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  1. Anyone available to dep for a night in Huddersfield. ? Having no luck with my regular contacts position filled. Thankyou for the interest
  2. Ahhh, the old duff drummer syndrome... "But he's my mate" is the reply from the thinstringer... I've learnt, over the last few years, if it fills you with dread, and makes your 'stock' look shoddy...walk.. or kick off..or at least do something, it will only make you feel or get worse as a musician.
  3. Breast is best is all I can comment upon.
  4. I left the originals gig in june/july...I cant for sh*t remember, but anyway, tried getting somthing simple up and running and the financial outlay was..frankly nuts... and the £££ that was out there... isnt any more. I wont let it bum me out, lifes too short, but hey, optimism rules, and I know I'll find summat
  5. Drugs... No but seriously, all over, did a tour of Europe, and some jaunts around the UK, played near everywhere, got burnt ..ripped off..recorded...played..and did what everyone else either does, or wants to do... Just waiting for Christmas to be over before I plan my next move.
  6. Where did all the gigs go? I've just wandered back into doing the covers/pubs/funcs thing after 4 years out and...woah, I know the economy was on a downer (last I was around the 'smoking ban' was the BIG worry) but hellfire, it's a drought out there. Good luck if you are still doing it, Im changing a set of strings as we speak...
  7. Mansons Exeter...... Worth the trip no matter what the distance!
  8. [quote name='fatgoogle' post='544133' date='Jul 18 2009, 05:02 PM']Ireland even though at one point being the 3rd richest country in the world i believe, is still a very old country and catholisism still reigns even though it is now dieing out, but it all gigs stopped there for 6+ months and theres one evreymonth or less now.[/quote] Now thats Wexford,Waterford,Roscommon,Wicklow,and Offaly for ya....Im still shocked the church has not got Electricity banned!
  9. [quote name='Rich' post='543466' date='Jul 17 2009, 06:45 PM']Absolutely right. [size=1]Hold on, surely [i]we're[/i] the public too..?[/size][/quote] NO you are scum..and that 3ft of chipboard/MDF that some shop fitter has glued together that seperates you from me,clears my vision to see you for the penniless cretin you are...NOW get out you unwashed mentalist,stop haggleing over the price coz you saw it 100 quid cheaper on some pissant belgian website,that when you phoned up DIDNT have it in stock..nor will it have for the next 8 weeks....8..... BLOODY..... WEEKS..DID YOU EVER HAVE IT IN THE FIRST PLACE YOU SAY!!!!and LEARN that the service we provide isnt cold research lab,its NHS,its honest and direct and does what you want just at a random,human face and speed....and with a full service after 12 months..with new strings.... And if you live in Selby,you CAN afford it you tightwad...the real skint ones live in Goole* *Selby had a pound shop,it closed down after 6 months because the natives couldnt argue the prices.FACT! Goole got bombed by Jerry,in mistake for thinking it was Leeds...hense,it reminds me of Coventry with cranes.
  10. Best thing to do is pop up a bit further up the A1 and Meet my mate Jim Fleeting,and just have a nice oogle at his workshop and watch him building his creations...you might even get a cup of coffee.. If you want 'Boutique'.....There isnt much bar Electro in Donny,or some occasionally freaky vintage in Cas (Galaxy...Old Ricky 2003 for £695). Customers like it simple round here,hense Leeds and the BIG cities excluding Bradders have always been a Punk/Indie...and those with a bent on the different style and 'boutique' taste tend to track down the custom luthiers...Fleeting,Haigh etc etc..of which there are many (or they get on a train to Manc...Thats what the Poles do).
  11. [quote name='Spartacus' post='543414' date='Jul 17 2009, 05:13 PM']I was in AoS Nottingham once when a guy late teens/early 20s came in wanting to try a BC Rich guitar. Lether jacket with big zips, those big studded leather wristbands you metalheads like , bullet belt, all the metalwork. If the guy had stood under a big magnet, he'd have beaten and kicked himself to death involuntarly. Had all his mates with him, looked like theyd been covered in superglue and kicked around a scrapyard. The guy dealing with him was only about 16, Saturday job or something, and stood his ground to Mr. Metal and his mates when he asked him to take off all the studs and crap in case he scratched the guitar. Mr. Metal got very stroppy and refused as it was a slur on his identity or something like that. \m/ A few of the usual bits of 'Saturday furniture', me included, backed up the sales lad and Mr. Metal stormed off in a huff. Saw him later practically sobbing on a nearby doorstep and all his mates saying they were going to go back and do the windows. Im not making a point at all (except that a lot of sales people have to deal with arseholes), it just made me laugh to remember it [/quote] Utter twat... I have always made a routine of removing ANYTHING that might/could/would scratch an instrument...and in my more 'image' metal days..if it was spikes,nails,chains,Bullets etc etc..IT CAME OFF.....Ive even asked 'Can I have a bag,coz Im bound to leave summat...' The public are f***tards,I wouldnt let half of them out without professional care workers
  12. Set of 110s and you will be fine,lighter touch,easy.... Ive seen Rickys tuned to A sharp played at speed with no issues..
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