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  1. oh I know that feeling! for me I think I'm happy to settle and give it a proper shot to the nickel lo riders, just conscious the pure blues set did play me up tbh...!
  2. Hm. More and more people I hear switching from DR to Dunlop, interestingly. They did reply to me and offered to replace the set which I happily accepted but their high prices may play against them if the difference vs Dunlop are small and the quality issues remain...
  3. Thanks for this guys! In this case it's a 130 gauge - I've used this gauge in all my basses and they sounded okay...! Quite surprised it's only this DR pure blues set 5th that sounds so so much lower! It's like comparing an active bass then switching to passive. I'll speak with DR on this but I just wanted to make sure I didn't do anything wrong myself, first time with round cores....
  4. Hi guys, Wanting to pick your brains about this - I've just restrung my MM Stingray with DR nickel Lo Riders, and the Sadowsky ME MV5 with DR Pure Blues. Lots of warmth and booty to the Stingray, you can 'see' less tension with more vibration on the strings but still very responsive and not floppy strings (was on NYXL before). I am loving them. Nonetheless, I did read carefully the instructions (I always do just in case) whilst restringing the Sad with Pure Blues (round core, nickel) and the 5th string was an absolute dissappointment - it sound like somebody turned the active preamp off just for that string...! The rest of strings are okay, nickel tone but still good punch when slapping on the bottom strings and etc, but the 5th is totally gone. While restringing I did do the 'hook' thing as I could (bending the string at an angle then cutting it before putting it in the hole) - I couldn't leave much 'hook' as it wouldn't fit in the tuner hole - did I mess anything up? I switched the other strings I had and the DR Pure Blues 5th is sensibly lower volume - attached a picture just in case... Thoughts? Did it came like this or did I mess it up? Should I have done anything different? Best, Ander.
  5. Hm - I think the Trickfish is a correct amp - nonetheless and for the same price, the Eich is beating it every minute, IMO; the 5th string especially is so much more defined, and less boomy on the lo mids to my liking but that, I believe, is more due to the trickfish 2x10 cab from my own experience. I'm the happiest fella with the Taste knob on the Eich, I love to do things as plug and play or just bass straight to amp and with this rig I do feel it is now possible, to the point of having ditched the compressor too...! best, Ander.
  6. @Chris1127 you've literally bought the last one they had as David confirmed when I bought mine - how're you finding it? So far, and connected to the Trickfish whilst I wait for the Eich head, I find it quite clear and defined...! I have to admit I'm surprised and happy by it. I don't love the placement of the handle and will be making my own handle at the top one of these days. Now onto more important bits, it does beep! I played with the Trickfish at about 3 o'clock volume and the whole place was shaking (yeah my neighbours bang doors all the time so I couldn't care less about them here and there). Very clear and with good string definition - especially the low B. Not sure if it could benefit from better lo-mids but that may be just me as it is something the Trickfish rig had in buckets and may just be me getting used to a box that's half the size and weight of the Trickfish. Also I've only plugged it twice to noodle with it a bit. The projection for monitoring is great, I was thinking whether it'd be a gimmick but I have noticed a difference. The Eich head should be arriving this Tuesday I think, I can't wait!
  7. Ah @Chris1127 & @Cuzzie...! I gotta admit I don't know what to expect with the DB cabinet! I read good comments on it and can recognise a deal when I see one, 12kg for a 2x10 handling 600w sounds amazing, especially when one of the speakers is angled so I can hear myself as monitoring was too one of the priorities. Nonetheless, I've seen the frequencies are 50 to 5000hz I think, which I don't know if it'll marry well with the Eich which dials bass in 30hz and highs on 8khz... Hopefully I'm not missing on much to be fair....! I'm either missing a fundamental issue or I've still gone for the best cab considering my priorities of weight wattage and price. I clearly wanted to put the dough out for the head rather than cab (that taste knob in the T500 that I tried made me feel like I've a one-knob EQ!), as I'm plugging DI to PA in most cases, so I'm happy with the purchase anyway but frequency wise I guess I can only wait to play with it and report its behaviour...!
  8. So...! Interesting (really interesting update). I ended up buying the Eich T-900, yes, for 3£ more than the T-500. BRAND NEW. How? You may ask? I got lucky and found the last one in stock from The House Of Bass for 799€ (the T-500 was 749€). With the conversion that's 693£ for a brand new T-900. A believer would say 'God is good'. Further, I started looking around for cabs and came across DB Bass cabs. Remember from my first post I wasn't too keen on doughing out for a cab...? They've got a clearance going, I got the Elbee 210 which is a 2x10 (one of them angled for monitoring) and can do 600w at 8 ohm (blissful match for the T-900. This lovely cab has cost me 340 with original cover included, rrp 599. The best? The weight of 12kg for a 2 speaker cabinet, same as the Eich 112xs. This whole rig T900+DB Elbee 210 has been 130£ cheaper and brand new than the T500 with a single 110xs 👀... Double speakers same weight and double wattage on that setup. Gosh I'm on a roll, should play the lottery! I'll report back!
  9. @TheGreek & @Al Krow thanks for this, definitely one to keep an eye on! Ideally I'd like to have just one cab for monitoring purposes on stage and for smaller, more intimate gigs (think Sofar Sounds). Our music is quite bass oriented so I don't have anyone else but the drummer (she hits!) challenging me volume wise. What cab would you choose? The Eich runs 500w @ 4ohm and 300w @ 8 ohm. I was thinking on a GRBass 2x8 cab @ 4 ohm to make the most of the head or alternatively one of the Eich heads @ 8 Ohm, 110xs or 112xs - still have to look at those Shroeder also...!
  10. Hey buddy! I'm not saying it isn't possible, I just don't think it's for me personally. The trolley for a big cab like the oversized trickfish 210 i've got was about 13kg; with a 27kg cab that is 40 kg I'm dragging along with a bass and pedalboard on my back; sure there's people in good shape that have no trouble for that, but for me personally it's a no, especially when I can run to PA and need a cab just for monitoring purposes...
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  12. Hey gang, Thanks for the comments, I don't dislike the Trickfish as you've spotted....! I am not too happy with how quickly the low B clips on the Stingray Special though, it doesn't seem as even but then again it's a nice sounding amp...! This is not something that would happen with my other amps and same bass. @EliasMooseblaster I guess I'm seduced by the hearsay about Bergantino, and having tried the Eich T-500 I do kinda miss that glassy clear tone it had compared to my current tone. Also the reason to consider changing the whole rig lies in the likelihood of selling head + cab as a full rig rather than split it... @HazBeen not gonna lie, a tandem of Eich t500/900 + a 110xs is really attractive - especially considering such small cab has a 3" tweeter cone that can be set to none-mid-full...! @chris_b the trolley tale was what put me off taking the 2x10 out of the house to be fair - I think it's 22 or 27kg and due to the width of the cab, plus the bass on my back and whatnot, plus the rain and all this drama.... I know it sounds like I'm whining, but not the nicest memory either lol!
  13. Thank you! I thought of that but that leaves me naked to play at home and hear myself, same as for studio recordings etc - I'd be more at ease with a power stage in an amp and something I can plug to my own cab and be fully independent where needed. Although not the gross of my gigs, there's chilled 'seat down' gigs in the horizon where no PA/backline is provided.
  14. Thanks @stevie and @Cuzzie - I would run the amp as clean as it gets with no pedals in front of it whatsoever (literally bass to amp head to cab). Taking into consideration that the one10 is 4ohm, the Berg would be running at 700w and the Eich at 600w; kind of conscious that the Berg could be overloading what is already max capacity (600w) - would the inbuilt compressor save me from pushing it too hard or am I pushing the cab too far in both cases? @HazBeen I want a head format as 8 times out of 10 I will probably just carry a bass and an amp head to gigs and rely on their PA - nonetheless a light cab would be handy for venues without PA/FOH or as a way to hear myself better on stage... similarly to take it to recordings I'd likely use studio cabs and etc, having a 'detached head' gives me so much more flexibility for a non-driver in London like me...
  15. Right team - I'll be getting a One10 - considering its only 7kg and can take about 600w it's a no brainer. Now who can help me with the head? I tried aguilar a bit ago and decided it's a no, GK was too spanky trebbly for me... I loved the Eich T500 so could go for the 900 and have it running at 600w @ 4ohm on the One10... ... As mentioned definitely interested in the Bergantino Forté as well, especially considering I'm ditching all pedals - the compressor included could be helpful to keep things in line when slapping?
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