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  1. Hi Ricky, Would you be willing to put the CMD102P and the Traveller 15" together from your other post? Thanks
  2. Hi, Just after a bit a of advice if anyone has had any experience of this. My GK MB800 Fusion head has been great for the past 24 months, however and a gig last week if started making a terrible white noise hiss through my cabinet. At first I thought it might be a power issue at the venue but when tested it at home the outcome was the same. The noise reduced slightly when the Trebble was rolled off the EQ. I suspect it may be a problem with one of the valves but I’ve never had amp issues so hoping for some help. Dows anyone know of anywhere in the NW that could carry out repairs on this head. Cheers Jake
  3. The 61 jazz is a beauty!!!!
  4. Is this model now discontinued. What's the output on these?
  5. Wow!! What a beauty. Ste is a top player and a close friend of mine. I can vouch for this bass and always been tempted to buy it myself. Awesome low end with all the tone and clarity you could ever need. Someone is in for a treat. Deal with confidence, Ste is a top bloke
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