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  1. joeystrange

    Your Worst Gig Ever

    An old band of mine once played a week or so of dates around the south of England, finishing up with a few shows in Devon. This was back in 2005 and long before mobile internet was a thing. We arrived at the final venue somewhere in Devon (I don’t remember where), set up, soundchecked and went round to the bar to get a drink. In the bar were a few TVs which were to be our only source of news. The date was July 7th 2005 and we sat down to learn of the bombings that had happened in London that morning. The mood was somber and the town was empty but we needed the night’s fee to get us back to the midlands so we decided to play the set. I don’t think a single person watched us play.
  2. joeystrange

    NBD - ‘84 P

    Met @tayste_2000 at the weekend to buy his 84 Fender Precision off him. So far I like it a lot! Put on a fresh set of strings and raised the action somewhat (Ste’s was far too low for a ham-fisted goon like me!) and I think it’s almost there. Though I think I’ll get a proper setup from someone that knows what they’re doing. Gonna replace the scratchplate and pup then we’re done. Sadly haven’t had change to plug it in yet.
  3. joeystrange

    Why PAs Fall Over

    You don’t seem to much much luck keeping PA speakers upright!
  4. joeystrange

    New Schaller strap locks!

    Never had a problem with Schallers either. Been using them for 15 years and I like to throw my basses around somewhat.
  5. joeystrange

    Bass Playing - not as easy as you think...

    I’ve often thought this. It makes sense for the more dexterous hand (right, for most people) to do the more complex job of fretting. I know plenty of left-handed people who play guitar right-handed but none that do it the other way.
  6. joeystrange

    STS Touring

    That’s great!
  7. Probably about 12 or 13 years ago for me. I realised I didn’t have any use for a tone control and have removed it from every bass I’ve had since.
  8. joeystrange

    STS Touring

    I was just contact by STS Touring about buying an amp I’m selling. They seem be a hire company based in Manchester who needed more of the amp I’m selling and offered to buy and collect it with very few questions. Has anyone had experience with them before and know if they’re legit? They have a pretty basic website but it’s a bit ropey. Any info would be appreciated. www.ststouring.co.uk Thanks.
  9. joeystrange


    Pending sale fell through so this is back on the market. Still asking £950.
  10. joeystrange

    Rock music peaked in 1971

    Well the Ramones didn’t form until ‘74 so...
  11. joeystrange

    Gauge/tuning question

    I know Slipknot tune down to A for some songs and they’ve always used 4-strings do it is doable.
  12. joeystrange


    Now looking for £950.
  13. joeystrange

    Gauge/tuning question

    I use that gauge for standard tuning. I don’t think they’d be playable (for me, at least) tuned down to B.
  14. joeystrange

    Who did you see live last?

    Saw Skindred at Rock City in Nottingham last night. The real reason I went was to see Danko Jones who were on first and we’re brilliant, as always. If you like a tongue-in-cheek rock n roll power trio then they come highly recommended (by me, at least). I couldn’t (and still can’t) name you a single Skindred song but despite this I thoroughly enjoyed their set. Decent songs, decent sound (a rarity for Rock City) and just a whole lot of fun throughout! I don’t think I’m going to go away and listen to their music but I’d certainly see them live again.
  15. joeystrange

    Record Store Day 2018

    Instead of queuing for hours and fighting the eBay chumps to buy the new, overpriced Toy Dolls reissue I went to a local independent shop and bought two original copies for a total of £2.68.