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  1. not that pretty but tidied some cables, just need a midi cable for my sy200 now
  2. It’s in a loop with the Bongripper and curmudgeon i. It’s HP loop the LP loop is empty to act as a clean Blend of sorts
  3. If Tom has put the company on hiatus or even closed it down I think ignored is the wrong word to use really
  4. Juan did it on pedals and effects with two sy1’s having a bass and lead synth going but all down to set up I guess I’m digging it for sure
  5. I’m so tempted to put my sy1 in the sy200 loop
  6. Damnation audio Curmudgeon 2 gotta be worth a shout here
  7. Saw this pop up this morning and looks great! IMO
  8. some very fun and different sounds coming out of this!! Need to spend an eve putting the es5 on and sadly my Tyler has developed the same fault it had before being repaired 😥
  9. Look into some of the variations fuzzrocious Grey Stache is great also jhs Crimson
  10. Only had a few hours on it while recording but found a big fat lead that sounded awesome will try and get some clips asap
  11. Thanks man can’t take credit for the socks tho man they are my guitarists
  12. yeh im def stealing that slow sweep sound for sure!
  13. Snagged this one as soon as I could! I saw it on Brian cooks russian circles board and couldn’t not give it a spin! clips to come once I’ve got to know it a bit
  14. I’m 100% grabbing one ASAP!!! The midi adds so much useful stuff!
  15. sorry to say this but due to some personal stuff im going to have to miss this one. have a great meet guys!
  16. Walrus Audio Slarp inserted into the board pre gain! A idea that sounds great! Verb into gain into verb sounds really cool can’t wait to try it with the band!
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