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  1. My love for old peavey gear is getting out of hand! this is super clean, I’m gonna be taking it out of the flight case as that adds a lot of size and weight but can’t wait to plug this in alongside my 2x215 peaveys and my custom 215 when one popped up I had to grab it!!
  2. I love it, need a bit more time to get in the sequencing but that’s my next mission the pads you can make are great
  3. Honestly these basses have taken me by surprise with how good they are. even with the pick-up being very cheap, something about the bass suits me down to the ground! just started to upgrade mine now ones more standard the other will be a bit more fun
  4. Got sent a few of there pedals to tryout and damn!! They are good
  5. changed again replaced the walrus ages with a moose electronics Cosmic Trigger and trying put the Kma Great Disruptor in place of my Boss PW-2
  6. I mean yeh that’s also on my list
  7. The new squier Jaguar kills for the money! also so easy to upgrade!
  8. this maybe getting our of hand!!
  9. Thanks man fyi starting to use midi with this now and it’s properly easy to program and also having easier access to presets is great
  10. Got myself a re-2 on the way!
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