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  1. ^^ Sounds like when punk met Led Zeppelin 😁
  2. I put up a track that I'd written, played on and recorded myself and they said there was a copyright claim on it. Some company called Music Core which I've never heard of before were claiming it as their own. I've opened a dispute with youtube about it. Unbelievable.
  3. That's a real shame. Not as if we're making thousands off them!
  4. They did that on the original one I uploaded but I did it again and it seems to be playing. Does that happen to your videos too?
  5. Never really thought of that to be honest, just really like that colour scheme!
  6. What colour blue is that? The colour scheme (with the tort scratchplate) and maple neck is fast becoming my favourite on a Precision.
  7. I love the hammer on the work bench. You never know when a bass needs just a little bit of "friendly persuasion".
  8. I think they were on a par with each other. Roberto was shocking though. Couldn't catch a cold that fella.
  9. To be honest, I'd rather he did it. He shouldn't be allowed anywhere near a mic
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