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  1. Bump! Just a note. I am not willing to courier this cab in the UK or Europe, It's too big and I do no have the orignal cartons and packaging to do so. thanks!! It would have to be pickup or a meet if not too far away
  2. Trickfish 210V 2x10 Bass Cab (8ohm) Great sounding, punchy and loud bass cab in good very good condition. Not to mention it looks very cool! Features two 10" inch neodymium eminence designed speakers and adjustable hi frequency tweeter to really control your sound. Really well built and very manageable to shift about and fit in the boot of your car, due to its vertical design. Really high quality tolex, best I've seen used on any cab! Sounds great with the Bullhead .5k head I am also selling. Here are the specs from the Trickfish website: TF210V Specifications 2 x 10” proprietary Neodymium speaker built by Eminence® HF driver (3500-20,000 Hz) 80° conical horn 800 watts peak handling Sensitivity: 92dB [email protected] Custom crossover with peak protection and HF Attenuation 2 x NL2 Combo connectors Void free Baltic Birch Dado and Rabbet Joint Construction 8 ohm Frequency Response: 40Hz – 16kHz Metal handles, metal corners, rubber feet Acoustically transparent cloth grille 22 oz. sharkskin vinyl H 27 x W 18 x D 17 Weight: 56 lbs. Made in the USA Collection only from South Wales or surrounding area. If you're not too far away I'm sure we can work something out. These are £1050 new on bass direct so looking for £600 £550 Thanks for looking
  3. Trickfish Bullhead .5K amplifier for sale. This is a very stylish and seriously nice sounding bass amplifier. Featuring a Michael Pope designed preamp and EQ section mated with a great sounding Class D power section, this amp is very light and portable whilst still very loud and punchy at 500watts. The EQ is very musical and set flat the amp has a natural warmth, with a thick low end and smooth high end tone. The DI is very high quality and is also very smooth and not harsh at all. I spoke to the late Richard Ruse about this and he told me they use the highest possible components possible throughout the amp. Other features include a mute switch, hi/lo input switch, aux in, headphone socket and FX loop. Amp is in good condition and has been racked in a flightcase for most of the period I have owned it. There's a slight scratch/dent on the top edge. This isn't viewable once racked due to the nature of the amp sitting back in rack with the rack ears attached. There's two spots where the case has rubbed against something in the flightcase and a bit of paint has slightly worn away. Doesn't effect the amp at all and is in full working order. Includes manual, rack ear kit and original box, so can courier it within UK. Reason for sale is my small studio room in my house is starting to look a bit like a bass store and it's stressing me out!! I am also selling the Trickfish 210v cab which obviously matches well with this amp! £600 plus courier costs within UK or collection from Cardiff or surrounding area. £600 delivered fully insured by courier. Or local collection and will negotiate on price. Thanks Thanks for viewing.
  4. I do a lot of fucntion gigs and I have gone down this road of buying pedals to recreate sounds, help fill out the sound when a client doesn't book a full lineup. I eventually played one gig with no effects, just a tuner. Did not miss the effects at all, in fact it was much more fun solely concentrating on playing bass and enhancing the songs musicially. Haven't looked back since doing it. For me , effects are more usefull in a creative situation where I am writing/performing original material... or if you REALLY need to have that sound. Also, I found the temptation to go full on Tim Lefebvre in Uptown Funk or great... and rightly got some looks! haha
  5. Recently sold Tony an amp on basschat. A very understanding and helpful guy as the amp arrived not working as it should. He was very nice about it where many maybe wouldn't have been and checked the amp inside for any damage and also gave it 24 hours to check it hadn't just gone into protection mode. He returned the amp promptly when we agreed the issue wasn't fixable and I refunded him, and did a very good packing job too... Took a while to open it again. Despite the obvious problem with the amp, he did not doubt me that the amp was working when it left me and we resolved the issue together and would happily sell to him again. The amp is now with a tech hopefully getting fixed!
  6. Will split £600 for the amp head (not inclduing flightcase) can courier this as have original box carton at buyers expense £600 for the cab - local collection or would be willing to meet half way if not too far
  7. Hi I dont have the time to record sound samples im afraid but this video with garth fielding is very good at giving an impression of what the bass sounds like and can do!
  8. Hey @Marcoelwray I really haven't played any jazz basses that aren't fenders apart from the FGN. None that were memorable anyway. Compared to my US Fender 75 Reissue the FGN has as similar sort of vintage tone but more solid and modern in terms of having a lot more low end and high end, increased sustain and just more responsive to your playing. It's probably a more comfortable instrument to play and sounds like a bigger fatter, vintage Jazz bass. I've read people comparing them to sadowsky but I can't comment having never played one. The fit, quality of build, components and finish is amazing. There is a video on YouTube of session bassist Garth Fielding playing and raving about the basses. My brother in law has a 2000s jazz us standard and it blows that away. For a huge rock tone, they sounded incredible through my old orange 8x10 and ad200b compared to my jazz, my neo classic fgn jazz or lakland p bass. We used to play a lot of 500-1000+ venues in Europe and it just sounded thunderous. Huge punch and attack, and I think the frequency range of the bass was just bigger if that can be a thing, that's what it felt like anyway.
  9. Thank you @TheGreek It's an incredible sounding and playing bass. Just not getting used anymore, too many basses!
  10. Yep the one of the photo is a bright dog and my girlfriends dog, I have a black pointer cross who is a complete idiot, a bit like me! Back to the bass I have added photos of the hardcase and picture of the fretguard on the bass and also the weight of the bass.
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