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  1. I owned the TH500 for a couple of years and could never get a clean sound out of it at gig volume. The Drive control is completely redundant.
  2. Do you need either? There are some awesome plugins available with tube amp sims that sound identical to the originals, and it'll save you a lot of cash, maintenance and setup!
  3. BA55 DMC here (my initials!), I'm certain I've got gigs from having it! GLWTS
  4. Let's face it, a 5 string P Bass is going to sound like a 5 string P Bass. What magic sauce is going to be worth an extra $3000 US, if say you compared a Squier P Bass with a Nordy P pickup to an Olinto with a Nordy P Pickup? You can't deny that dodgy alignment is the fault of either the builder or the designer.
  5. Echoing BigRedX above, I wouldn't expect anything less than perfection when spending that sort of money. They made a 5 string P Bass in a mocha sort of colour with no pickguard that actually could have been designed and crafted by GCSE woodworking student. I do believe alignment makes a difference to tone also - the Stingray weak G problem can largely be attributed to the fact that most G strings float off the side of the pole pieces on Rays (modern Rays aside).
  6. I criticised how poorly designed and manufactured they were (neck alignment issues, pickup pole pieces off centre with the strings, inlays off centre etc) and Mas Hino blocked me on Instagram!
  7. Who's music? Just not for me but I'm glad you enjoy them
  8. I dunno, you go to any jazz or funk gig at any city in the world and you'll see musicians of an equal standard to the Scary bunch, doing funk/soul covers of popular songs in exactly the same manner.
  9. Scary Pockets are just an average cover band really, some good musicians but are they doing anything original?
  10. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  11. I have had this viewpoint for quite a while now. Interesting link, thanks! I would also add that choice of fingerboard material doesn't matter at all to tone, as the strings never actually touch the fingerboard on most fretted instruments, they touch the frets only. In theory, if you mounted pickups, a bridge, a nut, some frets and strings to an old wooden workbench, and kept the proportions the same as a Jazz Bass (scale length, pickup position etc), and then ran the signal to an output jack, it would sound like a Jazz Bass. I think choice of woods and finishes are for vanity only.
  12. To my ears, the reverse P sounds better in every situation. It just makes more sense from a physics/engineering perspective.
  13. I use the pitch shift feature on my HX Stomp to shift all the notes down 5 semitones, have a patch specifically for this which I flick to when I need that low B. The tracking is excellent.
  14. acidbass

    NPD: HX Stomp

    I didn't think it was possible to set the input gain on the Stomp? AFAIK that applies to the full fat Helix.
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