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  1. You need the Boss EQ-200 sick board tho man
  2. So i know these things are huge but anyone still using these? i have 4 currently the low pass, bass murf, clusterflux and ring mod, I love them to bits and always have atleast 2 on my board at any time! hell early 2019 i had all 4!!!! My fave is the Clusterflux its hands the best chorus/Flanger ive ever played! i see alot of the low pass on both bass and guitar boards but interested if anyone else is using them! Current lock down board! a few videos to show the sounds i get from them (well a few)
  3. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  4. Probs better looking for a density hulk these days in guessing it’s there newer updated version had one a few years back and it’s cleaner than the mb
  5. The mantis is killer! such a shame that when they released the Egg Sack ( Just the boost side) even tho asked for not alot of people grabbed one
  6. Anyone else got a Croak?
  7. For me the boss wins, but super impressed with the tc
  8. Seeing as i had the Boss already seemed silly when i had a chance to get the 3rd Dimension to not do a little comparison video
  9. The T70 is actually a great shout as will give you three different octave sounds perfect for this kinda music!
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