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  1. Moving on my Darkglass Vintage Ultra V2 Preamp and DI pedal in mint condition. Amazing sounding pedal. This is the latest version of the pedal with the speaker emulation on the DI out. It's been used twice, carefully placed on top of my amp live. Beautiful EQ, the drive is also very nice and organic sounding. Such a versatile piece of equipment. Selling it as it's just been sat on my desk as I've been really getting into just simply plugging my bass straight into the amp and working on my sound. Also.. im getting lazy with carrying around pedalboards etc! £300 Pick up from Cardiff or can arrange postage at buyers expense.
  2. @robocorpse Hi mate, I'm thinking for doing something similar to this, I play such a wide variety of gigs from where I know my gear is safe and respected to where anything could happen to my amp! Where did you get the rack shelf from? Is it the studiospares one?
  3. Ah cool, I look forward to seeing the review of the amp! As far as I know the 502 is pretty much the same as previously Reidmar amps but with the tweaked power section so it goes down to 2ohms. When I was speaking to Ralf about the amps first a few years back he said that when you turn the amp up loud it starts to clip it which creates a nice drive. This is why apparently there is a drive control on the 750 as it was impossible to get it loud enough to clip without blowing most cabs in the first place, or something like that... I may not have quoted him exactly right there but that was the jist. Hopefully I'll be able to test it at full, ear bleeding volume soon!!
  4. Appreciate their is no interest in this thread 😂 But I will persevere anyway... Took the 502 out with my new EBS Neo 2x12 and I now understand what light weight really is. I could literally carry my whole rig in two hands! The cab is very nice articulate and very punchy and tight but somehow also very deep! The tweeter is extremely nice, not harsh at all. I know that people talk about amps having heft but this rig is like having the power of a superhero who has the ability to flatten buildings. I kid you not. At 1 - the first notch on the master volume - it was loud. Then, as I have a tendency to lay in more in the gig than during soundcheck, I gave it some and dug into my playing and I think the singer almost had a heart attack with the the sudden volume increase! The way this amp responds to you're playing is awesome, it appears to have a huge amount of headroom. This gig was just a wedding gig in a decent sized room and with previous amps with the same power modules, I would usually be approaching 3/4s of the way up on the volume dial. I know EBS have tweaked the module and done something that lets the power amp clip, so not not sure if this is the reason why there is so much available volume/headroom. I had a session gig last night where I was restricted to being only using the rented in backline, a combination of ashdown and orange. The gig was awesome with a highly talented band but the provided rig was not so much fun! Anyway, massively impressed and happy with my EBS rig!
  5. Selling my Warwick Hellborg Power Amp Mono 500. In excellent condition and full working order. Owned this for about 7 months from new and has always been racked. Very clean, no scratches apart from one very slight mark where a swinging lead accidentally hit the front panel, but this is only noticeable when the light catches it. Tried to show it in the photo. All the lights are working etc. I used the Poweramp with the matching Hellborg Pre and it's the warmest, clearest bass sound there is IMO. The preamp is also for sale here too. Would do a deal for the both as I'd like to see it be used how it should be used. Also have the lo and club cab available for sale too Only selling as I recently got a deal with EBS and the lighter amp thing is working better for me with the work I do. If money and space wasn't an issue I would keep it all!! The rig is visually and audibly a work of art! £400 ONO Collected from South Wales.. or could courier fully insured at buyers expense.
  6. Technically this arrived on Friday, but just getting a chance now to write this! Don't know why I didn't try out the Reidmar range sooner. The 502 has very much the EBS tone. It's clean and warm but I've found if I get the gain to the right place, with just a slight bit of clipping it has a very nice edge/grit to the tone. Whilst speaking to Ralf at EBS he mentioned that at high volume the amp actually clips the power amp in a nicer and more musical way, but I quite like the preamp clip gain tone too. This leads me to the volume of this amp. This amp is incredible LOUD!! I can barely get past the first notch on the master volume without the house shaking. I have a number of rehearsals and gigs this week so will hopefully get to hear how loud this amp really gets! I'm definitely not worried about not being heard tho! It definitely has a lot of punch and is a muscular tone! Couldn't imagine using the 750!! The compressor is amazing, always loved the multicomp and this is very musical, very transparent, you can't really hear it working until you get to extreme settings. EQ is super versatile, I have found that I haven't really needed to adjust the treble or bright controls, just adding some bass and adjusting the sweepable mid range to taste. However, when you add the bright and treble into the mix you can get those very Hi-fi funk/slap sounds but I tend to prefer the fatter, rounded tones this amp can provide as the notes are very clear anyway. The range on the EQ is pretty wide and love it, it really helps that it's cut and boost too, apart from the bright which is just a boost I like the character switch too, doesn't seem too extreme at all and like combining it with the filter section - I'll have to see how it works out in a live setting! The amp is built like a tank, feels very sturdy and has a nice assuring weight to it for its size! Really happy with it so far, can't wait to really open it up. I'm hoping that it's going to reduce the need to take anything other than amp, cab, bass, tuner and leads to gigs - I'll probably take my VT Deluxe as a backup which should fit in my pelicase with the amp and leads.
  7. I play 5 string and 4 string basses. I find it easier to "think" over 5 strings when improvising and reading as you can stay in position more. I enjoy playing both, I think it depends on the music you are playing. I tend to use different basses for different styles. I've found that in my experience 5 strings sound different to a 4 string in drop D, most notably in rock music. I think if I had to choose I would go for 5 strings altho I'm in love with my limelight p bass at the moment, just wish it had 5 strings!
  8. For sale is my Warwick Hellborg Lo Cab 1x15 bass cab. This is in the same condition it came out of the box as, so basically brand new (stil has the plastic on the back panel!). I have only played through it twice at home. I got carried away and bought it thinking I would use it with my club cab for some gigs... in the end I didn't need to as the single club cab by itself was enough and I was far too lazy to load in two cabs! (The whole stack did look incredible tho!). The cab comes with a branded Warwick Hellborg dust/cab cover and wheels that can be screwed in to the cab if needed. Really great sounding 1x15 - i usually find them quite honky and undefined but this Hellborg cab actual sounds nice, warm and provides a full sound. It's also quite a loud cab, I compared it with another manufacturers cab using the same head and settings and the Hellborg was actually the louder cab... not sure how scientific that experiment was. I have gigged the Club Cab and have had no issues with volume with the Hellborg amp. Cab is rated 300w and is an 8ohm Cab. I also find it a comfortable weight and size to move around, and of course the wheels help if needed! Warwick reckons its 22kg in weight... further details offered here warick specs page Pictures coming soon! Pick up from Cardif/South Wales due to size/weight! I could be persuaded to let go my warwick club cab too if somebody wanted both...
  9. For sale is my amazing Hellborg Preamp. I'm sure I don't need to say too much about this, mostly everyone has heard or knows about the Hellborg Preamp! This is the clearest yet warmest piece of high end gear I have ever owned. The EQ is beautiful and even just passing your bass through the preamp with no EQ really does sound amazing. Amazingly detailed DI out, there is no hiding with this thing it sounds amazing. Effects loop with wet/dry control, tuner out etc... It can also be used as a mic preamp in your studio, tho I have not tried this. The whole design is based on a Neve design which I can imagine. I've played flatwounds on gigs where I have had sound guys and drummers come up to me and mention it's the clearest fatest sound they have heard... AND I WAS USING FLATS!!! The preamp is in very good condition and full working order. One of the metal surrounds on the power switch is missing, not hugely noticeable and you soon forget about it. All lights are fully working too. As far as I am aware these are now sold out completely and not many people seem to be letting them go on the used market and seem to be pretty rare! Also will be selling a Hellborg Lo Cab 1x15 and possibly the club cab and mono 500 tho haven't decided on that yet. I'm moving it on due to being lucky and getting an artist deal with a different bass amp manufacturer. Can deliver this fully insured at buyers expense. Looking for £600 ONO
  10. Yeah, the way this bass sounds whatever it is, it sounds great and that's all that really matters. If it works, it works... And I don't want to go down another pickup rabbit hole!
  11. I have no idea! Not sue if he makes them himself or buys a certain brand... Whatever they are they certainly work!
  12. Picked up the Limelight on Friday afternoon from Mark. The bass looks even better in real life, photos do not do justice to the relicing work that Mark does. The bass feels incredible, very comfortable and feels like a well used instrument. The rolled fingerboard felt great and just the wear and smoothness of the body made it feel like I had the bass for decades. I mainly play 5 strings or jazz basses so when I started to play it I felt like I had just been given my first bass and couldn't for the life of me think of anything to play! The sound... Well obviously it sounds like a P bass! But I have never played a P bass that has sounded so clear and that has resonated so well. Somebody mentioned before that the basses really sing, and they do. I was amazed as I have had bad experience of very dead sounding p basses in the past, especially on the E and A strings. The tone control is really useful, and can surprisingly get a nice range of tones out of the bass, especially when changing hand position. Took it on a gig last night, sounded great everything flat... It was a weird gig... And I wasn't able to turn up very loud so didn't get into eq'ing the bass with my amp and I just rolled with it, and the bass sounding good with little EQ really helped me just get on with the gig. Limelights are really great, having owned US fenders and Laklands etc I would never buy one again. Mark gave me good advice when ordering the bass and that advice has been realised in this great bass. Beyond pleased with it! Mark was also a really nice guy, friendly and approachable.. also hope I didn't slightly offend by thinking he was English when we got on to the subject of rugby... I'm Welsh.. didn't expect Mark to be Welsh too! Whoops.
  13. Ventura - Aanderson.Pak Wasn't so much a fan of his previous albums, liked the music but the guy seems to just say "beaches" every 20 seconds which grinds. This album seems a step up! Also spent last weekend listening to Ice Cube, killer bass groove samples on 'No Vaseline'.
  14. I remember playing Precision Lyte in the mid-late 90s as a kid in a music shop in Gloucester. I think it was the first time I played a bass and noticed the tone, and remembering thinking they sounded amazing. I think it had quite a pokey mid forward sound from my memory. Maybe I'll hunt one down, one day!
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