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  1. gutted to hear about this! fingers crossed he pulls through big injury tho!
  2. i have the compact bass, it the best compressor pedal ever! Andy
  3. ok so im def coming! rig wise i can bring the whole setup....doubt my new cabinet will be ready but if it is ill bring it, but just wondering if anyone would be interested in my bringing my headphone/inears set up? would mean my rig making alot less noise! and probs means people can have a better play on my gear/pedals Andy gear will be my big board.....duh and my orange amps, Ob1-500 and a rockerverb mk3
  4. the dimension C is killer! now to wait for the Sy-1 then its the joy of switching all this back on to my pedaltrain classic pro!
  5. Yeh I’m going to be looking into that when getting the next few demos ready, seems to no like being converted to mono for phones now? It’s very strange domes it fine on my phone which is annoying as I can never hear the issue! thanks for still watching the clusterflux demo that pedal Is just amazing. Currently trying to learn how to control it via midi so it can kinda have presets
  6. Thanks, no giving involved sadly, I wanted one for my side project I actually prefer it over my tc sub n up mini.......not even coz of my deal either
  7. thanks man! lots more cool demos of boss gear lined up! have a dimmension c waza, re-20, ps-6 and sy-1 i need to do asap !
  8. Ok so i recently became a boss Artist which still sounds crazy! massive thanks to those guys for being awesome enough to offer me a deal! This is the first pedal but i have alot of videos incoming over the next few months with some very cool stuff! Dimension C, Ps-6 and Sy-1 to do some name drops! but this is the first pedal i brought and its amazing! also im trying to get my youtube subs up to 500 so if you have an account and dont mind seeing the odd video from me pop up would be amazing if you could give the button a click.
  9. thanks man! cant wait to sort the custom cab im modding! 412 so 212's for each amp
  10. its super weird everyone i know locally to test the audio not on my setup is fine really strange how people are getting these issues
  11. few practices in and im totally sold on the Ob1-500 ! great amp! blends really well with the RV not that my ashdown was a slouch but this just sits better Andy
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