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  1. Set of fresh Aguilar pickups, noiseless operation, P and J. Bought from bassdirect in June for another project but no longer required. Open to trades for high output MM pickups or P pickups, otherwise sale only. Can post or in hand in Northampton and London depending on logistics. Best, Ander.
  2. …. Doing numbers with the misses as I really love this bass. Haven’t kept it for long enough so I may have to withdraw and keep it at least until the new limelight is ready…
  3. Ah. Believe me I would keep if I could, but we couldn’t stretch without a car any longer… Thanks @Dunk!
  4. Hi guys, I got a car and with the car comes the insurance. And the road tax, and many other worries. This is my first Limelight and it has impressed me so much I ordered another one from Mark with maple neck. Letting go of this beautiful, great sounding bass - I don't need to say much about it other than it's great priced, can post (will need a case or gig bag, I've a good box for it. Precision body, jazz neck, 4kg - what's not to love? Feels and plays amazing. The first picture shows the colour quite accurately. £950 with the Aguilar PJ HC set, £800 without, plus shipping or petrol money if delivering nearby, otherwise happy to meet in Northampton or London.
  5. Thanks Steve, it seems like this may be a wise course of action!
  6. Hey guys...! Quick one on this old topic, I think! I've got a Sterling Ray34 (the roasted maple kind, nyatoh body) that will be soon boarding a John East 4 knob/3 band preamp running at 18v. My other bass is a Limelight PJ running on Aguilars, passive - I play mostly punk rock (some Neo Soul too) and whilst the PJ is the passive grunt, more vintage tone, I want the Stingray to be super punchy, cut thru the mix and do what rays do best whilst still fitting the Punk Rock gig. I'm torn between these two sets of options: 1) More conservative, alnico magnets: Aguilar AG 4M vs Nordstrand MM 4.2 - no need for all the switching options etc 2) More modern, ceramic magnets: Aguilar DCB 4M vs Nordstrand Big Blademan I'm more inclined to think that the Nordy Big Blademan makes sense to be 'different' from the Limelight on Aggie PJ's, but will it be too big a departure? Would either of the option 1 be too conservative? How do these pickups work with a bit of gain? If they growl, can they also clean up? Interested in making sure that the treble and treble strings cut through, and to respect the punch of the Ray34. Thoughts? Best, Ander.
  7. Hi guys, Selling a 3 band + volume, 4 knob preamp from my new Sterling Ray34. Nothing wrong with it, has about 3 weeks old max and is better than previous Sterlings I've tried before. I'm just selling it as I've got a John East lying about that I'll try on this bass. £75 plus shipping or in hand from Northants / London. Brand new and will share pictures soon if need be! Best, Ander.
  8. Hi guys, selling a hand wound set of PJ pickups coming from my Limelight. As you can see there, these pickups are highly commended - that is the same bass and pickups we're talking about - vintage and with a night growl and good string balance/definition. I don't know much about them except that they're really good, hand wound and comparable to what you'd find in Aguilar and similar brands. For that, I've priced the set at ONO £100 (most sets from good brands are 200 and above). Happy to post at buyers expense or meet in Northampton / London. Best, Ander.
  9. Thank you @alyctes! @icastle/ @Kev or any mods, could you please move? 👼 Thanks!
  10. Well here I am with my new squeeze! I recently joined The Barking Poets (check us out!) and needed a bass fitting for the punk rock vibe we play. Got this one a week before the gig thanks to @Marc S and just couldn't be happier (top chap to deal with BTW). I got a lot of compliments on the day, it so looks the part! Now I want another one with maple board, I've seen a purple one in the past I'd love to own!! The relic is super genuine and makes me not worry about the occasional ding or stage affairs. Best, Ander. IMG_7030.heic
  11. I come here often just to appreciate it and drool over. Really wish I had the cash!
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