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  1. joeystrange

    FS: Fender Super Bassman 300W - Now £950

    Pending sale fell through so this is back on the market. Still asking £950.
  2. joeystrange

    Rock music peaked in 1971

    Well the Ramones didn’t form until ‘74 so...
  3. joeystrange

    Gauge/tuning question

    I know Slipknot tune down to A for some songs and they’ve always used 4-strings do it is doable.
  4. joeystrange

    FS: Fender Super Bassman 300W - Now £950

    Now looking for £950.
  5. joeystrange

    Gauge/tuning question

    I use that gauge for standard tuning. I don’t think they’d be playable (for me, at least) tuned down to B.
  6. joeystrange

    Who did you see live last?

    Saw Skindred at Rock City in Nottingham last night. The real reason I went was to see Danko Jones who were on first and we’re brilliant, as always. If you like a tongue-in-cheek rock n roll power trio then they come highly recommended (by me, at least). I couldn’t (and still can’t) name you a single Skindred song but despite this I thoroughly enjoyed their set. Decent songs, decent sound (a rarity for Rock City) and just a whole lot of fun throughout! I don’t think I’m going to go away and listen to their music but I’d certainly see them live again.
  7. joeystrange

    Record Store Day 2018

    Instead of queuing for hours and fighting the eBay chumps to buy the new, overpriced Toy Dolls reissue I went to a local independent shop and bought two original copies for a total of £2.68.
  8. joeystrange

    Gig Pics

    Here are a couple from a recent tour in Europe.
  9. Did he mention that he’s rich? I can’t remember whether he’s rich or not.
  10. joeystrange

    Down half a step

    One of my bands does this. Apparently when the guitarist (who started the band and writes the songs) started playing he didn’t have any kind of tuner so he tuned to Weezer’s Pinkerton album and has tuned to Eb ever since.
  11. joeystrange

    FS: Fender Super Bassman 300W - Now £950

    Bank holiday weekend bump.
  12. joeystrange

    FS: Fender Super Bassman 300W - Now £950

    Now looking for £1000.
  13. joeystrange

    FS: Fender Super Bassman 300W - Now £950

    Saturday morning price drop bump. Now £1150.
  14. joeystrange

    Bizarre but true musical collaborations?

    I believe Flea played on a Johnny Cash track on American II. I also think SRV playing on Let’s Dance and EVH on Beat It are kinda odd when you consider each artist’s career/background.
  15. joeystrange

    FS: Fender Super Bassman 300W - Now £950

    Last day of Jan bump.