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  1. being a lefty I found (seriously) a right handed Encore P copy leaning next to the bin at a flat I rented out when the tenant left, thought I'll have a go at playing right handed, I soon gave up, still got the Encore, it's not that bad a bass, for free
  2. We started out as an originals band but soon figured out if we wanted more gigs without travelling miles and miles (and get paid) we would have to do covers, we still do about 6 or 7 of out own songs in a 34 song set, along the way we've released 3 albums and can do an all originals set if required and frequently do at festivals, multi band bills and the like, but it's worked against us on the originals circuit we quite often can't get on some festivals because, I feel, we're not considered a 'proper' originals band. We won the Butlins introductory stage doing all originals, so I think we're good enough to hold out own. Maybe we should have had 2 bands with different names and the same members like some do
  3. once saw a Rolling Stones covers band where both guitarist's were left handed but played right handed guitars flipped without swapping the strings round, apparently one taught the other, they said some chords are easier some more difficult. I think Rick Wakelin of the Beat played with the string the 'wrong' way round, I assume these lefties start playing on someone else's right handed guitar and can't change the strings round
  4. The guy in the Bootleg Beatles tought himself to play lefthanded, when he arually played guitar righthanded, respect
  5. personally I feel cheated if I go and see a band advertised as a tribute who have made no effort to look like the band they are a tribute too, 'a tribute to the music of' is a compromise, as long as they have a picture of the band on the advertising, to have a picture of the actual band they're a tribute to is real no no
  6. Unless your name is something like Ed Shearan it's very doubtful you'll make money from streaming but it is a way of people hearing your music and maybe, just maybe, they'll buy the CD or Vinyl, or download tracks, I'm afraid it's a fact of life, streaming is the way a lot of people listen to music these days, unfortunately, we've made $60 in about 3 years from Soundrop
  7. I've just received an email from Soundrop saying they are introducing a 99c charge for registering new songs from 2nd August, https://support.soundrop.com/hc/en-us/articles/4405157978765?utm_campaign=PriceChange071921&utm_medium=email&utm_source=Net-Results#li=MA1-8e491873594818d42113b64c395b639b&cs=MA1-ade500c9a468781c95e85967ee13b002
  8. we still use Soundrop, no problems and no fee when we signed up, of course the payments aren't as high, but then we don't get many plays so it doesn't matter
  9. can't see the weight anywhere. Remember folks, it's only a bargain if you really need it anyway
  10. sounds like the Hondo I've still got, it's a decent bass, good pickups, like you say worth about £50 on ebay, but it's sounds so much better then that, (I can get nearer to the Stranglers bass sound with it that than my Fender P) which is why I've kept it, heavy though, I assume because of the ply body. I also had a Columbus P copy, someone had stripped the paint off it, not a good idea with a ply body 😂, I bought it because it was cheap and a lefty, it didn't sound or play that badly, but I soon moved it on
  11. I've got the cheaper one prefer the fact that the volume controls are on on the top, personal preference I guess. Slightly off topic but I recently replaced my headphones from Sennheiser HD280 pro's (not cheap) to audio-technica WS1100's, the difference in quality of the bass is amazing and for playing bass through they are truly astonishing, not cheap (I paid £190) and hard to come by but IMO well worth it
  12. Jazz double bass player (forgotten his name) when asked what scale he used replied "I just play the root note first then any old bollocks after that"
  13. Lemmy to the sound man "Can you hear that horrible noise from my monitor?" "No" said the sound man, Lemmy "Neither can I, turn the fcuker up"
  14. I used to be as flat as a fart when singing, but with practice, singing to myself with headphones on and recording the result I've got to a level where, although not brilliant is acceptable, confidence is a factor, if you think you're a crap singer you will be, if you can tell when a singer is out of tune (or an instrument) you're not tone deaf
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