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  1. Name the Bassist by the Bass

    93%. DB player caught me out.
  2. I've only been in one band where we played songs that I regularly listened to. Result was that I didn't enjoy listening to them anymore. However, often playing songs I'm not familiar with has also really opened my eyes to artists that I'd previously not had much time for. Bowie being one prime example. The audience reaction is a major factor in how much I enjoy playing a song.
  3. Who are you seeing live next?

    Von Hertzen Brothers next Thursday.
  4. Billy Sheehan and his sound.......

    I once saw him do a clinic where he was plugged direct into an Ampeg, using just the P-pickup. Still sounded like him. I don't think that there is an album that really does his live sound justice, though.
  5. How was your gig last night?

    We had a drunk woman fall over a monitor last night, slamming the microphone into the singer's mouth. Not good. We also had a dep drummer (which I don't really want to get into). Fortunately, we got through it.
  6. Nobody notices the bass player....

    Ahh, the old fountain pen line...
  7. I'd also agree with Discreet's advice. I think everyone in the band should have some influence over the songs, but your post makes it sound like the keyboard player is getting quite a bit of influence. Maybe you should also consider - did things need a freshen up anyway? and is this just a way of getting the new member settled in/feeling at home in the band?
  8. Whilst not virtuoso stuff, I think that there are some interesting bass lines from each of the players you mention. The bass lines on the Cult's first album are far busier than on Love or Electric, so I suppose it may come down to 'serving the song'. I would also say that they execute what they do very well (ever heard of a bad AC/DC or Quo gig?), and it is also harder than you think to get the 'feel' right on Quo numbers. Would love to see a Michael Anthony or Cliff Williams bass clinic though.
  9. Could listen to him all night. Excellent stuff, thanks for posting.
  10. Fender Dimension body shape

    Looks kind of mid-way between the two to me, so you're both wrong/right!
  11. Who are you seeing live next?

    Won tickets to see Motorpsycho tomorrow. Any fans on here?
  12. Best cover you've heard?

    This is one of my faves: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tPTEOpOb844