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  1. Hurrah! I was testing the water for a pair of sparkly hot pants and a boob tube that I've just purchased! Where do I sign ?
  2. Is it a requirement that you have to wear a tartan skirt to play this gig ?
  3. This has just blown my mind. The thinking behind this is just amazing.
  4. I've always been intrigued by these basses. They get rave reviews but they go for next to nothing in the USA which surprises me as they're USA made and look really well made basses. Peavey build quality is great when it comes to guitars, so their basses shouldn't be any different. Maybe one day I'll pick one up for the right price.
  5. Nice bass dude ... congrats! I'm gonna buck the trend here and say that I quite like the red crown inlays - I'm not sure about the glittery paint finish ! 😂 I must admit, I'm a big fan of the Alex Webster (Cannibal Corpse) Signature Spector and all the red on that so the red inlays are fine by me.
  6. I must admit, when I first saw it I thought the same too. I thought he was going to start talking about Hobbits and stuff at any moment!
  7. For anyone interested in the Crimson Guitars Fretboard Restorative and Cleaner, there's some blurb about it on here from the manufacturers:
  8. No probs. I'd go for the Pro-Steels rather than the Nickel strings (although they're not bad). If you can afford a few more shekels I'd get a set of DR Hi-Beams, you'll really be surprised at how good they are.
  9. Firstly, the Crimson Guitars Frettboard Restorative really is the best thing you can clean your fretboard with BAR NONE. Not only does it really clean your fretboard (far more so than lemon oil) it also conditions it and as it made with all natural ingredients, your not messing with any harmful chemicals. It's about the same price as lemon oil too and comes with two bottles. One bottle opens up the pores slightly on the fretboard and the second cleans and conditions the fretboard. I thought the fretboard on the new Spector looked pretty clean until I put some of this stuff on it, holy crap - there was a LOT of dirt on there! https://crimsonguitars.com/store/fretboard-cleaner-restorative/ Strings Currently I've got a set of Dean Markley SR2000 strings (45-125) and they're really nice. They have the tapered ball end which suits the Spector locking bridge perfectly. It's the first time I"ve tried these and they're not bad at all although they wouldn't be my first choice but if I saw a new set going cheap I'd recommend them to anyone. The Spectors I've seen (Euros only) come with D'addario Pro Steels which really are a great standard string for use on any bass. I'd recommend them for any bass. If you can afford it, the D'addario NYXL strings are even better. Superb strings with a great tone. The holy grail of bass strings for me are DR Hi-Beams which (when I can afford them) I always go for. They're just so bright and last a hell of a long time. They also compliment the Spector sound perfectly. As much as I hate to bash a British company, Rotosounds really don't do it for me which is a real shame as they're a local (Kent) British company with a history and heritage that NO other string company can boast. However, I just find their strings rough and they don't stay bright for any considerable time. I've got a set on my other Euro 5XL and they're dead already after just one month which is a real shame. I'm not saying they're the worst strings out there - not by a long chalk but they don't do a set to rival D'addarios or the Hi-Beams.
  10. I'm loving it. I've cleaned the fretboard with Crimson Guitars Fretboard Restorative which is 100% better than lemon oil and put new strings on it. It could do with a slight tweak on the truss rod but nothing major at all. Please really nicely and it's got a slightly slimmer neck than my other Euro 5LX which also has a matt finish on the neck. The gloss finish in no way makes it feel slower at all. It's also a lighter bass too. The sound really is something else though. The EMG pickups and pre-amp make this thing sound killer. The perfect combination of punch, clarity and bottom end. I've only used it at home through my Ashdown AAA practice amp so can't wait to fire it up through the Ampeg SVT3 and the 6x10.
  11. The voice of reason will always shine through! 😂 Good shout, although Brick Lane is overrated a bit i find.
  12. Might be worth investing in some fretboard decals like these too: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Oval-Crown-MOP-Fretboard-Markers-Vinyl-Inlay-Stickers-Decal-Set-for-ANY-BASS/110579837645?epid=1731859574&hash=item19bf126acd:g:2P8AAOSw-7RVCKeJ
  13. Dude ... you need to crank that amp up and give it a blast. If the neighbours complain, it's a keeper ! 😂
  14. Nice one mate! That looks top drawer! I love the matt finish on it, looks really good. What's your impression of the sound of it ?
  15. Yeah my other Euro is a natural colour in a matt finish. I think mine dates from 2013.
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