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  1. I had a black one and a pink one (Ooooeeerrr Missus!) Sold to me dirt cheap by a guitar tutor who "acquired" them from "somewhere". I did ask but he never did say.
  2. I had one of these when they were new. Great little basses and very easy to cart around too if you haven't got transport. Nice tone on them too.
  3. Looks lovely. I'm sure you wont' be disappointed.
  4. Repentless by Slayer. Technically, moshing is dancing ...
  5. I wonder what he ACTUALLY wants for it ?
  6. Ahem ... £159 is the reserve so he actually wants more for it.
  7. I've been told and read that the Aguilar pickups sound "darker" than the EMG pickups that came as standard on Spectors for years. Personally, I'd save my money and get a neck-thru Euro LX. I've got one and absolutely love it.
  8. Chris bought a gig bag from me. No trouble at all, pleasure to deal with. Cheers mate!
  9. Hiscox bass case for sale. Its a bit dented and scratched but still functional. Collection only from Maidstone.
  10. How about getting it into the car? I had an Ampeg 6x10 and would have been lost without the handles on the side.
  11. Stupid question I know, but does the lack of handles on the side make it harder to shift around?
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