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  1. Black Yamaha BB2004

    Reflections from a Clothes Horse would make a great album title. GLWTS!
  2. Bilbo blows in technicolour

    Really enjoyed that. Impressive footwear too!
  3. What not to do in a music shop? Go in, unless you really need to buy something. Most of them are just ghastly.
  4. Quitting A Gigging Band?

    Regarding quitting a band with work in the diary, I think that if you're unhappy it's probably better form to give notice that you intend to leave (and are prepared to honour what's in the diary if you're still required) rather than just keep going and jump ship when something better comes along. Possibly not the case if you depend on gigs as your primary source of income, but I don't think that applies to many of us.
  5. Sorted: Bassist wanted - North East Essex

    I think they are. Best make contact via facebook or the contact details on the website.
  6. Quitting A Gigging Band?

    I left my band at the end of last year. No issues with them at all, but I just felt the time had come (as the OP said, it was weighing me down). Since then I have enrolled on SBL, and I must say that it's a long time since I have enjoyed playing the bass as much as I do now. As far as joining another band in the future goes - if it happens, it happens.
  7. My Mono bag arrived today in what would be perfect packaging for this. Price dropped to £40!
  8. A Great groove.

    I got it! Thanks for posting.
  9. 'Got lots of cardboard for packaging knocking about at the moment'- type bump!
  10. Harder to get pub gigs?

    Totally agree with this. So it's probably fair to say that anyone regularly playing pubs (like me) is a hobby player or 'weekend warrior'. On that basis, discussions about the money really don't sit easy with me. Nice as it is to have a self-funding hobby, I can't think of any other pass times where people expect payment. Also, if the money dried up completely would we just stop? I doubt it.
  11. Fake logos on instruments

    I skipped from page 1 to 18, and saw the discussion had moved on to porridge. We may have missed a turning!
  12. I have recently left my band and they are looking for a new bass player. Gigs are mainly functions/pubs, with the main emphasis being on 70s music. They also occasionally do a Bowie tribute. Links to Facebook and website are here: https://www.facebook.com/thespiderz/ https://www.thespiderz.co.uk/ They are a fantastic bunch of guys, and this really is a great, no hassle, gig.
  13. How was your gig last night?

    My last gig with my band last night. A few songs in an elderly lady came up to me and asked if I could turn my bass down as it was affecting her pacemaker! This is a new one on me. Does anyone else have experience of this?
  14. David Lee Roth, Wembley Arena 1988.
  15. Who did you see live last?

    Queens of the Stone Age at the O2. Bass sounded awesome. Will be in the queue for Finsbury Park tickets next week.