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  1. Give Steve at Rafferty Guitar Pedals a shout, he builds amazing HPF pedals in tiny boxes, I am sure he also makes an LPF.
  2. A derivative man in a derivative band.
  3. Love 'Within You Without You' and 'Fool on the Hill' but I largely agree with all the rest!
  4. Their website appears to be offline also - not looking good.
  5. Always loved Peavey amps. Slightly concerned that the lightweight editions won't live up to the old 50kg Black Widow-clad beasts, but definitely interested in trying one out.
  6. Looks great! What's the price of this?
  7. Would you consider getting the existing body refinished? That would at least mean the neck pocket etc would fit correctly, as well as ensuring the pickups and bridge etc are still in line. These are things which may need adjusting with a new body.
  8. I think the general consensus is that it's a great bass, a modern sounding Jazz with a bridge that needs upgrading.
  9. I work in the Legal end of the Civil Service here in Northern Ireland. Used to work in private legal practice which was terribly restricting when it came to tours abroad etc. Now, I work flexi time and it's the best thing ever! I'm going on an Australian tour with my band now in April and will virtually be paid every day I'm away without using any annual leave
  10. Awesome! He must be good when he's one of the few players to get his own Fender Signature Model. Class playing!
  11. Does something like this exist? I have always wanted a visual meter to read my bass' output, it would help massively when trying to standardise my pickup height and consistent string output across the board. I know mixing desks have this feature a lot of the time but something like this in pedal format would be cool.
  12. Would absolutely love to try this. Class AB or bust for me
  13. Jon Shuker can definitely do this, but it'll probably cost more than £250.
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