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  1. I shouldn't laugh but that was funny. Typical British technology ... From one bad amp to another ... !
  2. Ha ... I had one of these back in 1982 as my very first amp. They're truly terrible and as he points out, almost useless for bass. They fart and distort and quite low volume levels and really don't offer much at all in the way of good tone. The £250 is ambitious to say the least. These things are worth about 50 sheets top whack, certainly no more and I'd discourage anyone from buying one. They were crap back in the 80s and they're crap now. The only thing it's useful for is hurling at the singer's head when they ask you to transpose a song into another key because "they can't sing that high / low" whilst they try to get a pair of headphones over a cowboy hat (this actually happened!).
  3. That's a really nice Euro mate. Mind if I ask how much you paid for it >?
  4. I must admit, I don't think you can beat a set of gold hardware on a black bass.
  5. Well I bought @FinnDave 's Hercules stand and I have to say, it's superb. Exactly what I'm looking for. I recommend one of these for anyone with more than one gigging bass and AVOID them cheap stands you can pick up for peanuts. You really do get what you pay for with a Hercules stand - the design on these really is ingenious.
  6. Especially when your favourite beer is Guiness ... I think Ned Steinberger had the British beer drinker in mind when he designed that body
  7. Au contraire Rodney ... the reason I know they won't is because the guitarist in the band also has a dual Hercules stand.
  8. I must admit the sound from my other Spector is superb - I wouldn't say better, just different from the other one. I used it last night for the first time in a metal covers band I dep with my GK head and Ampeg 6x10 and the sound was huge. I had the amp eq settings all on neutral and just used the eq on the bass. 10.2lbs on a Spector sounds more than it actually is in practice. I hardly ever notice the weight when use mine, it balances beautifully.
  9. That's a beauty and identical to my one. The push/pull pots are a nice addition and if you want a single coil at the back, it's simply a matter of pulling the knob (ooh errr!!). Mine is quite heavy (heavier than my other Euro 5XL) and the neck is a bit more substantial but it's still a killer bass. I've just re-strung mine with Dean Markley SR2000s which are renowned for their mid-range heavy sound. Word of advice, if you find your amp clipping when you play, it's simply a matter or turning down the Tone Pump. If you need any advice on that PM me. You've got a killer bass there mate, enjoy!
  10. Did a local gig yesterday and Saturday with my newly acquired GK head.
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