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  1. Snagged this one as soon as I could! I saw it on Brian cooks russian circles board and couldn’t not give it a spin! clips to come once I’ve got to know it a bit
  2. I’m 100% grabbing one ASAP!!! The midi adds so much useful stuff!
  3. sorry to say this but due to some personal stuff im going to have to miss this one. have a great meet guys!
  4. Walrus Audio Slarp inserted into the board pre gain! A idea that sounds great! Verb into gain into verb sounds really cool can’t wait to try it with the band!
  5. ive only good things to say about the Strymon stuff you can grab a Zuma or my suggestion grab the smaller Zuma r300 and a gig rig isolator and you have your 12v 18v and 9v needs covered. Cioks stuff is good to tho just never used it in anger
  6. Had my old mag 810 for a while over the years it turned into more of a 310 so rather that switch the speakers I decided to do something fun and turn it into a 215! first test run of the new celestial BN15 400x speakers is next week can wait!!
  7. as the title says we just released "T.2.G.Y.M.O" id love to know what you guys think
  8. selling this as it just deserves to be getting used! works fine. sadly missing one screw from backplate tho. £160 plus postage, open to some trades just hit me up but would ideally prefer to sell!
  9. guessing the plug has a 3 a fuse in it tho
  10. Thats my issue dont really want the big flightcase when for the same or less i could get the enki
  11. Never had a issue on bass with my Oc3......like you say it has a bass input.......also with the drive and other functions id say it was aimed more for bassists than acoustic players
  12. Hey guys Does anyone know of any cases that are similar to the Enki? ideally im not really after a flightcase Safe design and all those are more expensive than the Enki? wondering if anyone knows of anything, as i need something for my two gigging basses......but even a good dual bass bag is getting towards the enki price. Andy
  13. lots of good bass drives in this
  14. really happy with this board atm! some new additions are the Lil fella and Binary star from Fuzzrocious and Redwitch, and i guess the RV500 is kinda new! The binary is very cool but might switch back to the titan as thats great aswell
  15. Did another longer video showig it stacked with other effects and powered at 18v
  16. Just a an update the Fuzzrocious LI'l Fella is killer! can do OD/Dist or Fuzz
  17. Ok so im planning a Part two showing of the 18v and doing a few more cleaner sounds.....anything else people wanna see?
  18. Super happy to get one of these super early! Covers alot of ground! and with the dual gain controls its very easy to dial in light to heavy sounds!
  19. some good options there, for me i dont mind paying a bit more ive got about 20 fuzz pedals tho, including for me the kings which are the Fuzzrocious 420 V2 and y Colorsound Bass Fuzz the SF300 is a great clone of the Boss fz2 so no wonder it sounds pretty good, i do now just wanna get a FZ2 and 5 to compare
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