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  1. I have one of these basses, great out of the box and very moddable. GLWTS
  2. It's remarkably similar to the current Firemist Silver colour, no?
  3. I also really like the Audere preamp frequencies!
  4. I don't find the 40hz bass frequency centre on the Aguilar pres to be very musical. A boost at this frequency is largely just mush, so really it can only be used musically as a cut. Darkglass have theirs at around 70hz which is much more versatile IMO.
  5. Hi all! Neil Murray just shared his own transcription of his bassline 😍 I have attached the JPEGs for your delectation
  6. Yeah they bought approximately 50% of some 1,180 Neil Young songs. I can only guess that Neil wants to invest this money in some other interest - why else would he sell it? It's cool that you can potentially own a part of his catalogue tho! Music is surely something that will become more valuable over time (for the first 60 years after writing anyway)
  7. I'm wondering if the VAT rules differ again for us folk in Northern Ireland. We are still part of the EU single market when it comes to goods imports and exports. Might make a bit of difference on a £2k bass for sure. I'll look into it further!
  8. I ordered a new mic and a few bits and pieces last week from Musicstore in Cologne (it was cheaper than Thomann) and they arrived via DHL just today without an issue. I guess that perhaps Thomann's suggestion is just worse case scenario.
  9. You are surely compromising only slightly less playing it on a 10 string rather than a 4. I'm not sure accurate is the right term here?
  10. I read a bunch of reviews recently about gaming chairs (was in the market at the time) and the general consensus was that most are very uncomfortable for long sessions, with cushioned areas in the wrong places and a lack of adjustment. The highest rated surprisingly were from Ikea, and they were among the low/mid price ones.
  11. Superb basses these, although the headstock snapped off mine :( She now wears a Squier CV Jazz neck :)
  12. The string alignment on the Specials is much better on the G string. You'll notice that the string is perfectly centred through the pole pieces of the pickup on the Specials due to a redesigned pickup. This effectively gets rid of the weak low G syndrome experienced with most Rays since EB took over.
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