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  1. Bizarre but true musical collaborations?

    Isn't Sting about to release an album with Craig David?
  2. bright clangy bass sound !?

    Precision Bass New Roundwounds Sansamp 10" Speakers Done
  3. Hi guys Does anyone on here have experience of playing a resident gig in a ski resort? Looking general advice on how to approach it, tips, contacts etc! Many Thanks D
  4. Theo Katzman and Four Fine Gentlemen tour

    Joe is also touring with a band called The Olllam later this year - watch out for the name if they are in your area!
  5. Substitute

    Racism noun prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one's own race is superior. Nope - nothing in that lyric remotely suggests any of the above.
  6. New range from fender.

    Agreed. I had a hankering to buy that exact combination a year or so ago, and the only options were Sadowsky UV or Maruszcyzk. Nice to see the colour combo back in the Fender roster.
  7. The Economics Of Touring

    Re: your $20 Mayall story. That seems like a really cheap ticket? Some of the gigs I play in the USA with no name acts have $20 covers. Mayall is more than likely to be paid a set fee by the promoter of the show/tour regardless of 100 or 1000 punters showing up. The money definitely comes incrementally from a run of shows - you need to be doing 7 to 10 in quick succession for it to be sustainable IMO. I heard a story that Nile Rodgers' guys are on $500 a show but that everything else is taken care of (food, travel, accommodation, instrument techs, dry cleaning etc etc). 20 shows a month and that's some serious cash going into your bank account back home!
  8. Noel Redding

    I remember seeing a bass of his for sale in Ireland a few years before he died. Apparently in later life you could find him plodding along with blues bands in local bars. Didn't Fender release a Noel Redding signature Jazz?
  9. Pleased for you that this has been resolved. I'd still like the shop to take ownership of the issue however and acknowledge you were in the right.
  10. My knowledge of him stems from watching various clinic videos, and he's not a great bass player IMO.
  11. How many this year?

    My upcoming gig on New Years Eve will be my 185th of 2017. To be fair, this includes weekly residencies as well as some extended tours of the USA, GB and EU. To be honest I feel like I could have done more - have had plenty of nights off where I wanted to be gigging.
  12. No real love for Jaco

    I didn't get Jaco until I listened to his playing with Joni Mitchell - sublime. Picked up a couple of Weather Report albums thereafter, which I could stomach as they appeal to my prog side! His playing is superb.
  13. Riverboat song - fingering help

    I would definitely slide up to the B as it sounds like that on the record.
  14. I love Ashdown amps. Try one and you might agree!
  15. Why does the keys player dictate the set? Was that always part of the band dynamic i.e. is he the nominated MD, or are song choices a more democratic thing?