
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