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  1. joeystrange

    Morbid Angel/I Am Morbid

    Given how many of those first 3 records (Domination still sells fairly well too) they still sell (I used to work for Earache) it is a bit odd that neither band play any of those songs since that’s clearly what people want to hear. Those albums are indeed landmarks for the genre. I believe Covenant was the first million-selling death metal record!
  2. joeystrange

    My bass sound - if only!!!

    This is pretty close for me.
  3. joeystrange

    Standing a cab on top of a flight case

    Thanks for the input. The flight case is on it’s way. Got a few gigs next month so I’ll see how it sounds then.
  4. joeystrange

    Standing a cab on top of a flight case

    Actually, it was just really badly written and everyone answered in the way I intended. It’s the cab that I want to put on top of the flight case. I’ve edited the post, thanks for pointing it out!
  5. joeystrange

    Standing a cab on top of a flight case

    That’s good, it seems I was worrying about the wrong thing. I clearly need to work on my understanding of physics!
  6. joeystrange

    Standing a cab on top of a flight case

    My sound is fairly similar to yours with the addition of fuzz so that sounds good to me.
  7. joeystrange

    Standing a cab on top of a flight case

    Thanks, I’ll look that up. I think trail and error will probably be the way, just wanted to gain some knowledge up front.
  8. joeystrange

    Standing a cab on top of a flight case

    That’s good to hear. So you didn’t get any low end loss or boominess?
  9. I’m thinking of buying a flight case for my head. It’s a Fender Bassman and as the knobs stick out a fair way they’re easily damaged during transport etc. I know this as ir happened to my previous Bassman. I’m currently using a 4x10 so I’m thinking of standing this on top of the flight case at gigs to raise it a bit (I do miss my old 8x10!). I’ve no doubt that this will affect the sound somehow but I’d like to know how much and on what way. I’d also like to hear whether anyone has done this and what their opinion is. Thanks!
  10. joeystrange

    Learning a lot of songs

    I get that. It was just that the bass player decided he was going to leave at the end of the year and since they were on good terms (he still plays in another band with our singer and drummer) everyone agreed to it. They actually gave him the boot a bit earlier than that, in the end, when they decided they liked me and wanted me to start playing gigs as soon as possible.
  11. joeystrange

    Learning a lot of songs

    It worked out great! They actually cut down what I had to learn slightly, which was good. Started by listening to the 25 songs for the set on the way to/from work for a week or so then spent some time working them out and playing through the set by myself. That was for maybe 6 weeks then started rehearsing with the band at that point and played the first gig a couple of months later. When I started rehearsing with the band I started the same process for 25 new songs that we were to record early this year. I’m stil in the band so I guess it worked out alright! I had fun learning all of their old bass player’s parts too, which made the whole process easier.
  12. joeystrange

    If you had to build a rig from scratch

    I’d buy the same bass (Fender P) and pedals (SansAmp BDDI and EHX Big Muff) but for the amp I’d go for different gear to what I currently have. I’d get an Ampeg SVT-CL or SVT II with an Ampeg 8x10. Although I’d have to buy a bigger car too. That’s the main reason I don’t have that setup anymore.
  13. joeystrange

    Your Worst Gig Ever

    An old band of mine once played a week or so of dates around the south of England, finishing up with a few shows in Devon. This was back in 2005 and long before mobile internet was a thing. We arrived at the final venue somewhere in Devon (I don’t remember where), set up, soundchecked and went round to the bar to get a drink. In the bar were a few TVs which were to be our only source of news. The date was July 7th 2005 and we sat down to learn of the bombings that had happened in London that morning. The mood was somber and the town was empty but we needed the night’s fee to get us back to the midlands so we decided to play the set. I don’t think a single person watched us play.
  14. joeystrange

    NBD - ‘84 P

    Met @tayste_2000 at the weekend to buy his 84 Fender Precision off him. So far I like it a lot! Put on a fresh set of strings and raised the action somewhat (Ste’s was far too low for a ham-fisted goon like me!) and I think it’s almost there. Though I think I’ll get a proper setup from someone that knows what they’re doing. Gonna replace the scratchplate and pup then we’re done. Sadly haven’t had change to plug it in yet.
  15. joeystrange

    Why PAs Fall Over

    You don’t seem to much much luck keeping PA speakers upright!