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  1. Price dropped to £2,250 (will not accept any offer below this)
  2. Hit me with some offers for Xmas. Was going to withdraw but have decided I’ll entertain some offers again...
  3. Thanks a lot! I’m not actually sure what the strings are. They’re whatever Fender stick on their instruments as stock. I used to have a Pino CS with flats but I’m preferring the versatility of round-wounds on this bass. Tone is rolled off by about 75% and palm muting gives the flat-wound sound.
  4. It’s 1.75” width at the nut and I chose it over the Pino as I couldn’t see the difference for an extra £300 when trying them both out in Bass Direct. I also think this bass has a more classic look for pop gigs etc.
  5. Thanks a lot! I’ve got rounds on, have preferred them over flats for a while now. And that’s just direct in played on Logic and using OBS to capture the sound.
  6. Thanks a lot for posting this David 👍🏻 I have to say I’m having second thoughts of selling this as I’ve been playing it more recently for some shows... 😖
  7. *PRICE DROP* £2,250 *NO TRADES. CASH ONLY* No trades, please don’t ask... After the 20th “how about this”, it gets really annoying. Bought this brand new back in February for £3,199. Need yet more money for my house renovation so another has to go! Played only a small number of times, predominantly in the studio. Fantastic bass, I opted for it over a Pino CS (which I have also owned previously). It weighs 9b/4.0kg (according to the original listing with Bass Direct), however it feels lighter than this when playing it. Here is the original listing: http://www.bassdirect.co.uk/bass_guitar_specialists/Fender_Precision_61_Relic.html Video of me noodling on the bass: I am located in Stroud, Gloucestershire. Collection preferred but I can also send if necessary. OHSC and case candy all included. Only mod I have made is sticking some Dunlop straplocks on it. Thanks!
  8. Surprised this hasn’t sold yet... Where’s the (serious) offers at!?
  9. I never thought I’d be selling it. It’s the only amp I’ve ever been truly happy with but I need the extra cash at the moment and with more gigs coming in, I’m after something lighter! ☹️
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