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  1. A port at the rear might sound the same, but the fact it's at the rear means there is effectively an object in the way of it and your ear (i.e. the cabinet itself). It's also further away from your ear. Could either of these explain why front ported cabs sound better to me?
  2. Front porting always sounds better to my ears in a live gig situation though. The bottom end is surely more audible when it's coming from the front of a cab versus the back? Especially when a cab is placed against a wall (which happens lots of times at indoor gigs)
  3. What's the logic behind this? I have always preferred the sound of front ported cabs - much more trouser flapping bottom end spilling out the front of it and no issues with boominess when placed beside a wall etc.
  4. HI all Does anyone have that WinISD program who could spec me some new drivers for my 4ohm Aguilar DB410 cabinet? The stock drivers are rather poor, a couple are rattly and I think I will replace all four. The Aguilar replacements are both hard to source and expensive so I would be interested in alternatives from reputable speaker manufacturers. Thanks in advance! Danny
  5. A P Bass is a P Bass. Mas Hino seems to have learned from the mistakes of the earlier Olinto builds which were £3k dogs.
  6. One of the under utilised features of the Stomp (IMO) is the pitch shift. I have some patches set for -2 and -3 semitones for songs where my band drop tunes, and I am able to maintain my standard tuning and string setup. The tracking is immense also and the tone is perfect!
  7. I use regular 45 to 105 for Drop C with no issues - the key is in the setup.
  8. Brill strap! Best I have ever used. The Maruszczyk leather straps are also on my list.
  9. This is almost as bad as the time Bass Direct sold a 1973 Jazz Bass with an aftermarket body
  10. Ghost are probably my favourite metal band since Metallica. Absolutely fantastic
  11. Just got a Gruvgear Solostrap Neo 4" - without a doubt the best strap I have ever used.
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