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  1. If you want a really versitile amp with crystal clear cleans, meaty cunch channel and a superb hi-gain lead channel then it has to be the H&L Trilogy. They're fantastic amps
  2. I use mine with a Spector Euro LX Doug Wimbish and a Euro LX 5 -String and they both sound awesome, they really cut through well. The perfect balance of bottom and top end.
  3. I was going to say, you're a bit like a Darlek with them things - fine as long as there's no stairs!
  4. Nice, but how heavy is that 8x10? I had a 6x10 and it weighed a ton. Had to get rid in the end.
  5. Ooh I've got one of these. Great things. Use mine all the time, it really has got almost everything you'd need to set up your guitar / bass
  6. That's exactly the same setup that I have. Excellent sound and plenty of grunt when needed. I run mine through a 6x10 usually and it's immense. This is a bargain too ... wish it had have come up when I was buying mine. GLWTS
  7. This sounds like Trigger's Broom to me with all them replacement parts.
  8. Blimey this is a blast from the past. In the 80s I had one of these with a H|H Bass Baby head. The sound was immense with huge bottom end. Weighed a ton but well worth it.
  9. Ha! Only the Harleys that I own. They've all been on the back of a recovery truck at some point in their lives!
  10. Do these work if you have a fat stomach? Asking for friend.
  11. Well Mr Trump ... never mind the bass ... I have some other issues that need discussing
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