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  1. Fair enough. Edited. Plays like a 'good run' bass though!
  2. Sold! That didn't take long! Up for sale is this excellent Mex P bass. I've only had it a month but typically something else has come up on here so I'm looking to raise some funds. This bass was bought from @DoubleOhStephan of this parish who has very generously allowed me to use his pics and details. Nothing else has changed since buying the bass. Weight is 4.1kg. Price includes UK shipping. A Fender Standard Precision bass, made in Mexico in 2010, finished in Lake Placid Blue with a rosewood fretboard. This one has been modded to recreate the classic 60's look. Mods include: Brown Tort Scratchplate KiOgon Loom Generic Bridge Cover Fender Pickup Cover It came fitted with a replacement vintage bridge (described as Fender but I can't confirm). The truss works fine and action is set pretty low. Steve rolled the fretboard edges and lightly sanded the neck, it feels great. Whilst doing so he made two marks in the lacquer, but these are just visual, the neck is very smooth. He also installed a small shim (business card thick) to lower the action. He's done a fantastic job and the bass was obviously very well looked after. I'm in Sale, South Manchester but happy to ship within the UK. I'm a good packer and the bass will be sent in a decent condition gig bag and boxed up. Standard Eurosender shipping is included in the price.
  3. Ah, the old orange GM buses and what looks a lot like the Northern Quarter before it was given the name. Oh, and the bass is a bit tasty too!
  4. I arranged the courier for a bass I bought the other week using Eurosender with the basschat discount. UK to UK. Think it was around £25 with £500 insurance cover. Arrived next day.
  5. More like this. Last time I got along with a maple board. Yours is pretty special though!
  6. Afraid I can't help with the hunt but I've found myself hankering back to a lovely CAR P special that I sold to @Damonjames of this parish about 5 years ago. Bloody stupid decision, but at least now you know that it's not just you!
  7. Bought a bass from Steve. Super easy transaction and the bass is exactly as advertised. Deal with confidence. Cheers Andy
  8. Kert bought my Handbox amp. No fuss and a really easy sale. Cheers!
  9. Holding Out For A Hero. Not technical at all but we rock it up so I play a Steve Harris gallop for the whole thing. After about 2 1/2 mins the cramp is building and I have to really focus on relaxing and keeping it light to maintain the pace & rhythm.
  10. Afraid so. Posted it yesterday.
  11. Typically generous of you, thanks. I might take you up on it if it doesn't sell! Thank you, I borrowed a bit from TPJ's original ad but also took the opportunity for some shameless self promotion for the band! The thread about the recording of that video is here.
  12. GAS has struck so I'm putting out feelers to see if anyone is interested in my Handbox R-400. Hand built amp with a 3 valve preamp and class A/B power. 400 watts @ 4ohms. You can get a great range of tones from this using the eq section and contour. The DI out sounds lovely. This amp doesn't have the extra lights at the front. It has a few scuffs and a couple of cosmetic chips on the case and front from my use that I've pictured, but is in perfect working order. Serviced last year by David Lunt in Stockport. 9.8kg on the bathroom scales I'm the 3rd owner. This is an earlier model that was sent as a trial amp to a Basschat member, then sold to @TPJ who sold it to me. Collection from Sale, South Manchester much preferred, or I can ship at cost when I get a suitable box. Here's @wateroftyne's review of these amps: And here's this particular one in action with my band:
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