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  1. They do disappoint more often than they exceed my expectations honestly - I feel at times they just don't try enough....! Asked for a wait time on a Dingwall.... Thomann 3 months, Bassdirect 'a few weeks', Andertons.... 12 months - did you really check mate? Also, congrats on the new bass and pictures or it doesn't exist!
  2. Hi gang, Wonder if you can help me - bonus season here and I was considering getting a new bass (Dingwall!) for a new band we started to tune in D standard, whilst keeping my Sandberg Grand Dark 5 in B standard for my other neosoul project. As life goes, HMRC has eaten the part I was expecting to allocate for a D-Roc or used Nolly sig (yey.....). That means I have to make do with the Sandberg for the time being for both projects, and hence I thought of downtuning it to A standard on a 50-135 set (currently B standard 45-130 set). This is a 35" scale and the calculator tells me A standard would 'feel' as 45-130 B tuned on a 34". My question is around tapered strings - should I go for them? I was planning on a 50-105 + 135 Daddario NYXL set but I can see they offer the 135/105/85 as tapered now - would this be worth it? In my mind the claimed (not tried before) extra definition of a tapered string would help against tuning down a whole step all strings - thoughts?
  3. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  4. Working on a little something something, just missing velcros patch cables and ties at the back etc... - Korg Pitchblack custom - Nemphasis VT Comp - Microtubes X All fed with a 9v plug, daisy chaining with a 3 way split - this is my most simple setup to satisfy my two music projects - the compressor taking care of my neosoul clean fat tones, and both compressor + microtubes for that modern drive metal tone for this post-grunge / funk metal / melodic hardcore business that I'm starting just now soon as the restrictions lift and we can rehearse....! This will be plugged to my Aguilar TH350. Best, Ander.
  5. Well well well! I ended up buying the Nemphasis off Lee, who's moving back to a Cali76 and I couldn't resist! I didn't feel like buying new and it worked with budget. I have to dig into it more as I've got another couple of pedals coming, setting up a mini board as I'll be playing a hardcore/rock project asides from the aforementioned neosoul... Off topic but for this I went for the DG Microtubes X and oh boy!!! it's fantastic and just what I wanted for a mid/top end gentle distortion whilst still blending in clean signal. Back to the Nemphasis, so far I like it - a bit warmer than the MXR and definitely easy to use - I'll be having a play with different tones etc the moment I can!
  6. Totally off topic (sorry!) but how're you finding this strap? Good luck with the sale and thanks!
  7. Thanks for your comments Trevor! I agree - it is the most versatile and suitable bass I've had, interesting as I've had a few! I also had a Sandberg VM5 (P+MM) but I didn't get on with the P pickup too well, and once I tried jazz basses I've always had at least one J pickup at hands reach! I find Sandberg incredible value for money, same as the Sire/Marcus Miller on entry level is, but in this case for pro level! Not to forget others like Lakland and Xotic etc, the competition and quality on this range is defo there, but I can say hand in my heart this Grand Dark is in no point worse than the Alpher, MM SR5 special or Sadowsky Metroexpress I've had recently - indeed, it is like a merge of these basses and I'm well happy with that!
  8. Sorry - mixing the Nighthawk (P as suggested) with the Nighthawk Plus - the new ones in 2020... I gotta admit that copper finish (let's admit it it's gold!) is lovely!
  9. Tha'ts a very good point and interesting I've noticed - when they came out I thought the GD was the badass bass by Sandberg dedicated to metal but truth be told there is a lot of ease to play something more chilled; this bass works perfectly on soul/jazz/blues, like you mention very round but also punchy sound. I thought the NH was a J pickup too! Very true, and I appreciate the pickups on this bass are very sensible to dynamics, more so than most basses I've tried I'd say funny enough!
  10. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  11. Indeed @fretmeister - I think in many ways they're an underdog and not in the front pages as often as they could - sober and well fitted basses with a reliable tone. And they've done some interesting bits with the Grand Dark, Nighthawk and whatnot. Unless you go for the big aged masterpieces etc, most of these basses are £1,600 and under, I would without a doubt put them on par with Stingrays, although the new Stingray special may have that extra 'something something' to lead by not a lot. On that note @bob_atherton, how do you compare the nighthawk to the grand dark? feels like they should be similar vibe (loving the inca silver one) but also interested in the differences between the pickups etc.
  12. That is so true! I can be so lusty about basses - you check around, something tickles you fancy and then you start to either glorify that new love interest or find faults on your current gear to justify getting it... But also I am so mentally relieved to have one very reliable, cool looking and most importantly great sounding and versatile bass. For what I do, this is pleeeennnty! No more parades of boxes and shippings back and forth for a while I may still find some strings or straps to sell under the sofa but that's minor anyway ha!
  13. Ah not that I expressed I won't eeeeever buy a new bass - I don't think that's really possible, but I know this: I am tired of gear flipping back and forth and have found what I need for all my purposes. Hope it stays that way!
  14. Ah John, so true! It's been a journey. From the Alpher + Eich T900/DB 2x10 to this Sandberg + Aguilar TH350 + SL112. And all the bits of gear I've flipped in between and before. All with the interest to get a more versatile and warmer punchier rig but also adulting getting cash to buy a house sometime in the coming months - every little helps 😇 ! Truth is I find it very draining and stressful to follow up on leads, post, bump, post in other platforms.... The last bass I won't keep should be on its journey today 🙌 but at least I've made good friendships along the way...! I'll try and take a proper picture of the pau ferro board - I used to be one thinking it's the poor man's rosewood but wow I am loving this one! Smoother than other rosewood boards I've had to the touch, and the grain is delicious!
  15. Thanks buddy! The black labels are in the Nighthawks I believe, from what I've researched these are the 'plus' set with a little mark on them. Supposedly they've a bit more meat in the low mids than the regular ones. I like them better.
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