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  1. Agreed. Still doesn't excuse those trousers though.
  2. Should be fine. Always better to give notice, rather than just bailing.
  3. Heathy

    Feedback for Muppet

    Recently bought a bass cab from Steve. A pleasure to deal with. Many thanks.
  4. Heathy

    Feedback for Stealth

    Just bought a Jazz Bass from Simon. Great guy to deal with. I'm a very happy boy. Cheers!
  5. Heathy

    Number of songs for audition

    Definitely 'b'. I would mention up front if there were any you ran out of time for, or would need to busk. Being a good fit is more important than nailing everything from the outset. I would also interpret the request as that there will not be a queue of bass players lining up to audition that day. Best of luck!
  6. Heathy

    Elvis the Bassist

    Hang on - is that an Amazon Echo on his coffee table...
  7. I can recommend the course and teaching concept. For about the cost of two bass lessons, it's very good value. It led me to enrol in SBL, which I am also very impressed with.
  8. This is great, thanks for posting. I have recently decided to study Jamerson's style, so this couldn't have come at a better time for me.
  9. Heathy

    Rush reunion?

    I remember them doing this one on the R30 tour.
  10. Heathy

    Planet Rock..same old hat

    I really like Planet Rock. Moved over to it when Team Rock went belly up a year or so back. Could live without the adverts, but there you go...
  11. Heathy

    Black Yamaha BB2004 £600

    Reflections from a Clothes Horse would make a great album title. GLWTS!
  12. Heathy

    Bilbo blows in technicolour

    Really enjoyed that. Impressive footwear too!
  13. What not to do in a music shop? Go in, unless you really need to buy something. Most of them are just ghastly.
  14. Heathy

    Quitting A Gigging Band?

    Regarding quitting a band with work in the diary, I think that if you're unhappy it's probably better form to give notice that you intend to leave (and are prepared to honour what's in the diary if you're still required) rather than just keep going and jump ship when something better comes along. Possibly not the case if you depend on gigs as your primary source of income, but I don't think that applies to many of us.
  15. Heathy

    Sorted: Bassist wanted - North East Essex

    I think they are. Best make contact via facebook or the contact details on the website.