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  1. so, when it gets hot the volume could go down? I did think this might be happening, thought it was a fault. My SMX is the fanless model, just the heat sink
  2. I had the mosfets replaced in my AH250 a couple of years ago, could this explain why it's so loud?
  3. very rarely are tabs 100% correct or where your personal preferences is for fingering is, I like to play near the nut, for instance B is nearly always shown at the 7th fret on the E string whereas I prefer the 2nd fret on the A, but as a guide tabs are valuable tools, unless they're totally wrong.
  4. maybe Trace just sound louder because they're full of heft 🙄
  5. That thought has accord to me as well, that's why in my unscientific test I had everything turned up to full
  6. yes they appear to be very conservatively rated, I believe you can tell an amps output from how much current it draws, maybe someone with more knowledge than me can work out whether they really are a higher wattage than advertised
  7. you've probably seen this before, but I'll post it anyway, always makes me smile
  8. I was under the impression that the AH200 was actually 150 watts at 8 ohm, but I could be wrong. When I did my totally unscientific test I used my 2 Fender Rumble V2 cabs so all amps were under a 4 ohm load with the gains and volume controls on full and EQ's flat apart from the very bottom end end taken off I could record them all using a mic in the room but tbh I fear for the health of my Rumble cabs with the Trace SMX AH250 at full volume. Edit, the Ashdown amp is a AMB EVO III 500, not an MB
  9. I have 2 Trace amps, a series 6 GP12 AH200 and a GP12SMX AH250, I recently bought a Ashdown EVO III 500, just to compare it and have a newer amp (and it was cheap). Turned them all up to full, the AH200 is slightly louder than the Ashdown and the AH250 very noticeably louder. So I guess it is true, there's watts and then there's Trace watts
  10. apologies, didn't see the 's' didn't even know it was out, looks like they've learnt from the issues with the G10, but it is nearly twice the price which takes in to competition with a lot of other wireless systems. Personally, when I get another one it'll be something like the Boss WL20 where you don't have a bulky receiver at all
  11. that would probably work, but you might need a bit more than gaffer tape, as I said before the problem is the power socket is attached to the circuit board with no other support so any flexing with eventually result in a poor connection to the circuit board or where the plug goes into the socket, anybody who has had problems charging their mobile phone will know the problem
  12. major design flaw with the G10, mines still ok with the above mod I did, our guitarist has just ditched his because of this fault
  13. thanks for those links, like them both, but therein lies the problem, there's that much stuff out there because it's so easy to produce a recording it destroys the will to search it out because there's so much dross to wade through, rather like all the channels and streaming services on TV, the choice is overwhelming. BTW, what's with the capo on the bass?
  14. DR Neons, I use them all the time, very punk rock, I get far more comments about strings than my bass playing
  15. this typical GAS, we all do it, an idea worms it's way into your brain and you've got to get one and try it out, then you usually (but not always) find it's not for you after all, but hey, if it's second hand you won't lose much money on it when you move it on
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