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  1. That's exactly the same setup that I have. Excellent sound and plenty of grunt when needed. I run mine through a 6x10 usually and it's immense. This is a bargain too ... wish it had have come up when I was buying mine. GLWTS
  2. This sounds like Trigger's Broom to me with all them replacement parts.
  3. Blimey this is a blast from the past. In the 80s I had one of these with a H|H Bass Baby head. The sound was immense with huge bottom end. Weighed a ton but well worth it.
  4. Ha! Only the Harleys that I own. They've all been on the back of a recovery truck at some point in their lives!
  5. Do these work if you have a fat stomach? Asking for friend.
  6. Well Mr Trump ... never mind the bass ... I have some other issues that need discussing
  7. 9 large? [email protected] off ... there must be something in the water in Wales. At best 1500 he should be asking and certainly no more.
  8. I have bought a couple of kits of this fella and I have to say, they're top drawer. It's funny, whenever I look at eBay listings for Jazz basses or Precisions, the first thing I think of is replacing the pickups and wiring harnesses. John is always the go-to person for the harnesses. Quality and value.
  9. They're terrible basses. I've played a few and they've been consistently crap. A bit like Arsenal if truth be told.
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