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  1. Unboxed an SWR cab at a gig once.
  2. People like Jacob Collier are bad for music. There isn’t a bass solo in existence that wouldn’t sound better played on another instrument. The best bass sound ever is on ‘Superman’ by Black Lace.
  3. Subscribed to this over the weekend. After 37 years of playing, there were a few eye openers for me in the very first video. Looks like a good investment, but I’ll keep you updated.
  4. I played a Kubicki X Factor throughout the 90s. Since then it has been mostly Fenders. I suppose my signature bass would be based on the Kubicki, but would be passive and have a more traditional body shape.
  5. I would take it back. It’s either fit for purpose, or it isn’t.
  6. Numerous easy solutions to this I expect. Here’s one: adjust the angle of your hand so the lower part of your thumb is also muting the A and E strings. I have recently adopted this type of approach after moving to a 5 string. Thumb isn’t floating, but neither is it anchored onto the string.
  7. I would find that kind of Diva behaviour unacceptable, regardless of how good he is. Right or wrong, my reaction would probably be to dig my own heels in!
  8. I’m sure that anyone buying this won’t need the second pillow.
  9. E string sounds out to me on the isolated track (Listen from around 1:20). However, still an amazing line, and works in the mix.
  10. A popular modern choice is likely to be Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran.
  11. Two effects pedals for sale. Both in excellent condition and come with original boxes and free added Velcro! Both have had minimal use, and have just sat on my pedalboard for the last couple of years, hence reason for sale. Fwonkbeta - £120 posted Sub n Up Mini - £50 posted - NOW SOLD Not looking for trades - sorry! My feedback thread is here:
  12. As a teenager I spent hours studying the cover to Iron Maiden's Powerslave. So that's mine for sure.
  13. Personally, I would say that Denim is the mark of a man.
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