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  1. I started off playing a right handed Hondo flipped (I got it for £40), it was symmetrical, so looked ok, I took off the volume and tone controls because I kept catching them with my arm (after the photo was taken), I used it for quite a while I've still got it, it still sounds good and has nice neck, heavy though,, bit more trebly, than a precision, sounds a bit more like J J Burnel, surprisingly. Would I do the same now? probably not.
  2. my No 1 hate, overly loud kick drum, just invades my bass space, unfortunately it seems the modern way, on too many recordings as well
  3. I bought a cheap acoustic guitar from there last year, returned once because of a fault, the replacement had the action as high a Mount Everest, at that point I gave up and asked for my money back, no problems at all
  4. yes that occurred to me, but Steve Jones played bass on almost all the tracks on NMTB (except Anarchy I believe), presumable with a pick, and Sid definitely used a pick, not that that's a recommendation for pick players😂
  5. they're not Paul Gray, on the OGWT Annie Nightingale says there's a new bass play Alister Ward
  6. it was the story put our by Maclaren that the Sex Pistols couldn't play, totally untrue of course, and it sort of stuck for all punk bands, in 1977 all the first wave of punk bands had been around for a while so had learnt to play, although it was fairly basic rock and roll it was well played at speed and some interesting bass lines as well, listen to some of the tracks on the Rezillos first album, it was a year or two later that punk emerged where they couldn't play very well, I know, I was one of them 😊
  7. on the subject of Rics in punk, I can think of 3 players that changed from Rics to P basses, Michael Bradley of the Undertones, Bruce Foxton, and Glen Matlock, can't think of any that went the other way, though someone will not doubt think of one
  8. The Shapes Wot's for Lunch Mum (not beans again), is great, the bass is really up in the mix and superb playing, I was almost tempted to get a Ric when I heard that, almost
  9. TBH, there's a lot of truth in this, it's more about the look than the sound
  10. with a few exceptions, a P bass with round wounds, a long strap and a pick, finger players doing punk just isn't right YMMV
  11. mole grips, then new screws if required, well that's what I did when I had a similar situation
  12. our drummer uses a Shure, a WH20xlr I think, it doesn't need extra power, plugs straight into the PA, although not quite as loud a signal as a normal mic, the gain on the PA does the job easily, no feedback issues
  13. I do find it difficult to believe there's a shortage of fuel delivery drivers, they are one of the highest paid truck drivers, and so recruitment shouldn't be a problem, like the loo roll shortage it's panic buying because of an unsubstantiated rumour driven by hysterical reporting, once everybody is driving around with full tanks of petrol it'll settle down
  14. I remember in the last fuel crises (2000?) some taxi driver filled a wheelie bin with petrol kept it in his front room, the bin melted the fuel leaked out, they and the neighbours all had to move out of their houses
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