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  1. electric ocean is back with a bang! The underneath is a mess but has my fuzzrocious Bongripper curmudgeon ( from damnation) and my 2 moose electronic pedals aswell as my Cali 76 oc5 will probs get changed for a fuzzrocious heliotropic next week
  2. big fan of this one! The ability to switch between a big muff tone stack or a rat tone stack is great!
  3. It’s super nice in person!! It’s getting the standard new bridge and a bartolini MM might even turn my blue into a HH and put a second stock pickup in it
  4. Hey it’s the one that came on my black bass
  5. I hate that I like this so much!! considering grabbing a blender from damnation and getting it on the board
  6. this is a very cool pedal! anyone else have one?
  7. Walrus audio Lore and boss pw2 added to the board and I mean it’s kinda a pedal the pk5-a ?
  8. Ok so got to try this out today and am pretty happy with the results just need to label up notes etc to make things easier and tweak things a bit more to make it a bit bigger sounding
  9. Yeh I’m not to bothered about the high stuff looking for some low end rubble and cool layers I can add
  10. I’ll see if I can weight mine tonight
  11. Noice, did you have to set anything ? Or did it just work?
  12. I’ve got myself a foe Taurus setup with a Roland pk5a but can’t find a single video on set up bar a few sound clips, I know to connect the midi but not sure if there’s other things to do
  13. nice those fender bridges should be a standard upgrade that everyone should do!! i made my own custom pickguard
  14. the sy200 was an easy swap out will go back in maybe but might need to find a way to route it so it can send its signal to the pa rather than amp the spire box is filthy
  15. can actually start tidying some cables almost set on the selections
  16. Reverb with an overdrive section and a feedback control sounds killer
  17. a few cables to change and the noise gate to hook up but very happy with how this sounds! Switched out a few pedals the Kma fuzz for the moose nomad, and the mxr la machine for the poly octave
  18. Finally got to plug this in tonight and Damn!!!! such a cool sounding pedals with the ability to be ambient or angry!
  19. switched things around already but have started the bottom layer of audio, also have a morning star ML5 on the way to make selecting between the sy200, when the sun explodes and brom a bit easier
  20. Decent I think I’ve got 7 pedals and my Zuma and ojai power under the hood will take a photo tomorrow
  21. need to pick if I want a fuzz or a expression pedal for the sy-200 in the space
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