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  1. had a 610hlf really do miss that it was a great cab! for me it was a mini 810. also the mini 210's are great aswell!
  2. this is just a way of adding a di to an amp without one basically! i see nothing about loading so it worries me how many people will use these for home practice and murder there amp or melt this box........its a cheap way to do an inears set up love tho....
  3. all i can see it doing is giving a bit more headroom so the drive will come later on so if you have an active bass it might be useful but it sounds great on 9v so im happy
  4. i just wouldnt be brave enough to try tbh
  5. i figured they were confused with what the seller was suggesting, seems to me he would put a Di box meant for going between an amp and cab, so it wouldnt be overloaded by the higher input.
  6. honestly tho this thread is surely about using di boxes that are meant for this, ie something like the two notes, radial or palmer stuff so these issues arent a problem please tell me no one is considering putting a standard di box between the amp and speaker
  7. when i used to use all valve amps both were 100w (ashdown ctm and orange rockerverb) i would put a two notes between the amp and cab ir emulation on the power amp sounded better every time, not to a mic tho would 100% prefer that however this is a much more consistent way of getting your sound into foh, ive also played cabless with this setup as the two notes act as load boxes aswell
  8. the minifoogers had a decal change from all black to a white and black design for me thats a v2 yeh not bashing the Synths they are amazing, the DFAM etc sound amazing
  9. yeh but remember they did do sort of a v2 with updated decals, but i do think you could be right as i do remember somewhere seeing that they didnt really see much future in them doing pedals and were going back into synths
  10. yeh i was gutted as i was planning on starting to collect them, luckily the day they were discontinued i managed to have funds free to grab a bass murf, ring mod and LPF to add to my clusterflux! but i still want the phaser! but there around the £4-600 pound mark atm! the Flux is the best sounding chorus/flanger ever tho! also as they did bring out the minifoogers which were great but dont think they were that popular as they discontinued those aswell! think if they were a hit they would have made more. until about 6 months ago i had all 4 on my board! sounded amazing.
  11. Hope he comes back soon i still want a few more cog! the t70 is great! and ill never sell my custom!
  12. ooo ive actually got one of his tone circuits in my jazz!
  13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6uQHUMdeyKg&t=116s Looking for any cool ideas for electronic mods? not really interested in a kill switch but maybe thinking there could be something cool to be done to the tone setup?
  14. These basses are stella! ive got a surf green version im modding currently!
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