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  1. I love this. It has to be worth re-subscribing to SBL just to see this course!
  2. There was some serious cowbell abuse going on when I saw them do this live a couple of years back.
  3. I could say everything in the past 15 years, as my tastes have come full circle. It has been a useful learning experience though, and I have owned some great basses along the way.
  4. Always full up or off for me. An on/off switch would be a better idea. I've not had a bass yet where I felt the volume increased uniformly either.
  5. I can think of many rock albums I would like to hear with Dave Grohl's drumming... Slightly off topic, but I believe that if David Lee Roth had kept the 'Eat Em and Smile' line up together they would have taken over the world (well mine at least).
  6. Unlikely, unless a nice jazz bass with a maple board comes along. Sexy profile pic by the way!
  7. Of the three, BSSM had the biggest impact on me at that time, and probably still to this day. The Nirvana one was ok (I like it more now), and Soundgarden completely passed me by.
  8. This could be the winner in either category. Enjoy:
  9. I've done this a few times. Always prefer the tone to be honest, but I do miss having air move behind me.
  10. The only thing I've had problems with when using a wireless system was an annoying click coming from the tweeter on a 4x10 cab, which didn't happen when using a lead. Turned the tweeter down; problem solved.
  11. Heathy


    I was in a band with friends from the age of 14 - however nobody could play anything. Over the next couple of years people learned instruments, and other musical kids joined. One day one of them asked "Why is Heathy in the band? He can't do anything." I was heavily into Iron Maiden at that time, and also thought Phil Lynott looked cool playing 'Out in the Fields'. I spotted that our band didn't have a bass player, so used my first few months YTS wages to buy a bass and amp. As well as securing my place in the band, it also enabled me to lever out the guy who wanted rid of me. And the rest is history...
  12. I was once asked to turn down by a punter as the bass was affecting their pacemaker. They were sat about 3 feet away from the PA! I simply adjusted the 'producer switch', and they seemed happy. Fortunately they didn't die during the gig.
  13. I used to work with someone who went to the 1970 IoW festival. Being a big Hendrix fan, I asked him what he was like. He said that his only memory of the event was waking up on a pile of beer cans. So, @KiOgon, what was Hendrix like...?
  14. Particularly if it's part of a new series of 'Sunday Night Live...' Not sure what Tarby would make of it all.
  15. This looks great. Thanks for posting.
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