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  1. so my custom made littel board is living now to turn my pedaltrain pro into my second board that gets used for my second amp (the little line of EQD plus a few more moogs! )
  2. for this stage yeh the orange uses my two notes captor and goes straight to FOH, i have a 115 and 210 setup that lets me split the amps into cabs
  3. honestly the rig is getting a bit silly now! sounds great tho!
  4. Had a blast bringing my rig and as always a excuse to have a really nice grub!!! i mean look at bass gear!
  5. got me some new cabs so will bring them rather than the 810 ashdown klystron 210 and 115 might bring my rockerverb mk 3 aswell if i can get the switcher on the board to make set up easy
  6. Totally missed this!! I’ll be there unless something crazy comes up!
  7. Merry Xmas all! my band dropped are new video as a little music gift to the world today hope atleast of few of you will enjoy! lots of stuff going on with the bass which im gonna do a little video on soon but please if you have 10 mins spare give the video a watch. thanks andy
  8. yeh if you want it to include all the effects in the di then yeh, honestly tho looking at your board it would mean putting the drive after your chorus so might not be where you want it?
  9. all of these are great, in the omicron you have a more raw take on it, whT you put in it does its thing too, if you set the Omega flat you get a similar thing but obviously you have that extra eq available to you which helps you tweak things to sort your set up even more, then the ultra goes a step above again. giving even finer adjustment to the sound and having the emulated (i believe) di out, however for me the ultras having shared eq with the clean section of the pedals is a problem, however they still sound great!
  10. if you ever wanted to sell that id be very interested!
  11. its a lame share but this is my abm 600 mark 4 into my 810 mag T, actually have the drive in the amp on all the time on its lowest setting as it adds extra harmonics
  12. they are great amps! im looking at grabbing maybe 3 210's next year to trim my rig down
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