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  1. Good to see my old Maruszczyk finding a new home. Cracking bass.
  2. R400 and Barefaced two 10. Teeny weeny footprint, enormous sound, weighs less than a duck. 😁
  3. Selling a cycling jersey on Facebook. Ad title is pretty much 'Cycling Jersey - size large'. Description repeats this and gives example of how it fits as this brand runs smaller than most. Enquiry 1 'Do you have this in extra small?' Enquiry 2 Them: Is this available? Me 5 mins later: Yes 48 hours pass Them: Good, will you post it for asking price minus £x? Me 5 mins later: No, but I will for asking price minus £y 36 hours pass Them: OK, what's your PayPal? Me 5 mins later: It's xxxxxxxx 72 hours pass Me: Hello? 24 hours pass Them: I've bought a new one instead.
  4. You don't realise how important this is until you've had to perform several diving saves having put the amp down and set off back to unload the rest of the kit from the car!
  5. I've got one already and even so I had to convince myself I didn't need it! This one looks like it's got properly recessed butterfly clips so it can stand up on edge, unlike my early model.
  6. Exactly. The walkabout was great but wasn't as versatile as the handbox for me. Of course, YMMV.
  7. That's the one I bought. I run it into barefaced two 10 and it's brilliant, worth every banana! After a few years of revolving door amps I've still got this one, which says a lot. I sold my Mesa walkabout once I'd bought this.
  8. It is indeed a cracker and deserves a good home. Have a bump!
  9. We don't mike everything up so I use them as a sort of augmented earplug. I run the kick drum, bass and all 4 vocals through the desk so I can have a bit 'more me' in my ears to help me hit harmonies etc whilst keeping the beat and hearing the lead vocal properly. Cymbals etc get picked up through the drummer's headset mic and the guitar is usually loud enough without needing a boost, so it works for me.
  10. We have the 312 as tops that we run with a single 15" sub. Very happy with them. Haven't got much experience in comparison with what you have but they are absolutely fine for our usual pub and occasional slightly bigger gigs.
  11. Ewood Park! Yep, Jump The Shark technically become a stadium band when we trot out at Blues Bar, Blackburn Rovers on May 18th (one gig a month gives us quite a lead in time to our 'next' show).
  12. Hope not, we're back there in a couple of months. Looking forward to it.
  13. Paul bought a bass from me. Superb communications, no messing about or hassle, just a really smooth easy sale. Highly recommended. I had to ship the bass and he was very cool throughout the whole process. Cheers!
  14. Hi @Ruarl. It was my bass that needed a lift. Typically I got hold of a hard case and posted it yesterday! Thanks so much for your kind offer.
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