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  1. Any idea how much it weighs? Looks cracking
  2. All ok this end my friend although not loving the chaos this virus is causing. Bass looks fab mate, not sure nows a good time for buyers and sellers....certainly not ruling it out though
  3. Ooooh mate that’s a beauty, I’m tempted!
  4. Ah damn, I could do with this but can't get up to Lancs in the foreseeable. I'm in Mansfield tomorrow if thats any good.
  5. Lovely, almost tempted to have a trip up the M5 for this
  6. Lovely, if you were nearer I might just be very tempted
  7. That’s lovely, I wish I was closer as this looks up my street
  8. This is killing me Max, I’m in Stroud too....I’d need to thin the herd first though
  9. Ah shame, I’d be really up for these if the tolex peel was rectified before purchase😁
  10. I’m interested, anywhere near Gloucester in the next day or two?
  11. Damn, I’d love this, but you are miles away. Anywhere near Gloucestershire in the near future?
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