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  1. cheers, how do you know that?
  2. we had a multi band indoor gig last night, full PA, not sure how they got away with it, the Police turned up half way through, saw everybody sat at tables of 6, waitress service, mask worn when away from the tables and let it carry on, must admit I enjoyed myself but can see what the problem is, loud music means people shouting at each other at very close distance
  3. I may be wrong but the Fender Rumble 500 V3, if it has a fan it's noiseless
  4. if there were any, which is why bands are doing live streaming, (sorry if I missed the irony) personally I don't like them, nothing like the live gig experience, band vids are good for adverting live gigs, they should be ok especially if it's original materiel. On a slightly different note, I recently had a track blocked from uploading onto youtube because of copywrite despite there being loads of other tracks on there by the same artist, so maybe they're clamping down on copywrite breaches, not before time really, I've long wondered how youtube get away with it
  5. well the 2 we've done, the venues have wanted 'acoustic' which means I play electro acoustic guitar, but because we also used normal (acoustic) drums we needed a PA which meant we were nearly as loud as normal, one outside which wasn't too bad for normal conversation, one inside which wasn't, both went well
  6. well I stand chastised then, but will add Blue has told us numerous times that he's gigging again, personally I'm more interested in how the gigs went with the constrictions of the covid regulations
  7. Whilst not being a fan of @ClassicVibes overly confrontational style, he does have a point, there's little purpose in advertising gigs in the USA on here
  8. yes I've noticed a lot of finger players rest their thumb on the E string
  9. I hook my thumb over the neck apart from when I'm playing the E string, deadens it when I accidentally hit it with my pick, which happens quite a lot 😄
  10. the way I see it is they want to stop unofficial gatherings where regulations, like social distancing and tracing details, cannot be enforced
  11. played an indoor gig yesterday afternoon, again I had to play electro acoustic instead of Bass, for some reason the venues think it'll be quieter, it's not, we've still got a loud drummer and the PA is just as loud. Went well though, the landlord rebooked us It was well run, everybody seated and full waitress service, a decent model for indoor gigs
  12. as with most subjects at school it depends on the teacher, and that's down to luck, as with most things in life
  13. got 2 gigs over the weekend, but, they're 'acoustic' i.e. no bass and me on electro acoustic guitar, we'll still be fairly loud but the venues seem happier than having a full band. My recent experience of gigs post Covid is that as soon as alcohol is involved social distancing and no standing goes out of the window, and venues don't enforce it either, I'm quite relaxed about it but my partner less so
  14. the trouble with music lessons at school was that we did songs that I had no interest in at all on an instrument (the recorder) that I had no interest in, now if we'd been learning Beatles songs it could have been different
  15. forgive my ignorance but what does BBOT stand for? presumable not baked beans on toast 😂
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