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  1. Elephants, yeah! https://youtu.be/qByjA5pZopQ
  2. Great musicians but much prefer the original. This feels like they're trying to fill every single micro beat and pause that gave the song its original flow. Also, ducking the mf, if you're going to cover it, cover it!
  3. Took me ages to get us a booking at a great pub in my old home town. That gig should've been tonight. It would have been pre Xmas packed and my folks, uncles, aunts, cousins etc would all have been there too. Balls.
  4. Upgraded 2011 21.5 iMac. 2.5Ghz i5 CPU 240Gb SSD - new during lockdown 1 12Gb RAM - 8Gb new during lockdown 1 The SSD has given this machine a new lease of life. It boots really quickly, apps load without lag. The expanded RAM means that it can handle large applications running. These upgrades cost around £200 6 months ago. Factory reset running High Sierra. Comes with the original mac wireless keyboard and mouse. In very good used condition - full disclosure there is a scratch in the upper right of the screen. I didn't spot it until I was prepping the Mac for sale, it never showed up in use. I've tried my best to show it in the pic. A fantastic machine for the money, socially distanced inspection welcome. Collection from Sale, South Manchester or I can deliver within a reasonable distance.
  5. Three watches for sale. All in good used condition. Sekonda & Danish Design need new batteries. Garmin Fenix 5s plus. Top end sports watch. Think of an activity and you can probably track it on this. Heart rate, steps, sleep, multi sport. Smartwatch alerts, Spotify music on your wrist - the lot. Boxed with. charging cable, spare strap etc. Great condition, comes with screen protector in place. £220 - SOLD Sekonda 3325 CMX. Diver style watch. Blue face with orange accent minute & second hands. 200m water resistance. A few very minor signs of use. Looks way more expensive than it has any right to. £25 - SOLD Danish Design IQ13Q975. Black dress watch. Excellent condition, no marks and only worn a few times. The pic makes it look like the back is scratched but that's just the plastic film that I never removed. £190 on Amazon. £80 here. Collection from Sale, South Manchester or I can post at cost.
  6. 2 x Levy's leather straps. Approx 114cm - 135 cm adjustable. A few minor scuffs as shown in the pics. Not the padded versions. £10 each Loxx straplocks - silver. 2 sets. Long (34mm) or short (27mm) screws, your choice. £10 each. Collection from Sale, South Manchester or I can post at cost.
  7. I've had a Maru (passive Jake 5L) and currently have a Sandberg (VM5). Both very, very good basses. For me the Sandberg shades it, possibly because I prefer the P/M pickup config over the P/J of the Maru. The necks were quite similar, quite shallow compared to other fivers I've played and super easy to play. Again, I'd probably say that the Sandberg is a fraction better for me. Of course YMMV.
  8. Just continue the road to its end - someone's already sorted your merch too!
  9. Took this in trade earlier this week, it's everything I'm looking for, but spending time with it has confirmed that I really am a 5 string player. It pushes all my buttons but I keep hitting the wrong strings! P/J config - vintage P pickup, Seymour Duncan J pickup for extra hotness. Pickup toggle switch. Blizzard pearl finish, like a pearlescent aged oly white. Looks amazing. Modern C shape neck. Rosewood neck with pearloid block inlays. '12' inlay at the 12th fret. Hipshot D tuner. Black hardware. TBX tone circuit - acts as a normal control from 0-6 o'clock, then as a bass/treble boost from 6-12. Skull & crossbones neck plate - no garish sig model branding. Made in 2019 and bought in 2020, this bass is only a few months old and has barely left the house due to lockdown. It's in great condition, I've given it a good once over and the only thing I can see is a bit of pick rash on the guard. The finish is pristine. Weight is about 4.1kg using the bathroom scales method. No trades thanks, unless you've got a Barefaced Four 10 plus some cash. Collection from Sale, South Manchester. Postage available in a generic gig bag & box at buyer's cost & risk.
  10. A couple of interesting trade offers but still here type bump.
  11. Needs must, so here's my none more black Stingray 5 stealth for sale. Now £1050 including UK postage. Sounds monstrous, looks awesome. Low action and plays really nicely. I had this strung with DR neons for a while which really popped on stage and proved popular with the punters. Here it is in action at a 'recorded rehearsal' last October. Great condition, a couple of small dings - headstock and back of the body which I've shown in the pics. Currently sporting a rather fetching Manchester bee sticker on the back. I can remove or leave depending on buyer's preference. Weighs 4.65kg but balances very nicely. 34" scale. String spacing is 18mm (I think). Looked that way when I measured it. I can post at buyer's risk in a well used gig bag and bass box. It will be well packaged. Price includes standard UK shipping. Socially distant trial & collection from Sale, South Manchester also available.
  12. Mine arrived the week before lockdown. Still haven't had a chance to try it with the band. Bah!
  13. Our rehearsal rooms are open, but only 2 households per room max, so that rules us out.
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