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  1. jembullo

    Fender Jazz Bass - 1978 - Antigua

    @ChewieThat's a beauty.............maybe I should thin the herd and buy this off you!
  2. Amp has been serviced 27.12.18 and fully checked the capacitors, all working as normal, the cover of one of them is just a little loose but nothing damaged. Thanks.
  3. jembullo

    Barefaced Super Compact

    Yep you’re right. Where abouts in West Oxfordshire are you?
  4. jembullo

    Barefaced Super Compact

    Is it an 8 or 4 ohm version? Cheers
  5. jembullo

    !SOLD! AER Amp One mark I

    Where abouts are you located?
  6. jembullo

    SOLD: 2 x Phil Jone Bass C4’s

    I have the BG400 combo with an additional C4, great cabs. Was thinking of maybe selling the BG400 and having a head and 2 cabs for a bit more ooomph. Good luck.
  7. Trades also considered. Basses and cabs, try me let see what you've got. Cheers Jem
  8. jembullo

    Limelight '57' Precision Bass ++NOW TRADED++

    Where are you located?
  9. jembullo

    Traded. Barefaced Gen3 Big Baby 2

    Ha ha, some damn good reasons . Trying to find a free slot to meet could be tricky. I’ll have a think 🤔 and see what I can come up with. When were you thinking?
  10. jembullo

    Traded. Barefaced Gen3 Big Baby 2

    Damn, passed by Wigan on Friday, would have had this if it had been around.
  11. Traveling up to the Lake District next weekend so there are options to deliver this personally if you want it £750 lowest price 😃
  12. jembullo

    SOLDAguilar SL112 Blue Bossa x2

    Have they sold?
  13. Superbass is still here, fancy a swap lol
  14. Can't believe you've put this back up again to tempt me. I'm only down the road as well, like same town!
  15. Hi Jack, I'm in Stroud, could be seriously tempted by this, although I could do with shifting my Orange Superbass head first. Cheers Jem