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  1. really happy with this board atm! some new additions are the Lil fella and Binary star from Fuzzrocious and Redwitch, and i guess the RV500 is kinda new! The binary is very cool but might switch back to the titan as thats great aswell
  2. Did another longer video showig it stacked with other effects and powered at 18v
  3. Just a an update the Fuzzrocious LI'l Fella is killer! can do OD/Dist or Fuzz
  4. Ok so im planning a Part two showing of the 18v and doing a few more cleaner sounds.....anything else people wanna see?
  5. Super happy to get one of these super early! Covers alot of ground! and with the dual gain controls its very easy to dial in light to heavy sounds!
  6. some good options there, for me i dont mind paying a bit more ive got about 20 fuzz pedals tho, including for me the kings which are the Fuzzrocious 420 V2 and y Colorsound Bass Fuzz the SF300 is a great clone of the Boss fz2 so no wonder it sounds pretty good, i do now just wanna get a FZ2 and 5 to compare
  7. So this pedal has alot of hype! have seen it selling for honestly silly money online! snagged one cheap of amazon so had to just crack on and make a video!
  8. I love the Fuzzrocious Demon and Cat tail both sound killer from light drive to heavy gain, also Damnation Audio MBD2 is wicked!
  9. Got there Longsword in to tryout! now really wanting to look at the FET anyone else have any more of there stuff thats worth looking into?
  10. I use the Boss kits now after switching from the planet waves kits, never really had a issue. i know soldered will take more abuse but a sturdy board of well tested cables that are gonna move alot will be just fine, and sound just as good. i do feel alot of these solderless kits get bashed on when for the most part its user error that causes the failure.
  11. im hoping my RV500 kills so of the gas for a volante! however it kinda makes me think i can grab a NIghtsky later in the year
  12. Happy with how this is turning out just midi and a few more bits of power to sort out
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