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  1. I used to spend half my life tuning up a cheap guitar, by the time I'd got to the high E the bottom E was out of tune again, electronic tuners are marvellous things. I do get exasperated at open mics when the 'performer' decides to do a song in drop tuning, then spends 5 minutes tuning up by ear, Mr and Mrs Silly Billy
  2. I've heard 2 other bands where the bass is using a Rumble 500 recently and they've both sounded great, perhaps I shouldn't have sold mine ☹️
  3. I've found, on those quid ones from reverb, that if you pluck the string too hard they don't work on the E string, but gently pluck it and it's fine
  4. I had a ABM 500 EVO III and was disappointed by the volume, I had it all the way up with the gain on full and it was only just as loud as my 200 watt Trace Elliot on '2' with the gain on 10, @Lozz196 did mention that the 600 was a lot louder when I queried this on another thread
  5. just downloaded it thanks @kodiakblair, just google it, simple and it works, no ads on my newsfeed, yet
  6. I've got adblock as well, I'd be happy to turn it off if it helps
  7. Good God, no not like FB I've nearly stopped using it because of the repetitive ads in my news feed, if it wasn't for the band I wouldn't bother
  8. you are right of course, but you could take adverts like most other sites, I wouldn't mind if they weren't too intrusive, trouble is like free music in pubs, we've got used to forums being free
  9. 'i prefer Ebay, the market is so much bigger, as others have said wait for £1 selling fees, I opt for a buy it now with offers, you can set what offer gets forwarded to you, I recently sold an Ashdown 500 ABM EVO III for £200, the asking BIN price after Ebay had turned down various bids of £150 to £170 on my behalf, I don't think I'd have got that price anywhere else. I don't like Basschat for 2 reasons, the £7 upfront charge whether you sell or not and I don't like selling to people I know and I feel I've got to know quite a few on here, not personally, but well enough not to want to sell them anything, if that makes sense.
  10. sorry if this has been asked before, but has anybody tried bluetooth wireless headphones? I've got of the latest Bluetooth 5.0 ones, I've heard the latency issues have been improved, I can't get on with normal ear buds the wire to the receiver just irritates the hell out of me
  11. used a Carlsbro Bass Beasty for a few years, till the preamp blew up, no complaints
  12. cheap option, I find works for me is the Zoom B1on, don't know about the newer B1 4 but would imagine it does a similar job
  13. it was getting messy by this stage
  14. Definitely,never hear bass on modern TV speakers, they want you to spend extra on sound bars, I listen through headphones, never a problem with the sound
  15. still enjoy gigging but not as enthusiastic as I used to be, we're cutting back a bit, or trying too, we were supposed to last year but still finished up doing 58, don't like doing more than 1 a week, but being retired with no health issues what else would I do? and the buzz you get from good one like NYE's makes it worthwhile As someone else said, if I wasn't gigging (or in a band) I wouldn't play bass, can't see the point
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