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  1. Great bit of kit! love mine! just love my orange Ob1-500 a tad more!
  2. i nearly sold this pedal till i plugged it in again! love how heavy this fuzz is! and love putting it into my full two amp set up!
  3. another xr18 user here, this setup is just for practice atm
  4. bit of a bump as we recorded some more songs at the weekend and am going to be putting this up on itunes .....etc soon.....
  5. ok so can bring my Orange Ob1-500 and rockerverb 100 with at this point a 210/115 cab set up however will probs be hopefully a dual 210 set up by then! basses wise ill probs just bring my main basses so a chowny chb-1 and squier jaguar. oh and my very modest pedalboard!
  6. still using my ashdown cabs as they sound great however im on the look out for some orange stuff! the main part of the board go tho the OB1-500 and the Subnup goes into the Rockerverb mk3 the DD200 goes to both. does ambient and brutal very well! also hiding under the bridge is a cali 76bc and my moog clusterflux and LPF aswell as a decibel 11 split personality which covers the out puts to both amps Andy
  7. current set up! spent the last two evenings programming it at home and making full use of the midi in the Ms3 needs new midi cables as they are a mess!!! but hey they work! also have a few things incoming from boss, A Ps-6 and DC-2W not sure where but we will squeeze them on!
  8. Latest version of my board has a bit of space which will soon be filled over the coming weeks with a boss dimension c waza and an not yet 100% sure it it will be a md or Od 200 inder the bridge is a Cali 76bc and a moog clusterflux and lpf as well as my midi aby which lets me pick between amps ( orange ob1-500 or rockerverb mk3
  9. My band just released are new ep, im super happy with the bass sounds! http://smarturl.it/gbsxn6?fbclid=IwAR26rTMyXxAA8rwqXC3j7Sj5KL9km-nssQnvj9gdRE4M02qd3a8Uc1b7OrM follow the link above and it'll take you to your music streaming site of choice in a few clicks. would love to know what you guys think aswell! Andy
  10. so my custom made littel board is living now to turn my pedaltrain pro into my second board that gets used for my second amp (the little line of EQD plus a few more moogs! )
  11. for this stage yeh the orange uses my two notes captor and goes straight to FOH, i have a 115 and 210 setup that lets me split the amps into cabs
  12. honestly the rig is getting a bit silly now! sounds great tho!
  13. Had a blast bringing my rig and as always a excuse to have a really nice grub!!! i mean look at bass gear!
  14. got me some new cabs so will bring them rather than the 810 ashdown klystron 210 and 115 might bring my rockerverb mk 3 aswell if i can get the switcher on the board to make set up easy
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