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  1. Cheers Adam. Gigged with it last weekend, whilst it's not as loud it rounds off the tone and suits the band much better. Probably only me who notices though! Glad you're enjoying the SC, it's a great cab.
  2. For sale (no trades thanks unless it's an oly white 5 string P bass type) my G2 Barefaced Compact. A brilliant cab, you get out what you put in, it's stupidly light and ridiculously loud. This is the gen 2 15" speaker version. I've owned it from new and it's in excellent condition. I've given it the once over and can only find one tiny chip which I've tried to show in the pics. It comes with a roqsolid cover which is in good condition and has been used to keep the cab in whenever it's not in use. The handle is in good condition and I've also got a few spare feet that I'll throw in. I'm only selling because the retro Two 10 tone suits my band better. You can hear some sound clips of the cab as part of my gig rig at my band FB page facebook.com/jumpthesharkband. I'd much rather sell via collection or meet up as I don't have suitable packaging to ship. Based in Sale, South Manchester. Thanks for looking.
  3. Maruszczyk Thunderbirds!!! (Phoenix)

    [quote name='BigRedX' timestamp='1510328801' post='3405669'] Unfortunately the 5-string version is currently just an idea for the future. [/quote] My wallet just heaved a sigh of relief. Looks like the kids will be getting Xmas presents this year after all
  4. Barefaced Single Two 10 or 2 x One 10's

    Have done, they've been very helpful. Cheers!
  5. Maruszczyk Jake PJ (WITHDRAWN)

    I have a 5 string version of this bass that I took a chance on when it came up on the for sale board here. If this one is anywhere near as good then it's a belter and well worth a look. GLWTS
  6. Barefaced Single Two 10 or 2 x One 10's

    I've just picked up a used two 10 and it has a bit of the dreaded tolex peel. I've searched here but can't find anything and the other bass forum mentions contact cement but a quick Google comes up with regular cement. Does anyone have any advice about how to fix this? At the moment I'm thinking 3m 77 or 90 contact adhesive. Cheers!
  7. The HandBox Amplification thread

    OK, I don't do this much so be gentle. A pub standard with my R-400 set pretty flat, contour at about 10 o'clock through a Barefaced compact (15") and super compact. Maruszczyk PJ bass - full P, J at about 20%. Yes, I hit every gear related branch as I tumbled from the Basschat GAS tree. No DI - just a pretty decent unidirectional mic. [url="https://youtu.be/eRQxP_lzUDs"]https://youtu.be/eRQxP_lzUDs[/url]
  8. Holloween Gigs 2017

    We've played the same pub in Cumbria on Halloween for the last four years. It's the village pub for our drummer. They don't have regular bands on so we tend to draw a crowd from the surrounding areas for a bit of an event. It also means that we chuck in all the pub rock classics including this one https://www.dropbox.com/s/tytbb4uzjoa5d4x/2015-10-31%2023.43.43.mp4?dl=0 We've always dressed up, but it took the locals a couple of years to get into it and there are more and more costumes each year now.
  9. Bass you just couldn’t get on with?

    My Limelight jazz. Pickups were incredible, sounded beautiful. Build quality was excellent. The only bass I've had where others have commented about how cool it looked. I just couldn't make it sing. It felt stiff and unnatural when I was playing it. Kept trying and trying because of the brilliant tone but I had to eventually face up to the fact that it wasn't for me.
  10. Anybody fancy a swap type bump.
  11. To Owners of Both J and P Basses

    I've got a P/J which is set to full P and J at about 15-20% for almost all of the set as the band feedback is that they are the settings that seem to fit best in the mix. The only exception is for Rio, when I completely reverse the balance.
  12. Cheers. No PM yet but always grateful for a controversy bump!
  13. Cheers Karl, saw that but wondered if I could get a swap with someone instead of ordering new. Dad3353 - not sure if your post is for me or for a deleted offer from someone else that I've missed. If I've broken the forum rules then please take the post down. Didn't see anything in the FAQ about no trades when I checked. Andy