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  1. I think they were on a par with each other. Roberto was shocking though. Couldn't catch a cold that fella.
  2. To be honest, I'd rather he did it. He shouldn't be allowed anywhere near a mic
  3. They're crying into their white wine spritzers
  4. Swimmingly sir. Couldn't be better.
  5. I can't stand Maiden with Knob Dickinson signing for them ... much prefer Paul Dianno. Kit doesn't look bad though all things considered. I met Steve Harris at a game once back in the late 1980s. He had stripy spandex leggings on. Jesus, he looked like he'd just finished the Jane Fonda workout. Lovely bloke all the same. As for the new ground - they found an unexploded WWII German bomb near the site and I really wanted it to go off and destroy the Olympic Stadium so we'd never have to play in that souless bowl ever again. Bloody Luftwaffe, couldn't even get that right ! I got the old crest tattooed on my leg - just in time for the Dildo brothers and that witch Karen Brady to change it. I'll never forgive them for moving from the old ground. I've been to the Tax Payer's Stadium about five times since we moved. I've vowed I'll never go again. It's a karzi. You need binoculars to see the pitch, they've totally killed the atmophere and the transport arrangements are a complete joke. We've lost 7 of our last 9 games and we're playing like we're an amateur side. Even Douglas Bader could get a game for us and probably get man of the match too ! We're about to sack our manager and it looks like we'll be in a relegation battle this season. Again. And in honour of our midfield they will be reissuing their classic song, Jog to the hills ..... and breathe ....
  6. I've got the HT-1 amp and it's great. I use it with both headphones and through the speaker. It's a fantastic little amp, but I'd doubt you could gig with it. If it absolutely has to be valve, I'd recommend the Hughes & Kettner TubeMeister 36 if you can find one. They're awesome and easily loud enough for pub gigs.
  7. I can't stand jazz. It sounds like a fire in a pet shop to me. BUT I can appreciate decent bass playing, and that first album of his was a sublime effort. The techniques and use of notes was just amazing.
  8. It sounds great. I was disappointed with the Ampeg SVT3 Pro as an amp, it just didn't really do the bass justice, but through the Gallien Krueger it was like chalk and cheese. Really great mid presence and plenty of bottom end too. This was a dep gig and everyone in the band commented on how great it sounded.
  9. ha! It'd be one of the most hated if I was in the picture I'm sure !
  10. I had the 2x10 combo. It weighed about the same as Wales does but the sound was killer.
  11. I saw a white Steve Harris bass on eBay recently (complete with West Ham paintwork) for £650 and almost pulled the trigger on it but after reading reviews on them, I'm not sure I'd want one. The weight of them is something else apparently and to be honest, I'd much rather save a bit more and invest in another Spector rather than blow it on a precision.
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