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  1. correct, seen the all parts stamp under the neck, bodies are custom
  2. right so this could well tease me into changing my BKP '58 too for my backup bass in neosoul band or pick for my punk rock band. Very interesting - I always have to push EQ to make sure the high strings are heard when I play melodies in general over two guitars... It could be a thing! Also interested in that 'solo' P pickup Creamery offers, maybe that one would help the BEAD tuning tighten up.... Ander.
  3. Hey @oldslapper I'm afraid the pickguard was sold just before you messaged! Sorry!
  4. Oh you’re teasing me now eh? better in what way? How would they compare? I’ll definitely give him a call as I could well consider this, I can almost get two of those pickups for the price of a Fralin…
  5. Oh that's very interesting! I was partial to Aguilar but have heard so much fuzz about Fralin overwounds... But then these Creamery pickups at £85 do beat the price eh? My bass is tuned on BEAD so I need a thick but not too boomy bass, more defined than your usual 60s pickups. Thinking the '65 could do the trick? https://www.creamery-pickups.co.uk/classic-65-precision-p-bass-pickups.html
  6. Hi all, More bits and pieces I had lying around: 1. Dunlop straplock end pins - £5 plus postage, no strap system, just the pins 2. Daddario end pins, £5 plus postage 3. P tort pickguard, never used and new, £5 plus postage or swap for a black one
  7. Herrick pickup and last loom sold too. Hiscox, Limelight 60s pickup available.
  8. … and @Dov65 has a great price on one available…!
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  10. Also can entertain trade of the Hiscox for a regular square case, preferably with cash my way.
  11. Ah thank you buddy I’m well chuffed!!! I guess more unorthodox for a vintage bass but congruent with the white undercoat, gives it a ‘refinished’ edge to it!
  12. Hey guys, So I've got 3 P basses, one of them for my punk rock band, another one for my soul/neosoul/pop project, and a 3rd one as backup to either. The Purple Limelight goes on a Nordy P blade for the dirty punk rock tones The Olympic white Limelight goes on a Bare Knuckle '58 as backup bass that does cleans for punk rock and backup to the soul/neosoul band The LPB bassmonkey bass needs a pickup for the neosoul band; Considering the tonal options I already have, I was thinking on the below: Aguilar 4p60? Nordstrand NP4A? Fralin? If so, which one, +5% would work? Lollar? if so which one? The bass it'd go to is swamp ash bodied with ebony fingerboard, tuned BEAD, and considering the genre it needs to have thick lows to hold the band and an ability to cut through the mix (keys, singer, drums and clean guitar). I play quite melodic parts so I need the highs to cut through in the mix. No need for glassy highs, just present and easy to hear them. Considering the backup limelight has a BKP '58 I was thinking I would rather have a different taste to the '58 prototype but I'm open to suggestion. Thoughts? Thank you!
  13. Limelight basses - Mark at Classic and Cool guitars can build you a beauty like these in 10/12 weeks to your spec:
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