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  1. Riverboat song - fingering help

    I would definitely slide up to the B as it sounds like that on the record.
  2. Please tell me why I should avoid Ashdown amps?

    I love Ashdown amps. Try one and you might agree!
  3. Why does the keys player dictate the set? Was that always part of the band dynamic i.e. is he the nominated MD, or are song choices a more democratic thing?
  4. Microphone Stand

    K&M here. They do one with a telescopic mini boom arm, great for tight spaces.
  5. How To Pick New Material

    I have always played in covers bands where an MD of sorts has picked new material - sometimes there was a joint MD. The band I play with currently is run as a complete democracy, meaning that everyone has an opinion about new songs. Inevitably, this results in numerous different suggestions for direction, which ends up with any decision taking weeks if not months and very often not being made at all. In my opinion, placing the responsibility for adding new material, arranging, directing is much better handled solely by whoever is the most qualified and experienced in the genre in question.
  6. Bass player with different ideas

    Sounds like root notes to me?
  7. Vulfpeck, and Joe Dart

    Saw Joe in Dublin and there's also a 1h40m long video of their recent show in Brussels. Almost certain he is now using flats on the Jazz, based on his tone. Anyone else agree?
  8. Vulfpeck, and Joe Dart

    Seen them in Dublin on Tuesday. Absolutely incredible!
  9. Aguilar OBP-1, 2 or 3 preamps

    [quote name='peteb' timestamp='1416613754' post='2612046']Great piece of kit, but perhaps not for everybody… [/quote] Agreed. I never understood why East pres don't have a centre detent on the EQ knobs. So annoying
  10. The Return Of GATED REVERB

    Awesome! Love that sound
  11. Jazz Bass, both pickups up full, straight into Aguilar DB751. The range of tones I can get without adjusting the above setup at all is incredible. Everything from smooth dubby sounds when playing over the neck, to palm muted Motown style thud. Sometimes I solo the bridge pickup to accentuate harmonics during an intro etc, but rarely do I need to change from option 1.
  12. Custom covers - Roqsolid or Hotcovers?

    [quote name='EBS_freak' timestamp='1504541523' post='3365565'] Hotcovers every time. Thicker, more robust, perfect fit with every order that I've had... and amazingly quick turn around. Roqsolid for me, are more like a thinnly padded amplifier slip... conversely, hot covers are the fully padded version. [/quote] Pretty much what I was going to post verbatim.
  13. The best bass line ever?

    For Once In My Life
  14. Loud Inc cabs?

    [quote name='FarFromTheTrees' timestamp='1502753050' post='3353337'] Also you said "250 or 300 watt drivers, making the cabs 1000/1200watt handling." Could you explain what this means exactly? As I said earlier, this is my first foray into separate amps and cabs so the terminology and fine details are somewhat lost on me at the moment. [/quote] Quite simply, if each speaker is rated at 300w, then four of them in a cabinet will mean the cabinet is rated at 1200w.
  15. Yeah his show is a bit dated but there are plenty who haven't heard his Staying Alive joke and so forth I guess.