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  1. Went back to J with flats for most of my live gigs and wow, what a tone!
  2. Hi all Selling a set of D'Addario XL Nickel roundwounds 45-105 gauge Brand code is EXL165 Cut for a P/J Bass and have one hour's use Might be good to someone, I don't need them and don't want to bin them as they are essentially still new condition. Retail around £23 Selling for £12 which includes postage to you Thanks! Danny
  3. Hi All Genuine Fender P Bass Bridge Cover for sale In lightly used condition with no pitting or marks No screws included Asking £10 plus £2 P&P to you Danny
  4. Hi guys Bought this replacement wiring kit for a Jazz Bass but never used it! All quality parts in brand new condition - 3 x CTS 250k Pots - 1 x Swithcraft Output Jack - 1 x Orange Drop Capacitor - Cloth Wiring Asking £20 plus £3 postage to you Thanks! Danny
  5. Hi all Selling this useful Apple Adapter Brand new and unopened Unused as I got a multi adapter shortly after Cost me around £20 from the Apple Store online Yours for £10 plus £2 P&P Thanks! Danny
  6. Hi guys Selling a brand new and unused Cioks DC7 power supply Bought for a second pedalboard which never materialised Just been opened and checked over Comes with an EU mains power lead so you'll need your own UK lead All other leads included Retail around £220 Price is £180 which includes P&P to you Thanks! Danny
  7. I love the La Bella Deep Talking flats. 760FS, 45 to 105. The perfect flatwound IMO - so balanced from high to low.
  8. A quick update - I think the NYXLs are now my round of choice! Fantastic tone and feel!
  9. I used Squier CV basses for years and was proud of the name on the headstock. Sometimes I would play at festival gigs and the soundman/other bassist would say 'wow' when they saw I was playing a Squier and not a Fender. My basses were modded to suit however with CS pickups etc, and I don't think there is really any discernible difference in tone. Essentially it's just a string vibrating within a magnetic field wired to a tone control and output jack. However, having bought a few US Fenders recently I can say that they are absolutely better instruments all round. The necks on them are superb - I love the quartersawn maple, satin finish, rolled fret edges and lightweight tuners. The hardware on a whole is much better - the bridges have channels to ground the saddles for extra stability, the pickups are great and the basses themselves feel very lightweight. Despite my stubbornness for years, I am now a convert to US Fenders
  10. Are those Fat Fingers attached to the headstock?
  11. Three here, plus dep work. 1. Large scale concerts and shows nationwide - mostly weekend work 2. A regular Thursday pop gig which doesn't clash with the above. 3. A bi-monthly rock band gig with friends.
  12. Level 42 and Mark King are awful. Horrible sounding bass playing and warbly Butlins vocals.
  13. Rock, Metal, Punk and Grunge from the Kerrang era (early 2000s)
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