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  1. I had the dug for a year. What I found was it sounded great for playing un-dynamic, hard hitting music where you want that grind with a big sonic low end. Unfortunately for me I couldn't get it to work for me as band I need "rock" tones for is very dynamic and when I would play softer, or thumb muted parts it sounded like the hi part of the pedal wouldn't quite engage enough and I would have this huge, sustained bass sound.... Which was actually kinda cool but you could almost see the sound guy scramble to deal with it! Ha What really did it was just wanting that slight overdrive and more unified tone rather than the clean low end and driven hi end, I just couldn't get the balance right for me. But it was awesome, and if I was rich I'd have kept it! And so I went for the VT bass deluxe! Almost tempted to get a new BDDI at some point.
  2. i believe so... not sure how long it has been around for. the speaker sim stays active on the di regardless with the button only changing the 1/4 inch out jack to the amp.
  3. I've owned and used over the years a lot of bass amps and preamps... Hartke, Ampeg, Ashdown, Orange, EBS, Eden, Warwick, Trickfish, Aguilar, Euphonic Audio, Tech 21, Darkglass, Fender,Trace Elliot etc... I currently own a Trickfish rig and own a complete Warwick Hellborg rig which when it was released was probably the most unattainable rig ever and mainly thanks to Thomann, I somehow now own it. All these amps sounded great, all had their own tone and this post is more about what I have surprisingly found as a great tone that I just really love and enhances my enjoyment playing live, and that is... The Tech 21 VT Bass deluxe! I bought it on a bit of a whim as a birthday present to myself as it's always intrigued me. Last two gigs I had been running it Infront of the Hellborg and it sounded great and didn't have the scooped sound of the old BDDI, so last night I just thought "I'll run it straight into the Hellborg power amp" and it sounded even better, the drive was clearer somehow and more audibly responsive to my playing. I then pushed in the speaker sim button and it sounded better again, tightening up the sound and adding a little more presence! It's the fullest, fattest sound I have ever had from a set up (apart from a raging SVT VR rig I had on a tour in Australia once). It was a driven tone and as it was a wedding gig I checked with our soundguy/guitarist if I was over doing it and the response from him and the brass section was that it sounded great and really helped to fill out the sound. Just a very satisfying tone and dynamic to my playing and it would clear up when I went to a slap passage or higher register part. Of course the Hellborg power amp and club cab is probably helping too but I think it's probably the solution of having my tone/sound on stage being represented through the PA. I'm not sure why it sounded better not going through the Hellborg pre, I think the Hellborg has its own little bit of compression going on which is why people compare it to using a tube pre and maybe it's just too much with Hellborg and VT together. I'm sure it's in part, a case of being conditioned to unknowingly loving the Ampeg sound and when I think back, even though I've gone for solid state amps over recent years I always have a tendency to try and add some sort of slight overdrive to them. I'm sure against an actual SVT that I would choose the SVT, but I have lifted or should I say tried to lift those and they are ridiculous!! Question is do I hang on to the Hellborg pre for when I need a clean tone or for studio use... The DI hasincredible high fidelity! It's been a funny year, I've discovered using flats on modern basses really works for me and that more vintage 'driven' tones really help fit in the mix for more music than just rock etc. I have to hand it to Tech 21, I love the VT Deluxe. Anyone else ever gone through this?
  4. PRICE DROP TO £1000 If interested in splitting it please drop me a message!
  5. Yeah, I would definitely need to wait until that stock has been sold. I think the preamps are gone and maybe some of the poweramps, some seemingly have had dodgy ones that they returned. I still see people trying to sell the stuff for £2000 upwards tho including GAK. I could imagine UAD or Brainworks modelling the Hellborg pre/power amp at some point, I'm sure it'll be a modern classic!
  6. Haha thanks! Yeah I'm not desperate for the money and I'd prob be losing money if I did sell either now. Then again as a full time musician it's nice to have as much money in the bank as possible! Haha I might gig the Trickfish for a bit and see how that goes and mix it up a bit and see what really works best!
  7. Anyone ever had a similar problem?! After unsuccessfully trying to sell my Trickfish rig I decided to plug in yesterday and remembered how great it sounded. Very warm, deep and tight and worked really well with the darkglass vintage ultra. This was followed by plugging in my Hellborg rig, switching between Hellborg and Trickfish cabs and i eventually came to the conclusion I love both. I love the warmth and punch of the Trickfish but love the clarity and slight compression of the Hellborg. I love the differences between the 2x10 Trickfish and 1x15 Hellborg CC and LC cabs. They both equally look cool. I think what I really love about the Hellborg is the Poweramp and the cabs, the preamp is very nice but maybe too clear and precise for comfort. Which makes me think maybe sell the Hellborg pre and a cab and keep the power amp and one cab for a cool practice rig and keep the trickfish for lugging about rehearsals and gigs. I would say usually this a nice problem to have but the space it's all taking up in my room is insane and the daily anxiety of selling one of them and then later regretting it, especially in the case of the Hellborg as it's no longer in production. I miss the days where I had an ampeg and that was fine. Haha.
  8. @highwayone Hi yes it is! DM if interested!
  9. Played that twice years ago now, when it was called wasted once at Blackpool winter gardens and a second time at Morecambe.. My overall memory of it was seeing oi punks littering the streets passed out, standing behind ex footballer Stuart Pearce as he entered the venue and then playing a set where we had quite a lot of cans thrown at us.... We were a punk/hardcore/funk band and by that stage had all started to wear all white on stage. Was a fun gig, you should have a great time!
  10. Awesome and very funky Envelope Filter in good condition, very sliight mark edges that you can see in the photos! Fully working condition, includes box. The colour is awesome! almost a mint green! £115 DELIVERED. Will post pics ASAP. Thanks
  11. @Bigwan you're making me want to keep it! Emergency vets appointments and possible survey means this definitely has to go!!
  12. Letting this killer preamp go! In excellent condition, including original tech 21 pedal supply and Tin etc Amazing sounding versatile preamp! Does the Dug Pinnick sound but can be dialed back to create some of your own sounds. The bonus of it having two channels is that you can also get a warm punchy clean channel too. Also features a tuner, compressor and a headphone amp/socket for silent practicing. I've recently been just turning up to gigs with this and plugging straight into whatever backline via the effects return and it really does work well in those situations and received comments from other bands about the sound. Don't really want to sell it but another purchase means it's up for sale! £200 delivered or picked up
  13. @gorandelac Its the nicest class D head I've used, it even saw off my Eden world tour pro!
  14. Bump! Just a note. I am not willing to courier this cab in the UK or Europe, It's too big and I do no have the orignal cartons and packaging to do so. thanks!! It would have to be pickup or a meet if not too far away
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