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  1. also to anyone else readying this i do think its worth pointing out this is very different to the HX stomp, in my eyes they are created for a very different job. and this is an unbiased opinion even tho im a Boss artist! the Cnum function basically turns your 4 patches into 8 and can be momentary aswell great for using the pitch whammy stuff, and delay ramps etc
  2. much simpler than it looks, the Fs7 handles banking duties thats a great little add on to the MS3 Andy
  3. Love mine, and as a midi controller its great!
  4. then its simple, go out and find an Oc-2 if they had created it with the same Oc-2 tracking people would complain this is a very cool update to a classic.
  5. from the few demos ive seen its as mono as the Oc2 i have still has the cool flutters, i genuinely believe this is the reason we arent getting the Oc2w as they have put this into the similar format with the switch but given it a major addition which takes it to far away from the Oc2
  6. yep that is turned on in poly mode the -oct2 becomes the range mode.
  7. with this coming along i really dnt see a oc2 waza happening, at the end of the day this is that basically vintage is the standard and Poly is the custom.
  8. Just saw this kinda interesting I actually hope it’s some thing new and not just a v2 timeline etc hoping for a big box iridium
  9. have a redwitch titan delay and a fuzzrocius Cicada V6 to go on this and i kinda wanna bring the sy1 back aswell! but most of all boss can you please bring out a rv200!
  10. has to be done nothing you can do about it fella, and yeh a bit later in the year makes sense fingers crossed things are a bit more in control by then
  11. its huge and quite pricey but for me has to be my Moog Clusterflux!
  12. That fuzz looks cool man! id just try it is before worrying about blenders i must admit to liking having a fuzz that changes the position i sit in the mix, but i can take alot of time finding a fuzz that works with your set up.
  13. Def worth trying to eq the pedal a bit while playing, sadly some sounds that are great In a band sound pretty awful in isolation! What fuzz do you have?
  14. very happy with this, its takn a bit longer due to covid but managed to get in at the weekend and do the final over dubs and parts its me on bass/baritone and the drummer from my old band on shock drums and keys! http://twobandmusic.bandcamp.com/album/giant-planets-and-random-objects
  15. The Mbd-1 is killer and i can confirm the Mbd-2 is the same great sound but with a few tweaks making it even better ! the size alone is a winner
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