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  1. I picked up the last stingray type neck which arrived yesterday. I wasn't quite sure what I was going to make of it but the craftsmanship and fretwork is impeccable. Really impressed. All that's left to do is me to not screw up fixing it to a body and the machine heads!!
  2. I can't comment on the Magni but I have both a Reidmar and neo line rig and a smaller Classic 60 combo and I absolutely love the combo. Completely holds it own for a bar or wedding gig where load in is a pain and I love the tone of it... When pushed it breaks up very nicely... I've seen Keith Duffy also uses this amp on Instagram in the studio. I think the Magni conbo is similar to a Reidmar amp so I think you will like the sound. I really can't fault EBS stuff, spent years using other amps and then suddenly realises they were the amps I love the sound of!!
  3. I love my Reidmar 502... I can't really believe that it's not more popular. Ok it's not the smallest, lightest one but it certainly not heavy or massive. In a peli case it's easily transportable. It's also the loudest and clearest class D amp I've used and has that punch that was definitely not there with my old EA or Trickfish. I think it's down to taste obviously but for the cost of a new Reidmar I think the quality is as good if not better than some other amps at least double the price (from my own personal experience). Yes they're made in China but they are built like brick stinky poo houses. I do wish they would bring back the HD350/360 - I remember plugging into one in a local music shop and being really taken by the sound.. I think they are probably more a dominant brand over on mainland Europe but everything goes in cycles with fashion with these things.. I can remember when everyone had those yellow speakers 🤣!
  4. Love my lake placid blue limelight. The only p bass I've owned that I've liked the tone. I sanded down the neck and added some Montys wax stuff and it is so smooth to play now!
  5. I've got one of these from '97. Amazing basses. I noticed that the horns on yours seem to be a bit flatter where as the ones on mine are completely round. I guess they were all still being hand made back then! This would be a great bass for somebody wanting to start to play 5 strings and a great price!!
  6. I would personally go.. Tuner > compressor > drive > preamp My thinking is... The preamp is kinda like the "amp" sound (in this case the SVT). So then you can have the drive Infront of the "amp" slightly hitting it a little bit more so you get a little extra breakup from the SVP. Then personally I just find having the compression before the drive gives a more controlled tone and you can then give the drive a little extra slight bump too. That's just me and the way it's worked for me for years. I actually have the SVP and did some remote session stuff over the lockdown and had the billy Sheehan deluxe running Into the SVP into the darkglaas element cab SIM and it sounds glorious!! 😬
  7. HI, Selling the neck from my 3 bolt USA Fender 75 Reissue, with Fender Machine heads and neck plate and screws (though unfortunately the micro tilt bolt seems to have been lost along the way) after totally refurbishing the bass last year. I got the bass back in 2007 staright from fender. I've listed it as spares or repair as after years of touring (it has been around the world more times than I can remember) I could no longer get the neck as straight as I would like, liking a very low action and I playing quite hard After taking it to my tech, he got it straighter and it was fine for playing in the house but as soon as I gigged it was clear it was no longer for me. The neck has been played, the frets in areas of heavy traffic have a lot of wear. Upon completion of the refurbishment of my bass my tech, who is a well respected guitar expert and luthier commented in passing that the neck might just needed a refret to sort it out. This is probably perfect for somebody who wants a project than somebody who wants to have a cool looking fender neck instantly on their bass. The wood has some nice flame figuring in places and the blocks and binding are really cool. I pleaded with Fender UK to try and find me one exactly the same to replace it with but there was no luck! I've tried to show everything in the photos as well as possible. Any questions please feel free to ask.
  8. Selling due to no longer using these at all and just using headphones. I bought these second hand years ago when I was heavily into production but have since just fallen back in love with bass rather than sitting twiddling plugin parameters and editing awful drummers! Both speakers in full working order and very good condition only a few slight marks from moving them about. When I first got them they looked like they had never been used and I have never blasted them and also have the manual These are the series 2 versions before the VXT range and can be found in many a producers studio! I find that they are very detailed an have picked up things on records I've never heard before when listening through them. I guess to my ear they sound like fuller NS10s. Local pickup only as I dont fancy shipping them as I no longer have the original boxes. £400
  9. Having a clear out and no longer have a need to be holding on to these. I removed the pickups and preamp from a Warwick Streamer Stage 1 last year that I restored and decided to switch out the electronics. Great sounding pickups and preamp esepcially when running at 18v. The pickups and preamp were in full working order when I removed them from the bass. Will probably require some work to wire it all up properly again, I will include a couple of new battery clips too as i discarded the originals when i removed it. Should be plenty enough wire to still wire up. Any questions just ask. £80 including postage within the UK
  10. Up for sale are a set of great vintage sounding, hand wound jazz bass pickups from Joseph Kaye Guitars/Sonic Monkey Pickups in London. I recently removed these from my '75 jazz bass rebuild as I wanted something more modern sounding. These are very clear and articulate sounding pickups, hand wound to vinatge specs with Alnico 5 magents and are similar to the set that Norman Watt has in his Joseph Kaye replica of his famous jazz bass. Please view the specs of the pickups on the card in the photos. £90 including postage
  11. Up for sale is my Tech 21 Sansamp VT Bass Driver Deluxe in very good condition. This is the model with the speaker sim defeat switch so the you can deactivate the speaker sim going out of the quarter inch jack into your amp, whilst the PA gets the full Sansamp amp and speaker sim. Owned from new and well looked after. A really great pedal and you can get some really great, fat ampeg type tones from this pedal and then conveniently store them as presets. Mainly been used at home for tracking bass and a couple of gigs but has been very well looked after. I'm letting this go as I now almost exclusively use EBS equipment and also have a baby due any day now, so clearing out everything that I would've previously hung on to just incase it would be useful in the future! No longer available as I believe they have been discontinued. £185 including postage within the UK. No trades sorry, I'm trying to reduce my gear!!
  12. Hi everyone, Just wondering if anyone has bought a John East Preamp directly from the website? They seem to be all out of stock at Bass Direct and Bass Gallery and I've sent John a couple of emails asking questions in the last month but haven't had any response. Just wondering if he is still making them at the moment before I put in an order! Anyone have any info as I'd love to get a J tone in my bass!
  13. Hi @TrevorR How are you finding these pickups? Im looking at replacing the pickups in my 70s jazz which after some time of not playing this particular bass find the bass sounds thin, very bright and almost hollow, especially the bridge pickup. The current pickups are vintage wound single coil types which I don't think are a good match for a light swnap ash body, roasted maple neck, badass bridge and 70s bridge pickup spacing!! Looking for a fuller, warmer sound with a sweeter top end whilst retaining the clarity of the jazz bass sound and noiseles would be a plus. Was looking at the nordstrand vintage hum cancelling ones but I'm intrigued by these... Just wish there were sound clips somewhere! Would you recommend them? What were the pickups you swapped out for these?
  14. I was once briefly an Eden artist, just as Marshall had taken them over. I wanted the WT550 amp and 410XLT. I was told I couldn't have the WT550 and could only get the WTP amps. The 410XLT was incredible, my favourite cab of all time. So responsive, clear and punchy The WTP600 was utter garbage. Worst amp I ever used and just didn't have any real volume. The DI out was terrible. I don't know who designed that amp but it was terrible. During a gig the clip light would be flashing away and eventually would go solid red and would have to turn the amp of and on to stop it from shutting down. I feel like they should've built a lightweight version of the XLT cabs that were still high quality. The original Eden Amps weren't very heavy anyway. It seemed an odd match up between Eden and Marshall. It's still a shame theyve gone tho!
  15. Over Christmas I decided I had had enough with my Fender Jazz USA 75 Reissue and the fact that although playable I wasn't happy with the neck. The neck would not lie as flat as I would like ( I like 0 relief) and I had completely played through the frets. The bass was my main touring and recording bass for a decade and had travelled all over the world with me and had all the battle scars that went along with that! So I decided the neck was coming off and was going to be replaced with a new neck and also the thick clear poly finish was going to be stripped for a refinish ( which turned out would be necessary anyway!) Deciding that I wouldn't try to recreate the bass but instead create something new and different, I imported a Fender Mexican Roasted Vintera 60s from Germany in the early days of brexit and bought some Hipshot HB3 tuners and I dropped the bass off at my tech! The 3 bolt micro tilt neck system had to replaced and converted to a 4 bolt which meant the holes had to be plugged with quartersawn ash which were grain matched, as the 4 bolt plate didn't cover the holes. This is where the refinish became necessary as to sand the plugs down mean sanding the finish to get them flat with the body. So after a bit of discussion and Google image search I opted for a thin Inca Silver Nitro over White and a nee parchment 70s pickuard. We also decides to get some new saddles for the Badass bass bridge 2 to try and get the strings more centered over the pole pieces. Ater weeks of waiting and various photo updates I went to pick up the bass and spent a couple of hours with my tech to set it up and sort out the bridge saddles. I know that to some this may be sacrilege and that I should've kept the instrument as it was because the dents all bring back memories but I have instruments to play and I have far better memories of touring the world than smashing a bass around! I absolutely love what it has become. The roasted neck is amazing, the back of the neck is satin whilst the fingerboard and headstock face is poly and is definitely a better profile and overall neck than the US neck. The action is amazing and the bass seems to be even more resonant and clear in tone. The refinish is beautiful and with the black knobs and chrome hardware and parchment pickuards has an almost old sports car vibe. The finish will also naturally wear with age as it's nitro so I'm looking forward to that process happening over time! My tech also now believes that the old neck is actually probably fine but just the frets are completely shot in it... Despite that still happy I chose to do what I did!! And here's a photo of the finished bass
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