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  1. Sims. Yes, their website is awful, as you’ve found out, but they’re very good. Give Martin a ring and have a chat with him about what you want, I’m sure he’ll give you all of the information you need.
  2. I use Allianz, partly for this reason. My gear is covered against theft and accidental damage at home, on stage, in the dressing room and in an unattended vehicle... pretty much anywhere. All worldwide too. Like seemingly everyone else I’ve thankfully never had to make a claim so I can’t comment on that. The price is reasonable though.
  3. Well... He was a heroin addict. Also, their third album is incredible IMO.
  4. I watched a bit of Foo Fighters too. One song to be precise. I used to love them but I find their 20 minute jams in the middle of every song to be VERY boring. IMO they’ve become very self-indulgent and are more concerned with entertaining themselves than entertaining their fans. I don’t have a problem with that. They’ve got to the point in their career where they can do literally anything they want and people will all it up, so why not? It’s just of no interest to me.
  5. Just treat it like any other gig and you’ll be fine. Have fun!
  6. Jerry Only. NOTHING sounds like Jerry Only’s bass. If you’ve ever seen the Misfits live you’ll understand why.
  7. Assuming that you’re using it on Saturday I’ll keep a close ear on how it sounds.
  8. Summer 2001, I was 14. My dad borrowed a late ‘80s Vox Custom from the guitarist in his band then bought it from him for £100 a few months later when he realised I was serious about wanting to play. It was a natural finish, 24-fret through neck thing that weighed roughly the same as a double-decker bus. I eventually sold it here a few years ago. The amp I had at the same time was a Peavey guitar amp that my dad borrowed from one of his apprentices. I wasn’t allowed to turn it up past 2 in case anything blew up! After a while I got a real bass amp, a Peavey TNT 115 combo. After a year or so of playing I went to see my dad’s band and his bass player let me have a go on his Precision (early ‘70s, sunburst, tort, rosewood... beautiful bass!) and said “Once you play a Precision you’ll never want to play anything else.” He was right!
  9. Yes! Thank you! They didn’t come up in any Google search that I did. They look perfect.
  10. Where’s a good place to buy a knob for a Precision? Specifically I’m looking for a flat top, knurled chrome knob to fit a 6mm split shaft. They seem to be hard to track down and the only place I can find that has them in stock is a US site but they’ll charge almost £10 delivery for a £3 part which seems daft. Allparts have them on their site but no stock. Any info would be appreciated!
  11. I had a Fender 4x10 with castors that we’re easily removable. The vast majority of the time I left them on but on the odd occasion that I took them off I couldn’t tell the difference.
  12. I remember Steve Hodson off of Oceansize talking about how he found a “really old, way older than me” (at a guess maybe ‘70s) Gibson Grabber in a skip and was able to buy it for £200.
  13. Me too. Though it’s seldom the case.
  14. Thanks Nick. I’m actually after a split shaft as I keep losing knobs so I’m thinking this one. Thanks for your help.
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