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  1. He definitely used one back in the day ...
  2. Cockney Rejects, Vince Reardon used a Thunderbird: You've also got Mike Watt from the Minutemen who used a Thunderbird Tripp Underwood of The Unseen Krist Novoselic of Nirvana
  3. Bruce Foxton in the early days it was always a Rick. Later with SLF and From The Jam on a Precision maybe but it was always Ricks and a Musicman. Precisions were synonymous with Punk - Paul Simmonen Jean-Jaques Brunel Sid Vicious Dee Dee Ramone Glen Matlock to name just a few of the iconic bassists. There were loads more.
  4. That's funny, I always associate them with Lemmy, Bruce Foxton and Paul McCartney and that's about it. They weren't that popular (certainly not as popular as Precisions). In fact, I'd go as far to say that they weren't even as popular as Gibson Thunderbirds.
  5. Nowhere near popular back in the 80s and even today in the punk scene. As was pointed out it was (and is) usually a mix of Precisions, Precision knock-offs and LTDs.
  6. Nice one. Aa I mentioned on another thread, if you swap the pre-amp out for an EMG BTQ pre then it'll transform the sound of the bass completely and improve it no end. The Tone Pump on the Rebop isn't the greatest of pre-amps and many people rip them out and replace them ASAP. Can't get over what a bargain that was. They usually go for at least £500
  7. That's a proper bargain. That's even cheaper than some of the Korean made Spector Legends. How does it play and sound?
  8. Ah - was that one from Brighton? I looked at that on Gumtree and thought about buying it but really can't justify another 4-String. If it was a 5 string, I'd have probably pulled the trigger.
  9. Ah apologies, I missed the stacked knob arrangement on your bass. I still think the EMG pre-amp would be better than the stock pre-amp. Some of the reviews of that pre-amp on Amazon and Thomann specifically mention removing the stock Legend pre-amp and how much of an improvement was made to the overall tone of the instrument. I'm seriously considering it for my Doug Wimbish Spector.
  10. Well, not sure what pickups you have in your legend but if they're emg hz pickups then they're perfectly good. The preamp is possibly the Tone Pump Junior which is t that versitile and neither is the Tone Pump that's used in the more expensive Spector basses. There's no mid control which makes a hell of a difference. The EMG BQS system pre amp is a great alternative and if you have emg pickups, it's completely solderless. http://www.emgpickups.com/accessories/bass-accessories/bass-eq-active/bqcsystem.html The differe cé in sound is like night and day.
  11. Change the pre-amp out for an EMG BQT and you have a superb sounding instrument. Even better than it sounds now.
  12. I'm still up for trading my 4x10 (+ cash your way) for a 6x10 if anybody is interested
  13. I see Rik is on the lookout for young talent ...
  14. Just got an Ashdown AAA-30 practice amp and was wondering if anybody had found any good alternatives for AppTek ? I get why they've not done an Android version due to latency issues but that was back in 2011. Surely there must be something out there now?
  15. I had one and it was one of the best I've played. Fantastic sound and really playable. I'm a bit of a Spector fan so it's probably understandable but it just goes to show, one man's plank of wood is another's Chippendale (not the male stripper type, I hasten to add).
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