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  1. oh wow, thats lovely and what I'm after, but I'm going no where near to rugby currently, hmmmm.
  2. Not going anywhere near Stroud or Cheltenham in the next day or 2 by any chance?
  3. Looks great, could be interested when its possible to meet up
  4. jembullo


    Thats lovely, are you anywhere near Stroud, Glos anytime soon?
  5. Lovely bass, tempted as I'm only up the road but might have to wait until travel is allowed
  6. It's bloody lovely, and I keep coming back to it time and time again, still contemplating a Newent meet up when we can
  7. That’s a beautiful bass. Hmmmm, Stroud <> Monmouth .....it’s not an impossibility
  8. Thanks, I'm considering another 5 string and I'm only up the road in Stroud.
  9. ooooh nice any noteable dinks or scratches?
  10. Could do with this, looks great. Have parents in Lincoln but won’t be over for the foreseeable.
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