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  1. 50-110 I just find it easier to play with the bit of extra tension that they give in standard tuning. Plus I’m quite heavy-handed. I do know a guy who plays 65-125 (i think) in standard tuning on a ‘50s P. I think he’s mad!
  2. This is one I have (second hand) experience with. My wife is fairly short (5’ 4” ish) and plays a Precision. She really likes Jazzes but can’t get on with them because the body is so big. Another good one... You can get away with murder on the bass. Though I think this one may be a bit true.
  3. Tony Franklin’s basses are unlined with side dots. Probably for that reason.
  4. There was a guy who played in Wednesday 13’s original band. He played mostly with a pick but would alternate, seemingly randomly, between using the pick and plucking with the middle and ring fingers whilst still holding the puck between index and thumb. Certainly an unusual technique.
  5. I’m neither equipped or clever enough to do it myself!
  6. I’ve always been a fan of relic’d guitars, as long as they’re done well, though I’ve never done one myself as I’d likely make it look terrible! I am in the process of getting a bass made for me but haven’t yet decided on the finish. It will be nitro but I’m not sure whether to go for any wear or let it happen naturally.
  7. The bass sound on Song 2 was by far the best thing to come out of Britpop. In my opinion, of course.
  8. We have one festival at the beginning of October that hasn’t been cancelled (yet) but everything else has been either cancelled or moved to next year. I have a friend in the Czech Republic, though, who’s band are playing their first post-lockdown shows at the end of June.
  9. I have a Dee Dee Ramone Precision. I didn’t do anything drastic with it but I have removed the tone pot and fitted different pups. I kept the original parts in case I ever want to sell it, which is unlikely. But that’s the only reason I can see for not making irreversible changes. But it’s yours now so you can do what you want.
  10. I don’t remember this place, Academy of Sound was the only chain I remember when I started playing in the early 2000s. But I do have an observation to make. Looking at those pics the amps (and the haircuts!) look very dated and of their time. However the guitars haven’t changed at all. Those pics could have been taken in any music shop today. I’ve never considered it before but I guess guitar styles just never change. I wonder why the same manufacturers feel the need to make their amps look more modern every so often.
  11. I used to work at a record label. One of the releases whilst I was there had completely different running orders on the CD and vinyl (same songs, completely different order) because the band insisted on one order and the label insisted on another. There was also an album that, when it got repressed on CD, somehow had 2 seconds of a different song from a different band in the middle of one of the tracks. I think some of those exist in the wild.
  12. Is it cut from the true cross?! I just bought a bass for $2000 and I thought that was a lot!
  13. This needs to go in the Most Ridiculous Bass thread!
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