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  1. Cort wasn’t really a brand I had considered or knew much about before but reviews are positive, they look real pretty, use quality hardware and all for reasonable price. Definitely interested in trying one out.
  2. Good to know, thanks. It's more the physical resistance of the click, I don't think it's anything to worry about just different to other pedal switches I've used. Haven't had an awful lot of time to play with it but have got some good quack going on! Also some awful sounds so need to spend some time looking at how the "drive" and "q" knobs interact with each other. Complete pedal noob so don't have a reference point to compare it with. Got some bits coming on Monday to build my first board so I can see this is the start of the obsession ...
  3. Just to echo the above, I have one of these in this colour. I bought it with the intention of using as a platform for upgrading but have left it alone (bar a mint pickguard) as it’s brilliant. Neck isn’t chunky, rosewood board, neck pocket and cavity routing is neat and tidy. I have it strung with TI jazz flats and I love it. And strong Pino vibes, what’s not to like?
  4. Barefaced One10 silver cloth. Excellent condition. Has previously had some tolex peel on the rear but has been glued. Taken in as a trade along with a Genzler Magellan amp and only moving on as have some matching Genzler cabs incoming. Roqsolid cover included Apologies for quick photos can take more if needed. Collection preferred from Orpington BR6 but will post if no local interest.
  5. New arrival means I am in a strange position of advertising a bass I don't really want to sell. However, limited space on the rack before I have so start hiding basses in cupboards to avoid divorce, so here we are. The decision of what to go pretty much came down to neck profile and this is just a little chunkier than the rest of the stable. Bought from @Ander87 September last year, original advert below. I'm looking for what I paid, which is £850 including all original parts including Sterling gigbag, black Pickguard, original pickup, original tuner, original preamp. The original advert helpfully lists some prices as to how this figure was determined. Upgrades: * Side dots in white * John East MM SR 3 band, 4 knob * Aguilar MM pickup * Hipshot bass Xtender to get to drop D * Pearloid pickguard I haven't weighed but previous advert states 3.7kg. Overall excellent condition but a few very minor points to note: * Small, minor graze to the top horn which is hard to photograph (I will try again to capture it) * Small ding back of neck just under the "Made in Indonesia" text (see photo) * Bass Xtender has a scratch on clover. 'A' string tuner has minor marks (see photo) * Side dots have some minor marks, noticeably on 3rd and 5th positions (see photo although hard to capture) A lovely bass which I will no doubt regret moving on. Not interested in any trades or offers at the moment, no rush to sell. Preference is collection from Orpington BR6 or can meet up to an hours drive away. Will consider posting but need to source a sturdy external box.
  6. Well, I've been resisting buying any effects pedals for a while now as I am weak and I know it will be an expensive dark hole of obsession, but I finally gave in and bought the Nano Q-Tron. Andertons were showing one in stock, pulled the trigger but then got an email saying it was on display and had a minor scratch. Cancelled that, ordered from Juno via eBay at 1800 hours and arrived before 1000 the next day! Quick question, the actually button to turn the pedal on/off requires a firm press to engage with a clearly audible click, more so than other pedals I've used. I assume this is normal? Appreciate that's subjective! No idea what I'm doing with it, twisting knobs and looking for some quack!
  7. Looks great @haimesy, love the colour. As my bass journey continues I find myself really intrigued by these, mainly as high quality P with J neck. Do they do non-relic finishes or am I completely missing the point?
  8. Ohhhh my that's funky. It wasn't what I was thinking of, so thanks!
  9. HX Stomp, excellent condition. This is the second one I've had, keep thinking I really need one but then when I have one I never use it. Option paralysis! Purchased from this fine parish, asking for what I bought it for: Comes with original box and sleeve (a few small rips to sleeve), cheat sheet and power supply. Power supply has been adapted to take standard kettle lead. I've added some rubber feet. Latest firmware, will be factory wiped. Can post or collection from Orpington BR6
  10. @Gareth Hughes I give up, what song is this!?
  11. Withdrawing, slight change of direction and going to move on the HX Stomp instead.
  12. TI Jazz flats on the Jazz at the moment. But then I quite like dead rounds.
  13. Bought a bass from Shaun. Updated along the way, securely packed, mint as described. 'Tis lovely. Top banana!
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