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  1. Toured with the Orange AD200B and 8x10 for years and was an incredible amp. My favourite of all classic valve amps. The eq did very little but you could get very nice glassy clean tones and full on overdriven tones. Great amp. Always felt it was quite midrange focused especially when used with an ampeg classic 8x10. It sounded deeper with the matching orange 8x10 Ran a sansamp live but one show the sound guy did take 3 feeds... Sansamp, slave out and mic on cab.. I sold it after getting an Eden deal, which was a huge mistake as the WTP600 was a total dog of an amp.
  2. Isn't this essentially just the Hartke HA amp design in a mark bass enclosure.. I may be wrong and there may be tweaks to the design but the graphic and mixing of the tube and solid state pres is very Hartke.
  3. Sold this today on eBay only for me to find out that I had the bass listed with click and collect which was the only way the buyer could get the bass, and eBay now refuses to accept items over a certain length for click and collect. So .... Back for sale!!
  4. ESP LTD B-405SM 5 string thru-neck bass for sale in excellent condition! Not to be confused with the lesser Indonesian B-205 model! Made in Korea, these basses are amazing quality and value with a lot of features you would usually find in high end or custom shop basses. The bass has been well looked after and there are only a few slight dings (highlighted in the photos) in the other wise perfect satin finish. Very little sign of playing wear on the bass...the plastic is still on the control and battery plates and is fitted with a new 9V battery. The bass has recently been set-up with a low action, brand new stainless steel round wound strings along with a fret polish and it feels amazing to play. The B string sounds very full and tight, even further up the fret board and overall the bass is very resonant acoustically which is well represented by the basses electronics. The bass features a swamp ash body with a beautiful, carved spalted maple top with a nice flame running through it. The neck-through body construction features a 5 piece maple/walnut neck with a 24 fret rosewood fingerboard with abalone dot inlays and 12th fret block inlay. The head stock also has a matched piece of spalted maple. The hardware is exceptional quality, finished in black nickel. The machine heads are made by Grover and are incredibly smooth and precise. The bridge is an ESP BB-605 with string-thru body or top loading functionality. The bass is loaded with two EMG pickups (EMG 40P5 Neck/EMG 40DC Bridge) and an EMG B-64 3 band EQ (boost and cut) with a master volume control and pickup blend control. With the preamp set flat the bass sounds very warm and clear with a range of tones available by simply adjusting the pickup blend pot. The 3 band EQ adds further to the basses versatility. From very clear, modern and detailed hi-fi tones all the way to warmer, darker tones the bass is great for all types of music. It sounds amazing using the back pickup with some overdrive. All electronics has been serviced, cleaned and are fully working and noiseless. This is a great bass, ideal for somebody thinking about moving over to 5 strings or as a back up bass that still looks and sounds amazing... or even as a main bass! The build quality, tone and feel of the bass is superb. The bass comes with an excellent condition high quality Ibanez hardcase with a red velvet inlay which the bass fits into perfectly. Local collection in Cardiff but happy to ship the bass in the UK also. £450 plus P&P fully insured. Will consider offers. No trades, sorry! Any questions please drop me a message. Welcome to try the bass out! Just to reiterate this is not the B-205.. that is an Indonesian made, bolt on model that does not have the EMG pre and pickups, Grover hardware, rosewood fingerboard or swamp ash body.
  5. I really laid into my bass at a wedding gig of all things over the weekend but Reidmar was growling away the more I pushed it, engaging the compressor and making the clip light ever so slightly blink. Love this amp.
  6. Hi yes whole rig is still available. DM me if interested. Thanks
  7. @dood is that review up? Hand in hand are trying to convince me I want the new amp haha
  8. I'm always wondering what playing a bass that feels like buttah feels like. I coudlnt imagine anything worse, especially as a vegan.... It would have to be flora at least.
  9. The new 802 looks like an amazing amp. I've recently discovered that I love the EBS tone that I get from the amps. I was blown away by a 350/360 that I plugged into about 16/17 years ago at a shop and then went on a whimsical trip of a load of other amps until this year when I got a 502 and Neo 2x12. Literally the loudest amp I've played ever. From wedding venues to 1000 cap music venues I haven't really gotten it past 1/4 on the master volume.... And in some cases that was with just one 4ohm cab. I find them amazingly versatile amps. Yes they do that 90s rnb sound but I get some really nice warm sounds and find the bright control really effective. With rounds a dial it down with flats I dial it up to around half way as it helps give the bass some more clarity. They also have a very tough, authoritive punchy tone when cranked yet clear, you can really hear the bass and the sub roll off thing is really great for me. Haven't had a muddy undefined tone since getting the rig. If I had the need or money I would pounce on the new amp! Instead I may just buy a drive pedal as I'm very happy with the 502...
  10. I spoke with Carol and ordered some books last year just as additional learning materials. Would be interested to hear how the lesson went. I saw comments on talkbass from disgruntled ex students who Carol refused to keep teaching as they weren't at a standard required for her level of tuition... But that is talkbass where I also read that ant Wellington was a ball buster and gives you a hard time... Nothing could be further from the truth, he just expects students to be serious about thier learning and bass and is an incredibly nice guy!
  11. I think it depends on the teacher and also building a rapport between the student and the teacher so that it becomes less awkward after a few lessons and the technology doesn't get in the way.. I have regular Skype lessons with Ant Wellington. He is the greatest bass teacher I have ever had, his knowledge and teaching style really works for me and my playing has developed massively in the last year. I don't even consider Skype to be an issue at all. His communication and engaging teaching style really makes the lessons work. I believe that he was the first person to ever start teaching via Skype in the early 2000s. You have to be committed tho and serious about learning with Ant, but he is a great teacher and mentor who really cares about his students.
  12. I like elixirs on bass. The stainless steels that is. I find they are quite warm, full sounding strings but have a nice high end/treble response to slapping and articulation when digging in with fingers. I think they feel quite nice to play and they keep that tone and it lasts. I've had a 5 string set on since October and they still sound great. They do start looking weird when the coating starts to wear away but I can live with it. I play about 3-4 hours a day usually. I think I'm going to move to using TI Flats on most of my basses but for rounds, they are great strings that last and will probably leave a set on at least one bass if I need a stainless steel round wound tone! I used to change my strings every three shows on tour years ago, which was fine financially as an endorsement deal meant they cost peanuts but when I look back I consider it such a waste. If I was in that playing situation again I would just stick elixirs on and be happy that I didn't need to change strings or worry about dud sets.
  13. Just put in a Nordstrand Powerblade pickup today in my limelight p bass! Incredible sounding pickup. Tight, clear, articulate and punchy! It's Hi-fi whilst still remaining warm, and not overpronounced in the highs. It's made the bass just that little bit better sounding than it did with whatever pickups are supplied in those basses. I did A quick AB in pro tools to see what the difference was. The nordstrand is definitely a more refined tone. The original limelight pickup was looser in the lows, maybe had a bit more low mids and the high end was a lot clankier or vintage sounding. Probably a good pickup for limelight. I love the looks of vintage basses but definitely more a fan of the more modern bass sound. I now have blades in two basses and love them! I've recently discovered TI Flats and blades are a great match. Very fat without sounding typically Flatwound like!
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