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  1. For anyone who might be interested the Museum of London are exhibiting Paul Simonon’s ‘London Calling’ bass from today. Not sure how long for though. Entry is free.
  2. Just curious, why did you think the E string shouldn’t be at the top of the fretboard?
  3. That would make sense. I was told they were DiMarzio but never actually verified. The Vox was neck thru so it didn’t have a neckplate that I could check. It does look very similar though.
  4. Matsumoku was what I found when doing a bit of research when I was selling it too. I believe the pickups were DiMarzio, no idea if that’s what comes with the other basses. The strangest thing (to me, at least) was the pickup selector. There’s a standard 3-way toggle switch for bridge/both/neck but there’s also a smaller toggle switch which just controls the P pickup and toggles between bass coil/both coils/treble coil. Do you know if that’s common for the Westones or Arias?
  5. I had an early-mid ‘80s Vox 3002 Custom that my dad bought from the guitarist in his band. Learned to play on it then got my first Precision and didn’t touch it for years. Then, about ten years ago, I sold it here to fund an Ampeg SVT. Sounded decent, from what I remember. Weighed a ton though!
  6. Very nice! It always kinda bothers me when an instrument of that age looks pristine. This one certainly has some tales to tell! Enjoy!
  7. Blink 182 will forever be one of my favourite bands and he was a big part of why I first picked up the bass. I really hope he’s doing ok.
  8. No bass players for me. Just Jools Holland.
  9. Surely this has to be a scam? How does someone find an eBay item, find the seller’s address and then turn up claiming to be the person who bought it and have it just handed over?
  10. I went to an all-dayer in Nottingham once and saw two bands that had two bass players. One was a 3-piece, with a drummer, and the other had a drummer and singer/guitarist. Sadly I can’t recall the names of either band. Until then I’d never seen a band with two bass players.
  11. Black Flag. I love punk rock and hardcore but for whatever reason I’ve never given much time to Black Flag.
  12. I know a lot of musicians and I don’t know a single one who this has ever happened to. It’s something that people often worry about when they start out but as long as you’re well prepared (which it sounds like you are) then your unconscious brain will take over and you’ll be just fine. Just have fun, be confident, try to relax and don’t think about making mistakes. Overthinking can be a bad thing. Once you’ve done a few gigs back you’ll have more confidence and none of this will be a worry to you anymore. But mostly have fun!
  13. I believe Jerry Only from the Misfits uses these. He owns a load of them and will buy any that come up for sale. Having only ever heard him use them I can’t comment on what they’re like as his sound is… very unique.
  14. The original Mark Hoppus signature Precision was a J body with P neck and pickups. The updated Mark Hoppus signature Jazz was a J body with P neck and pickups. I don’t think it really matters.
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