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  1. Vanderkley 410 LNT

  2. Could you do a half way meet up? I'm coming from from Stroud, Glos. could be interested if you can?
  3. Yes, I've done a few decent size gigs with the barefaced and the orange, always had to dial it back as its so loud
  4. Never really noticed that, will take a look but the amp tech who looked at it last never mentioned it.
  5. Hi Ade, nice cabs. Do you know if you can use an amp (min load 4ohms)with one Speakon output, so you can go amp to 8ohm and then link out to 8 ohm on the 2nd cab. Thanks
  6. FS Sadowsky metro HPJ Price drop

    Where abouts are you located? Is postage an option ?
  7. Hooking 2 amps together - AER content

    How did it go, I'm thinking of doing the same thing
  8. Can it be used on its side, does it have feet to do this or vertical only
  9. It’s around 18-20kg so nothing like SVT heavy. I’m a bit reluctant to ship this too far to be honest, just worried it will end up in bits. To even consider it, it would have to be insured and I’d remove all tubes and pack them inside a box taped inside the head. let me know what you think cheers jem
  10. ACG J-TYPE 5 STRING.....SOLD......

    Where abouts are you located?
  11. Hello there, It's a long shot but I'm wondering if any one has a PJB PB300 powered cab that they want to sell? Cheers Jem